• Published on Mar 2, 2019
  • Join Click as we try out three survival challenges inspired by Division 2!
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  • Click
    Click  10 months ago +1785

    Who do you think won this challenge? 🤔

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  • Black Knight
    Black Knight 3 hours ago

    Lannan is the living incarnation of a stormtrooper

  • BurnDownTheWorld !
    BurnDownTheWorld ! 17 hours ago

    Cary: (licks the matches)

  • Finnian McAuliffe
    Finnian McAuliffe 22 hours ago

    Looking back at this lannan could have prevented the Australian fires. 8:00

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith Day ago


  • ProMatthew 007
    ProMatthew 007 2 days ago

    11:50 that face in the window

  • amazing Legend
    amazing Legend 2 days ago

    See if lazerbeam didn’t stop those fires the Australia fire would had happened sooner

  • Dark Thunder
    Dark Thunder 3 days ago

    I used to not understand why they call muselk loud then I got head phones HELP

  • Taim Almasri
    Taim Almasri 4 days ago +1

    1:58 cray literally sounds like a pig

  • Matthew Killian
    Matthew Killian 5 days ago

    It's funny that I am under 18 and I can build a harder tent then that easy tent put together

  • Leprechaun Legend
    Leprechaun Legend 5 days ago

    At 5:06 the fire alarm went off for me in my apartment only if it went off at the campfire bit

  • Christina Regan
    Christina Regan 5 days ago

    Theres a child at 4:02

  • Mergen Narangerel
    Mergen Narangerel 6 days ago +2

    Lannan just gone 100IQ with the tents and no help with the campfires also with the nerf gun

  • Blake Bateman
    Blake Bateman 6 days ago

    Lazer and loser won the tent and fire because it was there turn and bazz and muslk won the shooting

  • Blake Bateman
    Blake Bateman 6 days ago

    To make fire u have to let it have some air

  • iruben1
    iruben1 6 days ago

    Without the background music the tent part would be so boring

  • JackoTEK
    JackoTEK 7 days ago

    I confusion
    ouch what is that, I just got bat by something (9:15)

  • Cursed_Images
    Cursed_Images 7 days ago

    Thank god they didn’t do this during early 2020!

  • survival bros outdoors

    i think i am a little better than muselk because i was at level 19 on day 2 of me having it i get it done

  • TheNOOBslime Gaming
    TheNOOBslime Gaming 7 days ago

    sorry marcus and cray but we can tell you have never lit a fire.

    or atleast in 3 years

  • Samsung Galaxy
    Samsung Galaxy 8 days ago

    Best moment 9:56

  • John Mcdonald
    John Mcdonald 8 days ago

    Lazerbeam for the win he used his brain to win the first challenge

  • Reece Savage
    Reece Savage 8 days ago

    Aussie bushfires r happening and there they r making more fire 🔥

  • Deida Leon
    Deida Leon 9 days ago

    Lazaerbeam is the best

  • Rossianreay
    Rossianreay 9 days ago

    11:18 this how the Bush fires happened because lannan was not there to stop them

  • Garrett Hunt
    Garrett Hunt 10 days ago


  • Casual fishing
    Casual fishing 10 days ago

    Collaborate with Nick fry

  • b066Y Boshae
    b066Y Boshae 10 days ago

    On the second challenge don't listen crazy Marc's with eye close

  • Carson Kish
    Carson Kish 10 days ago

    Lannan, seeing you architectural skill, it’s no wonder you worked in construction before RUclip. ONE POLE OR MORE

  • Kyle Loan
    Kyle Loan 10 days ago


  • Anjali Rao
    Anjali Rao 10 days ago

    lannan and kath definitely won. no doubt about it.

  • John Angeles
    John Angeles 11 days ago

    I think they need lanan to take out the Australian fires now

  • calture
    calture 11 days ago +1

    11:32 where did you’r eyes go 🤨

  • xd_ PixelLion
    xd_ PixelLion 12 days ago

    They said like it if u like lannan and the video got 2k dislikes

  • LBvlogs
    LBvlogs 12 days ago +1

    “ That’s it! Keep going right there! More! Deep deep! “

    It’s just cray talking bout fire 😂

  • King Human
    King Human 13 days ago


  • King Human
    King Human 13 days ago

    Is there even a single video where muselk doesn’t boast

  • Luis Gago
    Luis Gago 13 days ago +1

    Kath and lannan

  • therainbowpineapple
    therainbowpineapple 13 days ago

    that is the first time ive seen lazarbeam be like no stop and seem like serious

  • TheDiamondBros TDB
    TheDiamondBros TDB 13 days ago

    any1 see the thumb nail and think, Fir touching human is bad

  • Mystic Lapras
    Mystic Lapras 13 days ago

    Imagine not having Annan in the thumbnail

  • ben1077
    ben1077 14 days ago

    Lana’s a mother f r

  • ben1077
    ben1077 14 days ago

    Cray and Elliot would be a great team

  • maddison hallam
    maddison hallam 14 days ago

    every body loves lannon so lannon wins elliot u suck

  • Finn Couper
    Finn Couper 15 days ago

    eliot is so fucking annoying.

  • Seth Overman
    Seth Overman 15 days ago

    Loserfruit wins!!!

  • Fish of YEET
    Fish of YEET 16 days ago +1

    Yeet won the challenge

  • Fish of YEET
    Fish of YEET 16 days ago +1


  • SD Static
    SD Static 17 days ago


  • Robert Harper
    Robert Harper 17 days ago

    Did anyone see the guy in da window

  • Delta team 1
    Delta team 1 17 days ago

    Lannan was like the Karen FIRE!!!!!!!!!

  • amit k sharma
    amit k sharma 17 days ago

    wow i knew that lannan would say that 6:15

  • Mohammed plays
    Mohammed plays 17 days ago +1


  • ItsYourBoy Jarman
    ItsYourBoy Jarman 19 days ago

    lannan looks like he's about to kidnap Elliot 9:01

  • raw onion
    raw onion 19 days ago

    12:17 i laughed so hard

  • Oliver Wu
    Oliver Wu 20 days ago

    Lazarlazar and Kath won by far

  • wagwan sisters 0
    wagwan sisters 0 20 days ago +1

    Did anyone else see bazz looking through the curtains at 11:49 😂😂😂

    • docas xrs
      docas xrs 19 days ago

      Bazza os always looking

    • docas xrs
      docas xrs 19 days ago

      I'd close your Windows just in case

    • docas xrs
      docas xrs 19 days ago

      He's there

  • Ty Hipsher
    Ty Hipsher 20 days ago

    Lannan and lufu won

  • JIMMY An
    JIMMY An 21 day ago


  • Emmitt Wilson
    Emmitt Wilson 21 day ago +1

    6:35 they said Bazz twice and deleted Cray lol