CDG x Nike VaporMax Review + On Feet

Hey guys!

I'm back with another review, this time on the CDG VaporMax. Hope you guys enjoy the video, please do not forget to comment, like, rate and subscribe if you've enjoyed the content!

Also, please don't forget to check out my grailed, linked below. I add new stuff all the time:


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Автор Thanaphat Yatrian ( назад)
These are fire! Would definitely cop if i come across my size. But how do they fit? TTS?

Автор Justin I ( назад)
probably my favorite shoe of the year thus far

Автор sam onn ( назад)
They look stupid without laces.

Автор Mfge Me ( назад)
so.. are these running shoes or just casual/style shoes?

Автор Elias Fazal ( назад)
these vs ultra boost?

Автор George Conacher ( назад)
these were mad rare how tf did you manage to cop?

Автор 陳莉莉 ( назад)
Hey! Where can I get the shoes, I have been trying to find for a long time in H.K but all in vain. Please tell me , I am really wanting for it! Thank you!!!

Автор calvin jenkins ( назад)
Do they have shoestrings. I've seen the platinum n they got shoestrings.

Автор Joshua Vick ( назад)
Sick bro, very jealous . I need a pair and can't cop online

Автор Gsu ( назад)
How do they fit? Are you selling them?

Автор ShadeSnSoleS ( назад)
Did they fit TTS??

Автор Ben Clarke ( назад)
These are dope, don't think I'd be able to pull them off though

Автор King Arthur ( назад)
The bubble is pretty durable! The people from what's inside YouTube channel cut them open And the bubble was hard to cut with a sharp knife

Автор Lurk Hard ( назад)

Автор Anson Hu ( назад)
These are fire!!! Where'd you get them??

Автор Fully Clothed ( назад)
This shoe is my new love <33

Автор BackseatJuice ( назад)
What do they feel like?

Автор Nicholas Tachibana ( назад)
Leland, so happy you are back, did you doubt up? I noticed that you are selling a pair on Grailed as well, if you did double up, are you just really luck, or do you have a plug?

Автор Ten Dollars ( назад)
will you upload your Tokyo footage? great video as always :)

Автор Hiram ( назад)
those are some ninja shit, great stuff Leland you always make the best vids.

Автор era ( назад)
if these had laces they wouldn't be special at all though

Автор 전영진 ( назад)
fire! def worth 350$

Автор B ( назад)
looks like a football boot

Автор w.2008 ( назад)
These walk on their own

Автор Lester Green ( назад)

Автор Tara Deol ( назад)
spiderkillin finally makes the return, when will the blunt rolling 101 video go live again?

Автор TheBigKat26 ( назад)
Dope. Love seeing you back at it

Автор kaveman525 ( назад)
Only real fashion channel on Youtube

Автор Chris Alarcon ( назад)
Wow smh these are so beautiful, didn't know they dropped already 🤦🏽‍♂️

Автор darebasketball ( назад)
Damn really not feelin those

Автор Jordan Bert ( назад)
you forgot to link your info below, but cool video need to get my hand on a pair!

Автор khenrub wangchuk ( назад)
gaddam these are grails

Автор Ali George Hinkins ( назад)
Any idea what his grailed and Instagram usernames are?

Автор Corbin Turner ( назад)
Really enjoyed the video. Glad to see your back!

Автор A Byrne ( назад)
Man you have to upload more, best content on YouTube

Автор David Weitz ( назад)
he back!

Автор mokid05 ( назад)
Uve been missed for sure my guy!!

Автор Habril ( назад)
Whoop! Kelly Gang

Автор Daniel Hughe ( назад)
Japan vlog pls

Автор R 24 ( назад)
It's been a minute!!! Great pickup bro!

Автор RACSLIFE ( назад)
Nice pick-up.

Автор REVIEWERtm ( назад)
are they really worth 350 dollars?

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