Rossmann.Realty.S02E07.Close to the end

  • Published on Nov 13, 2019
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Comments • 631

  • Johnypcd
    Johnypcd 2 days ago

    BMW M3

  • sofal
    sofal 4 days ago

    Get business credit cards and put on all the costs of prepping the place. Carry the balances forward with 0 interest. There are plenty of credit cards with 0% intro purchase APR for 12-18 mo (e.g., Chase Ink Bold, AMEX Blue Business). Chase and AMEX usually give you high credit lines. This can give you runway for a year at least. After 6mo, though, get other business cards and put your spend on those new ones while you start paying off the balance of the first couple before their promo APR ends. Rinse repeat. Use credit cards. They are perfect for 30-40k or perhaps more depending on your existing relationship with them.

  • Random User
    Random User 7 days ago

    Just noticed something. It says employees only. He went through it....

  • Jim Terracall
    Jim Terracall 13 days ago

    After seeing you walking in to work in the morning I had 2 thoughts.
    1. Pretty much everyone else is already there and working. Not many business owners can say that. You are a lucky man.
    2. You should probably narrow down your search for future employees to ex-navy submarine crew. You have definitely gotten everything out of the space you are in.
    Good luck with your move. No doubt you have it already. Just getting situated in the new place is a huge undertaking.

  • Lucius Kiirus
    Lucius Kiirus 15 days ago

    I disagree. It does not matter if the other side is being fair or not. The buyer has a fiduciary responsibility to get as good of a deal as possible and same goes for the seller. All that matters is if both the buy and seller agree to the terms. No need to feel any moral obligation except to your own pocket. I would like to make this part of the Rules of acquisition, but it's not. However I am still right.

  • Eric Norcross Official

    The MB onramp takes forever to climb... but vlogging while doing it? U in shape L...

  • christian
    christian 16 days ago

    youre going to miss eating the waffle fries and wings from Atomic Wings 😋

  • Zeek M
    Zeek M 16 days ago

    Rossmann I think you're in the wrong line of work. You seem to be more cut out to be an investigator.
    I fully expect to hear that you've been murdered.
    Tell you a little something, when one bank turns you down they call all the other banks and tell them to turn you down.
    Banks are just another form of mafia that this country is having to tolerate for now.

  • dan
    dan 17 days ago

    nice trip through the city

  • Damián "el Salsuero"
    Damián "el Salsuero" 17 days ago

    Wait... what happened to the six months of half rent? Did they go back on their word on that?

  • Bartek eŚ
    Bartek eŚ 17 days ago

    Damn it hurts every time when you show your current place. Claustrophobicly small!

  • Kevin Bhasi
    Kevin Bhasi 17 days ago

    0:07 NEGATIVE FOUR DEGREES?!?!?!?!?! I really wonder how Louis was able to survive, as I'm someone who seems to frequently catch colds.

  • uiqbal11
    uiqbal11 18 days ago

    Rossman please be normal and use centigrade like the rest of the world for temperature

  • Rickbearcat
    Rickbearcat 19 days ago

    That "dump" got you to where you are today. Have a little respect for your roots.

  • Greg K.
    Greg K. 21 day ago

    Louis Rossmann did not kill himself.

  • Louis Foster
    Louis Foster 21 day ago

    I never realized how small your store was, I bet your going to do backflips every time you walk into the new store.

  • Ian Bamberger
    Ian Bamberger 22 days ago

    What bike path are you on?

  • Nikola Rusty Tesla III


  • Orlando Rodrigues
    Orlando Rodrigues 22 days ago

    If they made that place any nicer, you couldn't afford it.

  • Kale Mercer
    Kale Mercer 22 days ago

    @Louis Rossmann you should send the guy from the panty hose place all the sales people a grand-opening invitation, and a copy of this lease or the general info to tell them "I did find better!".

  • Kale Mercer
    Kale Mercer 22 days ago

    @Louis Rossmann you should send the guy from the panty hose place all the sales people a grand-opening invitation, and a copy of this lease or the general info to tell them "I did find better!".

