The Last Time the Globe Warmed

  • Published on Dec 4, 2017
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    Imagine an enormous, lush rainforest teeming with the Arctic. Well there was a time -- and not too long ago -- when the world warmed more than any human has ever seen. (So far)
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Comments • 5 203

  • J H
    J H Hour ago +1

    all speculation

  • Sandcrab -
    Sandcrab - 2 hours ago

    So, more Co2 and methane in the atmosphere and the earth, on AVERAGE, gets warmer. This causes more trees to grow at higher latitudes and they trap more Co2. Overall humidity worldwide will be up, bringing more moisture to the desert areas causing them to grow more plant life, and therefore trapping even more carbon. Again, overall the AVERAGE ocean temperatures will rise allowing the growth of corals and other marine animals further north and south into the arctic zones, again trapping more carbon. Now, did we point out that over the last 10k years the earth was in a cooling trend heading to another glacial maximum? The current trend in rising Co2 levels and rising temperatures started about 7000 years ago with the advent of slash and burn agriculture, and increased again about 5000 years ago with the onset of domestication of animals, but rapidly increased in the early 1980s with the industrialization of China, effectively ending the Milankovitch cycle. We're all not going to die with global warming, it's just going to be a warmer as we return to the average temperatures as recorded over the last 50 million years. Sea levels will also rise back towards the average sea level recorded over the last 50 million years. And, oh yes, Co2 levels will rise back towards the AVERAGE levels that have been recorded over the last 50 million years or so. It's not the end of the world, just another change in the long chain of changes.

  • Gnorts Mr Alien
    Gnorts Mr Alien 6 hours ago

    3.3K archaic primates disliked this video.

  • J. Nielsen
    J. Nielsen 6 hours ago

    Something that most native populations around the globe, with no fancy science attached, nor needed already know...
    humans CANNOT and NEVER WILL, be able to, control the Earth!
    Change is evident in all things-
    comes with time and other change which force change (reaction) to that which has changed (action).
    Its a natural balance with no reason to over think, only to accept and just be.

  • James Clarkson
    James Clarkson 8 hours ago

    Interesting how many people mandate that the world remains in its current form when the world has never had a static environment. It has always changed, and each species has had its effect on the environment, but humans effect on the Earth is considered not natural? I suspect that nature has allowed humans to multiply in the numbers it has because nature is using man to get to the next stage of evolution. Regardless, whatever man does to justify its existence will become part of natures purpose for this magnificent planet. Isn't life exciting?

  • 6.5creedmoorLife
    6.5creedmoorLife 12 hours ago

    the title of this video should be: when Greenland was green

  • Europa Europa
    Europa Europa Day ago +1

    Temp increases he is talking about are due to not compensating enough for the heat island data. Heat islands did not exist 100 years ago. Actually the temp has been steady and even dropping slightly.

    • Europa Europa
      Europa Europa 4 hours ago

      @heskey333 you honestly believe a trace gas with a concentration of 1 molecule for every 2500 molecules of O2 and N2 is heating those 2500 molecules on average. Now bring into the equation the oceans, which have a specific heat of 200% that of CO2. This means is takes twice as much energy to raise water 1 degree per unit mass as CO2.
      If CO2 is heating the atmosphere and the oceans, which is ludicrous, then I want to know how to heat 2500 homes in the winter from just 1 home..........this would be the scientific breakthrough of the century. So please explain how do it based on your beliefs.

    • heskey333
      heskey333 5 hours ago

      Scientists also measure rural temps and the rural temps by themselves are also increasing. Also why would ocean temperatures be increasing if this was the case?

  • mutantgenepool
    mutantgenepool Day ago +1

    The climb in CO2 is due to the oceans warming. The CO2 is released AFTER the oceans warm. The oceans warm AFTER the atmosphere warms. The atmosphere warms when the land warms and the SUN warms the land. Climate is driven BY THE SUN.

    • heskey333
      heskey333 4 hours ago

      Ah, that's a relief. Where do you do your research? Can you show me the data to back up your claim? Or do you think you are just so smart you can tell us how the world works and it will go and do it?

