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Автор 陳柏瑋 ( назад)
He is laughing.He's an asshole,but it's OK. hahahahahaha

Автор tony medina ( назад)
I was expecting a fist fight...

Автор Real Madrid ( назад)
what he said Roger Federer an asshole.wow

Автор MuscleSheriff ( назад)
Stan is the best

Автор Aaron Sanroe ( назад)
whats this trending bullshit on youtube now?!

Автор Paige Doherty ( назад)
This is the best possible way to react after losing, much respect 👏🏼

Автор Rani L ( назад)
Stan is my fav after Marat. Marat safin pure class. And sexy. I miss Marat so much. Stan is great too:) Novak is booring.

Автор Stone W ( назад)
Big Federer fan, but he seems to forget when he also was crying on court after a major match. Wasn't that long ago.....

Автор Erik Tomas ( назад)
Fuck me and my previous comment.

Автор JordanjamesX ( назад)
I like Stan he is so fucking real he has a no bullshit or pretentious demeanor like Federer and Murray and Djokovic. He speaks his mind😀

Автор mtrotter2 ( назад)
class act

Автор Wolfram Gonzalez ( назад)
#2 Great Athlete! Class Act! Very Good player. Wrawinka is a gentleman!

Автор davidc4897 ( назад)
Is this a new meme?

Автор Jerry Huang ( назад)
Real men do cry, it shows passion

Автор Kingston Gapate ( назад)
I remember Roddick called Roger a "Fucking Dick" when they shook hands jokingly, of course. It was in Toronto 2004, I think.

Автор Herr Wunderbar ( назад)
speaking of assholes...why dont you point to your head after every lost point?

Автор I speak loudly and my stick is quite small. ( назад)
Click bate

Автор Paul Crossley ( назад)
Wrawrinka is just being very classy here, knowing that calling Federer an asshole will make Federer feel less guilty and himself feel for a few minutes like the gracious loser. How do you concede defeat at a high level? Can't be easy​.

Автор Grazi Fumaria ( назад)
Stan....you are right...he is an asshole, if you were a little more "asshole" like him , you probably would have a few more trophies, you are better than you think you are!

Автор tuhmato ( назад)
Misleading title. I thought he was mad at him

Автор channelwatchv ( назад)
It's 2017. Only white people watch tennis.

Автор Jerrad Grinstead ( назад)
There's a lot more important things being said than "asshole", asshole.

Автор sum guy ( назад)
who are the two people at 0:45? they were on screen a bunch of times during the match

Автор Chris Nyholm ( назад)
Hahaha best post match speech ever

Автор Draganita Chiquita ( назад)
So, what's the big deal with this.. Stan just said the truth..

Автор machivellisucs ( назад)
think he was joking. they know each other so well. back in the 70s and 80s there were some real aholes and b*tches. but it made for intetesting drama and emotional matches.

Автор roberto carluccio ( назад)
Stan enjoked, obvious !!!

Автор Madeleine Hague ( назад)
I thought I would really find it offensive when Wawrinka said "asshole" but it seems not so bad, these two Swiss guys poking fun at each other. Especially when Fed bursts out laughing. Federer is such a gent, so that was fun to see.

Автор prad s ( назад)
Federer is a troll. lol

Автор all sports ( назад)
Federer Is the best ❤😍

Автор Suzanne King ( назад)

Автор Stewart Boyd ( назад)
Wonderful ambassadors for the game

Автор Kayak1088 ( назад)
I luv Tommy Haas

Автор RobRossiFan ( назад)
It's too early for Feder to retire. so many acomplishments this year, the career is at very PEEK
Top form!

Автор Soaring Hawk ( назад)
Insert "Kyrgios" delete Roger from the asshole comment and now you got it right Stan

Автор John Mallory ( назад)
Why is he crying? It's not even a grand slam.

Автор GOATAli ( назад)
What a fooking pussy, Stan.....Hate to see you if something bad happened.

Автор Simon Lim ( назад)
You need a great man to make another great man. Both are great players.

Автор mattn5160 ( назад)
Both are a class act and role-models for other athletes.

Автор Stewart Harvey-Wilson ( назад)
Wow, just goes to show, you have to hear for your self ,when someone says so and so said?    It's never the same spoken. What a brilliant thing to say , "I am a fan congratulations " about the AO etc .Stan Wawrinka is a true jem and Novak , Murray well we'll have to wait and see what happens with them? I hope they heal well and health doesn't get to in the way...

