Am I REALLY Blind?! (Lie Detector Test!!)

  • Published on Dec 5, 2018
  • Once and for all we'll finally find out... am I actually blind or just faking it?
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  • Molly Burke
    Molly Burke  10 months ago +9371

    What questions would you want me to answer in a future lie detector test?!

    • Good well thumbs up
      Good well thumbs up 9 days ago

      Maybe with that cured question, sometimes your mind can fight over the body in questionable options and choices in life so maybe that was a thought of saying yes in that moment then the second time it was asked she said no that time and could've me t she had her mind focused on the question and quickly responding with the most honest answer possible at that moment so maybe it was a matter of the correct answer at the right time

    • Zara Gledhill
      Zara Gledhill Month ago

      Why your so annoying and clickbait

    • Michael McGee
      Michael McGee Month ago

      "Are you sure?" Have it thrown in randomly, it'll probably get some interesting results.

    • Christina Hardin
      Christina Hardin Month ago

      Have you ever pretended to have sight to avoid an unwanted conversation about being blind?
      Have you ever put the wrong ingredients in food that you were making for friends/family but you did not told them because it turned out well enough? :)

  • LyingPeaches
    LyingPeaches Hour ago

    Love the gamer chair in the polygraph room

  • Spandex Facecake
    Spandex Facecake 18 hours ago

    Forget those conspiracy theorists if Shane dawnson doesn't think it's a conspiracy then it's not

  • Meghan Ager
    Meghan Ager 22 hours ago

    why wold someone say that like #sorude

  • Aleysha BalcazarQuinones

    she can't be blind because if you search what do blind people's eyes look like and almost all the picture's show people with almost completely white eyes

  • coreena stewart
    coreena stewart 2 days ago

    i have rp too and it can affect people in different ways,, molly is blind but can see shadows and her hearing is extremely sensitive, just believe people smh

  • Lexi Rose
    Lexi Rose 3 days ago


  • thecrazykids 17
    thecrazykids 17 4 days ago

    If your blind what color is your hair

  • BasicallyCindy
    BasicallyCindy 4 days ago +2

    when I first watched this I was like what the heck is retinitis pigmentosa but then I got diagnosed with it and now I don’t feel alone anymore. Watching this back I was like wow this is crazy how I didn’t even think about the disease and now that I have it I can definitely relate with you.

  • Lyla Rasco
    Lyla Rasco 5 days ago

    I think the reason some people don’t believe that you’re blind is because you do such an amazing job at making eye contact with the camera and with other people. You’re amazing and ever since I found your channel I believed you. That’s just my two cents. Take it as you will. Love you Molly!

  • Trstn Clrk
    Trstn Clrk 6 days ago

    As a for real lover of Molly, does anyone else see the Pinocchio nose on the LIE DETECTOR GUY’S FACE?! Just sayin; seems a little ironic LOL

  • CJ_ Junior
    CJ_ Junior 7 days ago

    I now u have always been blind

  • Chantel
    Chantel 8 days ago

    Who would actually fully make a youtube account, public speeches, get a guide dog and all that based on being blind if they arent blind?? That would be a SERIOUSLY PSYCHOTIC person 😂😂 mind you. You're VERY impressive for a completely blind person. You function VERY WELL...

  • Rhandi Lauder
    Rhandi Lauder 9 days ago

    🤔🤔🤔🤔 I wonder

  • Brin Vaccarella
    Brin Vaccarella 10 days ago

    Do you like making RUclip videos???

  • Lisa Sim
    Lisa Sim 13 days ago +3

    Every like I will put a 🌹

  • Ashlynn McCollum
    Ashlynn McCollum 13 days ago

    Can you see the camera lens?

  • LaTasha Rich
    LaTasha Rich 14 days ago

    He also met Sophie dossie😑😑😑

  • KittenDogCreeper 1
    KittenDogCreeper 1 19 days ago

    I believe you are blind, but this stuff is never 100% blind

    • Jenna grace Chileen
      Jenna grace Chileen 11 days ago

      KittenDogCreeper 1 it’s rare to be 100% blind and she has talked about how she can see light

  • TheOne AndOnly
    TheOne AndOnly 19 days ago +1

    Yeah screw the haters I am blind and that's what Mom says my eyes look like. Sometimes a blank stare but I can"look" at things

  • Matteo De Masi
    Matteo De Masi 21 day ago +1

    6:36... Windows XP, in 2019... seriously?!

  • ¡Hola! this is me!
    ¡Hola! this is me! 22 days ago

    Watch someone who watched the other RUcliprs’ videos and believing them, but all of a sudden saying “But polygraph tests aren’t accurate.” Because they don’t think Molly is blind

  • Brian Meyers
    Brian Meyers 24 days ago

    Her senses impress me beyond.

  • Eric Helzer
    Eric Helzer 24 days ago

    That's not accurate. A polygrapher will ask the base question and tell you to lie . the base question will still read it was a lie.

  • Jobie Seward
    Jobie Seward 26 days ago

    New fan! Just listened to your audiobook!

  • о д
    о д 28 days ago

    At first I thought where I saw this guy and than I was like wait...

  • Batzu-chu Blue
    Batzu-chu Blue 28 days ago +1

    Guys, she's legally blind. That doesn't mean she see's absolutely nothing. That's why you can see her eye's tracking things. She is blind.