    • jroar123
      jroar123 Day ago

      mutantgenepool it’s such a no brainer but unfortunately there are governments that use climate change as a way to create a new tax. Carbon tax money collected is borrowed against over time to be currently collected. Interest is also collected over time on this money.

  • Randy Herrera
    Randy Herrera Day ago

    Industrial pollution causes global warming

  • Steve Brown
    Steve Brown Day ago +1

    SUVs screwed us 56M years ago; here we go again.
    Sadly, 3.3K of Religous & anti-science AGW/SJW's have thumbed down this vid...doesn't support The Narrative.

  • 4belll 1803
    4belll 1803 2 days ago +2

    We are going to kill our own species and life now.

  • naturestan
    naturestan 3 days ago +1

    Just makes me aware of how beautiful this place is and how long it took getting to look like this! Glad I was here to see it!
    It is because of reckless corporate irresponsibility bringing this beauty to its knees and probably worse. But they don't care.

    • Mark Burch
      Mark Burch Day ago +1

      Corporate is a term like boogeyman or Satan to conjure threatening images to the ignorant and foolish.

  • rkaag99
    rkaag99 4 days ago +6

    SWEET! Think of the expanded farmland if the warming trend continues. Then we will be able to feed the massive population growth. No more starvation thanks to global warming. I'm going out to start my SUV so it can run all night.

    • rkaag99
      rkaag99 2 days ago +2

      @Desmond Bagley Sounds like Florida. You don't like Florida?

    • Desmond Bagley
      Desmond Bagley 2 days ago

      rkaag99 .......the.heat n humidity would be unbearable and fungus of all types thrive in these conditions.

  • Jim Halpert
    Jim Halpert 4 days ago

    Did not realize we contributed to global warming way back then

  • James Johnston
    James Johnston 4 days ago

    So they know how much carbon emissions were being released 56 million yours ago???????
    If you will by that then ive got some ocean front property hear for sale in Montana.

    • Carlos Felix
      Carlos Felix 4 days ago +1

      James Johnston Really?! I’d love to see it! 😍

  • MrJeffcoley1
    MrJeffcoley1 4 days ago +1

    Climate change is driven by astronomical and geological factors beyond human control. Furthermore it occurs over thousands of years - not within a single human lifetime.
    So quit freaking out

    • Mark Burch
      Mark Burch Day ago

      @Mehreen Malik Do you wish there had been no industrial era?

    • Mehreen Malik
      Mehreen Malik 3 days ago

      MrJeffcoley1 2 degrees.

    • MrJeffcoley1
      MrJeffcoley1 3 days ago

      Mehreen Malik How much did temperatures rise since the last ice age before human civilization?

    • Mehreen Malik
      Mehreen Malik 4 days ago

      MrJeffcoley1 Guess what. Global average temperatures have risen 1.5 degrees since pre industrial times. That’s roughly 200 years. Humans accelerated whatever natural changes that were taking place

  • scott left
    scott left 4 days ago

    1800's it was hotter than now....50c was common.

  • morzh1978
    morzh1978 4 days ago

    Hail global warming! More arctic rainforests please! Just burn all that coal, oil and gas ASAP!

  • High school Hottie
    High school Hottie 4 days ago

    So many other chemicals in pollution along with CO2 --- burning fossil fuels by 7.5 billion people also adds cyanide lead mercury etc etc. X dozens ! Our biosphere is the FINITE aquarium , and we're steadily eyedropping non removable chemicals into it - if we DON'T NOW STOP BURNING FOSSIL FUELS.

    • Mark Burch
      Mark Burch Day ago

      We are not going to stop burning fossil fuels. Development of poor regions of the world is being planned at this very moment. Lunatic environmentalists have stifled the only zero impact energy source available and the effect of this ignorance is massive construction of fossil fuel burning power plants.

  • gacekky1
    gacekky1 5 days ago +6

    Everyone keeps talking like global warming is a bad thing... I could go for some palm trees in Wisconsin. :/

    • Mark Burch
      Mark Burch Day ago

      @Okilydokily There are regions all over the world that have temperatures well in excess of 110 and there are millions of people living in those areas. Most without air conditioning. Stop complaining about Florida.