Автор Tennis Tennisgod ( назад)
Roger Federer does never leave a wife and kids like asshole Wawrinka(and become a 19-year-old girl and lover)

Автор Khaled4life ( назад)
They are friends so no Fed was not disrespectful

Автор Syed Ishrathullah ( назад)
Even though I am a die hard fan of Roger ...I love Stan's honesty and outrightness in saying things the way they are ..And it is reflective of the way he plays the game as well.. In this instance... the reason Stan got miffed slightly was because he was at one of his low moments ( havs anyone ever ever seen Stan cry ..atleast I havent or it's very rare) .Stan felt Roger didnt react the way he expected him to..said what he had to say and moved on.. Compare this to the classic 'GOD IT@S KILLLING ME moment at the Australian open which got us all to choke.. and look at Nadal's reaction where he was so humble... I guess it's the way different people are... but tennis wise and as a gentleman -- Roger is and will always be a legend...Well done Stan... I'd like to see you win more..Good luck.

Автор tennis addict ( назад)
Disgraceful, disgusting behaviour from Federer. Imagine crying and then looking up to congradulate your opponent and he is laughing at u. Did Rafa laugh at Federer at AO 09. No, because Rafa is a class act, unlike Federer.

Автор Sam Honiball ( назад)
I love Stans comment. Clearly light hearted considering the two are great friends, great rivals and have played many doubles matches together so they are obviously strong friends. It's good to hear speeches with a bit of humour instead of the usual 'he played well blah blah blah.' congrats to the legend that is Federer on another huge win of 2017 :-)

Автор toto momo ( назад)
stan is funny, dare to say something different than other usual boring speech

Автор KoKo ( назад)
liberal, snowflakes can you learn when someone is joking around?

Автор Trudy Holmm ( назад)
stan is such an emotional guy always gives credit to roger. he has huge respect for roger imo. even though sometimes stan may be quite rude i would say. stan is frank doesnt know to play the hypocrite guy like djoko.

Автор Nathan ( назад)
Stan is the Man !

Автор Andrea Ho ( назад)
You are the man, Stan! Roger is the GOAT, but you're a great player either. Can't wait to see your next titles, Stan!

Автор ACEJune HANDBALL ( назад)
some people are trying to give Fed a hard time about his reaction to Stan. People forget that no one win or lose shows their emotions more than Federer. The guy had to be consoled by Nadal after his loss. If anyone understood how Stan was feeling, it was Fed. They have been friends for years, it was all fun and games. For all we know, Stan always pokes fun at Federer for always crying lol

Автор Joe Lim ( назад)
I hope Stan wins wimbledon!

Автор Zainab Omer ( назад)
Didn't expect Stan to be so emotional for an Indian Wells final. Maybe a Grand Slam but not Indian Wells.

Автор italkcrab ( назад)
0:48 When he saw Roger laughing lol

Автор Alexia Is On Fire ( назад)
i love the emotion from stan, shows the passion

Автор Zeljko Pantovic ( назад)
Placu kao devojcice :)

Автор Jeane Naisse ( назад)
this shows how close they are. they can joke like that and they don't get offended because they know each other well :)

Автор Joe Publico ( назад)
Federer truly is the greatest of all time. Djokovic does not hold a candle to him.

Автор DjokerNoleCristi yo ( назад)
I like this guy. You can tell he is going through all these emotions during his speech, he wanted this trophy very bad, yet he was able to deliver a spiritual joke about it, and make the whole stadium laugh .

Автор italkcrab ( назад)
Roger and Stan are like Goku and Vegeta..

Автор Calvin Chiu ( назад)
It's all good. They are good friends and it was just a joke. They are both cool gentlemen.

Автор doopledenger ( назад)
i need stan to be number 1 and 2 alongside federer they are both veryyy great players

Автор le veilleur non silencieux ( назад)

Автор ahmed shakir ( назад)

Автор ahmed shakir ( назад)
fed is an asshole

Автор ahmed shakir ( назад)
I think fed is an idiot

Автор Kittyhome ( назад)
Stan the man!

Автор R Shivesh ( назад)
Anyone remember after the 2016 US Open final? How Stan a few days after winning the final came and said he was in pain mentally throughout the tournament, especially the semifinal?
I mean, as a player who's won 3 Grand Slams, I just don't see Stan crying because he lost to Federer. I think that Stan might be struggling with some other problems, and thus puts so much into tennis as a distraction even. Maybe that's why this loss hurt so much.
Of course all of this is just pure conjecture.

