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Автор Stephen Ingram ( назад)
Steve Harvey isn't funny

Автор NiGHTS ( назад)
queens of comedy was better

Автор Elvira K25 ( назад)
Anyone else notice that that's Wendy Williams Bernie is talking to at 33:00??

Автор Joshua Rice ( назад)
funny b.

Автор Raphael Barnett ( назад)
the old folk choir go in. Ced trippin.

Автор Music Daily ( назад)
"Breautiful" 😂😂😂

Автор Quetzal Sanchez ( назад)
Song after Bernie's routine?

Автор ShadowCat3292 ( назад)
name of track when bernie mac was leaving the stage.?

Автор dewey harris ( назад)
Cedric the entertainer funny as hell 😂😂😂😂

Автор Elijah Demon Kelley ( назад)
Got Damm it y'all Mutha Lovers ant got nun on me My Crack joke is Called Disinfect Tha Muthafucka Its goes like This Eat Sum Pussy Da Fuck Disinfect Da Muthafucker Da Fuck u Think This Iz......Peep Game

Автор Emerald Brown ( назад)
NOBODY can do it like my boy Bernie Mac did 😩😟 R.I.P baby 😇

Автор malik malik ( назад)
Cedric is the real deal. I can relate.

Автор Delonquez Bradfield ( назад)
You are great

Автор Prudent Student ( назад)
WHat's the name of that italian song playing at cedric's part.

Автор Jessica Cornero ( назад)
genios todos...!!
pero tendrías que agregarle subtitulos...

Автор Kela Keyosha ( назад)
I love Steve but this one was not funny on this one

Автор LaShe' Johnson ( назад)
bitch if yu don't bus this nut imma choke the hell outta ya im tell yu😂😂😂

Автор Joe Munoz ( назад)

Автор tee marie ( назад)
steve harvey isn't funny at all

Автор Andrew Staples ( назад)
"Johnny Gill sounds like a Rottweiler " 😂😂😂😂

Автор Ron Patton ( назад)

Автор Devon Angell ( назад)
idk what it is, but i just wonna throw a bbq with this man lol

Автор Walter White ( назад)
Cedric wasn't really funny smh 🤦‍♂️

Автор Elle Ceexo ( назад)
oh shoot that was Wendy Williams and Kevin LOL

Автор Lenny McLean ( назад)
Cedrick has a great voice👌🏾😃

Автор Adeyinka Fajingbesi ( назад)
Cedrick should have closed out the show. Steve should have opened the show.

Автор Julian Edwards ( назад)
Ced the entertainer is hilarious

Автор David Khan ( назад)
Gospel music maranatha worship songs

Автор DreamJordan ( назад)
Cedric just isn't funny to me at all. Bernie on the other hand gets me everytime. r.i.p he was super talented

Автор Labrea Milton ( назад)
u guys are funeeeee!!

Автор Dominique Davis ( назад)
I think ppl 😴 on that Johnny gill part I can't get pass that without ⏪ lol

Автор Lithia LithiaPerry ( назад)
🎵Cause I'm yo baby daddy, girl you can page me anytime🎵😂💀

Автор Trey Keys ( назад)

Автор D. Burnette ( назад)
Lol. lol. ... you are so right Bernie, " Keep laughing at the people who fix your food..." So true. That is why I be as nice, genuine and polite to them as I must...

Автор Mingo Tubman ( назад)

Автор Porter Billingsley ( назад)
Steve Harvey should've been first.

Автор omar maldonado ( назад)
Bernie was a motha fucka

Автор Christian Garland ( назад)
Ain't no better way to put it than by saying you gotta leave it to the kings

Автор Abduqadir Yousuf Ibrahim ( назад)
funniest ever kkkkkkkkkkkk

Автор Dixie Shuffler ( назад)
Comedy will never be the same without Bernie Mac...RIP MAC MAN

Автор Pure Wisky ( назад)
RIP mac I miss you he was like my tv father

Автор Vincenzo Midina ( назад)
Harvey is not funny.

Автор SuperShayla00 ( назад)
Love these guys

Автор SymplyGorgeous ( назад)
Yo I am at work dying laughing 😂

Автор Lf0812 fouks ( назад)
"SMH" Steve enno. but like a true professional kept it moving.

Автор Lf0812 fouks ( назад)
Wow, Steve Harvey not usual for him to force jokes on the people, resorted to backup 's and shit. Mr. Harvey this thing you do cant be easy, but you were standing in quicksand on this one.

Автор Michael Dronet ( назад)
steve harvey is not funny at all he ruined the show

Автор McJuggernugget ( назад)
"he was teasin me"
killed me

Автор Themba Dlamini ( назад)
Man that Cedric 's track timeless though!!i thought was gonna die!!

