Strangers Try to Build Legos While Speaking Different Languages

  • "I don't understand French. I don't understand legos. I don't understand ANYTHING!"
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Comments • 80

  • Enorma Stitz
    Enorma Stitz 2 days ago +1

    4:12 the translation was wrong 🙊 she said i AM gonna cry

  • Jorn permentier
    Jorn permentier 4 days ago

    Do dutch and german i wil be really funny

  • Battlegrader Humm
    Battlegrader Humm 6 days ago

    She said the word London in English, she supposed to say ‘’ LONDRE’’ not ‘’LONDON’’ at 4:58

  • Billy Aka ウイリャム

    She has a thick accent from quebec and looks like she forgot a few things in french. A real french wouldn't really speak like that

  • MiBuu
    MiBuu 10 days ago

    How about German and dutch or swedish and danish

  • ROGUE X94
    ROGUE X94 11 days ago

    Spanish and French seem the same though...just a bit..Italy joins too and Portuguese

  • The Crazy Outcast
    The Crazy Outcast 12 days ago

    This is useful to prepare myself for the AP Spanish exam 😂

  • Luis Viana
    Luis Viana 12 days ago +1

    As a Portuguese speaker I could understand both, I don't know why they got all the struggle

  • Will Nguyen
    Will Nguyen 12 days ago

    French speaking girl must be from Quebec...possibly Montreal.

  • Jessica Su
    Jessica Su 12 days ago

    This is exactly how I pictured Europeans conversing with each other is like.

  • Luca Colacicco
    Luca Colacicco 13 days ago

    please do an italian one

  • Valentina Garzón
    Valentina Garzón 13 days ago

    I can't believe the blonde one is from PR, she's so bland

  • Marcela Alejandra Mejias Gonzalez

    It gets harder to find the pieces...

  • Manny T
    Manny T 13 days ago

    That Spanish Speaking Girl is Beautiful

  • Andrea Soto
    Andrea Soto 13 days ago

    the cuban accent is so weird to hear even being cuban myself, cuz we ignore so many letter when we pronounce words

  • Leyshka Vivas00
    Leyshka Vivas00 13 days ago

    That girl puertorican! ♡

  • Maude Perreault
    Maude Perreault 14 days ago

    Je suis canadienne française and I speak english y un poco de español :D

  • beatriz cbs
    beatriz cbs 14 days ago

    i feel like everyone complaining the languages are too similar don’t speak either of them

  • Annalaura Greco
    Annalaura Greco 14 days ago

    I don't know spanish at all but i could understand her pretty well since I'm italian 👀😂

  • Anna Saphira
    Anna Saphira 15 days ago

    Indonesian and Philippine pls

  • Lebronothy Jameson
    Lebronothy Jameson 15 days ago

    I died a little when they mixed all the pieces together

  • cockyixing
    cockyixing 16 days ago

    they seem to dislike each other 😳😳

  • NoOneKnowsMe
    NoOneKnowsMe 16 days ago

    Dang everyone’s hating on québécois French

  • The Mad
    The Mad 16 days ago

    Uh... that's québécois

  • KawaiiAlcapurriaOppa!!

    Yasss 🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷

  • Tomiwa Aina
    Tomiwa Aina 16 days ago

    I hope they stayed friends they both seem nice

  • jiaencorée2019
    jiaencorée2019 16 days ago +1

    team '' i understand the 3 languages'' where you at ? ;)

  • Chowdhury Shanjida
    Chowdhury Shanjida 16 days ago

    I'm currently learning Spanish and French.I understand little bit of both and it’s kinda cool ☺

  • Ajdjikreui
    Ajdjikreui 17 days ago

    Hey c'est du québécois!!!! Nice!!!!! Je m'attendais pas du tout à entendre mon français ici

  • Johnny Maldonado Paredes
    Johnny Maldonado Paredes 18 days ago +1


  • Aline 21o
    Aline 21o 18 days ago

    That was so awkward

  • Michele Ferrucci
    Michele Ferrucci 18 days ago +2

    As Italian I'm enjoying this a lot as I have realised I understand both of them lol

  • Delong Tsway
    Delong Tsway 20 days ago

    Scrap the French and Spanish. Just have two Italians yelling at each other, legos untouched.

  • Roj22 fetals
    Roj22 fetals 20 days ago

    Only Morocco people can understand this mixed language

  • Warister
    Warister 21 day ago

    She had a « québécois » accent she was so cuteee❤️❤️

  • Lieutenant BIGZ
    Lieutenant BIGZ 21 day ago

    2 girls build a tower in Lego City! START THE RESCUE HELICOPTER!

  • Ain
    Ain 21 day ago

    Both languages are romantic languages, so they are pretty closely related
    But I think this makes it funnyer!

  • 白の竜
    白の竜 24 days ago

    What about stepping on legos in different languages?

  • Melini
    Melini 26 days ago

    yaaall i sense a quebec accent 👀

  • lisa akgae
    lisa akgae 26 days ago

    Do Spanish and Italian next

  • Guesly-A. Coulanges
    Guesly-A. Coulanges 27 days ago

    She have a french canadian accent (Québécois).

