i'm getting worse (autoimmune update)


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  • Kiwiree
    Kiwiree День назад

    my poor Jewish muffin :c

  • Shamsa Omer
    Shamsa Omer День назад

    seeing you in pain just makes me really sad, I love you so much and you deserve all the love and appreciation and happiness , I hope you get better and don't forget we all love you! Us and the try guys! Don't give up!

  • Rowan Dannis
    Rowan Dannis День назад

    “And after all that...I feel okay.”
    I love you so much Zach, and your so strong. And you make all of your fans strong.❤️❤️

  • robin turin
    robin turin День назад

    See a very experienced practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine especially herbal medicine.

  • Blixxie Yo
    Blixxie Yo День назад

    That awful anxiety when you wake up at night and cry because you’re so tired. Ugh

  • macura88
    macura88 День назад

    Thank you. It really gave me the motivation to start working on my chronical illness again. I was delaying the exercises i should have been doing daily. so thank you :) .

  • ini1107
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    ZONKED BY TECH 2 дня назад

    CANNABIS! You are lucky to be in US. I would get hanged by the neck if i sold cannabis and 2 years of prisontime if i got caught using.

  • christine mcmahon
    christine mcmahon 2 дня назад

    Keep moving. And try water therapy. Warm water and no gravity in the POOL RULES. Much love.

  • minecraft channel
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  • minecraft channel
    minecraft channel 2 дня назад

    I almost fried

  • hcblue
    hcblue 2 дня назад

    WELP, I cried D:

  • Pazzie Anne Knexx
    Pazzie Anne Knexx 3 дня назад

    This makes me sad. I have Crohn's disease and feel all of this.

  • Silvana Gergic
    Silvana Gergic 3 дня назад

    I am going
    To track down every single disliker
    And make them
    *P A Y*

  • Auden Jones
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  • E Neifert
    E Neifert 4 дня назад

    Great Video dude, keep pressing onward!

  • cr
    cr 4 дня назад

  • Sally Welsh
    Sally Welsh 4 дня назад

    'I'm afraid that I'm going to keep getting worse'. Hit me so hard- I was diagnosed with adult onset diabetes and really did the same thing: once I made a few changes and things started to improve I just kind of ignored it. Huge mistake. Zach, this video actually helped me get my butt in gear and I am back to facing my disease head on and fighting it. Thanks

  • Ananya Nautiyal
    Ananya Nautiyal 4 дня назад

    You go zach ! We all are here for you!

  • monika
    monika 4 дня назад

    i'm 21 and use a cane. i have a condition called chondromalacia patella, or patellofemoral pain syndrome. it means i have pain in my knees due to the cartilage breaking down. i was born with shallow joints making the cartilage in all of my joints deteriorate rapidly. with no cartilage, my joints have no support, causing them to dislocate extremely easily. a day doesn't go by that i'm not in pain, but like zach said, you normalize pain. thanks to zach, i'm going to start listening to my body more and doing more to help myself. SPOONIE POWER FOR LIFE !!!

  • frosty
    frosty 4 дня назад

    i love u zach!!!!!!!

  • Ellie jelly bean
    Ellie jelly bean 4 дня назад

    I have hypermobibility in my knees causing me daily pain. But it also gives me the ability to turn my feet backwards. People often ignore i have it and say to stop complaining becausei can do the "cool foot thing". I'm only thirteen but have the knees of an 80 year old to put it in easy terms. I can barely walk up a flight of stairs anymore. But this doesn't control me. I still go on hikes, do trampolineing and everything a thirteen year old should be able to do. I know it's not the same but I wanted to share and tell others they can do it! Thanks! :3

  • Aysia Husby
    Aysia Husby 5 дней назад

    Zach, there is so much that I want to tell you that I've learned the hard way. I'm so glad that you are going to work on tuning in to yourself that's one of the hardest and most important steps! If you don't mind I'd like to share 2 suggestions. 1. Float, Try to hit a pool or your own bathtub whenever you are really hurting. When you float you have no massive pressure points which translates to less pain. 2. Get a donut to sit on when you need it. It helps to shift and keep your body in motion depending on how you choose to adjust. I wish you luck and I hope that you can start feeling better!