    • gacekky1
      gacekky1 3 days ago

      @Okilydokily I mean, it gets up in the 100s here too sometimes, but it also gets down to -30 in the winter... which sucks.

    • Okilydokily
      Okilydokily 4 days ago +1

      From a Floridian’s perspective- it’s not fun. It was 103 outside last week 😭

    • K L
      K L 4 days ago +1

      Great for Hammocks.

  • Jake R
    Jake R 6 days ago +3

    Surprised they used this event for the last time the globe warmed and not right before the younger dryas occurred.

  • David Crabb
    David Crabb 6 days ago

    To be honest, you can probably just keep harvesting Sugar and storing it in Silos. bury them... put some dirt on top with plastic sheets to shed rainwater.. problem solved. C6H12O6 stored up. And if we are wrong about global warming... its easy to use it in Soylent Green

  • James Stripling
    James Stripling 6 days ago

    If the warming trend continues, and I hope it does, I can vacation in subtropical Antarctica. Maybe even see the second Stargate...

  • Marcus Bullock
    Marcus Bullock 6 days ago

    Id like pbs alot more if they didnt waste the pledges and spent more on programs like nature

  • nebojsa1976
    nebojsa1976 6 days ago

    It is very simple. It is normal period of cold and heat. Now, since the industrial evolution, we've been putting way way too much carbon in the atmosphere, so what that means is that intervals of cold and heat will be shorter. Nothing else. But we are just at the beginning. It will take 10 of thousands of years to change things for the worse where it could affect us in any bad way.

  • Dean PD
    Dean PD 6 days ago

    0.7 degree increase in temps over the last 100 years? If this bloke is a climate scientist then he is at odds with Professor Andy Pittman, a climate scientist here in Sydney who told me that the increase is 1 degree over the last hunjee years. I thought 97% of climate scientists agreed? coral all but disappeared during that extreme heating event? Interesting that coral was able to bounce back because apparently, we are facing corals extinction. ...How wonderful that the planet got greener during the Paleocene/ Eocene? You'd think that greenies would be happy to see more green? Or maybe they just really want to see more red of the communist type? Imagine going for a swim in the Antarctic and seeing all that wild landscape down there go green? We are told that we are on the verge of the death of existence yet this period produced much more life than it ended...why we even saw the beginning of primates! Me think it mazing. Seems like we will all have to do something really adapt. Now there's a novel idea that life on earth has never thought of before. ...wonder how much life there was on the planet when the whole planet was a snowball?

  • Jerry Newberry
    Jerry Newberry 7 days ago +1

    Got colder because Dem. Passed legislation to kill all small sealife.

  • Mark Younger
    Mark Younger 7 days ago +3

    Most people don't realize how many ice ages and hot ages weve had.

  • Stephen Cothran
    Stephen Cothran 7 days ago

  • Robert Garms
    Robert Garms 7 days ago

    Those organisms are called trees. Let them eat freely.

  • rafaelfcf
    rafaelfcf 7 days ago +4

    What about the south? Was there a forest in Antarctica?

    • Hoehner Tim
      Hoehner Tim 3 days ago

      That help?

    • Andy Borne
      Andy Borne 4 days ago

      I don't think we've been able to recover fossils in Antarctica.
      It's one thing to pick an arbitrary spot and drill an ice core, but quite another to survey enough of that vast ice desert to find a spot where fossils might be, and then hang out there probing frozen dirt long enough to find them.

  • tim wathen
    tim wathen 8 days ago


    • tim wathen
      tim wathen 3 days ago

    • tim wathen
      tim wathen 3 days ago


    • tim wathen
      tim wathen 5 days ago


    • tim wathen
      tim wathen 5 days ago


    • thebransnipeD
      thebransnipeD 5 days ago

      @tim wathen it has in history, even from decade to decade. can you cite your sources for a 20% increase? cause nasa has said the upper atmosphere was cooling at record pace due to record low solar activity. but believe me, i'd rather have a warming trend over cooling. We are literally a half degree above mini ice age temps.

