Survive Being Buried Alive - EPIC HOW TO

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Learn everything you need to know about how to survive being buried alive

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Starring Joe Bereta - http://twitter.com/joebereta
Episode Animated by Bryan Wieder - http://www.twitter.com/bryanagain
Written by Matthew Brian Cohen
Produced by Joe Bereta and Michael Rainey - https://twitter.com/raineymichaelv
Executive Producer - Andy Signore - http://twitter.com/andysignore

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Автор Rosiedill ( назад)
How to survive a car crash
How to survive being beaten up
How to survive a house fire
How to survive an attack
How to survive cold weather/hot weather
Your welcome 😊

Автор Gilda Ko ( назад)
what are the freaking Fake dead people doingmwith their bodies in the afterlife

Автор Delia Martin ( назад)
what about under dirt

Автор Queen of Everything ( назад)
now I'm thinking of Alison Dilerintes

Автор samuel rodriguez ( назад)
lol risen to the challenge!

Автор magnety ( назад)
being in balb? whats that?

Автор Rocksteady L ( назад)
Let's hope zombies don't see this

Автор Swiss Fisch ( назад)
If you open the coffin wouldnt the dirt flatten you?

Автор AnImE KiDzZ ( назад)
Just came to the comments to see the dumb virgins telling un funny jokes about a kid waking up asking for water then going back to sleep

Автор Manveer Ruprai ( назад)
this guy reminds me of Ryan Reynolds

Автор Degetei ( назад)
Did NOBODY notice the Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy refference?

Автор Sophiaplays Estrella ( назад)
PLEASE DO I able to survive being Burned alive

Автор danielle mount ( назад)

Автор ImUhRandii ( назад)
that's it. I'm asking my friends and family to bury me with my phone and portable battery bank.

Автор Generic Usename ( назад)
How can you survive being buried alive? Don't most families embalm their loved ones before they get buried?

Автор Megalodon64 ( назад)
Any zombies in here watching this video? LOL

Автор Emily Ward ( назад)
Omg this iz the most beautiful video I have ever seen

Автор davx4 ( назад)
what if someone is watching this while is being buried alive ?

Автор unknown unknown ( назад)
How to kill your self - EPIC HOW TO

Автор gaming Jehart ( назад)
what if above you (the cofin) is stone slab (the stone slab where is your name written)

Автор chandra ( назад)
why that boy wasted a glass of water when he was gonna die?

Автор willemle ( назад)
dang man
all the good ideas are gone
now there's just boring epic how to

Автор mlg_potato ( назад)
How to survive the baby talk

Автор Death Blossom Kha'zix ( назад)
About the avalanche thing, you dont die after 15 minutes because of the cold, the cold you should already be prepared for, but the oxygen suply you have lasts only about 15 minutes because it cant really escape

Автор VanillaCheddar Aj ( назад)
I thought it was how to survive being burned alive, I was like guurl

Автор sato ajin ( назад)
2:27 *well... I can see that happening to me*

Автор Tyler Hayes ( назад)
But...what if your casket is sealed inside a vault that is buried six foot under ground?!?

Автор happy wolf ( назад)
Do how to live homeless

Автор yearlongjack ( назад)
This was really useful for my recent escape

Автор Death Note ( назад)
im a new supsriber

Автор Mighty Deo ( назад)
We are buried about 6 feet deep due to the time the plague was happening. If we were buried alive only 2 feet deep then there's a chance we could cry for help and someone hearing us.

Автор spherepniel ( назад)

Автор Magic Pants ( назад)
him freaking out about this is so relatable

Автор Suomen Mato ( назад)
I kinda want to wake up in my own funeral and be like wadapwadap

Автор Keisaun Carano ( назад)
this dudes funny af

Автор Hoang Annie ( назад)
Some funerals put a large stone over the dirt of where a person is buried. So this video could only work for those who don't have stones above their coffin.

You guys understand right?

Автор Jake Buchanan ( назад)
How to survive when your favorite anime character dies.... Marco noo......

Автор Rage Red ( назад)
how to survive quick sand it's kinda the same as this xD

Автор Debs Hanstock ( назад)
this guy is so intense

Автор some person ( назад)
Forget bells, get something that will let you get a signal (a router, but for cell reception) and cheap cellphone in your coffin.

Автор Manolo Lopez ( назад)
This is why you bury them upside-down and at least 10 feet under. It's just too scary if they come back.

Автор 10k Subs with No Vids Challenge ( назад)
Lol asked for water then died

Автор BradsonMan ( назад)
How to survive socially uncomfortable situations please!!

