RHOA: The 'Wives Play "Kiss the Penis" (Season 9, Episode 17) | Bravo

  • Опубликовано: 13 мар 2017
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    In Season 10 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Cynthia is free, fabulous, and embracing all life has to offer, from engaging in new business opportunities to taking a dip in the dating pool. Eager to move forward, Shereé is focusing on healing old relationship wounds and preparing for an empty nest with her daughter heading off to college. Meanwhile, Kenya, who focuses on growing her beauty empire, is over the moon after a whirlwind romance led to marrying the man of her dreams. Fully vindicated after last season's shocking allegations, it's business as usual for Kandi, who is juggling managing the popular Old Lady Gang restaurant and planning the highly-anticipated Xscape reunion. Excited for a new start, Porsha is looking for love and embracing a new vegan lifestyle. Fresh off performing in her one-woman comedy show and back in the housewives universe, NeNe returns more determined than ever to build her empire and support her family. And in her first time rejoining the group since Season 5, Kim is back on the scene and ready to shake things up. This season business may be booming for the ladies, but it's the friendships that are on the line when the old are threatened by the new and loyalties are put into question.
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    RHOA: The 'Wives Play "Kiss the Penis" (Season 9, Episode 17) | Bravo
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Комментарии • 245

  • longbranch11207
    longbranch11207 Месяц назад

    kenya body in that yellow dress is the truth

  • i always clap back
    i always clap back Месяц назад

    Porsha is darn hot n cute..
    *My dream wife* 😂

  • Joy Usman
    Joy Usman 2 месяца назад

    wtf porsha😂😂😂

  • Jackie Bayliss
    Jackie Bayliss 2 месяца назад

    Phaedra please...Coming from a woman who knows a man who can suck his own wee wee...Hypocrite

  • Todd Martin
    Todd Martin 3 месяца назад +1

    Phaedra's bottom lip when Kenya says "Let's play 'Kiss the penis' game."
    Unique, funny and original at the same time.😆🤣😉😃

  • _getfree
    _getfree 4 месяца назад

    I can't get mad at Phaedra here. Maybe she didn't want to celebrate falling out of love and having her family to be broken up...

  • Helene Clark
    Helene Clark 4 месяца назад

    I know that Kenya meant well, but you can't throw someone a party that celebrates a breakup. That's something a person throws for themselves.

  • Kiki Rolle
    Kiki Rolle 4 месяца назад

    Get over it phaedra you bitch.

  • Let go Let god
    Let go Let god 7 месяцев назад

    Kiss the penis game ?

  • Netiye 27
    Netiye 27 9 месяцев назад +1

    these bitches ain't shit for that. throw a divorce party for someone who is actually happy about their divorce, not someone who still cares. SMH. glad she walked out.

  • lerato moleleki
    lerato moleleki 11 месяцев назад

    phaedra is a hater

  • Vijay Bele
    Vijay Bele Год назад

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  • LetREALity BeREALity
    LetREALity BeREALity Год назад +1

    What they need to play is how to "keep the penis game."
    Bcauz I'm sure if kissing it carried any value it wouldn't be so many manless women & divorces playing the game ijs.
    And it would take Kenya "rent-a-man" to come up with a game like this grow up ladies!! You'll lost cool points with me.👎

  • Diane Robson
    Diane Robson Год назад

    Is this because she not divorced at all she a bloody good actress thinks she better than everyone else yuk

  • Ms. Smith
    Ms. Smith Год назад +1

    Phea Phea STFU whore

  • Learn to hustle 101
    Learn to hustle 101 Год назад

    Hope we as black men and women play a close attention to the message being sent black women have to suck the white man dick to make it wake up my

  • Isis Adaeze Neal
    Isis Adaeze Neal Год назад

    oh shes dizzy! very dizzy!! 😵😂😂

  • Roscoe Morris
    Roscoe Morris Год назад +2

    Wait. Is this the same chick that was digging in her ass in front of her home girl boyfriend???

  • Tay Reacts
    Tay Reacts Год назад +3

    Kandi's laugh is contagious lol

  • Cal Hockley
    Cal Hockley Год назад +1

    You're gonna randomly find some ginger ale? lol I love that line

  • First Family of Hip Hop
    First Family of Hip Hop Год назад

    First Family of Hip Hop season ?

