CDG x Nike VaporMax Review On Feet


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  • Mark Clements
    Mark Clements 7 дней назад

    Cum day garsown

    ITS GD YO 6 месяцев назад

    Why do they retail for 330 bro ?

  • Birdman_jr
    Birdman_jr 6 месяцев назад

    Comme des garcons means play bike boys

  • Birdman_jr
    Birdman_jr 6 месяцев назад

    Comme (commehh)

  • charmayne geneva
    charmayne geneva 7 месяцев назад

    my size huhu

  • Jeppe Roer
    Jeppe Roer 8 месяцев назад


  • thomas himawan
    thomas himawan 8 месяцев назад +1

    What is the sizing of the vapormax? I had thr vapormax triple black us 8 and it seems quite tight. Does the cdg vapormax runs tighter or larger than the normal one? So should i go half size up or down?

  • Fu Chang
    Fu Chang 9 месяцев назад

    Checkout Nike Varpormax on our channel for great price.

  • BENMJR -
    BENMJR - 9 месяцев назад

    could you put the link to ur bottoms please

  • Ashraf Patel
    Ashraf Patel 10 месяцев назад

    Dope video bruh.. Keep up the good work

  • Cetus
    Cetus 10 месяцев назад

    I've got the pair with lace. They look much better with lace

  • Hammer Bro
    Hammer Bro 10 месяцев назад +1

    shits look ... gay 🔨🔨🔨

  • TheArtkaw
    TheArtkaw 11 месяцев назад

    Would you recommend the Triple Black Vapormax as a good alternative?

  • Robert Robinson
    Robert Robinson 11 месяцев назад +1

    Are these true to size?

  • Nunya Dambidnis
    Nunya Dambidnis Год назад +1

    i heard these shoes are trash

  • Chris Grayston
    Chris Grayston Год назад +1

    Man those are my initials, I gotta buy em' now

  • Da Da
    Da Da Год назад

    What the priiiice ? Prices, Prices...

  • Wisarut Imtaveekul
    Wisarut Imtaveekul Год назад

    Just wonder if I wear Air Max 1/90 for 8us(26cm) and also Flyknit Racer for 8us(26cm). As the size of this collab is not the same as normal Nike shoes. So which size for this pair should I choose between 7.5(26cm) and 8.5us(27cm)?

  • T Money
    T Money Год назад +4

    That's one ugly ass shoe!

  • yummdiddy
    yummdiddy Год назад +2

    these are hideous

  • Sapling
    Sapling Год назад

    Grail of Grails...

  • Wizard Kelly
    Wizard Kelly Год назад

    Hey guys!
    Watch my video on the CDG platinum vapormax!видео.html

  • MrEazy7468
    MrEazy7468 Год назад +1

    No laces kinda ruin it.

  • Yagguh
    Yagguh Год назад

    is this dude really wearing pinrolled track pants with the shoes

    • J. Frisky
      J. Frisky Год назад

      dont know what to hate about that man, good to have a variation rather than wearing jogger pants all the time

    • Wizard Kelly
      Wizard Kelly Год назад +1


  • T1nyDynamite
    T1nyDynamite Год назад

    What's the difference between this and the regular or triple black?

  • Jason Chen
    Jason Chen Год назад

    is up

  • eduardo leon
    eduardo leon Год назад

    Vapormax or ultra boost?
    That will be the real question in the near future.

  • QLCHerald
    QLCHerald Год назад +1

    I think im in love.

  • Leo Queue
    Leo Queue Год назад +1

    Nice vid, maybe do some shots of you walking around NYC with them on feet..kinda neistat style. Would be dope

  • Thanaphat Yatrian
    Thanaphat Yatrian Год назад

    These are fire! Would definitely cop if i come across my size. But how do they fit? TTS?

  • Justin I
    Justin I Год назад

    probably my favorite shoe of the year thus far

  • sam onn
    sam onn Год назад +3

    They look stupid without laces.

    • G*59 Records.
      G*59 Records. Год назад +2

      sam onn they look like flyknit black dressshoes or school shoes

  • Mfge Me
    Mfge Me Год назад +1

    so.. are these running shoes or just casual/style shoes?

  • Elias Fazal
    Elias Fazal Год назад +3

    these vs ultra boost?

    • Mecha
      Mecha 6 месяцев назад

      Vapor for run. UB for day/day. (UB is more confortable)

  • George
    George Год назад +1

    these were mad rare how tf did you manage to cop?

  • 陳莉莉
    陳莉莉 Год назад

    Hey! Where can I get the shoes, I have been trying to find for a long time in H.K but all in vain. Please tell me , I am really wanting for it! Thank you!!!

    • Linus Poon
      Linus Poon Год назад

      I thought I.T only sold Play. Maybe check Lane Crawford in IFC

    • 陳莉莉
      陳莉莉 Год назад

      Did you get them online? The news said that this kind of shoes will hit retailer I.T soon as the air max day is coming. However, I called and went to I.T shop to only find apparel .

    • Linus Poon
      Linus Poon Год назад

      Hi, I live in HK as well. This Comme Des Garçons model won't release in regular Nikelab stores, but you'll surely find them online. Hong Kong doesn't get many of these sneaker collaborations, we mostly just get apparel.