Автор mutcho kejo ( назад)
the unfenny nigga is for sure steve harvey the best one is bernie mac

Автор WILL PARKS ( назад)

Автор simplegusto1 ( назад)
does anyone know the name of the song he sings about opera? and who sings it?

Автор Lee Smokin ( назад)
I sure do miss Bernie R.i.p

Автор Quize 1 ( назад)
oh i see guy torre

Автор Quize 1 ( назад)
where d.l at

Автор Jay Clink ( назад)
LMAO Steve tried to sneak the middle finger to crowd after they didn't laugh hard enough at his joke 1:13:49

Автор Dart Rager ( назад)
Tears started at 1:21:50 and stoped 2h after i finished watching this show XD Best part for sure!

Автор Jesse Grayson ( назад)
lol he sound like he could be a real rapper(voice wise)

Автор Takneca Roundtree ( назад)

Автор Takneca Roundtree ( назад)
he was singing about peanut butter and jelly lol so funny peanut no jam lol

Автор Takneca Roundtree ( назад)
he was singing about peanut butter and jelly lol so funny peanut no jam lol

Автор Trezzie TheGod ( назад)
anybody else find it kinda strange that that glitch shit kept happening thru Bernie Mac set, is it me or was that a little creepy?. #Illuminati.

Автор Marcsxx ( назад)
sad thing is they couldn't do the same routines in 2016 without some "outrage"

Автор RinaPinxz22 ( назад)
This audience is so weak.

Автор felicia ( назад)
Ced you a fool!

Автор Donald Crunk ( назад)
oooo weeee child dat shit dur sum funny as shiznit child lawdy lawdy miss scarlet dem kings of comedy make me forget about mees diabetes yes they do child!

Автор queenkay82 ( назад)
Ced and Mac had me crackin up. I forgot how annoying and non funny Steve was back then. His jokes wasn't funny. When a comedian say y'all better laugh then he ain't funny.

Автор BadBot006 ( назад)
fuck trump haha

Автор kim Parker ( назад)
Cedric,,,you know u can not 'SING',,,,,Stop clowning'''''''

Автор Mr. Speaker ( назад)
"Keith Sweat sound like a damn mosquito" 😂😂😂

Автор Sherrette Brunson ( назад)
alsome saue

Автор Duane Thomas ( назад)
Ok. Real Talk. Was this as painful to anybody else as it was to me. How many times did Cedric and Steve make excuses and explain why people were not laughing. Steve really was pitiful. He kept almost begging for laughs. When you name your show the KINGS of Comedy, you cannot ever have to ask for laughs. JS.

Автор Yvon Mercier ( назад)
What's the name of that opera song ced had?

Автор Fintan Corr ( назад)
Cedric D just isn't funny

Автор M WIS ( назад)
lol,, ced n mac r crazy

Автор Iris Bell ( назад)
Bernie is crazy 😂😂😂🙏🏾

Автор Oliver Bragg ( назад)
steve harvey fucking them up

Автор No more Harambe ( назад)
We love bernie

Автор Ka'ai Loa ( назад)
she's a RICH dumb ass witch

Автор Y Sims ( назад)
Bust a nut so we can go to sleep. haha too funny

Автор yahoomaster48 ( назад)
i thought i was gon die!

Автор Derwin Kesee ( назад)
R.I.P. to the late great Bernie Mac!!!! That funk that was played after Mac's set had a brotha movin', and I'm only 26!!! Lol.

Автор emma simmons ( назад)

Автор JudgeDread 305 ( назад)
Why Cedric the Entertainer look like Master P😂😂😂😂

Автор Applesand pears ( назад)
35:48 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Автор THE HULK ( назад)
Cedric the entertainer so funny

Автор umair furqani ( назад)
cedric lookin like bobby brown

Автор Mad Penguin ( назад)

Автор Nemo DK ( назад)
Song name att 28:20 ??

Автор Pharmaco Kinetics ( назад)
Starsky n Hutch lunchbox!!! lol!!!

Автор colton abshier ( назад)
Why is d.l. not in here?

Автор Tyjuan Smalls ( назад)
My name is Big June

Автор thagoat ( назад)
lmfaoo Steve wasn't that bad but he wasn't as funny as he usually is

Автор Sonny Man709 ( назад)

Автор Evan Sheppard ( назад)
Bernie, as usual, was epic!

Автор Carey Green ( назад)
Its impossible to follow Bernie damn

Автор Joe Eightys ( назад)
Bernie you legend R.I.P

Автор Mika Newell ( назад)
what was that opera song

Автор Taming the TONGUE ( назад)
Ouch!! Ouch!! Ouch!! my belly aching!!!! LMBAOOOOOOOO @ Uncle Bernie Mac.
Thank U @WalterLathamComedy for this channel. Rest In Peace
Uncle Bernie~~~

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