  • kallahari
    kallahari Год назад +2

    I think Phaedra rather plays'' Kiss Porshas pussy game'' lol.

  • W May
    W May Год назад +1

    It's simple. The whole sneak peak speaks for itself. Phaedra could have just hung out with Porsha that night. Phaedra does do nasty fun things like this. What their doing is silly but fun. I wouldn't come if I'm obviously not in a good mood or if I wasn't feeling well. its common sense.

  • tangled55
    tangled55 Год назад

    It's so strange seeing Kenya even touch Porsha at the end. They hate each other, and they've never gelled. It's makes me uncomfortable...moreso for the reason that they really have no reason truly to not get along.
    But that's on Kenya. 100%.

    • Mr. Don
      Mr. Don Год назад +2

      tangled55: That's on Porsha as well, because she physically assaulted Kenya.

    GAIL KNIGHT Год назад +1

    OMG , get the fuck out of here. Really .

  • Dena M
    Dena M Год назад

    Go Kandi and why did phadrea give the I'm done face

  • kamesha jones
    kamesha jones Год назад +3

    i love to see them all getting along for the most like that

  • I'm Nice Like That
    I'm Nice Like That Год назад

    Kenya needs a MAN or she needs to admit that she's into women.

  • Alex Petkov
    Alex Petkov Год назад +2

    Oh Phaedra you're the biggest sinner in there

  • ryan tabb
    ryan tabb Год назад +1

    Kenya is throwing celebratory shade....

  • cindy d
    cindy d Год назад +1

    Porsha is such a ding bat in a halarious way 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kimberly Allen
    Kimberly Allen Год назад

    I have no clue why Khandi would be at this soiree. To be stuck in the same place with Phaedra and Porsha....

  • George Golden
    George Golden Год назад +2

    How hot is Kenya ?

  • MRS G
    MRS G Год назад

    I love me some pheadra the shade is real. These hoes are too fake lol

  • nacnah m
    nacnah m Год назад +6

    I Cant with this fake " head doctor" she's promotin strippers, had a baby out of wedlock then lied to cover it up..goes to strip clubs.. talks about sex more than anybody..talks to other guys while she was still married.. does the most with her swimwear even if its in front of her friends new man and being sexual ... try to go behind her friend at that time to make her own donkey booty to monopolize for her own good..and now she offended...she should of put this kind of energy into the man she married from prison so her kids could have their father..not partake and benefit from his criminal ways then send the sucker to prison and play the victim...its always her on top, no matter who it effects

  • Marie- Lee
    Marie- Lee Год назад +4

    Oh please Phaedra stop frontin, acting all holier than thou. Weren't you the one who invited the extremely hung stripper, Mr. Ridiculous to Kandi's birthday party? You were all for that but not for a paper penis. Girl bye!

  • BetterThanEmril
    BetterThanEmril Год назад +11

    Kenya knew Phaedra was bull shitting. "You're gonna randomly find some ginger ale?" lol

    • ladytye826
      ladytye826 Год назад

      BetterThanEmril iiI'm

  • Lady T
    Lady T Год назад +5

    I'm unable to Can with Fakedra!!She's a pro when it comes to hypocrisy!!

  • Pam Daley
    Pam Daley Год назад +3

    shut up phaedra

  • TheDark&Lovely 1
    TheDark&Lovely 1 Год назад

    I thought they all thought Phaedra was lying about getting her divorce. Now they want to throw her a Divorce Party? #FAKE

  • MissCrystal C
    MissCrystal C Год назад +1

    ugh I'm so over Phaedra fake ass

  • Dante Gaines
    Dante Gaines Год назад


  • tammg jhg
    tammg jhg Год назад +2

    okay really? did phaedra just say that? how can u not enjoy the party u wanted kandi and porsha to get along now your party popping on everyone please!... phaedra is only happy when shes the host of a party and then play piece maker but then stuff dont go her way but gets upset when she is the reason why the drama started is to begin with bye phaedra.

