THIS Is How You Make Cotton Candy!

  • Published on Aug 25, 2018
  • In today's video we're testing out an at-home cotton candy machine, seeing what types of candy work with it, and making some glowing cotton candy!
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Comments • 4 717

  • save the world
    save the world 2 days ago

    Harribows are not hard candy

  • Matt B
    Matt B 3 days ago


  • Josh Moore
    Josh Moore 6 days ago

    5:07 looks like a fried egg 😂

  • Logan Hawkins T.V.
    Logan Hawkins T.V. 7 days ago


    he pulled a sneaky on ya

  • Matt Cramer Photography

    Can you put Countrytime lemonade powered mix into the cotton candy maker?

  • Kevin Johnson
    Kevin Johnson 11 days ago

    Anyone else see the gummy bears

  • Michael Moya
    Michael Moya 11 days ago +1

    For some reason I was getting chunks when I put hard candy in there 🤔

  • Pavica Salajć
    Pavica Salajć 12 days ago

    Floossugar=FLOSS! Dance!!!

  • Jack N
    Jack N 14 days ago

    You should use the ground up gumballs in the cotton candy machine

  • Natalie Reyes
    Natalie Reyes 15 days ago

    A dentist made cotton candy, a dentist.

  • No Way Out
    No Way Out 15 days ago

    Try to sleep for 24 hours

  • Third person Prospective

    Your suppose to go around to get all the cotton candy

  • Natalie Costello
    Natalie Costello 17 days ago

    I am the cotton candy maker at my grammas church carnival. I was the only one who knew how to handle the machine even though it was my first time. I made all of the kids cotton candy like a BOSS

  • Raygan Gale
    Raygan Gale 17 days ago

    It is probably expensive but do you think you can get a hydraulic press and do some videos with it or maybe hire a hydraulic press

  • wisp 400
    wisp 400 23 days ago

    could you try to make cotton candy sooooo light that it
    can float???

  • Jessica House
    Jessica House 26 days ago

    Pop rocks in it

  • Scott Nilsson
    Scott Nilsson 29 days ago

    My family got a rotten candy machine off Craigslist, but I don't think I want to risk using candies yet...

  • gogogabe9000
    gogogabe9000 Month ago +2

    The vitamin B-2 may actually be better to dull a supersweet flavor like the lifesavers.

  • Andrew Andrew
    Andrew Andrew Month ago

    How much cotton candy can fit in a water drop????

  • Jada Parchment
    Jada Parchment Month ago +1

    Nate part 1000 with eating the experiments

  • Lucie Lupin
    Lucie Lupin Month ago +1

    Yum Candy floss! 😋

  • Torn Bot
    Torn Bot Month ago

    Can Cotten candy absorb water or catch fire if it dose absorb water how much Cotten candy would it take to absorb it all

  • Game Time
    Game Time Month ago +1

    How much can u cotton candy can u leave in the box/maker

  • Fiqri Sahrel
    Fiqri Sahrel Month ago +3

    Why when Nate says "it's working , it's working" it sounds like he said " it's twerking,it's twerking" 😂😂😂

  • Will Stewart
    Will Stewart Month ago

    Try chocolate flavour

  • Snoodix
    Snoodix Month ago

    try with chocolate

  • Lunik
    Lunik Month ago

    I never ate cotton candy in my life

  • BabyBeatz-Nightcore
    BabyBeatz-Nightcore Month ago +3

    I wonder if cotton candy made from lozenges would still help your throat

  • Soothing You
    Soothing You Month ago

    Too much sugar😊

  • s ram
    s ram Month ago

    Try making a diy cotton Candy machine

  • savage_cabbages
    savage_cabbages Month ago

    You should have blended the candy to make it a really fine powder

  • A YT Channel
    A YT Channel Month ago


  • Evannah Meadows
    Evannah Meadows Month ago

    8:12 🤣🤣

  • Knight on the Internet

    I want the maker. Link it?

  • AskBeforePlaying
    AskBeforePlaying 2 months ago +1

    *wears gloves making cotton candy*

    "Yeah, yeah, this is totally normal..."

