Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Stealth Panther Gameplay

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
  • Ghost Recon Breakpoint Gameplay featuring Panther Stealth Class on Extreme difficutly.
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Comments • 219

  • Hernandez EliteGaming

    great gameplay. loving this game too.

  • Stuart Nelson
    Stuart Nelson 6 hours ago

    What's best weapons to use in this game? So many to pick from and fed up getting killed by picking crap weapons!

  • Yacine xD
    Yacine xD 3 days ago

    Bro, you're soo amazing!!!

  • Jmega 6 Gamer
    Jmega 6 Gamer 13 days ago

    How did you get your internet so clear can you let me know ?

  • Aali
    Aali 13 days ago

    subscribe this channel

  • STOP Injecting Carbs
    STOP Injecting Carbs 20 days ago

    Lol the sliding

  • TimoPlays
    TimoPlays 21 day ago

    After playing and finishing this game, I think the stealth could’ve done with better and more gadgets, better AI and more mission variety, as the story was extremely repetitive, I hope they attempt to be more like splintercell blacklist next game, with heavier focus on stealth and missions.

  • Alexander Torres
    Alexander Torres 24 days ago

    You wearing all black in white snow.... how is that even stealth

  • Mohammad Usman
    Mohammad Usman 27 days ago

    As far as I hate the stupid shitty physics of this game, I really love the outpost takeover missions

  • Cascado Games
    Cascado Games 28 days ago

    Excelente stealth tático sem hud, deixando like, abraço!

  • Nate Dizzle
    Nate Dizzle Month ago

    1st kills werent stealth

  • 오백원동전츅츅

    It looks so easy

    • KF
      KF Month ago

      not when u play yourself. If any of the troops manage to found body or report you before you kill them, whole base will be alerted and rush out to find you. And also will call reinforcement like drones and shits ==

  • 오백원동전츅츅

    Why dont enemies attack him

  • Аслан Токаев

    Я фанат компьютерных игр

  • Константин Кочетов

    2019 год на дворе а интеллект нпц на уровне игр 2005 года. Да и то... Раньше получше было. Говно а не игра. Даже пиратку не скачаю!

  • Motorcitymadman
    Motorcitymadman Month ago

    I heard the drones in this game take all the stealth away. DId they fix that issue?

  • IMNOTtheetiger
    IMNOTtheetiger Month ago

    Ok supressors are not that quiet.
    You discharged your weapon and the guy 5 feet from you didn't notice? The Ai mechanics in breakpoint lack.

  • Sami Khan
    Sami Khan Month ago

    Witch GPU

  • Arana Cesar
    Arana Cesar Month ago

    You play in easy

  • Thunder riots
    Thunder riots 2 months ago

  • gold of blood ak47
    gold of blood ak47 2 months ago

    soy el like 2300

  • Tony B
    Tony B 2 months ago

    AI is retarded

  • TOM XkrueZ
    TOM XkrueZ 2 months ago

    Plis upload Call of duty MW again....

  • Eneje Izuchukwu
    Eneje Izuchukwu 2 months ago

    Smooth gameplay as always!

  • jaysongaming
    jaysongaming 2 months ago

    What your software recording in your videos games

  • Martin Rafailov
    Martin Rafailov 2 months ago +2

    Am l the only one who loves wildlands more??😂😂

  • mikeggg1979
    mikeggg1979 2 months ago

    No Modern Warefare? Let’s go bro

  • Pro gamer SR
    Pro gamer SR 2 months ago

    Wow this video game play is full HD . look like i wont to play .

  • Entertainment&Doubling
    Entertainment&Doubling 2 months ago

    Can i play this game without Internet plzzzz? Guide me

  • Dani Wolff
    Dani Wolff 2 months ago

    Very nice

  • Celino Silva
    Celino Silva 2 months ago +1

    O jogo é bom,mais assistindo esse cara jogar mim deu tontura kkkkk,ele anda pra frente com a câmera de lado.

  • Mark Krejič
    Mark Krejič 2 months ago +2

    great gameplay you are like a sam fisher in splinter cell in 2019

  • Robin Kph
    Robin Kph 2 months ago

    UBISOFT ,EA , ACTIVISION ,KONAMI,CAPCOM best of the best developer

  • Sarge Williepete
    Sarge Williepete 3 months ago +8

    8:17 LMAO!!!!

  • gersoney auaujo
    gersoney auaujo 3 months ago +1

    Gamekiller so não vale usar legue 😂😂😂😂😂.brincadeira.kkkk

  • Dandre harris
    Dandre harris 3 months ago +2

    That shotgun to the face tho 😳

  • Jerrod Dorrell
    Jerrod Dorrell 3 months ago

    Hell of a job bro

  • Security Officer Jaymes

    This game looks so fucking good! The fact that there's no offline is all that's stopping me from buying

  • yuosf berwary
    yuosf berwary 3 months ago

    Your'e Nice Gamer Bro🔥

  • Future Canadian
    Future Canadian 3 months ago

    Why are you weared black outfit?

  • LG Games
    LG Games 3 months ago

    Wow nice game

  • Diallo Willoughby
    Diallo Willoughby 3 months ago

    Looks Entirely 2 EZ.

  • Michael Mayce
    Michael Mayce 3 months ago


  • Aaron M
    Aaron M 3 months ago

    I hope he's got the AI turned off, BECAUSE THERE DOESN'T SEEM TO BE ANY!!!!!

    LIČKI VEPAR 3 months ago

    Wildlands is much better,this is zeroooo😁

  • Kanwulf 666
    Kanwulf 666 3 months ago

    That Gameplay is not worth to call it Panther lol

  • Kevin Grenouiller
    Kevin Grenouiller 3 months ago

    Completly forgot about this new game

  • Levi Melton
    Levi Melton 3 months ago

    The prodigal killer has returned!!

    TEL NATION 3 months ago

    Are you going to make more videos on breakpoint

    GABRIELA DAWSON 3 months ago +1

    They should make a Ghost Recon/ARMA Game where you can play as a SPETSNAZ Operative.

    • Blue Lightning
      Blue Lightning 2 months ago

      @GABRIELA DAWSON its true even Nigeria has better special force.

      GABRIELA DAWSON 2 months ago +1

      Blue Lightning Yeah sure keep thinking that lol.

    • Blue Lightning
      Blue Lightning 2 months ago

      Spetsnaz sucks

  • Amit Bloodline
    Amit Bloodline 3 months ago

    What is the Size of This game?

  • John Naime
    John Naime 3 months ago

    HE IS BACK!!! about time GameKiller

  • Jouini Hamza
    Jouini Hamza 3 months ago

    Whey he wear black in snow wow what a camofla

  • I don’t smile
    I don’t smile 3 months ago

    Great video

  • Bertstaysup
    Bertstaysup 3 months ago

    Lmao I hate those shotgun guys .

  • Andree Tungcab
    Andree Tungcab 3 months ago

    And once again, players like you are the best part of Breakpoint.

  • Servi Servian
    Servi Servian 3 months ago

    Game looks great. It is your problem if you suck at stealth. I played with friends and we had plenty of hours of fun. But honestly played on solo gets a bit boring and repetitive.

  • MTavish 41
    MTavish 41 3 months ago +1

    GK please do a the whole campaign of Modern warfare. I haven't seen any of it and wish to see it from u. Take your time but please do make it happen (chronologically).

  • Lothian
    Lothian 3 months ago

    NPC are blinded

  • Bento call of duty mobile
    Bento call of duty mobile 3 months ago +1

    Today call of duty modern warfare is release are you going to play it gamekiller346