  • BFick478
    BFick478 Год назад +4

    Whats wrong with Shaedra Parks now????? #ICant

  • kj's girl
    kj's girl Год назад +4

    phaedra's probably bummed about accidentally admitting that she had a male friend. plus, I see that porsha didn't follow her out. maybe they had a disagreement.

    • mimi o
      mimi o Год назад +1

      kj's girl I think so too. Trying to regain her image after that Freudian slip

  • Nisa Carla Smith
    Nisa Carla Smith Год назад +1

    So Sheree...Phaedra aint gotta be forced into tha bullshit yall doin!


    phaedra is so funny😂😂 and sharae with all that money can't even afford to get her decent ponytale girl stop your mess😭😭

  • George Golden
    George Golden Год назад +10

    Kenya should have a talk show. She would be great..

  • Shunna States
    Shunna States Год назад +12

    I felt bad for Phaedra😕

  • Stephen Scott
    Stephen Scott Год назад +4

    They couldnt find any drawings of a black man & his penis? Really? The energy of that game was all off.

    • Dom Saunders
      Dom Saunders 8 месяцев назад

      If he were black, they would all win since his dick would be half the poster. You couldn't miss it even if you twirled like Kenya with both your eyes poked out...

    • Stephen Scott
      Stephen Scott Год назад

      +Jhai Fitz so insulting my looks make your point valid? OK! Show me your picture, then.

    • Stephen Scott
      Stephen Scott Год назад +1

      +chrisgeorgiou46 everything IS about race. Name one part of society where race is NOT a factor.

    • chrisgeorgiou46
      chrisgeorgiou46 Год назад +1

      not everything has to be about race...

  • Bambam1990
    Bambam1990 Год назад +3

    HOW TF ARE Y'ALL MAD ABOUT PHAEDRA NOT WANTING TO CELEBRATE HER DIVORCE?? some people don't believe in divorce parties..and regardless of what went on in her marriage she hasn't he right not to participate..Maybe Kenya should've informed Phaedra instead of making it a SURPRISE.

  • Cookie
    Cookie Год назад

    💋💋💋I wanna play 💋💋💋

  • Destiny **
    Destiny ** Год назад +3

    Poor Kenya was trying her best to get Phaedra involved..

  • Deezy Hen
    Deezy Hen Год назад +3

    I luv kenya

  • unapologeticSIMMER
    unapologeticSIMMER Год назад +9

    Then why show up girl... if youre not feeling well or dont wanna partake in the fun. to me ppl who dobthat are looking for attention. cause your bringing negative energy in a positive setting ppl are gonna keep asking if u are ok.

    • riley shields
      riley shields Год назад +2

      precisely like dont sit there with a face like a slapped arse when u knew u didnt wanna celebrate your divorce! girl bye. at least kenya is trying and having fun

  • blackfemme
    blackfemme Год назад +3

    Lmfaooo bye Phaedra

  • Giselle B
    Giselle B Год назад +2

    Phaedra is saving face by saying she's leaving because they are making a mockery of marriage. The real reason is simple. She did not feel like making a celebration out of her divorce because it was a stressful time for her. From what I understand, outside of the show, Apollo was the one who filed for the divorce initially (which she confirmed in S7). Her court documents are available for public viewing, and apparently she tried to delay the divorce by mispelling Apollo's name. Phaedra's family is very conservative, so she did not want to get divorced in the first place or talk about it with these women who are NOT her true friends.

  • strwbrybabyg245
    strwbrybabyg245 Год назад +6

    It was nice to see them be nice and include Porsha

  • kj's girl
    kj's girl Год назад +7

    faithful or not, fifty shades of phae phae shouldn't be comfortable with apollo's love jones throwing her an "apollo's fair game now bih!" party!

  • Jasmine M
    Jasmine M Год назад +10

    Just because you rid yourself of a toxic spouse does not mean you want to celebrate that......especially with females who had so much to say about you and your marriage.

  • Diego
    Diego Год назад +70

    Phaedra is right about not wanting to celebrate her divorce. That's her choice...let it go people.

    • Bae Goals
      Bae Goals 14 дней назад

      Diego But she was cheating before she was divorced tho😩

    • Olive D above
      Olive D above Год назад +13

      Diego She could not celebrate but to complain about how its a mockery and this and that is foolish. She's a hypocrite.

