Charter Schools: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Charter schools are privately run, publicly funded, and irregularly regulated. John Oliver explores why they aren’t at all like pizzerias.

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Длительность: 18:13
Комментарии: 8916

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Автор Gregoron Blackbane ( назад)
Please tell me I'm not the only one flabbergasted by that incestuous threesome joke.

Автор Eric Bear ( назад)
I live in Ohio, and one of the reasons Planned Parenthood was defunded by Governor Kasich was because they were caught Illegally selling aborted baby parts to the illegal organ market. You conveniently left out that important detail.

Автор brooklyn jb ( назад)
Wait what is hey ya about lol

Автор Anime Girl ( назад)
Surprisingly enough, when you make things like education and healthcare for-profit it sucks.

Автор Gaspar Peralta ( назад)
''Education is first last and always a business'' sure it ain't a social right or something important for people

Автор Jason Dale ( назад)
screw off john, cheese steaks are delicious

Автор markdask ( назад)
The US is undergoing the same death as the Roman, and many other empires. When a system deprives its own children it is in its death throwes. Rampant capitalism in the US is comparable with what led to the French revolution - when greed overtook morals. Lets just hope the US does not chuck all its nukes outa the pram before 'Muricans finally accept the 21st century. And let's end this idea that Religion works on a for profit basis - it is what has brought the US to this abysmal state.

Автор Olivia B ( назад)
John Kasich would make the best math problems (all of his outrageous food comments)

Автор Savanah Williams ( назад)
I go to a charter school

Автор Mi・ミシェル・미셸 D. ( назад)
I'm sure Betsy will clean this mess up. :s

Автор Aaron Klapheck ( назад)
Found this to be very one-sided. Charter schools can be bad in some areas but look at some of the worst performing public schools and it is shocking what public schools get away with. Most charter schools out perform their public school counterparts. Many in charter schools, like me, were flat out rejected from public school due to mental retardation and we still wind up out performing kids in public school. Charter schools get a fraction of the funding public schools do, take the reject seconds public schools leave behind, and still outperform the public schools. Don't understand how this can even be discussed without showing how much more successful charter schools are than public schools. Bad charter schools are closed down, bad public schools get more money and continue f&%*ing up kids. Charter schools can can get away with shafting kids for a few years before getting shut down, public schools shaft them forever. One system is obviously better than another.

Автор Rui Teixeira ( назад)
I'm a public schoolers thru and thru

Автор Hive Atlas ( назад)
Charter schools soak up the budget and make it harder low income areas to get good education. I hate them. I used to be for them, but then I studied with an honors college in college. There, a lot of students tuition, whether honors college or not, went to funding honors college events, and even to making a building just for the honors college students. There was a classist divide. The honors college students also took much better classes. Their general ed was completely different. This might make sense because its 'honors'. But I strongly believe that EVERY student should have the opportunity to have good education. It shouldn't be a classist divide. This is the same problem with charter schools.

Автор Steven Moses Saldivar ( назад)
Don't talk about Pizza John C. you asshole. Your a piece of shit.

Автор AK40 KXVIN ( назад)
Fuck charter schools

Автор marc nunley ( назад)
its weird to see your local news on here

Автор Steele Leavey ( назад)

Автор MS. Lillie ( назад)
11:18 that bitch is better than trump

Автор MS. Lillie ( назад)
omg Florida why

Автор Ryan Elliott ( назад)
I normally don't like Oliver's political commentary; but he can be so goddamn funny when he talks about stuff like this

Автор Daniel Orton ( назад)
The principal and her son (head of the science division) were cook meth in the science lab at my charter school.

Автор ChaoticFrost1 ( назад)
I went to a charter school for middle and high school. As a product of that system, I watched countless friends drop out before tenth grade including myself and didn't actually learn anything. My last year of middle school my social studies teacher just let us play Risk every single day stating it was " increasing our world knowledge"...We need to regulate charter schools better. Like many others, my principal also "plead guilty to using school funds".