  • Guerino
    Guerino 8 days ago +1

    Does this mean that my electricity bill will go down since I won't need to turn the heaters on during winter?

  • Dave Master
    Dave Master 9 days ago +2

    I just noticed this guy is from cyber kids

    • Asher Flanagan
      Asher Flanagan 7 days ago

      You absolute madman. Now I can't un-see it.

  • doyrtwq
    doyrtwq 10 days ago +1

    Such a rise in Carbon yet no significant rise in temperature.People still believe this conman.When global warming fails,call it climate change.

    DOMO666GAMING&VLOGS 10 days ago

    The fallout games are going to become a reality

  • Nachtjager
    Nachtjager 10 days ago +3

    every time the world warms life blooms.

  • Hannible 100
    Hannible 100 10 days ago

    So if it warmed up then without us why do people blame us now?

  • Joel Gawne
    Joel Gawne 11 days ago

    So you're telling me that the last time the globe warmed up, life not only didn't go extinct, but thrived?

    • thebransnipeD
      thebransnipeD 6 days ago

      lol been telling global warmest this forever. lifr thrives in warmth.

  • GrooberNedJardine
    GrooberNedJardine 11 days ago

    isn't it strange, it took man millions of years to evolve but only the last 70 odd years to figure out a way to wipe every living thing off the face of the earth , what brought us to this point in time . Seems evolution was a big waste of time as far as humans go , i think i would be looking elsewhere .

  • rogermwilcox
    rogermwilcox 11 days ago +6

    The evidence for oceanic acidification during the PETM kinda puts the kibosh on the whole methane-hydrate-positive-feedback hypothesis for the event. Methane doesn't acidify the oceans.

    • Mary Jean Jones
      Mary Jean Jones 6 days ago

      @Don Fields - Thank you very much for your rely. So many people simply don't understand how the planet works even after listening and reading to what the science community is telling them. As we speak, Methane is being released into the atmosphere due to the warming of the permafrost in the Arctic and Antarctic. Also, the politicians on the planet are not helping by denying that Global Warming is happening.

    • Don Fields
      Don Fields 9 days ago +3

      Methane first heats the atmosphere and water, land etc, methane turns into c02 and gulp gulp says the ocean thus the ocean acidifies. Not sure how you missed that part really, perhaps if you werent soley seeking anything to find wrong so we innocent humans can be let off the hook? Hurry up and write your thesis cuz there wont be many left to read it very very soon. 🍻 p.s. what is it your seeking??

  • John Connor
    John Connor 11 days ago

    So the more warming that happens the melting there is which releases more methane hydrates and a feedback loop. Doesn't explain what started it. It most certainly was not man. Studies show that if you torture the data enough it will confess to anything

  • vladimir1341
    vladimir1341 12 days ago

    All Life on Earth will soon come to an end due to the Ozone Layer ( blue sky ) Depletion.

    • kirk mcloren
      kirk mcloren 9 days ago

      what depletion? The seasonal one in the Antarctic?

  • Artur Czerwiński
    Artur Czerwiński 12 days ago +2

    See, and nothing bad happened... who doesn't like a little warmth?

  • Chef Chutardo
    Chef Chutardo 12 days ago +3

    to all the people posting about how we are stupid and killing the planet. how many of you are dirving pickup/s.u.v and could be driving a small car ? burning gas on weekend on your boat, mowing your lawn with a gaz mower ? wasting tons of paper and plastics ?
    you cant complain if your part of the problem

  • swdhj
    swdhj 13 days ago +1

    Soo, back then more CO2 was released because it got hot. That does not necessarily mean the CO2 we emit today will cause it to get hotter. It depends on your assumptions, and this example does nothing to inform those assumptions.

    • thebransnipeD
      thebransnipeD 6 days ago

      @swdhj yes, as it gets warmer CO2 levels rise. the warmer oceans release more co2 and more abundant life brethed out more co2.

