****The Fish House House Pool Billionaire Millardaire la maison des poissons riches!****

All parts of the house "Fish House" the billionaire Stephen Fisher are connected by a giant pool full length surrounding the house. Stephen Fisher is the proud owner of this dream home he built on the seafront and in Singapore where the pool is part of the walls. This huge pool that encircles the house will cost still 2 million

Toutes les pièces de la maison "Fish House" du milliardaire Stephen Fisher sont reliées par une piscine géante toute en longueur qui entoure la maison. Stephen Fisher est l'heureux propriétaire de cette maison de rêve qu'il a fait construire en bordure de mer à Singapour et où la piscine fait partie intégrante des murs. Cette énorme piscine qui encercle la maison aura coûté tout de même de 2 millions de dollars.

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Автор cute roblox gamer girl with warryhappytanya ( назад)
omg this is so beautuful can i get a discount like this $5 😂 or how bout this $1000 we can afford like this number $1000

Автор Kelsie L ( назад)
the coolest basement but buys the smallest tv🤔😂

Автор xrcrx ftfghjg ( назад)
it is cool

Автор Jaleessa Lopez ( назад)
I want that house!! it'll be perfect for the dolphins!!!!!

Автор Jeriko Santiago ( назад)
Bill Gates: "I'll take 3"

Автор andrew he ( назад)
If it's saltwater he should add saltwater fish and some seaweed at the bottom for soft feels

Автор KitCatLovesKittens ( назад)
I'm sorry but who would want a salt water pool?

Автор Leather baseball ( назад)
Your rich but you live alone

Автор anjeroxjp ( назад)
I guess money can't buy you facial expressions

Автор A Child From Africa ( назад)
What if u were just chilling in that room watching tv in the middle of the night and a nigga swims past your window

Автор nosabe s mi nombre ( назад)
he doesnt look like i imagine a billionaire

Автор Pink Hamster ( назад)

Автор Road to a 1000 subscribers without a video ( назад)
he is very exited

Автор Kawii Dino123 ( назад)
Yeah cause he's some HAPPY XD

Автор bestnew ( назад)
do you prefer pool with fish?

Автор Nitrowolf Blade ( назад)
He looks sad...

Автор KJ KJ ( назад)
Right now all I can imagine is me living in that house and how happy is me... I see the man that owns the house and he just seems bored and dull

Автор Tbjzr YT ( назад)
pervet room

Автор ell04bell03 ( назад)
what happens if it snows with that pool

Автор Sheetal Shah ( назад)
I thnk more the water...n...lesser his hair.. hahaha..😂😂😂

Автор I have tape on my Finger ( назад)
I'd like to be your roommate but I'm nine

Автор Chhiring Sherpa ( назад)
I have a thoughtful question, how do you get inside the fish house? Because if you open the door the water may get inside the fish house

Автор VenitiaVenitian ( назад)

Автор Dominic Berardi ( назад)
It got blurry at the beginning

Автор Petra-Ynas Sarhan ( назад)

Автор Radish bunbunkv ( назад)
a normal Singapore apartment is already hella expensive this dude is a freaking millionaire

Автор Beatrice Capilnean ( назад)
*He has a castle, and I can't​ buy a fucking potato with my money.*

Автор Jake VDH ( назад)
Who tf would get a saltwater pool bruh...

Автор GERDA HARRY ( назад)

Автор PandaCookie ( назад)
Wazzup...any singaporeans heree!!

Автор Gisele LPS lover ( назад)

Автор Jøshlers Child ( назад)
I'm sitting here jealous af and this dude is pouting like he has the worst life.....wow 😂😂😂🤔👏🏼

Автор Vinn Sirius ( назад)
Imgine you sitting in there and relaxing then you see some kind of creature swimming and stare at you.

Автор Lucas Murray ( назад)
He kept putting his hands on his hips like he was posing. It looked so uncomfortable.

Автор Jeff TheKillerPanda ( назад)
*its great for stalkers to

Автор Blubber_2000 ! ( назад)
this guy looks like he's gonna be in a gold digger prank!? 😂

Автор Blubber_2000 ! ( назад)
I like my nose because it helps me breathe

Автор grace milana ( назад)
im glad no one pee in there ^o^

Автор Lapis Lazuli ( назад)
Would love this house

Автор noob and anime gaming ( назад)
I live in Singapore but I never seen this before

Автор Endless Gaming ( назад)
I'd jump from the second floor into the pool

Автор Sunny Tew ( назад)
I thought u were talking about sentosa in Singapore cuz I live there

Автор snakes redeemer ( назад)
fucking rich people

Автор Stephens Yu ( назад)
i wish it wasn't salt water

Автор Tiny Bush Hobbit ( назад)
Is he okay, I hope he is

Автор Paige ( назад)
Man that's a Desigual top!

