i'm getting worse (autoimmune update)

  • Published on Sep 15, 2018
  • About a year ago, Zach got diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis. Here's how he's been doing since.
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  • Morris Maze V
    Morris Maze V 7 hours ago

    You can see his girlfriend at 6:06

  • An O
    An O Day ago

    It sounded like you doctor said you were fine because your inflammatory markers were still down? But only 40% of people with AS even have raised inflammatory markers. If you continue to get worse with your physio in place you might need another opinion.

  • Susmita Sen
    Susmita Sen 2 days ago

    Ankylosing Spondylitis is neither preventable nor curable.. Treatment is given to reduce symptoms and complications for better lifestyle.

  • TaylorAnd Graphite
    TaylorAnd Graphite 8 days ago

    Only people with chronic illness understands the spoon

  • Ava Goldfeder
    Ava Goldfeder 9 days ago


  • Mrs J
    Mrs J 10 days ago

    Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us. Hugs for you Zack

  • Halle Frank
    Halle Frank 10 days ago

    This is so great. Your words and message and honesty are so great. You Zach, are great. Thank you for being you.

  • Beth LH
    Beth LH 11 days ago

    Zach u and
    the other try guys have made me smile on the worst of days and family problems so I have no doubt you'll kick this shitty thing u got this #tryguys#catsarebetterthendogs get well soon 😸

  • Depression Potato
    Depression Potato 11 days ago

    Im 15 years old , i have this unknown illness, that doctors cannot explain, its been almost 9 years since its all started, im suffering so much , it effected my mental health, i wake up almost everyday spitting half a cup if not even more of pure red blood , exactly like nose bleed , but from my mouth, and doctors just dont know whats going on with me , I’ve traveled to the usa (( boston children’s hospital)) 3 times , they didnt know whats going on too , I guess I’ll just wait until it all ends
    The thing thats scares me alot that , where is the blood coming from , why is this happening to me ? I’ve done 10 operations, it hurts , a lot , i hope no one live what I’ve been through, its been 9 years and i kinda gave up hope , i dont care if this sickness develop , i dont care anymore, I’ve suffered for 9 years , and sometimes i would stop eating for 2 weeks , and i would panic and cry a lot of the pain , and i cant feel anything but pain , and my warm tears running down my face , I suffered from this pain for 9 years , i can suffer for one last time

  • Rawrii xx
    Rawrii xx 11 days ago

    I feel this video so hard. I have sciatica on account of a slipped disc that went un-dx'ed for a long time, which is not the same thing, but God does it lead to similar patterns. You wanna take the night off from stretching because, well, "normal" people can skip a day and come out fine, but then you skip a day and you're aching all over the next. I had a similar experience after my first cortisone shot, when you've been hurting for so long, being pain-free (or at least closer to it) is sooo fucking liberating it can make you lose your head and backslide. Anyhow, sorry for rambling, but solidarity Zach, and thanks for sharing your story!

  • Nourine Zannat
    Nourine Zannat 11 days ago

    seeing Zach having back pain all the time as I am going through & Ned also having broken knee and also achieving all these..it's so inspiring 💚 I always RUclips lives magical life different from all! but no they can go through what we go through all the time 🙂 best wishes for you guys 💚

  • Izzy Vlogs
    Izzy Vlogs 12 days ago

    While I was watching this I was crying because I felt bad for Zach. And maybe sometimes I cry because I really care about someone even if I don’t know them personally. Zach if you read this I hope you understand that I feel some people’s pains emotionally.