Автор Harpy Haiku ( назад)
Charter schools don't work very well, yes the teachers can be nice but the higher up staff aren't so friendly here in texas, they shiver at the threat of TEA but still treat both staff and students like babies, teachers get low pay, kids get bad food, heck I've even known some students who gave the teachers money to get them food on their lunch break. I mean yea school food is bad but imagine regular public school food but expired and stale.
And as nice as the teachers are, the REASON why charter schools prosper in grades is because the work given to them is so easy it's like 2 grade levels below worth of work than the actual grade you're in.

Автор EverythingFlo ( назад)
How to get to Florida: Throw yourself in a trashcan filled with lava

Автор EverythingFlo ( назад)
this is actually a pretty good show

Автор Cab00v ( назад)

Автор La Cage à Saad ( назад)
As a french prick I knew it was fucked at the very moment John said "Funded by the taxpayers but run privately" How the fuck is that even imaginable ?

Автор darwincity ( назад)
Eh, the first grand-scale experiment with those schools was made in Sweden in the 1990's, with a mix of charter/voucher schools. Increased PISA scores on the short term, and then progressively regressed with the times. However, the Swedish state got to spend less on education at the primary and secondary level, and was able to cut taxes.

Автор dgman smile ( назад)
charter school close... but if they were a bad public school they would not go out of business and keep on providing bad education

Автор Raimer ( назад)
It's true. That is the motto on Nevada state license plates

Автор Les Nagy ( назад)
Crazy State of affairs

Автор psychokitty444 ( назад)
I attended a charter school and I'm tremendously proud of my time there, but thank you for this.

Автор James DeWees ( назад)
My charter school is complete bullshit, I hate going to it

Автор Tonii Ludwig ( назад)
wow Americas school system is fucked up...

Автор Harrison Rutledge ( назад)
Fuck Charter Schools. The USA is fucked. Enjoy people lol.

Автор Hybrid Spektar ( назад)
Then just send your kid to a public school.

Автор Sebastian Villagomez ( назад)
This is the first video I've seen Pitbull without glasses... weird

Автор Frost ( назад)
Putting profit ahead of quality is a growing problem for American consumers.

Автор Piat Piat ( назад)
love one another and John Oliver

Автор Piat Piat ( назад)
we're better than this

Автор Piat Piat ( назад)
we should not mock each other. tearing down someone else reflects the insecurity of one's self

Автор Jordan Pedersen ( назад)
I spent my 8th and 9th grade years at an arts charter school in Toledo, OH. It was a good experience, but they focused far too much on the arts and failed to teach students the important skills they needed in college or outside of school. I had to in home teach some college age friends the basics of writing a proper essay because the arts school failed to do so while even the failing public schools could manage to teach such. (May I emphasize this was a failure of the curriculum not of the teachers- they were some of the best teachers I had in middle and high school.)

Автор Claire Zimmerman ( назад)
"It's a little hard to hear the man who just defunded Planned Parenthood talk about the importance of choice." DEAD

Автор C X ( назад)
I go to a A charter school and I just search every single question it is online it is on quiz let and brainly Least to say I will graduate thanks to Google

Автор MsHeatherBusby ( назад)
John Oliver, really? the threesome joke with the children? Nice job taking a representation of being a good mom and putting your children before any personal gain OUT OF CONTEXT, and turning it into something repulsive. Your speaking about education while doing something that us teachers despise - taking information out of context for your own personal gain. You're an idiot.

Автор Shotgun Matt ( назад)
Really good segment. I didn't know about this until now. I graduated from a charter school but only because I was getting pushed by my recruiter to do so. All the other days I didn't even fucking show. Charter schools are pretty Shitty, no one cares in them...

Автор Abe Rdz ( назад)
Very impressive. People think they get a choice. What crap they don't pay attention to.

Автор isaiah veirs ( назад)
did you just shit on papajohn? papas in the house brah gtfo jk luv you jon. fuck everyone else though you monsters.

Автор Finn Breuner ( назад)
But I go to a charter school in Nevada... don't leave me hanging like this!

