24 hours in Amtrak COACH CLASS - The Sunset Limited Train

  • I spent 24 hours in Amtrak Coach Class, riding the train from New Orleans to Austin, with a 6 hour layover in San Antonio, Texas. Honestly, the Coach Class Section had tons of room and was very comfortable on board the Sunset Limited Train. Would I recommend the train? Yes. I think everyone should get to travel by rail at least once in their life.
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  • Max Nakano
    Max Nakano Day ago

    You should really try trains in Japan! They are clean efficient and no delays!

  • Cynthia Morgan
    Cynthia Morgan 5 days ago

    Luv it

  • Peter Jones
    Peter Jones 5 days ago

    MIKE, just found you, this is great. You know what, it's all about attitude Loves Your's Now on a search for all your blogs, etc.

  • hattrickpsh
    hattrickpsh 6 days ago

    Anything over 8 hours, get a roomette if you can afford the upgrade.

  • Pratik
    Pratik 10 days ago

    01:52 ghost legs on the right.

  • Snarky . Live
    Snarky . Live 12 days ago

    That 6 hr layover and second train in San Antonio to Austin should have been literally any other method of travel, how horrifically dumb to endure that for a 90 minute car ride.

  • Kathy Bravo
    Kathy Bravo 13 days ago

    Always Union Station

  • melbright100
    melbright100 14 days ago

    if you like a train ride you should do the 2hr trip on the Grand Canyon Railway... it starts in Williams AZ and goes to the grand canyon...is only a 2 hr ride each way but they will have a steam engine pull you and there is live entertainment and the scenery is beautiful

  • Cheryl Eddy
    Cheryl Eddy 15 days ago

    I have always traveled on the Southwest Chief...give it a try. The best scenery you pass thru is at night..lol. I ride from Leg to Flg...almost always cold and snow in the mountains. I've even had a 6 nd delay due to electrical problems. They brought a repair crew by truck to the middle of no where in the middle of the nite. As you say its the experience, not the trip..lol...love my SW Chief

  • Kent Weissinger
    Kent Weissinger 15 days ago

    Warning...Most eastern trains, even the overnight ones, have no Sightseer Lounge, and more limited dining choices. On most eastern trains, coach passengers must resort to the cafe car for overpriced food.

  • MrSpaz57
    MrSpaz57 17 days ago +1

    Those are very expensive food choices.

  • Sean Graham
    Sean Graham 21 day ago

    Please leave out the music! It's hyper, loud, and distracting. Let us simply hear the soothing background sounds of the clickity-clack rail travel. So cancel the music and get natural with clickity-clack background sounds!!

  • bored7743
    bored7743 21 day ago

    Legend has it that ol’ Downie took a spite shit in the Denny’s parking lot after his pancakes were served cold

  • James Mcclelland
    James Mcclelland 23 days ago

    You should train hop

  • TrainBoi37
    TrainBoi37 23 days ago

    The p42 genisis locomotive is gas electric, and amtrak is purchasing some new electric locos. too!

  • Shaniqua Smith
    Shaniqua Smith 26 days ago

    Hello, I'm a new subscriber of yours thanks for making this video. I will be riding the Amtrak train for the first time in April of 2020. I think it's cool that people can get a sleeper car and stay on the train overnight if they need to. If you know any tips or ideas about riding the Amtrak train please let me know Michael Downie.

  • Davey GJuanvalldez
    Davey GJuanvalldez 27 days ago

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  • Ken Brenner
    Ken Brenner 27 days ago

    Hi. My first view of your videos - nicely done.
    I love the concept of Amtrak, and hope to take some train rides now that I'm retired.
    I have seen the San Antonio and Austin train stations, so your including those provided me with some nice memories.
    As for the Sunset Limited, I think it is sad that Amtrak chose to stop service eastbound in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina.
    It was a great thing for our country to have a train that went from Los Angeles to Jacksonville - all the way across the nation!
    I wished they'd bring it back, but based on what I've seen on the internet, it doesn't look good.
    Thanks for sharing!
    God Bless

  • Gappasaurus
    Gappasaurus 28 days ago +1

    “I’m gonna walk to the front if the train to see what the engine looks like.”
    ...immediately followed by a shot of a small orange tractor 😄

  • Silver Gobbler
    Silver Gobbler 28 days ago

    The train Food looked "Questionable"

  • Delta Knight Vlogs
    Delta Knight Vlogs 29 days ago

    I've wanted to travel somewhere by Amtrak for so long. Funny enough, this being the first video of yours I've seen, I actually live about six hours north of New Orleans.