  • Robert Schwartz
    Robert Schwartz 5 дней назад

    God bless you. You give us so much pleasure, you deserve all the best. Thinking of you.

  • Catherine Mcconnell
    Catherine Mcconnell 5 дней назад

    look up low dose naltrexone. it's a godsend for autoimmunity!

  • Shandra Barnett
    Shandra Barnett 5 дней назад

    Stay strong,Zach!!!!!

  • Jorgelina Caula
    Jorgelina Caula 5 дней назад

    Thank you, for sharing and for letting us see and know that change is possible and that is in our own hands!!!

  • Cat Michie
    Cat Michie 5 дней назад

    I have anklosing as well, and I have iritis whenever my back flares up. Its nice to hear that other people are out there dealing with what I have to put up with. I hope the best for you!

  • Beth Youngdoff
    Beth Youngdoff 5 дней назад

    As someone who had an invisible disability for nearly 20 years, I know the feeling of "you look fine" but not being fine. Yes, you have to do the work to make your life better. But you can do this, Zack. Really. Learning to pay attention to what your body is saying is the biggest part of the self-awareness that is going to make your life a lot better. Sending you love and support.

  • Jessica Camp
    Jessica Camp 6 дней назад

    Love the trifforce on the wall!!!

  • Xan Lutsky
    Xan Lutsky 7 дней назад +1

    I completely understand exactly what you're talking about and I'm sobbing watching this. I'm so glad that someone in pop culture is giving those of us with chronic and/or invisible illnesses a voice and representation. I recently decided to kick ass in my own life and accept my illnesses and this really spoke to me. I have saved this video for flare days when I need some inspiration. And that's what you are; an inspiration. Thanks 💛

  • Jaidyn Spencer
    Jaidyn Spencer 7 дней назад

    I just found this video. I’ve had chronic pain in my back for 5 years. It’s been the worse it’s ever been lately and I needed to see this. Thank you

  • Pippa Bale
    Pippa Bale 8 дней назад

    Thank you for making this video! I have blocked out my pain for 5 years now but its got to the point I realize I am getting worse. Coming from being an international athlete and a former national champion and now struggling to get myself out of bed mental and physically. Your videos on AS fills me with motivation and inspiration to live my life as fully as I can. Thank you again.

  • Hassaan Alam
    Hassaan Alam 8 дней назад

    People who dislike this are jerks

  • Ana Lynn
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  • Sireen Stiles
    Sireen Stiles 8 дней назад

    I. Love. You.

  • Emma Alsafi
    Emma Alsafi 8 дней назад

    Literally u inspire so many Ppl to get healthier and listen to their body and actually accepting it

  • Emma Alsafi
    Emma Alsafi 8 дней назад

    You are such a fucking strong person

  • Emma Alsafi
    Emma Alsafi 8 дней назад

    Omg I love him smmmmm 😭😭😭😭

  • Victoria Kraj
    Victoria Kraj 8 дней назад

    Hey Zach! I don't know if you have time to read comments, but if you do, your video really spoke to me. I was born with one invisible chronic illness and then diagnosed with another when I am in high school. I'm in college now studying Computational Media (mixture of computer science and media), and the non-stop school work constantly affects my mental health as well as physical health. It is so inspiration that you are doing what is best for your body! It's so hard to find the right balance between work, play, and health. It's nice to know that others are fighting the same battle as me :) I hope things continue to get better.

  • Rae Peronneau
    Rae Peronneau 9 дней назад

    ❤️ Thank you! I need this reminder.

  • Kitten Fox42
    Kitten Fox42 10 дней назад

    A lot of love from alaska zach!