Автор Anna Kristelova ( назад)
I think this man could make me believe that the earth is flat.Dont you??

Автор Asaph Njoroge ( назад)
Actually, Harambee is not at all misspelled. Whereas the joke refers to the Cincinati Zoo and Botanical Gardens gorilla whose name was Harambe, Harambee is a Swahili word whose meaning translates into "coming together", or literally, "all pull together". IMHO, it shows poor taste misrepresenting the meaning of the word and by extension misinforming the audience for the express purpose of making a punchline out of their misconduct, as deserved as the dis may be. Love the show though...

Автор Reno Bailey ( назад)
I have friends that go to charter schools and they are way behind our public schools it's sad

Автор Matthew Brown ( назад)
Just watch Thomas Sowell or Jason L Riley, then see how you feel about charter schools

Автор Gi-Gi Saint ( назад)
doesn't surprise me that the leader of a charter school stole money because the senior gift from my school never showed up and no one knows where the money went either and I graduated in 2010

Автор Jessica Nguyen ( назад)
Fuck charter schools. My cousin attends one, and from what I can tell, the education there is minimal and lacking. Of course, I live in Texas, and perhaps charter schools are better elsewhere, but still: fuck charter schools

Автор Captain Jules ( назад)
I go to a charter school. It's really cool.

Автор Rob Siciliano ( назад)
Sounds like a lot of "take the money and run," biznose. Actually, take my tax money and run. Take everyone else's tax money and run? Smh. Aren't these biznoses going to end up being just as regulated as public schools? Reinvention of the wheel?

Maybe we could just do something about public schools. Has John Oliver done any segments about public schools?

Автор tifforo1 ( назад)
This needs an update now that divorce has been confirmed and the representative from Iowa has introduced a voucher bill.

Автор GizmoMaltese ( назад)
The problem is many public schools are horrible too--especially those in poor neighborhoods.

Автор Erik Kennedy ( назад)
Im not sure youve had ohio chilli if you think the philly cheesesteak is the worst regional delicacy

Автор Shane Doe ( назад)
I agree totally. Cheese-Whiz has no business on a steak sandwich.

Автор Brodie McCarthy ( назад)
As someone who has actually gone to a BASIS Charter School, not all charter schools are bad but definitly there are some that are

Автор WuFFY Oupol ( назад)
"Rigorously screen before opening to ensure it is financially/educationally sound."

"you mean FASCISM? we dont fucking regulate things and ensure the children will benefit around here sonny. thats big government!"

Автор Aqua Kitty ( назад)
What is a charter school?

Автор Dang Nabbit ( назад)
Republicans want charter schools so they will continue to produce more future Republicans. Trump said it best, "god I love the uneducated people".

Автор sirius4k ( назад)
And Betsy DeVos wants to terminate public schools and go on with charter and online schools. lol. May the Trump The Almighty Godking Dictator have mercy on your uneducated souls.

Автор Gamer Temrol ( назад)
that e in charter is driving me up the fucking wall

Автор kilroy987 ( назад)
You might think that a public funded private school might have more critical thought happening.  But I guess some people think that getting public funding for something private means easy street for them.  There is a sense of living up to your worth that is more than relevant here.  I fail to see where that never applies.  Isn't there a set of standards somewhere that can be applied regularly, facilitated by someone, anyone, who can work with the school cooperatively as a check and balance, rather than just slam the school shut when an audit reveals their misuse of funding?  I agree this clip didn't talk about charter schools that work, and those I applaud, as long as they are meeting those standards.

Автор Payton pitstick ( назад)
When he said that it's funny to hear a person who defunded planned parenthood talk about choice, I truely laughed so hard my stomach hurt

Автор stogucheme ( назад)
I fully agree with what you said. However, I got really lucky. I lived in a rural area, and the best school available was an online charter. It was great! So it does work in some cases.

Автор I have an addiction Youtube ( назад)
I can live with everything else you said, but don't you dare make fun of my cheese stake

Автор Sumaiya A. ( назад)
What is this John Oliver? Why are you videos not available in Canada ? please change this.