    • thebransnipeD
      thebransnipeD 6 days ago

      @John g you seriously citing anything from that website? that site is made to counter skeptics on global warming.

    • John g
      John g 12 days ago

      @swdhj ok i see where your coming from there, and they didnt explain this in the video,

      It's like this, CO2 is a better insulator, heat passes through nitrogen and oxygen easier than through CO2, on a hot day, you go to the beach, the sand is hot and burns your feet but the boardwalk is much cooler, wood absorbs less heat than sand, same with CO2 as compaired to O2, CO2 would make a better "blanket" if you were trying to keep warm

    • swdhj
      swdhj 12 days ago

      @John g I am just trying to understand the logic here. The logic in this video is: suppose you have a lake with geese. Years ago, before humans, there were many more geese, and as a result, there was more goose poop around the lake. Today, humans dump a truckload of goose poop by the lake. But that exogenous poop does not cause more geese to be at the lake. So yes, when it was warmer, there was more CO2 in the atmosphere, but the above example cannot inform the "feedback" of the magnitude or sensitivity of CO2 on warming.

    • John g
      John g 12 days ago


  • Fuckable PopTarts
    Fuckable PopTarts 13 days ago +7

    This makes me feel smart even though i am probably stupid lol

  • Thomas Hall
    Thomas Hall 13 days ago

    Bull you are f.o.s.

  • Pork Chop
    Pork Chop 13 days ago

    Don’t know what caused the ice age ? What else don’t we know? So ignorant to think climate would remain stable indefinitely and arrogant to think we could ever reverse it as we keep breeding. But let’s make carbon tax a thermometer

  • Deputy dog5736
    Deputy dog5736 13 days ago +1

    All that CO2 and yet the global temperature has risen 1 degree over the past 70 years with no warming at all over the past 25 years. If CO2 was such a climate driver, why has the temperature remained relatively stable? Yet they keep tell us that it's the warmest it's ever been. Really???

  • Pete Vanderwaal
    Pete Vanderwaal 13 days ago +3

    I think I am on the wrong planet. We have no idea of our own stupidity.

  • jack Rabbit
    jack Rabbit 13 days ago

    Kids a queer , that sukt

  • Linda M.
    Linda M. 14 days ago

    What was the climate like in the arctic during the winter months when there were very few hours of daylight?

  • Andy Rondeau
    Andy Rondeau 14 days ago

    Bring on the warming. More rainfall and longer growing seasons can't be bad. "Climate Scientist's" predictions only consistent feature is their near-universal failure to come true.

    • Alexander Supertramp
      Alexander Supertramp 14 days ago +1

      Andy Rondeau
      Yeah, except, you know, all of the ones that have come true. You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. Go back to watching FOX “news”.

  • Jon Cocks
    Jon Cocks 14 days ago

    Is it cooling or warming. Seems to change each week

    • Jon Cocks
      Jon Cocks 12 days ago

      @KaizerRyu83 so there's no concensus in the field meaning they don't really know yet.
      If they can't make their minds up I'll keep doing what I'm doing.

    • KaizerRyu83
      KaizerRyu83 12 days ago

      Vast majority of scientists for the last century: the planet is warming
      Scientists whose preliminary work suggested cooling: With a proper study, yeah it's warming
      All data on climate trends from multiple competing sources and various lines of evidence: warming
      Climate without human activity: cooling
      Climate with human activity: warming
      "Gosh they can't even make up their minds"

    • e.r.m.
      e.r.m. 14 days ago

      @Jon Cocks yup.

    • Jon Cocks
      Jon Cocks 14 days ago +1

      @e.r.m. Cool. So what your saying, buy more shorts

  • Gundicha Pradhan
    Gundicha Pradhan 14 days ago

    Very very nice

  • Kasey S
    Kasey S 14 days ago +4

    My grandfather who helped build the Alaskan hi-way back in the 50’s and early 60’s unearthed a petrified palm tree in the most northern part of Alaska. My nephew still has it. I’m sharing with ya now. Palm tree fossils have been found way more north then just Wyoming....:)

  • CptGetchagearov
    CptGetchagearov 15 days ago

    Oh wow this is some really neat and engaging information I think I'll like and subscri-
    "Global warming!"
    "Humans are to blame!"
    "Here kid have some Kool-aid"
    *calmly closes video and unsubs*

  • Joshua Rayborn
    Joshua Rayborn 15 days ago

    So that didn’t cause the world to end.... derp lol

  • Carl HIRST
    Carl HIRST 15 days ago


  • chemmii
    chemmii 15 days ago +1

    Nice try...but no prize... A globalist view point at best.