  • Stefanie
    Stefanie 10 дней назад

    I am newly diagnosed. Thank you for sharing. It has made me feel like dying.

  • Nonthreatening Occult Leader
    Nonthreatening Occult Leader 10 дней назад

    I'm really glad you're sharing your journey. I personally have been experiencing chronic pain myself for almost 3 years now. I just turned 15 in Janurary, and as of right now, doctors don't have any idea what it is. They thought I had Rheumatoid Arthritis, now they think I have fibromyalgia. It's not just that either. I'm going deaf and I have severe Scoliosis that will eventually need to be corrected with surgery. It's hard to go through this shit. Sometimes I feel really alone in the world because of my day to day pain, but hearing other people's stories really helps me remember that I'm not entirely alone. So thank you. 💕💕 Get to feeling better, Zach.

  • Danielle Merasty
    Danielle Merasty 11 дней назад

    This is a great video!! I love you comment on treatment. It does not matter what treatment your getting there are is always ups and downs. Downs feel worse because its the feeling of disappointment. Keep going!! your doing great!

  • Elisa Bisignano
    Elisa Bisignano 12 дней назад

    I’m crying my ass off.
    I empathize with every - single - word you said.
    I got diagnosed with Endometriosis (chronic inflammatory disease) three years ago and went through my first surgery last year, after almost ten years of struggling with flares, inexplicable pain, chronic fatigue and other symptoms. Sadly, it’s not an easily diagnosed disease, which made it even worse.
    Accepting it was/is the hardest part... because it’s a disease that I can’t see. I tried to trick myself into ignoring it, just like I did before the diagnosis, but it happened exactly what happened to you, I got worse, even though the medication I’m using are still working.
    I had to say goodbye to lots of food I love, ‘cause I too have to stay away from inflammatory food. It seems like a “stupid” thing to complain about, but to me food has always been a safe place for me to go when I’m down... and now I can’t enjoy it as free minded as I used to, because I’d pay the consequences in a few hour.
    I’m gonna have to fight daily pain for the rest of my life and it’s exhausting... but if I DON’T fight it, then my body is gonna collapse. Even though I can’t see how sick I am on the inside, I gotta do everything to take care of myself.
    I think you just gave me the final push I needed to do so.
    Thank you for sharing this with us, I really know how hard it must have been.
    Good luck with everything.

  • Christopher Rodriguez
    Christopher Rodriguez 12 дней назад


  • jumana arafah
    jumana arafah 12 дней назад +1

    what a legend

  • Kallispell
    Kallispell 12 дней назад

    I wish Zack would post more about what he does for his AS. This was so inspirational.

  • Solenne Tadros
    Solenne Tadros 13 дней назад

    Thank you for using your platform to talk about autoimmune disease 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Kenzieisawkward
    Kenzieisawkward 13 дней назад