  • Sara Fairbank
    Sara Fairbank 13 days ago

    8:00 awww :')

  • robinhood 46
    robinhood 46 13 days ago

    You can be as positive as you like and eat the most healthy diet that exists you will still be ill and you will still have flares. You said "my name is zach i'm getting worse but i'm also getting better" if you take this advice it is highly probable that you will be able to say that you are getting better and then you are no longer ill.There are 5.8 Million people following your channel and many are ill too,many less ill and many more ill than yourself. If you try this and it helps you will be helping thousands of people. I can supply you as many studies as you wish to help you to understand the problem or you can just ask yourself is it worth trying.
    Very very simply put, the 10'000 litres of air you breath are very close to the maximum capacity of your body to eliminate the toxins that are present. Your lymphatic system which plays an extremely important role in eliminating toxins does not have a pump(as such) and it's ability to eliminate the toxins that enter your body is insufficient.
    If you do everything within your power to reduce as many toxins as you can for a few weeks you will see that your flares become less frequent and less intense. When you have your toxic levels under control you will be able to expose yourself to certain toxins without triggering flares because your body will no longer be in a state of toxic overload.
    Study all forms of toxins in every environment that you are present and stop letting the doctors kid you that pollution only makes most illnesses worse and it is not the major cause. Too much of it makes you ill and a hell of lot too much triggers flares.
    Outdoor pollution,indoor pollution and toxins in what you drink and what you eat. Until your body has stabalised you should reduce as many as you can. After that life is pretty normal with little effort to stay healthy.
    Good luck.

  • Cool Cheesesticks
    Cool Cheesesticks 14 days ago

    As someone who suffers from a chronic disease, I never knew someone could feel the same way I do. This gives me so much hope. Thank you.

  • Zuzanna Ćwiek
    Zuzanna Ćwiek 14 days ago

    Oh my gosh, I legitly cried at the end of this video. I kinda know what you're going through.
    A few months I decided to start jogging in the morning. I woke up at 5.30 am, dressed up and went jogging. Everything was alright, till I tried to run up a small hill. My heart was beating so hard and fast I almost passed out. I was feeling dizzy and I was sure I'm going to have a heart attack. I couldn't even walk for at least five minutes. When I got home, I went to my room and I fell on my bed, almost passing out. From that day on, and even before that day, I started to have moments when my heart beats really fast and hard. I went to my doctor because I kinda started to freak out. She didn't diagnose anything, but she gave me a referral to a cardiologist. I think I might have heart disease.
    I also am feeling dizzy almost every day, so I almost consider it as a normal, daily-basis thing. It's of course invisible. I obviously don't hold a "I might pass out any minute, so watch out" sign. No one except my close ones knows I'm not perfectly fine.
    But I don't really remember days when everything was alright.

  • Amanda Harper
    Amanda Harper 14 days ago

    I'm 23 and it's been a year since I got diagnosed with PNES. It's a struggle but doing great.

  • Jessica Burnett
    Jessica Burnett 14 days ago

  • Ilina Sen
    Ilina Sen 17 days ago

    As someone who also has an auto-immune disease, I relate to this so much. For my condition and experience, exercise really helps. Though having an auto0immune disease has made me much stronger and tougher. Stay Strong.

  • Timothy Sam Valdez
    Timothy Sam Valdez 18 days ago

    This inspired me. ❤️💃

  • Bethany Brakebill
    Bethany Brakebill 18 days ago

    Can I give you a hug Zac 😭❤

  • Aamayah h
    Aamayah h 20 days ago

    Can we have an update??

  • michiganmarsh88
    michiganmarsh88 21 day ago

    Thanks for the video! I know I am late to the party but I have AS as well. I am hoping to start proper biologic treatment at an appointment in a few days. Recently it has been incredibly bad but this video really helped me mentally.

  • Angela Bergmann Fitness

    I have Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease - which is a fancy way of saying I have an autoimmune disease in which I do not have enough symptoms in order to give it a name, but I damn sure have something wrong with me. I also have severe anemia and Raynaud's Phenomenon. I have been dealing with doctors, labs, tests and trying to get answers for a little over a year. It is hard to keep going and I have to keep giving myself pep talks in order to not just sit down and give up sometimes. Keep kicking ass and like you said, do not let your AS define you!!