  • riley shields
    riley shields Год назад +3

    why is phaedra being so boring. if she let herself she couldve actually had a lot of fun

  • Antoine Robinson
    Antoine Robinson Год назад +34

    Now you turn your nose up at the ladies cause they having a little fun but you the same person who brings ridiculous to strip at parties, digging in your booty half naked in front of someone else's man , and even thotin and bopping with Mr chocolate while being married , but you judging the other ladies , but this whole restoration was your idea. And the only bitch who ain't restored is you and porsha

  • Averyahna
    Averyahna Год назад +8

    These are women who haven't been there for her going thru the divorce besides Porsha so why would she want 2 celebrate with them. Maybe she not up 2 celebrating. Ppl just always find something wrong with any situation.


    And, the Academy Award for the best actress goes to phekedra parks

  • Vanessa Turner
    Vanessa Turner Год назад +2

    Kenya is sexy as hell

  • Aseye shelta Viola
    Aseye shelta Viola Год назад +4

    no matter how phedra is fake she knows how to be diplomatic with the ladies ..

  • Angel Del Valle
    Angel Del Valle Год назад +16

    She talking about her marriage like it was so pure and holy!! Lol sit down phedra lol!! Weren't you talking to mr chocolate while Apolo was in prison? ?? Collect 20 dollars and board the underground railroad train with porsha

  • Tomara Doss
    Tomara Doss Год назад +5

    Yeah right Phaedra....Now this is the part I don't like about her...

  • Abigial Rosser
    Abigial Rosser Год назад +7

    Of course Porsha would be the one who doesn't come close to the penis. She's been licking you know what instead 🐱🐱😂

  • Let go Let god
    Let go Let god Год назад

    omg kiss the penis

  • Chattyjay
    Chattyjay Год назад +2

    Housewives, where?!! There is only one, and it is Kandi

    • Chattyjay
      Chattyjay Год назад

      All because it is old doesn't make it invalid, so you get over it.

    • maproductions
      maproductions Год назад +1

      old argument. get over it. on all the series (other cities, etc.) there is a mixture of types.

  • TishLovingMetoPieces
    TishLovingMetoPieces Год назад

    Porsha should have left with Phaedra

    • maproductions
      maproductions Год назад +5

      why? phaedra left her under the bus when she was the original gossiper about kandi and women. phaedra didn't step up as her 'friend' and explain the details for her. so really?

  • Arsene Mpaki
    Arsene Mpaki Год назад +45

    So Apollo was allowed to cheat, spend stupid amounts of PHAEDRA'S money at strip clubs but she's a devil for seeing somebody else when her and Apollo separated? Yes she should've waited until she was divorced but I hate the fact that women are expected to remain loyal to a disrespectful man that she's emotionally and mentally divorced from. Legally took time but it was going down that route. Plus Apollo needs to stop playing the victim

    • D. D.
      D. D. 5 месяцев назад


    • Mommy Southslow
      Mommy Southslow Год назад +6

      Arsene Mpaki no one cares about that really. I think the point is that people are assuming she just didn't want to celebrate her divorce because she's a Christian woman and divorce is frowned upon. But so is talking to another man and all the other sinful things she's done

    • Britney Bulger
      Britney Bulger Год назад +6

      Arsene Mpaki girl apollo was spending his own dirty money Be fr

    • shugapie2
      shugapie2 Год назад +3

      Actually it was his dirty money that she knew about. Remember, both said it was not her money.

    • Andrea Wallace
      Andrea Wallace Год назад

      Arsene Mpaki when you say yes she should have waited contradicts your whole statement

  • TheRenegadeStarr
    TheRenegadeStarr Год назад +59

    That kiss the poster game looks hilarious lol! And phadrea... you MOCKED marriage when you married a man straight out of prison and chose him to be your children's father. And then basically admitted to conversing with other men before apollo left. I cant stand her. Why did she show up? Fun sucker. Idk why kenya tries with her.

    • Andrea Wallace
      Andrea Wallace Год назад +2

      Bambam1990 not that she couldn't she shouldn't have

    • Bambam1990
      Bambam1990 Год назад +3

      you sound stupid...because Apollo had a record that means Phaedra couldn't marry him? that's basically saying half of these married mean in the world with a record shouldn't get married because it would be mocking.