  • Jon George
    Jon George Month ago

    Took the overnight train from Chicago to Rochester NY.... had a roomette..... I have never ever traveled in such a state of relaxation in my life. It was fantastic!

  • Zetetic Flat Earth
    Zetetic Flat Earth Month ago

    OMG! I've enjoyed this video so much! You have such a pleasant personality and nice to listen to the tone of voice and I like the way you describe things and show everything important and relevant. And I like the music in the background too. (I also make videos but not the blog style.) This entire video is so much better than all of the "documentary" films made by the sh*tty BBC or any other TV network combined! They honestly don't know how to make documentaries. Thanks, Michael! And I like what you said at the very end that you still can feel the movement of the train even though you're standing on the solid ground now... Exactly! And it's great that you support the cause of helping other people and mention it in your video. I just subscribed. I'm gonna check your other videos too in my free time! ;-) Nina.

  • Lucky Cedarlane
    Lucky Cedarlane Month ago

    can i bring my own snacks ?

  • retroguy94
    retroguy94 Month ago

    Each time I watch this video I noticed more. He paid $36.50 just for LUNCH! That's more money that I pay for dinner in a 5 star restaurant!

  • Aerial Trains and Railroads

    Great recommendations! I love the pace of your editing too. Good work!

  • jhnme2004
    jhnme2004 Month ago

    If your looking for a interesting train ride, I would recommend the Mt Washington Cog RR in New Hampshire. And also the Conway Scenic RR in North Conway, NH
    www.thecog.com/ and www.conwayscenic.com/

  • Daniel Atteberry
    Daniel Atteberry Month ago

    Your video content is as wonderful as the causes you support! I donated for the high speed rail (and signed the petition) and now I’ll donate to WIRTH. Thanks for awakening the travel bug and the philanthropy bug!

    • DownieLive
      DownieLive  Month ago

      Amazing Daniel! Thanks so much. They’re all good cause.

  • Maryanne M
    Maryanne M Month ago

    That is the nicest coach class I've seen. The train I'm trying to save up to take (trains are hella expensive here) has people packed in like sardines.

  • Victoria Adams
    Victoria Adams Month ago

    I would too! I might from Tucson to Seattle

  • James Stacey
    James Stacey Month ago

    how about going from the Pacific to the Atlantic or vice versa

  • Mr. Mountain Man
    Mr. Mountain Man Month ago

    Wow $17 for that tiny pasta plate, yikes!

    TFR_ HILTS Month ago

    That looks miserable

  • Jerry Lum
    Jerry Lum Month ago

    Like u to do an Alaska overnight trip, good luck, lol.

  • Robert Dungey
    Robert Dungey Month ago

    Is it possible to go from Dallas Texas to Orlando Florida by train?

  • Teresa Bryant
    Teresa Bryant Month ago

    Go to Albuquerque from anywhere


    U should go to Los Angeles or El Paso TX

  • Brad Kumar
    Brad Kumar Month ago

    My wife, children and I have taken Flagstaff AZ to Syracuse NY and back and Buffalo NY to Flagstaff AZ once. Its worth it in coach class, like you said you meet so many interesting people, in spite of train delays and missing your greyhound connection to Phoenix.