  • Tia Wallace
    Tia Wallace 25 days ago

    I'm 23 with severe hypomobility and fibromyalgia, constant severe pain in my entire body even with coedene every day for years as well as other drugs! So much I can't do now and I feel ya man! It's got so bad for me too that I've had to adapt everything in my life and I can't even do sports to ease it because it damages my joints and makes the pain worse and thanks to the hypomobility I'll dislocate joints and damage muscles, ligaments and tendons on a daily basis doing daily activities..I used to compete in so many sports, one I went international, 3 I competed with the best of the UK..and now I can barely get out of bed or climb a flight of stairs without so much pain I think I might throw up..and no one else can see it, especially because I still look fit on the outside..love to you Zack!

  • SunriseViewer
    SunriseViewer 25 days ago

    Thank you for this video. I also have a baseline of pain every day. Apparently, it's all in my head, but that's never stopped me from feeling like sh*t some days. I hope you continue to get better. :)

  • Rocket Ha
    Rocket Ha 25 days ago

    He’s so adorable and talented 💚

  • Samantha Stoning
    Samantha Stoning 26 days ago

    He is just lucky he has a cushy youtuber job because if he had a desk job 9 to 5 he would have it a lot harder. Not trying to be demeaning or down play his struggle but dude has it a lot easier than most of us.

  • Maxwell Anderson
    Maxwell Anderson 26 days ago


  • Maxwell Anderson
    Maxwell Anderson 26 days ago

    Oh my love, who could blame you for wanting to forget your pain as soon as you could?

  • Gavin Adams
    Gavin Adams 26 days ago


  • Gavin Adams
    Gavin Adams 26 days ago

    I hate seeing our sweet little boy in pain ☹️

  • Gorilla Danish
    Gorilla Danish 26 days ago

    You've probably posted again since this video but this is my first time hearing about this from you. I'm wondering how you are doing now. Have you stuck with the exercise? I have difficulty doing things I know I should do, getting out of my comfort zones. Things like this are encouraging.

  • MelissaMarie BakePrayLove

    You got this dude.

  • Nao Ruby - Chan
    Nao Ruby - Chan 26 days ago +1

    Translation in the end
    Eu tenho um problema muito parecido com médicos. Desde o ano passado eu tenho sentido meu joelho estralar, girar dentro de si mesmo, ir e voltar sem motivo, como se fosse uma engrenagem solta ou algo assim. Mas, já que nehum dos raios X não mostra nada, eu aparentemente estou saudável. O difícil é que eu dei que as pessoas vão culpar o exercício e a minha alimentação até algo horrível acontecer comigo, como eu perder o controle do joelho e nunca mais poder andar sem apoio. E eu só preciso que um médico aceite que eu tenho um problema... Pelo menos você foi diagnosticado. Espero wue as pessoas entendam pelo que você está passando, e que fique melhor a cada dia.

    I have a very similar problem with doctors. Since last year I've been feeling my knee cracking, spinning within, coming and going (front and back) for no reason, like a loose gear or something. But since none of the X-rays shows anything, I'm apparently healthy. The hard part is that I will have people blaming the exercise and my diet until something horrible happens to me, as I lose control of the knee and never be able to walk without support. And I just need a doctor to accept that I have a problem ... At least you've been diagnosed. I hope people understand what you're going through, and that you get better every day.

  • Kat Cat
    Kat Cat 27 days ago

    i just wanna give him a hug 🤗

  • Madeline Vogl
    Madeline Vogl 27 days ago

    Sometimes you don’t even realize it’s getting worse

  • Aaron Kaung
    Aaron Kaung 27 days ago +2

    I think you need a glow stick to make you feel better

  • Megan Shane
    Megan Shane 27 days ago

    Needed this kick in the ass. Thank you Zack ❤️ 🥄

  • Amanda Cook
    Amanda Cook 28 days ago

    Awe I see your girlfriend Maggie at 6:08

  • Mishan Phiri
    Mishan Phiri 28 days ago

    I'm so sad

  • Ruggs Gamerbeagle
    Ruggs Gamerbeagle 29 days ago

    Have the Try Guys considered doing the AIP Diet (Auto-immune Protocol) diet with Zach? It'd be hard as h*ck, and would help to have doctor supervision. I think it'd be as hard or harder than the pregnancy diet, but it's supposed to drop your inflammation back to more normal levels when you've got a flare-up.
    People only do this for 30 days at a time, and do mega-prepwork beforehand, but--it drops it. It drops the inflammation, for many folks. Not everyone. And, it's hard. Having a team, friends, would be h*ckin awesome.