  • Lyas
    Lyas 27 days ago

    Québécois accent

  • Crackhead DoLDii
    Crackhead DoLDii 27 days ago

    My last two braincells trying to communicate with eachother

  • Crackhead DoLDii
    Crackhead DoLDii 27 days ago

    *oui? Oui?*
    *Si? Si?*

  • Bright Night
    Bright Night 27 days ago

    Finally some Quebec french

  • Dobert
    Dobert 27 days ago +1

    To be fair, it's not like legos are a toy for toddlers.

  • Vengador Nocturno
    Vengador Nocturno 27 days ago

    I'm a spanish speaker and is hard understand her

  • The_lynx _
    The_lynx _ 27 days ago +1

    its cute how they improvised at the end of the video making London with a Legos'parade

  • l ol
    l ol 27 days ago

    She doesn’t speak french that well.

  • J&S Productions
    J&S Productions 28 days ago

    I built the entirety of the Special Edition Millennium Falcon When I was 9, this video was more than unbeatable to watch

  • Ahmad Gamer
    Ahmad Gamer 28 days ago

    Honestly if you do this with an arab person, forget communication

  • ReapingGlory
    ReapingGlory 28 days ago +1

    Excuse what is this?! This girl is speaking québécois (Canadian French) which is a completely different dialect that has words called Joual words that aren’t even included into the French dictionary. I am a native French Canadian and I’m really offended that you guys didn’t at least address this.
    For you European fetch people I’m sure you can hear the huge difference..

  • Diego Moreno
    Diego Moreno 28 days ago

    Vaya paripé

  • SuperSolidmusic
    SuperSolidmusic 29 days ago

    She from Cuba? She has Cuban accent I like it

  • Horizo
    Horizo 29 days ago

    I swear, I've never related to a comment section so much. ON É TO QUÉBEC ICCITE!

  • Aaron Liu
    Aaron Liu 29 days ago

    Tabarnak de caliss

  • Aaron Liu
    Aaron Liu 29 days ago

    She’s from Quebec. I know it from the accent

  • Shadow 21
    Shadow 21 29 days ago

    The blonde is a cutie

  • Kanada's Snowflake
    Kanada's Snowflake 29 days ago

    I'm french Canadian and it looks like she learned her french from Quebec ❤

  • Alex Chartré
    Alex Chartré 29 days ago

    J'ai été surpris de l'entendre parler le français du Québec! Vraiment cool de voir que des Québécois sont représentés dans des vidéos américain.

  • GoldenLuck
    GoldenLuck 29 days ago

    She has a small Quebecer accent

  • Sparkly Goddess
    Sparkly Goddess 29 days ago +3

    I am too powerful for this video, I speak both French and Spanish
    Also wtf
    Have these girls never built lego stuff before?

  • Chris Gomez
    Chris Gomez Month ago

    Verrrrrga habla como venezolana

  • Allison Suleiman
    Allison Suleiman Month ago +2

    I had a feeling she was canadian, then the first word she said I was like yep she’s canadian...

  • Letsbeweird 7/27
    Letsbeweird 7/27 Month ago

    Me encanta como habla la chica q habla español

  • Alice Grande VEVO
    Alice Grande VEVO Month ago

    I speak French ;) it’s my born language I learned English at 3

  • rika974
    rika974 Month ago +1

    Aaaaaaaah she speaks with a Canadian accent! Sound so beautiful!

  • Mancini 1806
    Mancini 1806 Month ago

    Spanish isn't perfect
    Girl is cute
    She is forgiven

  • Korra Asami
    Korra Asami Month ago

    The first thing i would’ve spoke was the numbers on the bags. That i knew in both languages!

  • nickfamous
    nickfamous Month ago +1

    Has the patience to learn Spanish but not the patience to build Legos.

  • FaconYolo
    FaconYolo Month ago

    It’s 1am and I’m watching this. Help.

  • champimuros
    champimuros Month ago

    I don't understand. They're both speaking Latin 🤷‍♂️

  • Typical Fish
    Typical Fish Month ago

    Bilinguals: *I see no god up here, other than me*

  • Hey it's Mittiw
    Hey it's Mittiw Month ago

    Building this by yourself in 15 minutes is very difficult

  • i ate all your pancakes and waddled away

    i’ve actually done this before with someone who only spoke swedish a few years ago and i only speak english. at one point i realized we made a mistake that was affecting everything else so i had to try to communicate that to her so that we could figure out how to fix it

  • Nadezhda Kim
    Nadezhda Kim Month ago +1

    I'm just coming to say that. Hablo español, I speak English and also je parle français, I speak the 3 languages xd

  • Danika Huff
    Danika Huff Month ago

    buzzfeed running out of ideas

  • Rosa Boow
    Rosa Boow Month ago

    Yo that girl sounds french canadian

  • A Y S H A XDDD
    A Y S H A XDDD Month ago +1

    Hablo español y soy feminazi

  • Queen Moriarty
    Queen Moriarty Month ago

    I speak a bit French and a little Spanish so this was very funny to watch