  • Robert Slackware
    Robert Slackware 22 days ago +1

    They really go nuts when you point out God is in hell. He violated that coveting thy neighbors wife commandment, even knocked up Joseph's wife Mary. The rule was written in stone long before he coveted Mary.

  • Aaron Lowe
    Aaron Lowe 22 days ago

    Your office is like a long tube of toothpaste with everyone squeezed into a corridor.

  • Aaron Lowe
    Aaron Lowe 22 days ago

    That's such a pathetic attitude these other people have, that the only way to make a profit is to artificially keep the people incompetent. Wow, these people must feel so proud of their shit. Spend their whole life shitting on people then put a medal on their chest.

  • paul harding
    paul harding 23 days ago

    A person with a specific client requirement, and only one client can be their own best broker. Congrats on finding the space.

  • Vladimir Gavrilenko
    Vladimir Gavrilenko 23 days ago

    When the new store is coming up? I will come by, just for sake of it ;)

  • jesse diaz
    jesse diaz 23 days ago

    Wow you're in good shape you pass a dude like nothing and he was standing to pedal

  • Quinn Salmon
    Quinn Salmon 23 days ago

    I think a flat floor is a good idea for retail

  • Bartosz Jankoś
    Bartosz Jankoś 23 days ago

    The whole idea of you teaching people and being unable to get loan for it is retarded. I am a Japanese teacher, most of what we do to promote our business is giving for free Japanese language tips and lessons. From what we put out on our website/FB and during free live events you can probably compile a year of my course. No sane banker would say "you are giving lessons for free we can't give you money". What counts is how much I earn and how stable that income is.

    NOYFB 23 days ago

    What a dump that city!

    BLENDER NINJA 24 days ago

    a suggestion get a carpenter to build level platforms for each desk area got to be cheaper than levelling the whole floor

  • Richard C
    Richard C 24 days ago

    Wait, does this mean you have to pay $74bn for some electrical sockets & paint from a contractor? You should get a quote from the people your new landlord uses for the renovation work. You probably get a cheap price, landlord gets the quality they want, win, win. And yes, invite the other landlords (and us) to the store opening!

  • kens32052
    kens32052 24 days ago

    And Louis makes it to work and cheats death again.

  • randomnickify
    randomnickify 24 days ago

    I think this is a conspiracy, real estate guys realized Louis is badmouthing them on the internet so they did throw one of them under the bafang so the Louis would finally shut up and let them rip people in peace. ;)

  • dannyLEE
    dannyLEE 24 days ago

    11:24 but you have a helmet, without a salmon, you can at least try

  • dannyLEE
    dannyLEE 24 days ago

    Yes it´s cold now, cool Video, not sponsored by Shimano

  • Zed Zedder
    Zed Zedder 24 days ago

    Louis didn't mention the most important clause. Can they have a pet fish inside or they have to leave it outside on a leash.

  • Dracathio
    Dracathio 24 days ago

    I so want to watch you bring all those others to the new place and tell them "you remember when you said I wouldn't find a better space; I just proved your ignorance wrong"

  • peregrine1970
    peregrine1970 24 days ago

    Hey.... it's NY real estate, you gotta deal with the devil. You think Karen was human? hahahha

  • Steven S
    Steven S 25 days ago

    Just put a big "We Are Relocating" sign at your store front xD

  • Freedom of Speech
    Freedom of Speech 25 days ago +1

    Louis if you want any advice on setting up your studio let me know i have 25 years experience in Broadcast Television and have done it all. Plus i've owned my own business. I'm not looking for anything in return, just want to give back to a guy who has given me years of entertainment. Looking forward to the future.

  • Graffiti Masters
    Graffiti Masters 25 days ago

    wait, I am confused, banks lend money?. how is that possible?. there is no money. 12 u.s.c. 411. there is only credit and debit, set off and discharge. banks can not lend money. the people are the credit line, See: McFadden speech. also See: the Social Security Act 1935 section 501 and 502, every live birth generates money for you. (that is why they always want your social #) See: Statement of Financial Accounting Standards No.95, paragraph 58 "a bank creates money through its lending activities". (it creates it out of thin air. they are loaning your own money). See: The affidavit of Walker Todd. See: Modern Money Mechanics.