Автор Alex Cuellar ( назад)
Betsy Devos

Автор sea turtlé ( назад)
dam the harambe meme was alive in this comment section

Автор Alex S ( назад)
I've gone to Charter schools my whole life and I can confirm, one of them has been shut down because of lack of space. And then they built a new, bigger school, we still don't have enough space, but hey, who needs sex ed or a library, apparently not my school.

Автор Amaryllis ( назад)
Non-charter public schools for the win!

Автор Cameron Goode ( назад)
What is it with Kasich and food analogies!

Автор DiamondAxeStudios ( назад)
5:12 Well, somebody's clearly never watched The Magic School Bus before...

Автор PhantomVirus ( назад)
I've been in a charter school for 9 years, honestly I haven't noticed anything wrong. Since I've never been to a public school, I'm not certain, but from what I've heard public schools are much worse. There is more school drama, bullying, and the classes are worse. Also, my school teaches Spanish at such a level so that when my friend moved to a public school in 7th grade she had to take high school Spanish classes

Автор James Wagner ( назад)
I went to a Charter Academy in Idaho. Aside from 5-6 hours of homework daily, it really did help me advance at an earlier age than my public school counter parts. In 7th grade we were reading Greek tragedies, The Odyssey, The Iliad, and learning Latin was a requirement. True story: when we were made fun of (uniforms, nerds, etc), a rhyme was developed: That's alright, that's ok, you're gonna pump our gas some day! Oh... misspent youth developed in a competitive society...

Автор Charley Bein ( назад)
Hey, man, as a native Pennsyvanian, fuck this state, but don't you talk shit about our big cracked bell that can't ring!

Автор SheerSniper7 ( назад)
Why do they allow swears on the show but sensor them on youtube?

Автор PhazonSpaceSystems ( назад)
Pennsylvania has the worst football fans? I though Alabama did?

Автор Razorgeist ( назад)
Well John stop getting your cheesesteaks with cheeze whiz get provalone or american like most people in Philly.

Автор jak8316 ( назад)
I'm ashamed of my state Ohio

Автор JVIPER88 ( назад)
Charter schools are a scam. The results are no better than public school, administrators get rich off of tax money, and all the while, public schools get dragged down.

If ANY Charter school is to be accepted and be successful, it has to have the same oversight as the public schools, and the Charter school has to demonstrate what is different about it's education techniques that would make it a viable alternative. If they can't accept those two parameters, it's a scam.

Автор Movie Fan ( назад)
To be fair

Автор Kimberly ( назад)
Honestly. As someone from the Philadelphia area, you think the charter schools are bad, you should see most of their public schools.

Автор Eli Acevedo ( назад)
I am sure there are good charter schools. I happened to have worked for one of the worst. Little oversight and the students suffered.

Автор PatrickTube ( назад)
My dog just died can I get 50 likes

Автор Daryl Dancy Jr ( назад)
Came back to watch this with Betsy DeVos in office now. scary now.

Автор Gaming Highlights ( назад)
He was really targeting philly

Автор Jefff ( назад)
New incompetent education secretary Betsy DeVos needs to watch this. Unfortunately our right wing extremist government wants to dismantle public education and send everyone to private and charter schools.

Автор Ryan Steele ( назад)

Автор Happy ClamGuy ( назад)
Dissing Billy Joel is below the belt sir >_<

Автор Emmy G ( назад)
Hey it's just Philly that has a bell, bad fans, and crappy food. Don't group all of Pennsylvania into this, Pittsburgh is the opposite.

Автор newsmthjoke ( назад)
This article explains everything.

Автор newsmthjoke ( назад)
He really has funny eyes,just look into them

Автор Liquid Master ( назад)
This episode was brought to you thanks to the sponsorship of the Teachers Union...

Автор mike577ify ( назад)
We call em pizza shops here bud love ya but maybe look into stuff before you make fun, this isnt the uk

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