Автор Estelle XD ( назад)
Omg 😍

Автор Randy Luthuli ( назад)
Its really a super smart design, but flipping expensive

Автор Markie Harper ( назад)
Just comes to show money can't buy you happiness

Автор Unicorn Workhorse ( назад)
this guy is so dead inside

Автор Alaa Baz ( назад)
And what do you do in winter ❄️

Автор Rhett-oe Link-oe ( назад)
omg that us such a cool idea i wish my house was like that

Автор Wacky Lil885533 ( назад)
What a house..... Really cool! What a man....... Really boring!

Автор shana leah ( назад)
underwater strip club just need the pole

Автор Egg Roll ( назад)
I could compare him and his shirt... 😂

Автор chickennuggets964 ( назад)
The only thing I was thinking through the entire video is maintaining that pool.

Автор Mr. Vlogs ( назад)
how the fuck is it in dubia and its called la maison and that means the house like bro fix urseld2

Автор Sydney Borish ( назад)
1:37 this is the two million dollar room but it is not like I am bragging

Автор Yolo Lexi ( назад)
He should give me the rest of his money so I can go clothes shopping for him

Автор Scarlett B ( назад)
For someone that is so rich, he looks SO miserable

Автор indigo Rager ( назад)
ill love to trip acid in there

Автор Tina Mitra ( назад)
the most cool room with a dull man

Автор Pikachu Cute ( назад)
how did he go in the underwater room dry?

Автор Tina Mitra ( назад)
we have a house like this with three big indoor pools beach house many dogs etc

Автор MinMinT ( назад)
This is my dream house

Автор Zes ( назад)
not, idiots

Автор Aly Merchant ( назад)
La Maison des poissons est magnifique.

Автор Cool Girl ( назад)
Wow! I live in Singapore!

Автор Enrica Ng ( назад)
u sure dis is singapore????

Автор Aravind ( назад)
oh god this man seems so serious!
bdw how to clean the water? will they change or bleach it?

Автор Joseph Joestar ( назад)
That green carpet, and choice of seating. The water doesn't even have fish! Christ what a waste! 😅

Автор Iluya ( назад)
Something I'd try to build in the sims and fail

Автор Diamond Guy ( назад)
How Does He Cut The Grass-_-

Автор Mikey Worth ( назад)
Stalker ...

Автор Silvermist neoncloud ( назад)
You sounded like Pewdipie. Anyway nice Vid! ;)

Автор INDIGO BLUEoO ( назад)
And then most singqporeans are living in flats...

Автор Hose ( назад)
I'm going to poop in the pool and contaminate all the water with e-coli

Автор Brandon Harris ( назад)
I like house

Автор Cats12kitty cat ( назад)
Annnnnnd this is why people become gold diggers

Автор Joey Wong ( назад)
Lmao I'm from Singapore and I haven't seen or heard of this house before, since Singapore has limited land

Автор Batman ( назад)
He should put fish in the pool.

Автор KTSS Squad ( назад)
OMG lol love it so cute

Автор iostboy ( назад)
He should've put acrylic aquariums in place of the windows.. what a douche

Автор Charlief ( назад)
When your a billionaire but u get ur clothes from a charity shop

Автор Tukkinum Num ( назад)
Still waiting for the fish.

Автор kitsu kitty ( назад)
One word..... Mosquitoes.......

Автор shizukagozen777 ( назад)
Cool but f*cking expensive and useless.

Автор ivonnedsanchez ( назад)
that dirty corner at 2:15

Автор Francisco Riquelme ( назад)
his house looks like a happy place. But his face looks like if he was in a funeral

Автор DL TheNoob ( назад)
is this really singapore??

Автор God Of Fire And Thunder ( назад)
I want to poke the glass with a knife

Автор Alexa Neuman ( назад)
Good example of how money can't buy happiness

Автор Gymnast Viv ( назад)
lol my friend lives next door to him

Автор Xxmeddlingxx CoXx ( назад)
A house is just for shelter not to take up wildlife space

Автор onannra Arethusa ( назад)
that rich guy

Автор Kamryn Zayac ( назад)
i guess money can't buy happiness..only shirts that say "happy!!!"

Автор Dog ? ( назад)
For a guy who has "Happy!!" Written in huge letters on his shirt he sure is very unenthusiastic lol

Автор iLikePotatoes ( назад)
Ew lmao I don't like the thought of people watching me swim underwater like that but that is really cool, you can get really nice pics

Автор Isaac Wong ( назад)
OMG I live in Singapore 🇸🇬

Автор Teroy Dias ( назад)
adopt me now please

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