    You are so freaking amazing. And truly inspiring . My story is pretty different than yours . I had a chronic eating disorder and I abused my body for a full 8 years . I was in and out of treatment of course throughout that. My weight was a constant yo yo. I had so many massive health scares . Once even having a bowel perforation that landed me in the hospital for 3 full months on a nasal drainage tube then TPN nutrition then a NJ (nasal jejunum feeding tube) and was sent home with that for another month. Many tones having such low potassium I was in the hospital on heart monitors and IVs on the floor with the other chronic heart patients much older than me. Spent my 14th,16th,17th and 18th birthday either in the hospital or in treatment. This past year I’ve gained 30 pounds and been able to stay out of treatment using harm reduction. I’m 19 now and had to go back to high school and I’m fighting to graduate , get my license , get a job and go to the community college I just got accepted to. And although I’ve eliminated almost all my symptoms (which were literally every single ed symptom in the book) I am still struggling with purging. I go to the doctor every week for potassium checks and go to therapy twice a week. And I keep telling everyone I’m doing better and in ways I am . But I lie about how frequently I use my symptoms . I lie and say I get my period when in reality I haven’t had it for over a year (it went away and came back every time I left treatment and had gained weight and went away when I lost it again. I’m in chronic pain everyday because my eating disorder caused osteoporosis , arthritis and neuropathy. I also developed IBSC and have such a hard time with my digestion I can go a month before having a bowel movement . I still get dizzy spells and headaches and chest pain. I still have heartburn all the time because of the purging . I can’t drink anything cold because my teeth are so damaged and have holes in some of them. I’m still weak and tired all the time . But I don’t tell anyone . I’m supposed to be taking daily medication for my potassium and I almost never do . My oral hygiene is horrible . I struggle to keep going to my physical therapy and I struggle to maintain my IBSC diet . I need to stop lying to myself . I damaged my body permanently from my anorexia . And I’m still doing it and getting worse . I need to realize that as much as I want to live a normal life , I won’t have any semblance of it until I try harder to stick to my health plan and take better care of my body. I need to start taking my meds consistently , going to my physical therapy , sticking with my IBSC diet and meds , maintaining my oral health. If I want to be alive for any longer I need to get better . How I respond now does decide the rest of my life . My body is already at the health and functionality of an old woman. And I can’t let it get worse . This video was a big smack in the face with reality . I can’t keep ignoring the things my body is trying to tell me. I need to prioritize my health physical and mental and not look at it as getting in the way of my goals even if I have to take more time and effort than others have to . I’m young . I should have the rest of my life ahead of me and I don’t want to shorten it anymore than I already have. Thank you. Really really thank you. I mean it. This was a really hard thing to be hit with but I think I needed the reality check. I can’t keep killing myself and telling myself that at least I’m not doing all the bad things I used to , because I’m still damaging my body by using symptoms and not following the doctors orders and keeping up with my care plan for my illnesses caused by my ed . I really hope that you continue kicking AS’s ass and doing better . I said it in the beginning and I’ll say it again, you really inspire me to be better , do better , treat myself better. I appreciate all that you do and I wish you well.

  • E. W.
    E. W. 13 дней назад

    I get heat exhaustion severely and quickly, and i was always just called a wuss and lazy, and told i was just deconditioned. One day i had a doctors appointment for breathing stuff, and for some reason right before the appointment i felt a flutter in my chest. She sent me to a cardiologist since i had a family history of arrhythmia. Found out that I have a (we think genetic) condition called aortic valve insufficiency, which caused 2 of my leaflets in my aortic valve to kinda, not disconnect during my development in the womb, which causes my aortic valve to not shut all the way and leak. It causes heat exhaustion like I’ve had it since it’s basically my heart not being able to handle it. It was shocking and changed my life, since i have to be super careful being in the heat (which sucks cuz i love swimming, volleyball, softball and marching band), and i have to get scans every 6 months to make sure that it isn’t getting worse, since due to my family history of it i didn’t know about til after my diagnosis, I very well may have to have it replaced in the future. A few months later I actually also found out that stomach issues I had been having since i was about 8-9 were actually GERD, something my dad has, and that I may develop ulcers as a result like he has too. It’s been scary, but I take my medicine for GERD and through marching band last season, had to learn to listen to my body when it needed rest, though at times i didn’t and came about .5 seconds away from passing out and getting hurt. Next year I know that I’ll be fine if I need to accommodate or take more breaks, or hell even march with ice on my back. But even though my heart will probably get worse, I’m set up to inherit many other issues, my gerd seemingly gets worse all the time, and i’m starting to get hella headaches, im still getting better. learning all these things is helping me better know who i am, and are forcing me to take better care of myself which helps my mental health. Best of luck to you Zach, I may not have autoimmune issues but I have chronic ones and I know that it’s a hard fight, but one worth fighting, always.

  • Jeff A.
    Jeff A. 14 дней назад

    "It's a dumb name" hahaha, I've had numerous times where I tell people the name of the disease and they think I made it up!