  • Arav Vermani
    Arav Vermani 2 months ago

    kinetic sand!

  • RoverZero1983
    RoverZero1983 2 months ago

    Is it just me or does the Peach Candy slab at 7:26 look like a shoe insole?

  • Luka Ivkovic
    Luka Ivkovic 2 months ago

    5:13 that looks like an egg

  • Monu Chawla
    Monu Chawla 2 months ago

    Try with cookise & cakes

  • Jude Ling
    Jude Ling 2 months ago

    Can you put toothpaste in a vacuum chamber please

  • Darin Hunt
    Darin Hunt 2 months ago

    Best 10 min of my life

  • Angel Gabrial
    Angel Gabrial 2 months ago

    The B2 added to the cotton candy was there to make it glow in the dark, but it gave me an idea...
    Kids don't like medicine even if it tastes like pure sugar and just holding the spoon of medicine out to them gets them running away SO ...
    I know some cough syrup tastes like candy and that's because most of it "IS" sugar, so that the kids will drink it.

    How about making some vitamins and other medication that kids wont mind taking every day? I think if vitamin or cold medicine was in cotton candy form I'd eat it and I've had lots of practice being a kid (I've been a kid for longer then you've been alive!so I should know)

  • Lizandro Torres
    Lizandro Torres 2 months ago

    Did anyone tell him that he doesn’t need to crush up the candy

  • AchmodinIV SWE
    AchmodinIV SWE 2 months ago

    I like the white cotton candy

  • ZROR 28
    ZROR 28 2 months ago

    Mix all these flavours and make cotton candy

  • Trinity Parnell
    Trinity Parnell 2 months ago

    can you use gum/gum powder in the cotton candy machine

  • kris198921
    kris198921 2 months ago

    Try warheads and a spicy candy

  • Brainlezz Brainlezz
    Brainlezz Brainlezz 2 months ago

    I have that machine.

  • Pinyatika
    Pinyatika 2 months ago

    what would happen if you mixed helium with an orange

  • Tianna Elizalde
    Tianna Elizalde 2 months ago

    Im gonna use my super nifty bill nye deduction and say the syrup in the butterscotch messed with the formula

  • can't use this
    can't use this 2 months ago

    7:39 WTF is that face

  • Rian Ri/RR
    Rian Ri/RR 2 months ago

    I think he should've tried blending the candy with a blender to see if that worked better to turn the candy to more of a pouder

  • fatpeniswrinkle
    fatpeniswrinkle 2 months ago

    I have one and i made cough drop cotton candy

  • Trinity Gutteridge
    Trinity Gutteridge 2 months ago

    I got that same machine for Christmas now I'm watching this lol

  • Raccy
    Raccy 2 months ago +1

    Put Gallium in a vacuum chamber...

    MICHAEL GOSSETT 2 months ago

    you should do a video about how to make a cotton candy machine

  • Cami2025 J's
    Cami2025 J's 2 months ago

    I wanted to know if pixie sticks would work

  • Jacob Cotherman
    Jacob Cotherman 2 months ago

    Could you make glowing conton candy

  • Leon
    Leon 2 months ago

    Love how a dentist invented something that made you go to him.

  • Liza Piashko
    Liza Piashko 2 months ago +1

    i wanna make cotton candy with maple sugar

  • Liza Piashko
    Liza Piashko 2 months ago +2

    I'm Canadian. my favorite flavor of cotton candy is- you guessed it- MAPLE. it dissolves in your mouth and leaves a maple syrup- like liquid behind

  • Emil Hallgren
    Emil Hallgren 2 months ago

    How to torture raccoons: Give them cotton candy and then watch them try to wash it.

  • Kriscraft101123
    Kriscraft101123 2 months ago

    Make a proper mint Cotton candy 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • John Popova
    John Popova 2 months ago

    i really want that peach candy floss

  • Sagirah AKA EVILbunny22

    My favorite kind candy flavor is lemon lime Kool-Aid mixed with sugar sour and sweet

  • Rachel Taylor
    Rachel Taylor 2 months ago

    How odd a dentist created an item made from pure sugar. !!! EVIL DENTIST!!!