  • Erik Wahlström
    Erik Wahlström 15 days ago

    Interesting, apart from the generic robot composed background music. Nobody likes background music, so why do you force feed us with it? We just want to hear your voice, that's all.

  • NibiruLives
    NibiruLives 15 days ago

    Is this guy stupid - - the Earth is getting colder because of the GSM.

  • Armand Santiago
    Armand Santiago 15 days ago

    Music was never the same when PETM broke up.

  • Sam Lair
    Sam Lair 15 days ago

    Only someone who is totally unaware of global climatic conditions can believe that ‘climate change’ is not real, and thinking that the ‘rate of change’ in the global conditions is natural indicates a lack of knowledge that is unfortunate. For some, this is a simple lack of knowledge, while for others, it’s an act of willful ignorance engendered by fear. Now that is something I can understand. Global warming IS insanely scary!
    Climate Change:

  • Michael Collins
    Michael Collins 15 days ago +3

    PBS not only drank the Kool Aid, they made more for the rest of us.

  • Iulian Petrika
    Iulian Petrika 15 days ago

    I enjoy watching organisms go extinct

  • Griffin Bell
    Griffin Bell 15 days ago

    According to the Smithsonian Institue, there are six ice ages on record and 12 global events of radical changes in climate temperature. The notion Man made causes of such temperature changes or global warming, is absent of any statistical model or theory would conveniently validate such changes.

  • Gregory Luckie
    Gregory Luckie 15 days ago +1

    Climate is changing, been doing so for 4.5billion years. Climate change was, is, and forever will be driven by the sun. The climate will continue to change ad infinitum.

  • Carole Hankinson
    Carole Hankinson 16 days ago

    I think we should invest in this beautiful planet of ours that we abuse and take for granted instead of spending billions looking at other planets. We have too many problems on earth, so I think we should concentrate our efforts trying to sort all these problems out. Every animal & insect is needed to keep the planet in harmony and its only humans that are not needed to keep the earth balanced. Humans ruin nearly everything we touch, so we should put right everything we've screwed up.

  • Ultimate Classic
    Ultimate Classic 16 days ago +5

    There's also the Permian extinction event which killed off 96 percent of all life on Earth, majority of life was killed off in the oceans due to the vast release of methane hydrates creating a positive feedback loop. The widely accepted theory is that the Siberian traps, a major volcanic environment, raised the Earth's temperatures to very high levels, causing the oceans to warm, which depleted oxygen levels, killing life and releasing the hydrates which killed more life. The global temperatures reached 10 degrees or higher.
    What's disturbing is that global temperatures will reach at least 3-4 degrees by the end of the century if we don't do anything to curb CO2 emissions. 4 degrees might be all that's needed to release the methane hydrates. 50-100 years after this century ends the greenhouse effect will be runaway and the next extinction event will quickly annihilate us and most of life on Earth.

  • Hold Strong
    Hold Strong 16 days ago +4

    The globe has warmed and cold before you can’t stop it from happening.

  • Dean Backer
    Dean Backer 16 days ago

    Sure will be a shame when millions of people starve to death because the earth is cooling. The scientists and MSM are really doing a disservice to people by not letting people know we’re entering Grand Solar Minimum, Crop loss has already started. If only we could look back into history at the Maunder, Dalton, Wolf, Sporer Minimum. Maybe people would realize that the Minimums were the start of the collapse of complex societies.

  • Maggie Margaret
    Maggie Margaret 16 days ago +10

    It seems we should ship Amazonian animal and plant life up to Greenland areas to give them a head start for the coming age of North Pole Forests.