  • Jeff A.
    Jeff A. 14 дней назад +1

    First time I've heard of this group and channel. Zach, thank you for this video! I was diagnosed with A.S. at age 17, it started with extreme pain in my hips and lower back. I also denied it and ignored it for years! Now I'm 26, taking 50mg of Enbrel on a weekly basis. Luckily the medication has helped me since age 18 but I still have days where I wake up in pain, I watch other people play sports and be active, I feel left out due to my illness. YOU'RE MY HERO MAN! Thanks to you I want to start posting videos about my trials with my A.S. and how I cope with them. It's ok to have some lazy days and I understand the constant pain man, keep on fighting brother!

  • Denise maloney piren
    Denise maloney piren 14 дней назад

    Zach, I can relate. I suffered irreversible spinal cord damage before my cervical spinal stenosis.was diagnosed. I was accused of everything from "faking it" to get narcotics to "there is nothing wrong, maybe you should see a therapist". I was a nurse for 26 years. walking like a drunk and falling on your ass on a regular basis is a career ender. Your frozen veggie packs reminded me of the many bags of frozen avocado that has become guacamole from being used as an ice pack over and over.. IT'S NOT IN YOUR HEAD. Don't ever let someone talk you into that when you know something is wrong with your body. Keep going until someone listens and helps you get on the right track. We both have some limitations that we have to live with to keep the pain at a tolerable level. Some days suck and I have a headache all of the time. I also don't sleep well so I feel foggy sometimes. It sucks but your sense of humor will help you and your success will inspire others. Take care

  • Maddilol16 Wates
    Maddilol16 Wates 16 дней назад +2

    Can I dislike the dislikes

  • Emma
    Emma 16 дней назад

    I don’t personally have a chronic illness, but I got to experience it with a condition I had for a long time (post concussive syndrome) and I have the utmost sympathy for you and those who also experience invisible illnesses. I found a lot of comfort hearing from people experiencing so many symptoms that can almost seem like they’re just in your head because you look normal on the outside. I am sending all the prayers I can to you and everybody experiencing chronic illness 💜

  • Colette colette
    Colette colette 17 дней назад

    I am having a bad health day. This is when i revisit this video. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  • that1weirdfriend lol
    that1weirdfriend lol 17 дней назад

    I love you 💖 I'm so proud of you💖 I feel like I know you and I hate to see you go through this 💖 I'm so proud of you 💖 I love you and the others

  • Yashaira Rox
    Yashaira Rox 17 дней назад

    How does this have any dislikes

  • Erin Awesom
    Erin Awesom 18 дней назад +1

    I have decided that The Try guys need an office assistant who sole job is to make sure they are taking care of themselves. This person would keep their water glasses full throughout the day, and make them good food to eat while they are working and would make them get up and stretch every 2 hours or so and so on.

  • Shari Truscott
    Shari Truscott 18 дней назад

    Dude you can do this come on😀

  • ya boi Dylan
    ya boi Dylan 18 дней назад +1

    why is the *Italian caption* 'comedy'?

  • Justin St.Germain
    Justin St.Germain 19 дней назад +1

    My Dad has as...you shouldGet a bed that can bend, it's helped my dad soooo much

  • Richard Lesko
    Richard Lesko 19 дней назад

    I was diagnosed 20 years ago at the age of 30. I cried for hours. I'm a large guy at 6'5" tall. What I cried about was the pain I've complained about for over ten years at the time would never go away. I was given pamphlets which wouldn't help because my spine was already fused completely but my posture is good. No more archery or billiards for me I had to learn guitar cause I can't hold a fiddle anymore. And now that I"m 50 and I can afford and want that corvette I don't fit in them. The good news is there are new drugs that help with the fatigue and help prevent or slow the progression of this disease. The bad news is that there's nothing that will stop your bones from fusing so please keep a good posture. Good luck

  • Georgie Higgins
    Georgie Higgins 20 дней назад

    Hey Corn Diddy. I realise this is from 2018, hope you are finding relief. I also know you are Jewish but if you aren't feeling better, I pray you do.