  • Hannah Barron
    Hannah Barron 29 days ago

    Zack don’t worry your not alone I currently have some mysterious super pain-full pains everywhere everyday
    The doctors don’t know what’s wrong with me-they think I’m lying so I can relate so much to you it’s nice to see someone ( this is not meant in a bad way btw ) who has the same awful pains well any ways I hope you get help soon someone who i can finally relate to
    Just thank you so much for doing these videos its really helping me not go crazy
    I also thought it was normal to have random pains everywhere
    Just thank you 😊😊😊😊😊
    So much

  • Graciee Mariacherr
    Graciee Mariacherr 29 days ago

    So i found out i may have a precancerous area on my body and I'm 16. I'm at a point in my life when I'm so happy and not depressed anymore.. and then i got that bombshell and they have to test it soon and see if it is because if it is it may turn into cancer and spread if it's not treated.. and I am terrified. I never thought that something like that would happen to me. I always thought I'm insignificant and nothing major ever happens and then i was told that and I'm scared. But watching this has made me ready to go and test it and face whatever it is head on. Yes I'm still terrified but I'm ready now. I'm gonna pray for you Zach. Please pray for me, my anxiety is through the roof about this

  • EbonyEyedEnigma
    EbonyEyedEnigma 29 days ago


  • FemmeBleu
    FemmeBleu Month ago

    Autoimmune Paleo (AIP Diet). See a functional medicine doctor. Functional medicine saved my life.

  • Rebecca Hartman
    Rebecca Hartman Month ago

    I can relate to this, and it means the world to me to see that im not the only one and that you talk about your experience with others. I was diagnosed with chronic pain almost 5 years ago. And endometriosis a year ago. I hate that so many people struggle with pain and not sleeping. It makes me so sad. However this video helps me when I feel alone.

  • Sandra López
    Sandra López Month ago

    Take care dear!!! i
    updates on how to help people who suffer this?

  • In Spite Of Fibromyalgia

    Let me first say thank you for your vulnerability I’m sharing your story! I to live with an invisible illness and have for over 20 years. I finally took my like back in 2017 by doing just what you are but I added another magical component which is Chiropractor care. I know 100% that my Chiropractor is the one who saved my life! From one invisible illness to another, I would highly recommend anyone that lives with a chronic condition seek out a Chiropractor. Take care!

  • Daniela Elizabeth Ramirez Madrid

    I don’t think they will se the comment now but can I just say I love when zack makes videos like this... idk the way he talks in them is very nice...

  • Ms Kiwi xx
    Ms Kiwi xx Month ago

    Zack! You shouldn’t be single, if u weren’t, u would have someone to comfort u!

  • Ben Peacock
    Ben Peacock Month ago

    I am so sorry zack I hope u can get your condition managed so that you can do the things you love and u know that everyone on RUclip will support u in any shape or form cya later bp

  • mccraftergirl 25
    mccraftergirl 25 Month ago

    You are so strong. I recently had a similar experience. Mine is a mental disorder: I have OCD and got lazy with my antidepressants. It affected me in a big way. I really liked your comment about kicking AS ass. That is how we have to live. Kicking it’s ass, not letting chronic conditions define who we are. WAY TO HO MAN!!!!!!

  • Sonata Blue
    Sonata Blue Month ago

    Zack have you tried CBD oil? I have heard many great things about it and i am researching it myself as i have arthritis in my back. Just an idea.

  • Maiyuriiii
    Maiyuriiii Month ago

    Im 15 (just turned) and I've had sickle cell my whole life. Last month i was diagnosed with lupus too and the months before that i was going through the same thing Zach was going through. It's nice to see somebody going through something similar :)

  • Rachel Dupré
    Rachel Dupré Month ago

    Major chills, I'm crying

  • Cranky Pants
    Cranky Pants Month ago

    Blood work is non-definitive.