    • Dean PD
      Dean PD 6 days ago

      They might work it out for themselves and migrate in that direction by using their animal instincts. Something that we apparently lack because us humans are all going to disappear...apparently.

  • Paradat
    Paradat 16 days ago +1

    Sounds great.

  • Colonel_E111
    Colonel_E111 16 days ago

    I have always wondered what naturally reverts global CO2 like we see in time line graphs. Like what happens that the planet ‘fixes’ itself. Does anyone have any information on it?

    • Lonely Pizza Slice
      Lonely Pizza Slice 16 days ago +1

      Thats kinda what scientists are trying to figure out; from what I've seen most believe that its caused by a large expanse of plant life dying out and trapping their CO2 (the video showed an example of this). But i'd love to know of any other hypotheses that exist.

  • Peter Staples
    Peter Staples 16 days ago +1

    If C02 is at rate 5 times faster now than at the PETM and over the last 100 years the temperature rise of less than 1 degree C is in the variability rise of natural warming one would assume that C02 has very little to do with warming of the planet.

  • Kitseywoman
    Kitseywoman 17 days ago

    people eat plants. I don't see the problem. What will we do when the next ice age comes?

  • lpchic637
    lpchic637 17 days ago

    When in school and doing a term paper with cited sources, Wikipedia is not a reliable source to cite yet RUclip insists on citing Wikipedia to remind of us of Global Warming whilst watching a video of the last time the world warmed.

  • Douglas Campbell
    Douglas Campbell 17 days ago +2

    The solution is to do the things that caused global cooling in the 1960's according to the scientists who wrote the alarming Time Magazine articles on the cool temperatures, where it was predicted we were only decades away from a new ice age. The only problem: Those are exactly the same behaviors that scientists claim now cause global warming.

  • Simon Ruszczak
    Simon Ruszczak 17 days ago

    Oh, so "climate change" is natural.

  • channelhismojo
    channelhismojo 17 days ago +4

    Anyone that tells you is never been warmer is a liar. Anyone that says a warmer planet is bad for life is a liar.

    • Den Expo
      Den Expo 16 days ago

      A colder planet is devastating

  • Brigitte LM
    Brigitte LM 17 days ago

    Don't you think that if they stopped messing with weather modification, these massive floods, tornados and issues would go back to normal ocurrances?

    • Mark
      Mark 17 days ago

      What is NORMAL OCCURENCES? The last 10 years? Last 50 years? Last 100 Years? Last 1000 years? Last 10000 years? Last million years? There isn't a Normal is my point. Weather and climate always changes over time..

  • Joe S
    Joe S 17 days ago

    Last time the globe warned was not real.

  • alex rad
    alex rad 17 days ago

    Ok, Hank, why in the PETM there was no large extinction event but during the PT turn over there was a big die off?

  • Groanups Gurude
    Groanups Gurude 17 days ago +2

    CHANGING CLIMATE'S going to do in us Primates.
    Also the birds, though they can't read these words.
    The dodo was doodoo we flushed down the loo, too.
    And the trees and the seas and the bugs and the pugs.
    And not just the plants and the animal zoo .....
    the tiniest planktons that make the O2.
    It's so terribly sad when ONE species ..... just ..... ceases.
    You'd think we'd
    had a special plot,
    "Exterminate the bloody lot!"
    Deniers and liars and industry hires, weave and deceive us, their gullible buyers.
    So now we have the great distinction of bringing on our own extinction.
    And know what's really, really funny?
    We're FOSSIL FOOLS in love with money."
    The End??????

    • Bill Fox
      Bill Fox 11 days ago

      99% of all species to develop on the Earth have already become extinct. Pollution and waste are far more pressing problems than the made up one of "global warming". All life on the planet benefits greatly from lots of CO2, all life on the planet suffers from reductions in CO2, basic biology. You want to kill off all life on Earth? Get rid of CO2 from the atmosphere

  • MonoPod
    MonoPod 18 days ago

    A nice warm swim in Antartica, I’m down.

