The Flash 3x17 Melissa Benoist Interview "Duet" (HD) Musical Crossover with Supergirl

The Flash 3x17 "Duet" Season 3 Episode 17 Interview - Melissa Benoist discusses her role in The Flash and Supergirl musical crossover "Duet" airing this Tuesday on The CW. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on Youtube for more The Flash season 3 promos in HD!

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The Flash 3x17 Interview/Preview "Duet"
The Flash Season 3 Episode 17 Interview
The Flash 3x17 Interview "Duet" (HD)

» Watch The Flash Tuesdays at 8:00pm/7c on The CW
» Starring: Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, Carlos Valdes, Tom Cavanagh

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Автор Ramon Smith ( назад)
FUCKING MUSICAL GARBAGE!!! Get your heads out of your dumb asses, unless of course you just plan to LOSE all your loyal fans. WTF!!!!! Keep that musical shit out of Sci-Fi action shows!! FUCK!!!!

Автор WaterSparkle ( назад)
Her hair looks so good and soft

Автор Madhur Bain ( назад)
If anyone finds this useless just go and see the very first headline on the newspaper from episode 10!!

Автор Blighted Spirit ( назад)
Why does no one understand how much a big of a part this will play in Iris's survivability.

Автор assassinsknight ( назад)
She's probably thinking that going on a lower budget for the CW was best result she could've gotten, know she can be on 4 shows.

Автор Radioactive Milksheik ( назад)
she is sooooo hotttt

Автор Tara Z ( назад)
Did anyone else notice that at 0:03, Melissa was trying to refrain from laughing. These two are just pure magic together and it's clear they are comfortable with each other, which is probably why the Karamel scenes seem so realistic, honest and addictive.

Автор Katherine Monrose ( назад)
#Karamel is everything! #Endgame Can't wait to see the episode!

Автор Sign4lyf ( назад)
I am actually really excited for this and that Karamel scene really just wet my appetite ❤

Автор Ezriela86 ( назад)
Awww!! They are so cute! Love seeing them together! I really hope that is #KARAMEL ice cream they're eating. ;)

Автор Shyam ( назад)
Ugh when is mon El gonna die his abusive and controlling ass needs to get far away from Kara

Автор Stefany Gv ( назад)
Mon-El likes musicals!! he just keep getting better and better <3

Автор Vin U ( назад)

Автор TheMewLife Eats ( назад)
looks to be another great karamel couch scene :)

Автор maxcardun ( назад)
Oh Well it could be worse....we could get another season of Agent Carter.

Автор Negan ( назад)
The musical crossover is going to be so bad

Автор Joe Reynolds ( назад)

Автор Miro0oMariam ( назад)
i think my rewind button is gonna break just because of #karamel

Автор Emily Hastings ( назад)
melissa and grant were both on glee

Автор 30secondstomarsMBH ( назад)
Because of course, lets just have a random musical episode where our superheroes are singing.

Why do you people want this?

They're superheros, not singers.

This is utterly ridiculous.

Автор sheflashedus ( назад)
Melissa is such a lovable dorky sweetheart.

Автор bethy ( назад)
I was expecting Music Meister to show up after Mon El mentioned musical movies.
Music Meister is finally gonna get his revenge on the flash bc of that smoothie he threw in his face (This was a joke)
And before y'all start whining,Music Meister is one of the greatest villains and this crossover could be a part of the future that leads up to Iris' death,if she dies,we don't know if she will or not. The speedforce said that Barry can change the future

Автор aesthetic bitch ( назад)
Dios, nada los complace. Que odian a mon el y quieren que se vaya y ahora que ya no van a ver este episodio porque va a ser aburrido. Dejen de ver sg si tanto estan odiando los capitulos y listo.

Автор Damian Grey ( назад)
can i down-vote more than once? this is crap. flash and supergirl are already sub par this season and we need a useless stupid episode to remind us how crappy this season has been ?

Автор mchl bae ( назад)
I love Music Meister and I love Kara and Barry working together and I love musicals so I'm in heaven!! Bring it to me! 🎧🎼😍

Автор Official Kanye West Channel ( назад)

Автор King 7 ( назад)
Even Barry and Kara would be a better couple than Barry and Iris...

Автор Dylan Southern ( назад)

Автор Kenrick Bautista ( назад)
This crossover is gonna be sweet! A musical episode? How cool can The Flash be?

Автор RoseBookFan#7 ( назад)
And everyone should just give it a chance before they go 😝
The music miester is one of the most dangerous weirdest & entertaining villains in the DC universe & that makes sense with the episode they're doing.
U can't judge an episode by its previews😊☺️ plus... A GLEE REUNION 😀😁😆🎶🎵

Автор Rouslane Maouz ( назад)
I want to see abra kadabra vs barry and the savitar reveal grodd damnit

Автор Alex ( назад)
Will skip this episode

They are out of ideas, this is just sad

Автор Miro0oMariam ( назад)
SO #karamel are not gonna break up after all yay :D

Автор Julian .0728 ( назад)
Kara and Mon-El on the couch eating ice-cream and being adorable. I'm dead!! #karamel

Автор MsFriendsfan4ever ( назад)
Barry/Kara are friendship goals

Автор Abhishek Saha ( назад)
Super Girl, you are awesome..I love you..your smile turns me on..you are such a beautiful creation of God..God bless ya..

Автор waterbutter1999 ( назад)
Karamel is everything.

Автор Fawzy utd ( назад)
Bruh , even this interview is a speedster

Автор Kristians Silis ( назад)
definetely will watching this! who else?

Автор Supermon Xoxo ( назад)


Автор The speedster ( назад)
I'm early ;(

Автор Ketty Ketty ( назад)
love this filmserie so much and also the characters ❤️

Автор Lego Ghost Rider ( назад)
This is basically a Glee reunion. Whatever. Still looking forward to this crossover.

Автор Andrew Collings ( назад)
4th comment!

Автор Caleb Smith ( назад)
another crossover lol

Автор John Jones ( назад)
Fuckin Musicals.

Автор Aldair Solis ( назад)

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