  • Julianna Sparacio
    Julianna Sparacio Month ago

    if you can’t sleep take valerian root pills. they smell like doo doo but they work so well

  • Faith Brock
    Faith Brock Month ago

    You’re amazing Zach. Never give up. I’m so proud of you.

  • leah williams
    leah williams Month ago

    my husband has AS as well and it got to the point where he couldn't get out of bed or walk. doctors just kept giving him pain killers but they didn't work well enough for him to be able to work. we finally found a specialist who said that his condition was the worst he had ever seen and he was also the youngest person he had ever seen with it. he now gets an injection every fortnight which has helped him to improve massively! but he will need to take these injections for the rest of his life. just by getting up every day and trying, you are doing an amazing job!

  • Ethan Price
    Ethan Price Month ago

    Have been dealing with similar things for years and just found out that I'm doing test next week to see if the cause all along has been A.S. Have to say it seems a little scary and daunting, but your outlook and will to move on with your life is very encouraging. Keep it up man!

  • Leila Pozzi
    Leila Pozzi Month ago +2

    Is it just me or was this the most inspiring video ever 💚💚💚

  • Soil
    Soil Month ago

    Am I the only one who finds him attractive the first time I saw him?


    Well atleast your still doing videos sooo i think your going better maybe

  • Pinhead 228
    Pinhead 228 Month ago

    At the moment I am diagnosed with histoplasmosis and I’m going to mayo it’s helping and I feel you😢

  • Wickeroni
    Wickeroni Month ago

    Get well soon Zach!

  • Charles McCalip
    Charles McCalip Month ago +1

    Who the fuck disliked this video?

  • Belinda Ashley
    Belinda Ashley Month ago

    I love how open and honest you are Zach and that the other Try Guys help you in the best ways they know how to even if you have to stop filming a video just to deal with chronic pain. Just keep pushing through and live your best life

  • Blah Blah
    Blah Blah Month ago

    Swimming helps a lot! I don’t have an autoimmune disease but my heels are still healing from surgery, and I can’t run for more than a minute and walk for more than 20 without getting pain in my heels. I have Tendonitis and my Achilles tendón is too short to walk flat foot, had three surgeries and I don’t know if this one is going to work since the other two didn’t. I used to have this pain and ignore it, making my foot worse, cause I thought It was normal, but we went to the doctor and the first surgery, messed my foot up more, second kinda helped, and now I’m still healing for my third. If this doesn’t work I’m actually fucking done cause these surgeries are fucking expensive and come with risks cause it’s my tendon and if something goes wrong I won’t be able to walk, ever. I like your video saying do not ignore your pain, you KNOW your body more than any doctor. If it seems out of the ordinary see someone.

  • Katherine Hurtado
    Katherine Hurtado Month ago +2

    I'm glad that there's more representation for this. The lead singer for Imagine Dragons also has this, and I was diagnosed at age 12. It just makes me feel like I'm not alone

  • Shadow Notte
    Shadow Notte Month ago

    I love you and your determination to keep going, you only deserve the best, but life is crappy so we got to kick its crappy butt.

  • Danieli Saravia
    Danieli Saravia Month ago

    Im on my toilet, my poop is stuck, y’all better pray for me, lots of love to Zach, hope he gets better

  • Libby Stock
    Libby Stock Month ago

    I..just..........Zack I ....

    I cry watching thid

  • Gale Szczepkowski
    Gale Szczepkowski Month ago

    my dad had a ton of pain and he dosnt have a.s. but it was still really bad so he decided to go gluten free and he hasnt had any problems since

  • Emma Crabb
    Emma Crabb Month ago +1

    I love you Zach and hope you start to get better. I'm literally crying!😭

  • Alondra Colon Medina

    Love you Zachie 💖

  • Tara Murray
    Tara Murray Month ago +1

    I hope u get better zack

  • Bryaanna Alger
    Bryaanna Alger Month ago

    My underarm and my back hurt watching this, I think it's empathy, could definitely see the pain in his eyes. I have Asperger's syndrome and health anxiety. My mom had breast cancer but survived and I'm worried I'm going to get cancer too. I check my body for symptoms all the time when everyone tells me I'm fine. My anxiety blurs the lines of common sense and reality. I don't know what is normal for me and what isn't and that scares me to death. i live with this fear everyday. I am sending you positive thoughts and a big hug Zach. Keep excercising and life is tough but so are you.