  • Kat Nicolette
    Kat Nicolette Month ago

    I frequently make a trip between Boston and Appleton in coach class which is on average 34 hours. That’s 22 hours on the Lake Shore Limited 449/49 train, a a layover in Chicago lasting anywhere between 3 to 7 hours, a 1.5 hour ride on the Hiawatha Service to Milwaukee, a 30 minute to 3 hour layover in Milwaukee Intermodel Station, and finally a 2.5 hour Thruway bus ride to Appleton. I’ve even done 50 hours in coach class! It’s not bad when you learn the tricks. I’m actually going to make a travel vlog of my trip coming up in a week.
    The Capital Limited is the only train I’ve been on that has the observatory car and I LOVE it! Other than that, there’s not much to do in coach class for a long time.

  • Mack Khan
    Mack Khan Month ago

    Spend your next trip in the engine room and make a video of it.

  • Mack Khan
    Mack Khan Month ago

    Do you HAVE to be paired with others for dining?

  • Mack Khan
    Mack Khan Month ago

    Can we take our pets with us?

  • Mahendra Sarsambe
    Mahendra Sarsambe Month ago

    Miami to Seattle please

    • Kent Weissinger
      Kent Weissinger 15 days ago

      Problem with being in Fla. is you have to go thru Wash DC and Chicago to get most anywhere west of the Mississippi...Adds a full day to the trip...

    • Kent Weissinger
      Kent Weissinger 15 days ago

      I'm doing Florida to Portland to Frisco to Denver to Chicago and back this June, on the longest days of the year for scenery watching. Staying overnight once in Essex MT to rent a car and drive over the continental divide in Glacier N.P. Roomettes all the way...should be great!

  • Geek37
    Geek37 Month ago

    Take the Southwest Chief...full on Chicago to Los Angeles.

  • Vishal Sahoo
    Vishal Sahoo Month ago

    In India pax trains have priority over freight. It was funny for me when you said your train was waiting for a freighter to pass.

  • Real Justice
    Real Justice Month ago

    It’s time to move past “SNAIL RAIL” and develop our own Maglev technology. We are trailing China, Japan and Korea in this technology. It’s time to bring HI SPEED RAIL to America, but not in its traditional form. Hi speed traditional rail requires large land acquisition in order to keep the line very straight and true. That would require eminent domain in order to run rail thru private and public lands. Maglev requires guideways raised on piers, because the guideways are raised, land owners can still access and use their property. Also accidents between pedestrians, vehicles and commercial traffic will be significantly reduced if not completely eliminated because the rails are not at ground level.
    Another advantage of Maglev is that there has never been a derailment. Even after a horrific accident on a test track in Germany. Neither train cars involved derailed, there was no derailment because the Maglev train wraps around the guideway preventing derailment. Traditional hi speed rail can travel at 240mph while Maglev trains are reaching speeds of 330mph. Maglevs don’t make contact with the guideways, they float on a cushion of magnetic resistance and have very little friction to reduce their speed. So it is plausible to see speed well in excess of 400 to 500 mph.
    In a World where Global warming is becoming more of a concern having a train that could be built along the Interstate system would help tremendous in regards to the reduction and elimination of green house gases. Using solar panels along the guideways would help reduce the energy consumption and Maglev trains are much more energy conservative than tradition electric motor trains and much less worse on the environment than Diesel engine trains. The guideways could be developed and built in conjunction with charging stations and new fuel cell technologies that would allow Electric vehicles to begin to take over the roadways. If you get Cell phone and other phone companies to add in fiber optic cables and 5G antennas then brining much needed broadband to the parts of this country that desperately need it would be made easier. Developing Smart highways , in conjunction with smart vehicles connected with the speed of 5G would open up technologies we haven’t even begun to think about.
    The speed of maglev would be very close to that of commercial aircraft, which could greatly reduce the use of air travel under 300 miles. When every plane in the air puts out as much greenhouse gas as 10,000 cars on the road, and there are over 20,000 flights a day in the USA, getting more planes out of the air is fundamental to reducing global warming. In 1920 a rail trip from NYC to San Francisco, CA would take you almost 8 days. Today that same rail trip will take the same 8 days. Take that trip on a Maglev and it becomes a 8 to 11 hour trip depending on the amount of stops. Pack an overnight bag, get in a sleeper car and be in California well rested and ready for your meetings.
    Imagine being able to live 250 miles from your work location and your commute is still only 1Hour and 15 minutes. Live in OH and Work in Chicago. Live in Greensboro NC and work in VA. Live in PA and work in NYC.
    When a train ride from NY to Atlanta GA is as long as the plane ride plus the time spent going thru security checkpoints and wait for landing and takeoffs then I’m sure most Americans would rather travel by Maglev. Imagine being able to truly stretch out in your seat, go to the bar, get a truly decent meal, in a sit down dining car, socialize, get work done, be in a private room with private amenities or just sight see and all without the fear of falling 35,000 feet out of the air, or the hassle of weather delays and cancelled flights. The speed at which you could get around would fundamentally change the way we live, work vacation and play in America!
    Maglev has already been in operation in China for close to 10 years and has a on time record that is truly remarkable. So to the naysayers that want to say it’s to new of a technology or that we don’t have enough data to predict how it would hold up. The data in 3 separate countries is there for all to see and this technology works, and works well. Even the maintenance is much less than SNAIL RAIL because there is little to no wear and tear on the wheels, the tracks, the locomotives and cars. So having to replace rail after a few years is eliminated.
    It’s time to start to invest in America’s infrastructure and its future. We cannot sustain economic and job growth unless we find a way to modernize the way we move people goods and services around this country. We cannot grow without investment in America. We don’t create or manufacture anything in this country anymore and we are being left behind by other countries. A new way to travel around this country is needed and one way or another we will eventually have Maglev technology, the question is, will it be ours or will we be buying it from Japan, Korea or China?