Автор JX1900XJ ( назад)
gotta love Stan - great person & fantastic player to watch

Автор LB Rudz ( назад)
Roger is an asshole taking all the glory ...2017 was suppose to be the Stan's year .

Автор broman178 ( назад)
Only Wawrinka has the balls to swear even in an interview (like when he said "hes so fucking strong" after his loss to Djokovic in the 2013 US Open) or trophy ceremony (like this one). Most other players, even those who do swear when things don't go their way (like Murray or Kyrgios) are more reserved during interviews or trophy ceremonies. Felt sorry for him though as he clearly was emotional and disappointed to lose the match, hope he does beat Federer again in the future and also win another Masters 1000 title as a three time Grand Slam champion like him deserves more than one Masters 1000 title.

Автор Veronique Braem ( назад)
Then I must be his second best fan, Stan, but congratulations to you too!

Автор eren mori ( назад)
love how some call him Stan the Man! reminds a little of fellow Swiss female player Martina Hingis who was called the Swiss Miss. and Federer is or was called by some the Maestro.

Автор Privatserver WoW ( назад)
I think both are assholes. And besides everybody who wrote anything too.

Автор Fabrizio Pestilli ( назад)
Well you lost against the king of kings, man!

Автор Bhupender Singh Negi ( назад)
These guys are awesome.. you can only call someone an ass hole in front of the whole audience and people watching on TV worldwide when you have such bromance..Swiss Sons in action..

Автор Jeff Spence ( назад)
They are best buds.

Автор Erik Tomas ( назад)
No actually Roger was in fact being an asshole. Not exactly news. He got away with it here.

Автор UpTheButtWithPower ( назад)
I wonder if he'll get fined for swearing.

Автор Beth Spiroff ( назад)
You gotta wonder what type of relationship they have. Can Stan ever get out of his shadow? Does Fed resent him? DO they really get along?

Автор TheAmazeer ( назад)
they are friends and swiss too. he tells him he is an asshole because they are friend and roger was smiling when stan was emotional about him..

Автор ohorok2 ( назад)
Sorry Stan, you are not good enough :P

Автор boowonder888 ( назад)
stan sounds like nadal when speaking English.

Автор Mr. Weed ( назад)
im very proud to be swiss and those two guys are the reason

Автор Nicolas Zunker ( назад)
I came here hyped to see some beef between these two but I was even happier to see the friendly banter between them

Автор pascquallo ( назад)
1:37 very left...federers sister?

Автор minibeast21 ( назад)
these 2 are clearly close friends off the court for Fed to take asshole comment in humorous way he did

Автор A Roper ( назад)
I like Stanimal - tough to see him lose but also great to see Federer win at the same time.

Автор Lars Michaelis ( назад)
i hate it when my these two have to fighht each other. like them both so much. go on stan. roland garros is coming

Автор Sri Harsha Chowdary ( назад)
From 2012 to 2016... 5 years he didn't won a grand slam now how it is possible for 35 years aged person with that much stamina never seen in his young age either....Stan fight for hard every match with 3 sets almost and he is in final but Federer never lost single set and he is not even sweating during the final at that much heat at the court even audience sweating too...I have a doubt he may be used DRUGS or some thing because he is the oldest ever win this at age 35 in Tennis history all other legends retired at this age...how it is possible for beating powerful youngsters at this age with this much stamina...i think his parents are pharmaceutical professionals....No federer fan will agree this but even though hard work he seems to be never tired while other players were tired during 5 sets in many matches...

Автор Yoram Pohl ( назад)
who else has replayed 55 seconds more than once

Автор Alex BG1 ( назад)
I see Tommy Haas in every tennis video now. A minute ago he was watching a women's match, then he is in a music video with Fed and Dimitrov and now he is presenting the trophy.

Автор Paul Lo ( назад)
he probably played the best of his life and lost to his best friend,it's the reason he's so emotional

Автор Mayo ( назад)
They are friends.

Автор Kurdt Fitzgerald ( назад)
Clickbait at its best

Автор John Trinh ( назад)
Love your backhand, Stan.

Автор Karen Catania ( назад)
Hilarious, at least they have a sense of humor!

Автор Krakolio ( назад)
I didn't know it meant so much to Stan :O I feel sorry for him now.

Автор ghostboy 1312 ( назад)
w8 was tommy haas the tourney director??

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