  • Georgie Higgins
    Georgie Higgins 20 дней назад

    Yes Zach. You look okay. You look more than okay. You are an cute ass guy with a beautiful personality

  • Xenia Strider
    Xenia Strider 21 день назад

    we love you

  • Finn Delgado
    Finn Delgado 21 день назад

    I’ve never seen you or thought of you like this. Your doing well

  • KoishiiKingdom
    KoishiiKingdom 21 день назад

    I feel this. I just got my diagnosis yesterday, but I've know for several months what was going on. ❤️ Keep fighting.

  • TheSteveMeister
    TheSteveMeister 21 день назад

    Lol this is hilarious. Is this a joke? You have A.S. but you don't say the actual disease. It doesn't grow bone, it fuses joints together by deteriorating the cartilage. Your auto immune system attacks the sacroiliac joints in your hips, then attacks the back. Only then to attack other joints such as knees, ankles, arms, heart, and the eyes. If your going to cry and whine and look for sympathy from your subscribers about an arthritis disease, get it right. Your a joke.

  • Theartofasian Wang
    Theartofasian Wang 22 дня назад

    Stay strong zach!

  • Jeni Reed
    Jeni Reed 22 дня назад

    Spoonie solidarity!

  • electricfugu
    electricfugu 23 дня назад

    "Treatment is not an upward trajectory. It goes up and it goes down and with luck it goes back up again." I'll think about that whenever I feel hopeless, overwhelmed, and cursing the cards I was dealt with. Thanks, Jewish Kitty.

  • Random Fun
    Random Fun 23 дня назад +1

    Zach who are the 1.9k people who disliked? I will pick them off one by one

  • squarepotatoes
    squarepotatoes 23 дня назад

    Thank you for this. As for I'm sure others with invisible or autoimmune disorders can say, it's important that youre vocal about it so people can understand this stuff

  • Emily Hughes
    Emily Hughes 23 дня назад

    i now feel real bad about a comment I left on this video when I was 8, keep calm, live life to the fullest, and drink TEA also

  • Professor Phil 1
    Professor Phil 1 23 дня назад

    Am i the only person who doesn't use frozen peas + stuff because I have ice packs?

  • Rachel Gascon
    Rachel Gascon 24 дня назад

    Omg y'all at 6:07 with Maggie and Bowie at the beach is sooo cute. Bowie looks so happy in the sand!

  • Kathy Dockins
    Kathy Dockins 24 дня назад +2

    Hope you're sticking with what you need to do. Not sure if this helps, but a few years ago when I realized a monthly swim pass cost $60 but missing a day of work from back pain cost me $100 (contractor; no PTO), it made it so much easier to stick with swimming (the only thing that helps my back & hips). Go Zach!

  • Tyler Hancox
    Tyler Hancox 24 дня назад

    So proud ❤️❤️ sending prayers and positive messages your way ✨✨
    I have problems with my bone structure in my upper body and live in excruciating pain everyday.
    It’s so easy to dose up on pain pills and live life like it’s not there, but every decision I make could potentially influence my recovery
    I’m working hard everyday to try and get myself healthy because it’s at least something that I CAN control ❤️

  • Manisha Rai
    Manisha Rai 25 дней назад

    Actually.. I can understand thiss pain... Bcz my head is always spinning and vomiting feelingg.. N it's very painfull.. Love you Zach.. You will be okay 😊

  • Shadow Parrot 123
    Shadow Parrot 123 25 дней назад

    poor him

  • xxxxSOSEXYxxxx
    xxxxSOSEXYxxxx 25 дней назад

    Not sure if the Try Guys have done this or not, but please do a video on trying medical marijuana for your chronic pain. I know one of the buzzfeed people did it for their chronic nerve pain condition so I’m not sure if you can do one too but it would be really helpful and appreciated. I haven’t had luck yet with Medical Marijuana for my chronic pain but I’m still trying different strands to see what works.