  • Zoie Randall
    Zoie Randall Month ago

    I'm doing a thesis project on autoimmune conditions. I did a clinical case study and I would love to send you my findings. Maybe there is something that could help you within my results.

  • Tony Cheezal
    Tony Cheezal Month ago

    I hope u die in hell bc I’m suffering as single

  • ProAction Gamer
    ProAction Gamer Month ago


  • r Negoro
    r Negoro Month ago

    My aunt has autoimmune too, but after she learnt tai chi, she's much better now. You can try practising it too. She learnt the white swallow and the five animals form. Took her three months of practice and after practice she always sweat like nuts.

  • London M
    London M Month ago

    oh man, it's so hard to explain to people what it's like to be in pain constantly, to the point where you don'r even remember what a pain-free life was like. also the bit about invisible illnesses lmao

  • sarai uniforme
    sarai uniforme Month ago

    Sorry man

  • Chloe Clayton
    Chloe Clayton Month ago

    I have something wrong with my ears

  • S a m
    S a m Month ago

    my friend has an auto immune disease and when she sleeps over i have to wake her up at night to help her

  • Susan
    Susan Month ago

    It all start in the gut..immune tree colostrum 6 will heal the gut..

  • YunWei
    YunWei Month ago

    Zack.. I wish you're better now. 😭😭

  • Jenna Browning (Student)

    Ur my favorite try guy (dont tell the others) all the love in the world to you my friend❤❤❤

  • Eribus Venrah
    Eribus Venrah Month ago

    For some reason I can't stand this guy. Apparently people with ankylosing spondylitis have higher mortality rates, so I'm crossing my fingers that this whiny bitch will die soon.

  • Mahta Jr
    Mahta Jr Month ago +28

    Wow you're totally right. I've been ignoring some of my health problems too, and you just motivated me to go back to the doctor and face what I have to do. (I'm not gonna write my problem here though)
    Thanks, and keep fighting! ♥♥♥♥♥

  • The Office Sis
    The Office Sis Month ago +43

    You don't deserve all this pain....🖤😢

  • Patrick Walker
    Patrick Walker Month ago

    I'm sending you healing and love. Good luck with everything 👍

  • Boonaner Sorous
    Boonaner Sorous Month ago

    I cried while watching this. Zach, you are a precious jelly bean. It hurts to see you in pain. I started crying when you were in bed saying how stiff you are and how much pain you were in. You are my favorite Try Guy followed closely by Keith. I am a Korn-buddy

  • igeanno
    igeanno Month ago +1

    Maggie’ surprise appearance at 6:08

  • Char Horst
    Char Horst Month ago

    Call Dr. Gundry--please watch this video

  • Keisha Tom
    Keisha Tom Month ago

    I can totally relate to Zach when he said you look good on the outside but it's not the same on the inside. I have thoracic and pelvic endometriosis, fibroids, PCOS, endometriomas and a bulging disc in my spine. I've been told continuously that I look good and that I don't look sick but they don't know how hard it's for me to not look sick on the outisde. Plus I try very hard to not let my illnesses define me and its hard so very hard to go through each day acting and looking normal while you're in a ton of pain. It doesn't get easy Zach you just have to live each day the best you can and try to change your health habits. It's a hard and slow process but it's worth it.

  • TheSparkleGirl
    TheSparkleGirl Month ago

    Zach. I still like your shirt.😪

  • Starfoxx28
    Starfoxx28 Month ago

    I also have an autoimmune condition and this video is so spot on. You're amazing, Zach!

  • Cellestsky TV
    Cellestsky TV Month ago +2

    I live with chronic pain it's not a fun life to live