  • Alison Green
    Alison Green Month ago

    When I traveled by train across the US with a sleeper I was sorry when the trip came to the end. All the people traveling coach are bleary eyed and disheveled and couldn't wait to get off. If you want to travel inexpensively plan ahead and pack as if you were going camping (healthy snacks, wash cloth, extra undies, and music/book/knitting).

  • Ismael Santana
    Ismael Santana Month ago

    You should try riding the Southwest Cheif, my wife and I rode it from Newton, Ks to Chicago

  • irelandbloke
    irelandbloke Month ago

    Awesome video ! 👍🏻

  • Deb
    Deb Month ago

    Please put the website of the states you can catch Amtrak. Thanks

  • fiddlerpin
    fiddlerpin Month ago

    America is way behind in passenger train development. We need to catch up with Europe!

  • Andrew Nelson
    Andrew Nelson Month ago

    Flying makes me feel sick I rather take a train rides then flying on a week stomach tuberlance bothers me and you see cloud's on airplane flights and you have to pay for everything I whould rather take a train rides then flying I can enjoy looking out the window at the American country then flying I just love trains airplanes make me feel sick train rides are smooth and easy for me and relaxing and you can bring your own food on trains train rides are much better than flying

  • Chris Daunhauer
    Chris Daunhauer Month ago

    Freight trains don't get priority. Normally AMTRAK trains do.

  • Gary Hoppes
    Gary Hoppes Month ago

    😎too cool

  • Ethan Hershey
    Ethan Hershey Month ago

    here's the sad truth the Amtrack uses a train track that is owned by another company... their trains come first. That's most likely why it takes so long for them so long.

  • Elephant
    Elephant Month ago +1

    The Texas Eagle from Dallas to Chicago in a sleeper

  • Andrew Le
    Andrew Le Month ago

    I guess one downside of train travel is 'layover.' I guess for layer-overs over 2 hours. that's got to be painful.. with no where to stay/hangout/wait , except at the train station itself? Yikes.

  • Andrew Le
    Andrew Le Month ago

    Can you do a review of train ride to Vancouver BC.. and maybe using different trains, like VIA up north across the country, say Vancouver to Moncton?