  • Guapa Grande
    Guapa Grande 25 дней назад

    I feel for you, man. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease in 2012. I kept losing large amounts of weight until I was roughly 110 lbs smaller in a 4 month period. I was a couch potato so there was no explanation. It freightened me so much that I refused to see a doctor for fear of what the diagnosis would be. But I did eventually. It was not the autoimmune disease I'd expected but it's one that has made the last seven years pretty rough. In late 2018 I finally finished a round of treatment which has resolved the initial disorder while creating another which is less severe but permanent, meaning I'll have to be on meds for it for the rest of my life. It also now requires a focus and adherence to a clean diet and ample amounts of exercise unlike anything I've ever taken on. I'll be honest, I'm concerned some days that I can't keep it up but most days I'm hopeful and I've found that everyday I do what's needed it is just that much easier to see myself doing it the next day and the next day. It's gonna be a journey but in a way, I feel called to it.

  • D0ñâld Düćk
    D0ñâld Düćk 25 дней назад

    zach, i am proud of you. you've always been my favorite try guy and this video just made you more of a favorite. i understand how you'd want to ignore that you have a disease, i want to myself ignore that i have depression and anxiety. i would love to forget i have minor to acute scoliosis, but your video shows how you shouldn't forget something that's apart of you. you showed me that i should make myself feel better, and i shouldn't sit around all day wishing i wasn't who i am. you're incredible. and i'm glad you keep pushing through, that's what a true fighter looks like.

  • sukanya sharma
    sukanya sharma 25 дней назад

    Made my day. Zach! I sincerely hope you will be okay!

  • Stine Vestergaard
    Stine Vestergaard 26 дней назад

    Sooo I just watched this and now I am wondering if I have AS... Been dealing with back and neck pain and stiffness since my teens. It's gotten worse over the years. 2,5 years ago I went to a chiropractor who has helped me so much, told me about the inflammation which I didn't know was there.
    Also had a scan before that and was told my spine was crooked, slight case of skoliosis, but my spines not crooked unless I stop working out... Maybe I should go see my doctor again...

  • Post-Modern D
    Post-Modern D 26 дней назад

    Stoneman disease?

  • Cookie Cutter
    Cookie Cutter 27 дней назад

    im glad your getting better, Sandy Andy

  • Cameryn Vickery
    Cameryn Vickery 27 дней назад

    I just hope you know that us and all the guys are always gonna be here for you. Keep fighting. You’ve given me personally so much strength to keep going and now I wanna give it back to you. Thank you. You can do it and you will do it. ❤️

  • Niamiah Taylor
    Niamiah Taylor 27 дней назад

    so sad and at such a young age😢

  • jenna bobenna
    jenna bobenna 27 дней назад

    we love you so much, zach. ❤️positive vibes everyone✌️

  • tedlovejesus
    tedlovejesus 27 дней назад

    Zach you are a winner

  • Faith _06
    Faith _06 28 дней назад

    Look at little korndiddy go

  • F L
    F L 28 дней назад

    Was gonna say, exercise, exercise, EXERCISE! It cures the mother fuck out of a lot of what ales you.

  • hunniebee
    hunniebee 28 дней назад

    Of course in my case this is different, but I can somehow understand how you feel. I have celiac disease, which is where I cannot consume gluten or else bad things happen to my intestine. It’s hard to think even though I’m so young, I will always have this and will always have to be careful or I will be in pain. It’s hard, but I know I’ll get through everything that comes at me and you will too. Continue to be you and be strong. ❤️

  • B C
    B C 28 дней назад

    His voice sounds just like Jake from vsauce 3

  • Sara Is Reading
    Sara Is Reading 28 дней назад

    Wishing you the best ❤️

  • Mate Soul
    Mate Soul 29 дней назад