    • Bambam1990
      Bambam1990 Год назад +7

      you sound stupid...because Apollo had a record that means Phaedra couldn't marry him? that's basically saying half of these married mean in the world with a record shouldn't get married because it would be mocking.

  • J.L. F.
    J.L. F. Год назад +4

    Phaedra all but admitted that she was thinking of looking outside her marriage. If she really wanted to NOT mock the Sanctity of marriage than she would not of divorced Apollo. She would pray for herself and her husband lives to be righteous. If I am sad that I am getting a divorce than I probably would not like a Divorce Party. I would just say so. If I was Phaedra then I would act sadity and holier than thou and use my religion of convenience. A true Christian woman would not even be on a show like RHOA. They would be too busy saving souls and speaking to the masses about Jesus Christ. Not wearing a raunchy swimsuit on National TV. ✌deuces.
    ***Disclaimer*** If you or someone you love is in a physical or verbal abusive relationship seek help.

  • Alfreda Calbert
    Alfreda Calbert Год назад +2

    Why are they calling Porsha gay, it was Phaedra who said Kandi was gay and In the closet? Porsha did make a comment bur Phaedra is the one Kandi should met wish, not Porsha! Side note- when your boyfriend/husband tells you if he was not with you, he would be with your friend that means this is the female to make a best friend, not the one to attack and humiliate! (the guys chose Porsha as the girl they would have if not with them).

    • TheRenegadeStarr
      TheRenegadeStarr Год назад +3

      Alfreda Calbert you don't watch the show. Kandi still doesn't know it was Phadrea. So how could she redirect all this to phadrea instead when she's always quiet? So yes porsha is gonna get the heat. Especially for saying she wanted to eat Kandi out. You should really watch the show.

    • Alfreda Calbert
      Alfreda Calbert Год назад +1

      TheRenegadeStarr - I heard Kandi read that Porsha was not going to rape her in camera. It was still Phaedra who said Kandi was gay and In the closest, so why isn't Kandi attacking Phaedra. Even if Porsha is gay, while I don't think she is, Phaedra said Kandi was gay! I think the whole gay "story line" was just that, a story line to keep fans interested. That it is probably why she went after Porsha instead of Kandi. If Porsha was with females, she can just admit like Kandi and drop this just like the "fake" abusive relationship Kenya was pretending to be in with Matt! This is not important and I don't plan to make any more comments because I think of this is fake rachetness because fans have said they only watch to see the messiness and ratchet behavior!

    • TheRenegadeStarr
      TheRenegadeStarr Год назад +4

      Alfreda Calbert excuse me did porsha not say she wasnt gonna rape kandi on camera and she wanted to eat her out??? Why are you asking about porsha being lesbian, not gay.

  • shawna lewine
    shawna lewine Год назад +160

    *Phaedra is the First Lady of the "Sanctimonious, Hypocritical, Two Faced, Seventh Day Adventist, Baptist Church, of Judas Hoes"...I can't stand this bitch!*

    • LyriC' B.
      LyriC' B. Месяц назад

      Shes not a hoe

    • Isis Adaeze Neal
      Isis Adaeze Neal Год назад +1

      3BuckHead peassss!! lol

    • 3BuckHead
      3BuckHead Год назад +6

      I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way about Phaedra. Get her damn ass off the show, NOW!!!!!!

    • NaturalElicia
      NaturalElicia Год назад

      shawna lewine oh my...

    • Ti D
      Ti D Год назад +1

      shawna lewine this funny as heck LMmfao

  • kj's girl
    kj's girl Год назад +16

    unintended shade, i'm sure, but why pick a game that reminds phaedra of the whole "head doctor" thing and kenya "alledgedly" offering to "kiss (apollo's) penis"? "push phaedra in the tub" was probably next!

    • kj's girl
      kj's girl Год назад +5

      blkdrummergrl lol, just kidding! but if phaedra and kenya will be "friends", anything apollo will be off limits, like this party! kenya was his fantasy girl and that will always be a hard pill for phaedra to swallow!