  • Tyler Jackson
    Tyler Jackson 28 days ago

    Wait a she read the comments if she blind🤨

    • Brittany Fuller
      Brittany Fuller 13 days ago

      Not sure if you're being sarcastic or not but 🤷‍♀️
      Her phone reads everything to her.

    • Batzu-chu Blue
      Batzu-chu Blue 28 days ago

      I'm pretty sure she still has some vision. But it is impaired enough to be legally blind. And there are several accessibility apps for people with very bad vision. This is just speculation though lol. IDK 😅

  • Karen Reyes
    Karen Reyes Month ago

    Parents worry about their children being bullied but as a mother of five grown children and six grandchildren, make sure your children know how bullying affects the lives of others. :)

  • Wiggy
    Wiggy Month ago

    I feel the test started the second you met him, "I can show you a graph that explains how it works" xD

  • Saturn Venice
    Saturn Venice Month ago

    Ok lie detector tests are so inaccurate just like people can learn how to fake ques saying your telling the truth they can learn how to very easily fake a polygraph it can say your lying when your just stressed scared or anxious if you think your going to fail you most likely will if you think you'll pass you most likely will I'm not saying your lying about being blind but it irritates me when people say "oh their the most accurate" or something and people saying your faking it is like saying I fake having a learning disability like it's easily proven people

    JUBEN Month ago

    Some of those questions made me want to cry so much lol. I have disabilities and went to the hospital a lot as a child.

  • Senator
    Senator Month ago

    Dont know why some one would fake being blind ? it ther any profitable reason to be blind

  • All Might
    All Might Month ago

    People on reddit are just a bunch of critics who band together to spread hate and misconception. It's really irritating, I for one only use reddit to look at dog and cat pictures/videos. lol

  • Cliff Wessels
    Cliff Wessels Month ago

    what a douch for asking if she stole from a friend

  • Nicole’s Amazing Vacations

    I have a rare eye disorder called aniritia I also have mysterious.

  • Nicole’s Amazing Vacations

    Hey molly I am legally blind as well and I recently stumbled on your channel. I get a lot of people that try to say I’m faking too because I have 20/2200 vision.

  • Niamh Grace
    Niamh Grace Month ago


  • xxMrRandomxx Memesxx

    I'm not like doubting her but she looks directly at the camera and people very well

  • Bella's Channel
    Bella's Channel Month ago

    Is Shane Dawson really your friend ?

  • Michael McGee
    Michael McGee Month ago +1

    Lie detectors can be manipulated by trained individuals. By controlling your bodily functions. It was standard training for certain operatives.

  • NetAndyCz
    NetAndyCz Month ago

    Lie detectors are notoriously unreliable. So conspiracy can live on;)

  • Louise Jacobs
    Louise Jacobs Month ago

    How do you order food off of a menu if you are alone?

  • Jaden Goodwin
    Jaden Goodwin Month ago

    Lie dactor is lie and it read your heart rate and sweat. The most dangerous ciman beat it and lie demotion. Edit: Ted buddy beat it. I believe you blind

  • Pam Waldron
    Pam Waldron Month ago

    I was friends for many years with a girl who had RP. She would look toward your voice or whatever she was directing her attention toward and it looked like she actually could see what she was "looking" at. Her pupils didn't react to light very much and after acwhile stopped reacting completely.
    Yes, she really was 100% totally blind.
    Just because someone aims their eyes at you, doesn't mean they are actually working.

  • Zaryab Rizwan
    Zaryab Rizwan Month ago +1

    Molly even if no one on earth believes in you I will #love you you are so inspiring

  • Zo
    Zo Month ago

    Hi, I'm blind too

  • Just 2 Bushy Bois
    Just 2 Bushy Bois Month ago


  • Jimmeh B
    Jimmeh B Month ago

    My god some people are disgusting.

  • Hannah rice
    Hannah rice Month ago +1

    Lie detector man: ‘I can show you on the screen so you can see what it looks like’
    Me: *scratches head’

  • Potato Garcia
    Potato Garcia Month ago

    I don't mean to be offensive in any way but why don't you wanna be cured?

  • Preston Daniels
    Preston Daniels Month ago

    She can totally definitely 200% can see 😂

  • Kammyiag Grant
    Kammyiag Grant Month ago +1

    10:40 look in the mirror behind her , if you didn't see it😆

  • MonsterFace13
    MonsterFace13 Month ago

    Super cool. Not that I ever thought you would lie about that lol but I understand the process of the test a lot more

  • A B
    A B Month ago

    she aint blind brah

  • Daisy Goodwin
    Daisy Goodwin Month ago

    I'm plind

  • Sophia Sophie
    Sophia Sophie Month ago +1

    She is blind she even does look like she is

  • Y 7654321
    Y 7654321 Month ago

    i think your blined but i dont think polly graphs work

  • Hiba Shah
    Hiba Shah Month ago

    My cousin is legally blind

  • Art Class with De Anna
    Art Class with De Anna 2 months ago

    Molly, it's silly that you have doubters about blindness, but truly, you aren't like any other blind person I've known, and so I understand why people doubt. You're eyes move around quite naturally as though you were tracking visuals, your hand and body movements look natural, and you always are so beautifully dressed and made up, which is quite unexpected considering your disability. Your personality is bold, complex, approachable, and compelling, and clearly, you are embracing life. Thank you for sharing the unique Goddess creature that you are with the world! Your videos are fun and also educational. Truth is...I didn't watch this whole video because I simply didn't need proof that you can't see.