What I use to make comics

  • It's been a while. Getting back into the groove of things with a quickie video. Just answering a question I got on tumblr about what I use to make comics. Which is an ipad pro, an apple pencil, and the app procreate. If you are a person that reads descriptions before watching the youtube video then I am sorry for spoiling literally the whole video for you. But at the same time you kinda did this to yourself, didn't you? Yes you did. Why would you do that?
    I used Adobe Animate for this one. It was kind of a pain. I am realizing there is no perfect animation software. At least for how I animate. I might make my own animation software some day. It would be web based so no download, maybe easy collaboration capabilities. That would be cool. Gunna wait for web assembly to mature a bit before I dive head first into that. For now I will begin work on another video.
    What do you guys use to animate and is it any better than Adobe Animate? Adobe Animate does this dumb thing where if you select a frame, then all vectors in the frame get selected and it will not unselect all vectors even if you navigate away from the frame. So when you preview the animation the selected vectors look like they are flickering during playback. Super annoying I hate it.
    Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video!
    Twitter - ICSandwichGuy
    Comics - www.icecreamsandwichcomics.com/

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  • TheRandomSpectator

    0:42 Davie504 Approves

  • FluffyZuffy
    FluffyZuffy 3 days ago

    Omg you use pro create to :D

  • DasMaffin
    DasMaffin 3 days ago

    Im gonna make child porn comics now

  • Nujen Jaffer
    Nujen Jaffer 3 days ago +1

    0:52 i-

  • Timohthy 665
    Timohthy 665 3 days ago

    Ayyy Same Qiboard 😉

  • SCP Dr. [Zensiert]
    SCP Dr. [Zensiert] 5 days ago

    I hate Apple but i love Procreate and i love to draw with it. I f someone that sees this want to see some pictures i made you could go to my Instagram profile thore_art_

  • Normally animated
    Normally animated 7 days ago

    What do you use to animate?

  • Mickey
    Mickey 7 days ago

    High five
    Ipad: (Shatters)

  • Jordyn Merryfield
    Jordyn Merryfield 10 days ago


  • Be Decent.
    Be Decent. 11 days ago

    You don't know how much good tips u did put here

  • QTee
    QTee 14 days ago

    Nothing is worth the price that they charge. Nothing.

  • TessieWessieLessie 123

    what i wish to be

    what i am

  • potato girl
    potato girl 20 days ago


  • Planet SAL
    Planet SAL 21 day ago

    You:BLA BLA BLA :)

  • Luna Lemieu
    Luna Lemieu 22 days ago

    Oh god ...why did I spend money buying a Wacom tablet

  • Technical Fun-Dip
    Technical Fun-Dip 23 days ago

    I animate with a Simbans drawing tablet on flipaclip!

  • I Exist
    I Exist 23 days ago

    I use a Wacom cintique at my animation class, but I use an apple ablet when I'm at home. I highly prefer the tablet over the cintique honestly, it's easier to draw on and animate on in my personal opinion

  • AC9MOO
    AC9MOO 24 days ago


  • MagCubez
    MagCubez 26 days ago

    Nice keyboard, razor

  • Autistic Pear
    Autistic Pear 26 days ago

    I kinda wanna start drawing comics but i honestly dont feel like buyong a 119 dollar pen

  • Jacek Idec
    Jacek Idec 27 days ago

    I made coo-mic-s! 🌈

  • Icey animations
    Icey animations 27 days ago

    I use all the things you use

  • andro.1io
    andro.1io 28 days ago

    Ho Pp

  • TwT army leader
    TwT army leader Month ago

    I use paper (also don’t expect comics from me) (forget i exist)

  • Nandy Sky
    Nandy Sky Month ago

    Apparently its a crime to have crime-based comics in Canada.... so its possible! BTW I love your channel....... ok byeeeeeeeee

  • Caden Crawford
    Caden Crawford Month ago

    1:48 You forgot about
    P L A G I A R I S M

  • Yossel Garcia
    Yossel Garcia Month ago

    0:53 is that him?

  • I̶z̶z̶y̶
    I̶z̶z̶y̶ Month ago

    i is newwwwwwwww I AM ALIVE

  • Ale Animations
    Ale Animations Month ago

    I use ipad pro too! And procreate

    BRO COMIX CO. Month ago

    Ah. But what do u use to ANIMATE?