    • maproductions
      maproductions Год назад +1

      +kj's girl I don't know about all that. You might want to inquire from Phaedra. She has the best stripper connections.

    • kj's girl
      kj's girl Год назад

      blkdrummergrl what? they play dirty freaky kinky sex games at bachlorette parties? wow! i even heard rumors that a man sometimes comes and puts his dingaling in women's faces too!

    • maproductions
      maproductions Год назад +3

      it was just a game. similar games are played at bachelorette parties. and it was for cynthia also. miss friendship-restoration-service phaedra was just being salty cause she wants the world to think she has high morals.. that whole 'head doctor' thing was something Nene said many years ago. And then Kenya thing as well. it's so funny what producers can get the sheep to think about.

  • Luv4musiq Luv4Art
    Luv4musiq Luv4Art Год назад +3

    the title makes no sense what wives? 😂😂😂

  • Felisha Lewis
    Felisha Lewis Год назад +8

    I like Kenya she has her ways and all of them do, I mean hell she the only one that was going to let Porscha play and be apart of the divorce party. Even know that don't like each other.

  • John Givens
    John Givens Год назад +5

    I wouldn't want to partake in a celebration of something negative let alone with someone who was flirting with my husband and texting him and two other people who were involved in a chocolate rumor no mame especially Kenya Moore whore

  • Independent Politics
    Independent Politics Год назад +6

    Well atleast the women are bonding :-)

  • linda lawrence
    linda lawrence Год назад +7

    Kandi you married, I hope Todd can forgive you for sucking another man's penis on "camera"....

    • linda lawrence
      linda lawrence Год назад +2

      Ain't that something.....you so right....Todd probably tired of getting his dick sucked every night any how....Apollo probably glad to be away from Phaedra...legally sucking his dick every night...Peter got so tired of Cynthia sucking his dick bald...he moved out of town...Kenya sucked Matt's dick so much...he went crazy....I don't suck dick...but if I did ain't no way in hell I would suck a cross-eyed motherfucker's dick...Sharae gonna suck Bob's eyeballs out his head....seem like Porshia may have liked her some Todd...even though nothing happened....how you gonna your Todd's dick every night and not be thinking about Kandi's Todd....wander what Nene would say about these Real Housewives.....

    • kj's girl
      kj's girl Год назад +4

      linda lawrence todd won't mind! she'll bring the poster back to their room for a threesome, lol!

    • mimi o
      mimi o Год назад +4

      linda lawrence lololol a poster?😂😂😂😂

    • TheRenegadeStarr
      TheRenegadeStarr Год назад +10

      linda lawrence what are you talking about?

  • linda lawrence
    linda lawrence Год назад +2

    Setting examples for our young ladies of tomorrow.....lawyer, model, songwriter, pageant winner...successful beautiful black mothers, sisters....sucking "dick" is not the answer....y'all have sons and daughters, step children who are watching this show...even your Mamas and Daddies "WTF"....Southern Belles....um um ummmm....

  • thalrg22
    thalrg22 Год назад +76

    None of these women are actually wishing her the best,I wouldnt "celebrate" my divorce with them either. These women are her co-workers,not her actual friends and one of them had a large part toward the end of her marriage...Why tf on earth would she ever laugh and celebrate with these bitches? I swear the comments on the actual Bravo page be so delusional and just sucking Kandi and Kenya dry,ugh. I gotta go watch this elsewhere.smh

    • BetterThanEmril
      BetterThanEmril Год назад +4

      thalrg22 then she should leave the show. Problem solved.

    • BFick478
      BFick478 Год назад +25

      Oh please....Phaedra picks and chooses when she wants to be holier than though. Get the freak outta here!! She is making bogus excuses and didnt want to be married to Apollo anymore anyway. She is happy to be divorced and needs to keep it real for ONCE

    • Macio Alladin
      Macio Alladin Год назад +1

      thalrg22 ikr.. damn

    • cynthia bates
      cynthia bates Год назад +1

      thalrg22 nobody had anything to do with her marriage being over. you can't put that on nobody. if she would've been honest with herself instead of trying to fake a marriage that seemed to be over before out started she would not be feeling that way.