  • CSXRockford
    CSXRockford 18 days ago

    mother nature will do what she wants, we have 0 input.

  • Dean Snombers
    Dean Snombers 18 days ago +1

    and that is exactly what's happening now

  • Jacob
    Jacob 18 days ago

    Looks like we have a record to beat. Leta dig up that coal!

  • Pueri Demus
    Pueri Demus 18 days ago +3

    those SUVs 56 million years ago didnt have catalytic converters i guess

  • Gary's Gaming
    Gary's Gaming 18 days ago +31

    Ahh come on guys don't worry about it, we are just one supervolcano away from becoming extinct and the planet gets a new type of life form

    • Gary's Gaming
      Gary's Gaming 10 days ago

      @Joel Gawne 😂🤣 octopi haa ha love it, I am rooting for crabs 50 ft crabs or crustacean tanks yaay

    • Joel Gawne
      Joel Gawne 11 days ago +2

      Nothing wrong with that. We've obviously failed. I say the next species should het their chance. I'm rooting for octopi
      Also. Man-made climate change isn't real. Stop acting like children and believing everything old people tell you.

    • Gary's Gaming
      Gary's Gaming 13 days ago +2

      @Alexander Supertramp I wanted to come back hard at your reply but I loved Supertramp so I will just say "maybe not but it will mess up your day off"

    • Alexander Supertramp
      Alexander Supertramp 14 days ago +1

      Gary's Gaming
      A supervolcano would not cause our extinction.

    • paytontech
      paytontech 15 days ago +5

      Except the supervolcano is just hypothetical. Human induced climate change is a given. The presenter glanced but didn't elaborate on another important fact: We're causing the temp change rapidly which gives virtually no time for us or other organisms to adapt. PETM took thousands of years... enough for our predecessors to evolve significantly.

  • Fire Man
    Fire Man 19 days ago

    So we are just speeding up the next phase of the planets heating and then cooling phase and like before some species will survive while others will not? so whats the fuss about? Let humans wipe themselves out so that the planet can reboot.

  • i gumby
    i gumby 19 days ago

    Right ,nothing like parboiled lobster 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Magne Mathisen
    Magne Mathisen 19 days ago

    How can these guys get everything so backward without realizing it themselves? It was about zero Co2 in the atmosphere back then and about zero Co2 in the atmosphere right now, that gives us about zero chance that Co2 got anything to do with it....

  • Gabriel Velasco
    Gabriel Velasco 19 days ago +3

    The most biologically productive eras in Earth's history have been when it was warm with lots of CO2 in the atmosphere. CO2 is a fertilizer for plants and they do better in warmth than in cold. Lots of plants means lots of plant eaters. There was a time when the Earth could support HERDS of GIANT herbivores. It can't do that now because there's not enough CO2 and heat to grow enough food to support them.

  • Jay Martin
    Jay Martin 19 days ago +3

    There was a warning period between the 1920's-1945 that gave us the great dust bowl in America's Midwest. Could you compare it to today's.

  • Wendy Lagura
    Wendy Lagura 19 days ago +2

    During the thermal maximum where were the continental positions

  • Gaming Dad
    Gaming Dad 19 days ago

    I'm curious as to how the CO2 today and the PETM? Can one explain this? I mean, in both cases we have an increase in CO2, but the increase is higher now. We don't know what caused the increase in CO2 back in the PETM, we do know now. We assume in both cases that the rise in CO2 is the cause for temperature rise. Are we seeing the same rise of temperature regarding the same amount of CO2? Is there something different?

  • I.M. Guapo
    I.M. Guapo 20 days ago

    Dude your talking crap. Up less than a degree in a hundred years. Then you say “perhaps”, and I’ll state no perhaps because the models are a hypothetical model that that is based on guessing parameters and only the doomsday crap is kept. In 1989 chicken little screaming as Al Gored that by the year 2k. The ice caps be gone and sea level up 30 meters. In reality up maybe 1/2”. and talking about ancient ice ages and warming period. Man didn’t cause that. Blind leading the sightless.