  • Andrew Le
    Andrew Le Month ago

    Nice review and tips... And wow, that meal price is expensive! I'll just bring my own food onboard..and why is train travel so slow? I mean to get to a destination, say, with no stops... why is it slower than if you drive the same route by car by the freeway parallel to it? What's the speed of the train? 40mph or something?

  • Campus Choice
    Campus Choice Month ago

    Way better train than Chinese train

  • Liam Walshe
    Liam Walshe Month ago

    Definitely not worth it at $97 unless you're afraid of flying.
    Southwest is running around $74-83 right now for non-stop MSY-AUS, with a 1h 30m travel time. I'm sure it gets even lower sometimes.

  • Janet O
    Janet O Month ago

    I like your style! Love that you narrate and love your music.


    try the train from chicago to toranto

  • Malcolm Mulvihill
    Malcolm Mulvihill Month ago

    great work mike

  • macho tony
    macho tony Month ago +1

    This guy has a such a positive attitude.

  • Thomas Canfield
    Thomas Canfield Month ago

    Take Amtrak north to Boston. Lay over for a day. Then take Amtrak Lake Short Limited #449 to Chicago. It’s a great trip thru the Berkshire Mountains. Then in Albany to 449 wait for the New York section to get there. Then the train doubles in size. When in Chicago from the take The Cardinal to Washington DC “this train is always behind schedule you’ll like it”. And this train goes they the New River Gorge thru famous Thurmond WV.

  • Michael Livingston
    Michael Livingston Month ago

    Train travel for me was pleasurable. I do wish America would put more money into high speed rail. The biggest obstacles to increasing ridership are the distances between destinations and the speed.
    I don't know why the well monied environmental groups and individuals don't put their money where their mouth is and get with it.
    The Amtrak staff are customer friendly and need to be recognized.
    My only criticism is having experiences on European rail. It's so much better. Not the staff, it's the speed and upgraded equipment.

  • Nilanjan Kar
    Nilanjan Kar Month ago

    Do a series on Indian Railway system. Trust me you'll enjoy it.

  • Rivet Gardener
    Rivet Gardener Month ago

    Twenty four hours in coach...! Wow. You rock, buddy. Your roomette Empire Builder video sealed the deal for me. Roomette or rooms are the way to go on long trip Amtrak!

  • Monkey Haters
    Monkey Haters Month ago

    Coach ,next stop McDonald's for $4.50?🙄

  • Christopher Umbles
    Christopher Umbles Month ago

    Take the California zephyr

  • Silas Mayes
    Silas Mayes Month ago +1

    Amtrack is the cheapest way to travel in luxury!!

  • Mike Winn
    Mike Winn Month ago

    I'd love to travel with you!

  • Our National Adventure

    What a trip! Cant believe you had space to do lunges lol- fantastic!

  • Abdullah Toor
    Abdullah Toor Month ago

    Yo man, you should take the train to Richmond Virginia. The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is a worthwhile visit.

    • Abdullah Toor
      Abdullah Toor Month ago

      The VMFA is also free, but parking in the garage is 6 flat.

    PECOSO Month ago

    My bucket List is to take a Train from Coast to Coast, I have driven it three times and I can't even count how many times I have taken a plane. BUT when I do this I want to spoil myself so do you have any recommendations as to which Train carrier has the best Sleeper rooms for one person

    • DownieLive
      DownieLive  Month ago

      Amtrak is the only passenger rail service in the US that has sleeper cars. Enjoy!

  • Amy Milor
    Amy Milor Month ago

    I love riding trains, grew up near the tracks and live near them now. I was 3 years old when I took my first train ride from DC to PA. My favorite train station is Union Station in DC. It is a lovely place to be. When I was in high school a group of us went from Maryland to Vermont and they treated us nicely.

  • Lorna Williams
    Lorna Williams Month ago

    anywhere is fine with me

  • Jose Cardenas
    Jose Cardenas Month ago

    Next Time take the Texas Eagle ..

  • Poopie Head
    Poopie Head Month ago

    I went on Amtrak to Texas to California we had to stay in the train for like umm 4 days