  • Magmaduck 11
    Magmaduck 11 2 months ago

    your not supposed to grind the sweets. you just drop them in

  • Satire Saturday
    Satire Saturday 2 months ago

    Love your videos see if a human tooth actually dissolve and Coke

  • Liam Kelly
    Liam Kelly 2 months ago

    Nate, You should try making rope with cotton candy

  • Emma Conway
    Emma Conway 2 months ago

    At 8:10 Nates eyes widened as he tried the cotton candy.

  • Spowler Shrimp
    Spowler Shrimp 2 months ago

    How much does the machine cost?

  • سمبوسة _
    سمبوسة _ 2 months ago +1

    make a sowar cotton candy

  • Kawaii Narwhal
    Kawaii Narwhal 2 months ago

    You don’t have to break up the candy

  • Eric Scott
    Eric Scott 2 months ago

    How about trying other kinds of powders. And I'd like to see you try tiny plastic beads in the cotton candy machine. Don't eat it, but I just wanna see if it makes a cotton candy like thing.

  • missbsb95
    missbsb95 2 months ago

    Would this work with Nerds?

  • Milton Wetherbee
    Milton Wetherbee 2 months ago

    Making the glowing candy then pulverizing it into powder may work better than simply mixing the riboflavin with sugar (not that it didn't work just mixing it, but it would probably be more uniform).

  • Milton Wetherbee
    Milton Wetherbee 2 months ago

    I bet you guys could make a homemade cotton candy machine.

  • CrazyCova07
    CrazyCova07 2 months ago

    0:12 why do you have the cinder tech hammer from fortnite save the world

  • WolfGirl65657 ROBLOX
    WolfGirl65657 ROBLOX 2 months ago

    you should try candy canes

  • Just Me
    Just Me 2 months ago

    triy put cotton candy in it

  • jagfanbb
    jagfanbb 2 months ago

    what about the gummi worms? ._.

  • Mitchel
    Mitchel 2 months ago

    I've always wanted to try kool-aid but one pack of kool-aid to 1/2 cup sugar.

  • I’m A Crazi Gamer
    I’m A Crazi Gamer 2 months ago

    I have that same exact cotton candy maker

  • Jonas Lynnebakken
    Jonas Lynnebakken 2 months ago

    8:12 those eyesss

  • Tantibus King
    Tantibus King 2 months ago

    That cotton candy machine is less than 30 bucks. I'm totally getting one

  • XxAwesomeMel62xX
    XxAwesomeMel62xX 2 months ago

    i thought i swore i saw them with gummi/gummy bears in the beginning of the video

  • mommabear jennifer
    mommabear jennifer 2 months ago

    Make a jello head or hand

    THUNDER DRAGON 2 months ago

    Use a bullet blender for the hard candy

  • Rocki Breezy
    Rocki Breezy 2 months ago

    Ive made cotton candy with jolly ranchers before

  • KFC chicken
    KFC chicken 3 months ago +1

    I have a cotton candy machine

  • Landon Aust
    Landon Aust 3 months ago

    try to make ice cotton candy

  • Sr.R3D x_x
    Sr.R3D x_x 3 months ago

    Free diabeties

  • Yun Park
    Yun Park 3 months ago

    VAT 19!!!

  • Magnum Cox
    Magnum Cox 3 months ago


  • Kali Brown
    Kali Brown 3 months ago

    He should have broken them up more so that it had more of a sugar texture

  • VidEffects HD
    VidEffects HD 3 months ago

    Try doing root beer float. Maybe cake?

  • VidEffects HD
    VidEffects HD 3 months ago

    What about putting cotton candy in blender or microwave?

  • Will Bruton
    Will Bruton 3 months ago

    In Australia we call it fairy floss

    • KFC chicken
      KFC chicken 3 months ago

      Will Bruton I’m Australian too

  • WHBZ Minecrafters
    WHBZ Minecrafters 3 months ago

    Blow stuff up

  • Jessie 12396
    Jessie 12396 3 months ago

    Try to Make water Cotten candy