  • apocalypseap
    apocalypseap 25 days ago +1

    You should get a horn for your bike. Maybe like an easy-press air horn or something?

  • Timothy Millar
    Timothy Millar 25 days ago

    SUGGESTION!! I am not sure if you have done this before but you should introduce each of your employees and have them talk briefly about what they do for you and your store.

  • Scott Frame
    Scott Frame 25 days ago

    Enjoyed the tour of NYC, didn't realize until halfway through you were actually talking as my volume was turned off. Great video!

  • bob bobber
    bob bobber 25 days ago

    do it! call them and have them meet you there! bet, they try and get a commission from

  • Dunc P
    Dunc P 25 days ago

    What about a crowdfunding loan?? We would all shoulder the burden with you and you'd repay the crowd without having to take charity. Man, I'd love to fund you with some of my savings knowing it will go towards an ethical person that gives a $#!7 about things. I'm sure others are with me on this too.

  • Tex Arcana
    Tex Arcana 25 days ago

    666? #MetalAsFuck! 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  • Raven Matthew
    Raven Matthew 25 days ago

    I have 3 6's in a row in my phone number! xxx-766-6xxx. Where do I sign up? ;)

  • MrThorp1
    MrThorp1 25 days ago

    that store looks like such a fire trap.

  • 18+ HOT
    18+ HOT 25 days ago

    my phone number ends in 666 :D
    how big of a discount are we talking about here?

  • Peter Jansen
    Peter Jansen 25 days ago

    Louis, people who claim that you would undermine yourself by teaching viewers how to repair Apple systems are full of shit. It is one thing that you are able to fix broken Apple computers but now reality: you have to invest in a solder iron and a multimeter, you have to acquire the correct components and if you want to do it responsibly you need good suction or you need to repair your system outside (do you have a suitable table for it outside which doesn't move too much) when there is enough wind to blow away those fumes? If all of that works out then we spend hours on something which costs you 10-20 minutes. Just because we CAN fix it ourselves does not mean that we DO. Most of us would hire a guy like you to do it. In short, those people who claim that you teaching us undermines us fail to understand one of the main rules of modern economy: people specializing at something and being much more efficient at it than other people.

  • Mirko Jankovic
    Mirko Jankovic 25 days ago

    I am happy for you Louis, you deserved it to find a place for yourself & your employees. Thumb up!
    And I would getter all the people "You will not find better then this" to tell them in the face...

  • Peter Jansen
    Peter Jansen 25 days ago

    For the civilized parts of the world which use the easier and more elegant SI-units: 24 degrees F = -4.4 degrees C , 64 degrees F = 17.8 degrees C. I live in the Netherlands, we have some big swings in weather too because a wind over sea brings warmer air in the winter and colder air in the summer compared to a wind over land.

  • Nick Rog
    Nick Rog 25 days ago

    Louis , it about time you moved - taking a very long bike ride to use the rest room at your apartment every time you need to go is getting ridiculous , it very time consuming and inefficient 🧐 ! Of course , you could buy the ski mask so you could use the one on the premises but , hey , bosses need fresh Air & Gold plated toilets don't you think ?

  • CreatureOTNight COTN
    CreatureOTNight COTN 25 days ago

    Might be a dump but when people are that close they become family.

  • Repairman Jared
    Repairman Jared 25 days ago

    At 15:54 what is that walk through gate arm thing called? The one with the employees only sign on it better yet where did you buy it? A friend of mine could use a few but I am having a hard time searching for them.

  • Narcisse CR
    Narcisse CR 26 days ago

    You could invite all those said that you couldn't find anything better to your store opening party. But that would indeed be childish, not that they would show up.

  • krazybonnie 55
    krazybonnie 55 26 days ago

    wtf is with the FedEx truck, r they fucked or is the camera fucked

  • Mysneekers
    Mysneekers 26 days ago

    Wow, your a hardcore cyclist, it was freezing that day! What bike do you have?