    • Joel Fuller
      Joel Fuller Год назад

      Same! agree w everything u said.

  • jennifer Loy fairhurst
    jennifer Loy fairhurst Год назад +16

    Why is this p r ogramme becoming so vulgar?

    • riley shields
      riley shields Год назад

      Yelly Yellez i dont get you what are u tryna say? bottom line, they having fun, harmless.

    • riley shields
      riley shields Год назад +2

      jennifer Loy fairhurst i never said it was. i was just saying if they wanna kiss a cartoon dick then they are entitled to and I'm glad they're having fun. Phaedra can leave if she wants i dont dispute that. also, why do they need to be classy? as long as they're having fun that's all that matters.

    • jennifer Loy fairhurst
      jennifer Loy fairhurst Год назад +2

      riley shields not ladylike or classy, she's never been married and the end of a marriage is sad not a celebration dolt.

    • jennifer Loy fairhurst
      jennifer Loy fairhurst Год назад +2

      Piss off lol

    • TheMusicalFeeling
      TheMusicalFeeling Год назад +3

      Lol go away

  • D Alexandria
    D Alexandria Год назад +2

    Whys she acting like that? Wtf

  • Diasha Brooks
    Diasha Brooks Год назад +12

    Is this the same Phaedra Parks tht introduced us all to the male stripper ReDICKulous ??? Oh okay , lets get all holy during this Divorce Party & walk away ...

  • Marc Galvan
    Marc Galvan Год назад +8

    we all know porsha don't want to kiss no penis its a vajay she wants to kiss.

  • Sam Adams
    Sam Adams Год назад +6

    I just know Kandi's gonna be in the confessional saying: "I knew Porsha wouldn't end up anywhere near the penis. duh." LOL

  • Daryl Smith
    Daryl Smith Год назад +2

    Porsha knew what she was doing when she kissed that poster dick photo she wanted to head right near the corner to let them know im down with the coodie 🐱

  • J P
    J P Год назад +15

    I think it's about control. Phaedra just doesn't want these women in her business period and she will decide who and how she celebrates her divorce

  • bapp0485
    bapp0485 Год назад +23

    I can understand where Phaedras coming from. regardless of what happened in a marriage, not everybody wants to celebrate a divorce. And that's ok.

  • SC: mannyo.sauce
    SC: mannyo.sauce Год назад +2

    Omfg i swear ive never hated a housewife more than i hate Phaedra. She literally makes me gunna cut myself vertically

    • Karen Kyanja
      Karen Kyanja Год назад

      M Omar 😂😂😂

    • Peanut Butter
      Peanut Butter Год назад

      M Omar I don't know why I'm so weak at this comment lmao 😂💯💀

  • philly13900
    philly13900 Год назад +8

    Phaedra is so extra sometimes. why go if ure going to be a party pooper

    Ara SEPULVEDA. Год назад +3

    phaedra stfu bitch u did the right thing n left the room

  • zgizelle Cozart
    zgizelle Cozart Год назад +3

    I see the rumors that candy and other people spread about Phaedra Parks has turned into people that don't even know Phaedra Parks saying that she actually slept with someone. all of the rumors that have been on edge with Miss Phaedra Parks but nobody has ever came out and said that she slept with they slept with her why is that why is it that mr. chocolate or any other man has never came out and said they slept with Phaedra Parks why haven't we found any alleged man that slept with Phaedra Parks while she was still married it's funny that you are still believe these rumors coming from kandie.
    A gay b**** that's been in the go both ways done f***** everybody in the music industry she has been tossed around so many times m************ them a songs about f****** candy candy f***** a married man and had a bastard baby and you all believe anything that come out of candy mouth her character already tell you you can trust her her character already tells you if she's not with you she's going to tell everything on you the b**** came home or two but she can hold a fake dick and a real dick she can hold another woman's man's dick and have a have that man's baby and you won't believe chandie of the Phaedra which ain't nobody found no receipt that they just eat it ain't nobody found no receipt that says your fuckness mix to chocolate all of them know the man Mr chocolate Phaedra already said she know mr. chocolate. I think she was mad at one of those girls in that she was mad at somebody she was mad at one of them that's why she didn't want to stay she was something happened something happened and it's going to come out.