    • Sentinel
      Sentinel Год назад

      莉莉 陳 i dunno

  • calvin jenkins
    calvin jenkins Год назад +1

    Do they have shoestrings. I've seen the platinum n they got shoestrings.

    • Wizard Kelly
      Wizard Kelly Год назад +1

      you're thinking of the normal platinum vapormaxes coming out. the cdg plats don't have em.

  • josh vick
    josh vick Год назад

    Sick bro, very jealous . I need a pair and can't cop online

  • Erin
    Erin Год назад +3

    How do they fit? Are you selling them?

  • ShadeSnSoleS
    ShadeSnSoleS Год назад

    Did they fit TTS??

  • Ben Clarke
    Ben Clarke Год назад

    These are dope, don't think I'd be able to pull them off though

  • King Arthur
    King Arthur Год назад +4

    The bubble is pretty durable! The people from what's inside RUclip channel cut them open And the bubble was hard to cut with a sharp knife

    • Trix
      Trix Год назад +2

      King Arthur they didn't use a knife they used a screwdriver

  • Lurk Hard
    Lurk Hard Год назад


  • Pairs Project
    Pairs Project Год назад

    we tested the sole after a dump truck dropped some bottles, check our channel to see

  • Anson Hu
    Anson Hu Год назад +6

    These are fire!!! Where'd you get them??

    • Laura Smith
      Laura Smith Год назад

      Wizard Kelly I got some vapormax and mine have laces

    • chandra suteja
      chandra suteja Год назад

      陳莉莉 n

    • Wizard Kelly
      Wizard Kelly Год назад

      Nah it was just a release, they're long gone

    • 陳莉莉
      陳莉莉 Год назад +1

      Which cdg and DSM? Do these shoes sell at cdg/DSM in H.K?

    • Wizard Kelly
      Wizard Kelly Год назад +1

      a pair at cdg and a pair at DSM

  • Travel Archives
    Travel Archives Год назад +1

    This shoe is my new love

  • BackseatJuice
    BackseatJuice Год назад +2

    What do they feel like?

  • Nicholas Tachibana
    Nicholas Tachibana Год назад +2

    Leland, so happy you are back, did you doubt up? I noticed that you are selling a pair on Grailed as well, if you did double up, are you just really luck, or do you have a plug?

    • Wizard Kelly
      Wizard Kelly Год назад

      They were an extremely easy cop haha.

  • Ten Dollars
    Ten Dollars Год назад

    will you upload your Tokyo footage? great video as always :)

  • Hiram
    Hiram Год назад +1

    those are some ninja shit, great stuff Leland you always make the best vids.

  • era
    era Год назад

    if these had laces they wouldn't be special at all though

  • 전영진
    전영진 Год назад +2

    fire! def worth 350$

  • B
    B Год назад +6

    looks like a football boot

    • hure du
      hure du 10 месяцев назад

      B almost all vapor boot looks like football boot:)

  • mp.
    mp. Год назад

    These walk on their own

  • Lester Green
    Lester Green Год назад +4


  • t ducati
    t ducati Год назад +2

    spiderkillin finally makes the return, when will the blunt rolling 101 video go live again?

  • TheBigKat26
    TheBigKat26 Год назад +1

    Dope. Love seeing you back at it

  • kaveman525
    kaveman525 Год назад +3

    Only real fashion channel on RUclip

  • Chris Alarcon
    Chris Alarcon Год назад +1

    Wow smh these are so beautiful, didn't know they dropped already 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • darebasketball
    darebasketball Год назад

    Damn really not feelin those

  • Jordan Bert
    Jordan Bert Год назад +5

    you forgot to link your info below, but cool video need to get my hand on a pair!

  • khenrub wangchuk
    khenrub wangchuk Год назад

    gaddam these are grails

  • Ali George Hinkins
    Ali George Hinkins Год назад

    Any idea what his grailed and Instagram usernames are?

  • Corbin Turner
    Corbin Turner Год назад

    Really enjoyed the video. Glad to see your back!

  • A Byrne
    A Byrne Год назад +36

    Man you have to upload more, best content on RUclip

    • TheBigKat26
      TheBigKat26 Год назад +6

      You're wayyyy too humble dude you honestly are the best fashion youtuber i've seen!

    • Wizard Kelly
      Wizard Kelly Год назад +11

      Far from it, but I appreciate that!

  • David Weitz
    David Weitz Год назад

    he back!

  • mokid05
    mokid05 Год назад +1

    Uve been missed for sure my guy!!

  • Habril
    Habril Год назад

    Whoop! Kelly Gang

  • Daniel Hughe
    Daniel Hughe Год назад +3

    Japan vlog pls

  • R 24
    R 24 Год назад +1

    It's been a minute!!! Great pickup bro!

    RACSLIFE Год назад +1

    Nice pick-up.

    REVIEWERtm Год назад +17

    are they really worth 350 dollars?

    • k
      k 8 месяцев назад

      got mine triple black for 99$. worth it if i would say.

    • Rubicon Crossing
      Rubicon Crossing Год назад


    • Blvck
      Blvck Год назад +38