  • Lara Waldron
    Lara Waldron Month ago

    I use ibis paint x its free recommend it to any starters to iPad/ phone drawing

  • Jacob The Faux
    Jacob The Faux Month ago

    I use IPad, but I lost my glove. QwQ

  • YumeOw
    YumeOw Month ago

    same same xD

  • Banu
    Banu Month ago

    here at 690k views

  • Tea with Kylee C.
    Tea with Kylee C. Month ago

    You’re a very cute guy 😍

  • FNAF Sniper
    FNAF Sniper Month ago

    Your the best and funniest RUclipr ever

  • ThatGachaLifeBoi YT

    Thx man I'm looking for good animating/drawing apps

  • Jon Solo
    Jon Solo Month ago

    He really stuck in that heart butt😂

  • WoodChippes
    WoodChippes Month ago

    Hart this comment and I’ll give you a kiss

  • TheQuirky1 /TQ1
    TheQuirky1 /TQ1 Month ago

    I lost my Apple Pencil ):000

  • William Gay
    William Gay Month ago

    It's hard to commit a crime through a comic
    Have you heard of shadmann

  • NyDat CoolGuy
    NyDat CoolGuy Month ago

    Give me all your money!
    *Draws a comic.*
    Like this!

  • Chrissie Sturgill
    Chrissie Sturgill Month ago

    Ibis paint is a good drawing app it’s not a game... just an app

  • Kaleb Williston
    Kaleb Williston Month ago

    Ipads are great

  • snowdragon06
    snowdragon06 Month ago

    Why do we almost use the same things.
    Without me using pro.
    And you have a good channel.
    And good art.
    Where was I going with this.

  • Kimmy Gordon
    Kimmy Gordon Month ago

    I use Procreate as well 😂

  • Bea :D
    Bea :D Month ago +2

    I use ibispaintX to draw,I don’t really animate,but if I did I would use kinemaster, and I prefer using a stylus pen

  • Luca Wilson
    Luca Wilson 2 months ago

    I’m watching this on a iPad pro

  • SomethingStudios
    SomethingStudios 2 months ago

    H A M M E R T I M E

  • Donk Kong
    Donk Kong 2 months ago

    Tell us the secrets of how you videos are made

  • - DITTOICE -
    - DITTOICE - 2 months ago

    Pro-creation time sweetheart

  • Noob Boi
    Noob Boi 2 months ago +1

    Who uses flippaclip?

  • Rehmah Malik
    Rehmah Malik 2 months ago

    when are u going to make new videos :/

  • Life Death
    Life Death 2 months ago

    Icha boi ice cream sandwich

  • Puffish
    Puffish 2 months ago


  • Apower 1769
    Apower 1769 2 months ago

    wait was that man on the ipad pro him? HMMMM....

  • A Lemon
    A Lemon 2 months ago


  • Bob Balls
    Bob Balls 2 months ago

    I use it and the iPad pro

  • Krisxp Podstada
    Krisxp Podstada 2 months ago

    I watch Thassos on iPad Pro.

  • Kate Pytel
    Kate Pytel 2 months ago

    I like my wacom pen but like when I hold it, I usually accidentally press the button on the side and... It don't draw when you do that. I have a passive aggressive relationship with it.

  • Holly Tingle
    Holly Tingle 2 months ago

    Why'd you have to do it to em

  • Bedimations
    Bedimations 2 months ago

    What do you animate with

  • Devyn Allen
    Devyn Allen 2 months ago

    The hairstyle of his character reminds me of shenpai

  • Rolande Wright - Super RollTGW

    **cries in Wacom Intuos**

  • Glitz Oride
    Glitz Oride 3 months ago

    The high five with ipad was so gud😂👌

  • Pasta Demon
    Pasta Demon 3 months ago

    I have the exact iPad Pro lmfao. Using it rn to watch you vids 😂

  • MrKeenHasMemes
    MrKeenHasMemes 3 months ago


  • Brenda Swiger
    Brenda Swiger 3 months ago

    my iPad (00020infiniteTaB3ET) is in Infinite QDS from samsUng

  • Water Wolf
    Water Wolf 3 months ago

    I have an iPad Pro too :>

  • •Lucky Døg•
    •Lucky Døg• 3 months ago +1

    I got an iPad Pro,and broke the fricken PENCIL

  • JacobEs09
    JacobEs09 3 months ago


  • Drboss Gaming
    Drboss Gaming 3 months ago

    0:42 , your welcome

  • Filip Rank
    Filip Rank 3 months ago

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  • Runny Boy
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    You think that's late?

    Heh, *Laughs in JakobTheQuizGuy*

  • Kaiyu Not Caillou
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    0:52 wait is that a face reveal-

  • Nonoparty Animations
    Nonoparty Animations 3 months ago

    Can you animate with procreate?

  • GGorsty
    GGorsty 3 months ago

    Thank you for this informative Animation!

  • JustaGamer
    JustaGamer 3 months ago

    Hey! I got the same keyboard XD

  • EddieP4
    EddieP4 3 months ago

    oh mine god we have the same keyboard