Автор Stunder0319 ( назад)
What if i wasnt buried in a cheap coffin and i wasnt buried 6 feet deep?

Автор Salzix ( назад)
Thank you for this. I just woke up in a coffin underground and felt like watching YouTube.

Автор jaa.mes_ ( назад)
"30 hours to escape" swear you said that chinese lady was in there for 6 days..

Автор Ran Ald ( назад)
I'm so scared right now and my anxiety is eating me I can't breathe

Автор Fernando Pondelick ( назад)
this is useless

Автор ABoredGamer ( назад)
Nice animating, animator(s).

Автор Kaylee Neufeld ( назад)
Hey hey! I'm tiny and not that old so should I be buried alive, I'd have even MORE time/air. YES.

Автор HeftyLefty24 ( назад)
This guy is freaking awesome lol

Автор Deadpool Is Here ( назад)
Is it me or does the thumbnail look like Ryan Reynolds

Автор Marz ( назад)
Wont work if you burried by isis

Автор Susu Jay ( назад)
how to survive life

Автор Adam Day Day ( назад)
What if you got buried alive by a mad man and he super glued a dildo up your ass?

I'll just stay in their to hide the embarrassment

Автор Jayson Ortiz ( назад)
This is false, studies show if you were to break your coffin than the dirt would smash through and the weight would be so heavy that youd be crushed and than suffocate to death. And you wouldnt have any room to kick your way out bc coffins arent made and just to be able to sit up would be impossible unless your really small. Do your research

Автор i am 666 ( назад)
Idk about you guys but this guy cracks me up

Автор Maldito Alcaraz ( назад)
trust me , this guy survived one so you know , he knows how to handle this situation

Автор MultifandomPotato ( назад)
Kill bill taught me how to get out of being buried alive…

Автор ihsan topcu ( назад)
Fck you now i'm scared

Автор Riley Keller ( назад)
But if they were alive, wouldn't you feel their heart beat?

Автор Saj20950 ( назад)
I read burnt alive not buried alive

Автор SparkleTotz MSP ( назад)
how to survive no wifi

Автор music 182 ( назад)
4:40 starts here

Автор AdelinaHeroina ( назад)
This gave me so much anxiety

Автор TalTheBest ( назад)
Next: How to survive being dead

Автор TalTheBest ( назад)
"don't panic" yeah right...

Автор Damian Chiliński ( назад)
isn't it like ground weights fuckin ton and you're gonna be squeezed by its weight as soon as coffin collapses?

Автор ShadowTanky ( назад)
2:25 xD

Автор MrPancaeks ( назад)
i thought the title said "survive being alive" ....i need help

Автор trxxxtr ( назад)
this wouldn't work today cause of the laws in place in most states. coffins now have to have a huge heavy rectangular bell that they put over the coffin b4 burying it. so even if you did break the lid your NOT going to break or even dent the bell. I found this out at my mom's funeral. I was shocked to find this out. so now if your acc buried alive you eventually will die.....

Автор Gabanatora ( назад)
Man that little guy really wanted a glass of water to come back from the dead for one.

Автор international playboy my scale is international ( назад)
whelp... this was an uplifting video

Автор Teddy Swaggar ( назад)
lol avalanche survival backpack...
first rule of survival: drop all of your gear to make you as light as possible...

Автор Eat.Sleep.Internet. ( назад)
How to have a panic attack: watch this video

Автор OMGIDestroyedMatter ( назад)
You gotta karate chop your way out like in Kill Bill

Автор rima.fireworks ( назад)
Kinda links me to Avenged sevenfold😛

Автор Og Growtopi ( назад)
Did you try to burry your self alive if you did then i trust if u didnt't ur fake news

Автор Deniz ( назад)
How to survive dying

Автор Emma ( назад)
thought the thumbnail was Ryan Reynolds

Автор Bonnie Nash ( назад)
Can you do a " how to survive being on the toilet 🚽 when there's No tissue left?"🤦🏼‍♀️👏🏼😖😖

Автор Maryam Abbani ( назад)
lol no I'm claustrophobic

Автор mitchy ( назад)
enjoy therapy😂😂😂

Автор Densel Moore ( назад)
*Drinks water*

Boy: This doesnt taste like water-

Man: Uh oh...wrong bottle.

Boy: Why cant I feel my face? *dies for good*

Man: oops...think he drank my chemistry homework...

Автор Bob Cringeworthy ( назад)
3:22 When your dead but still thirsty

Автор Mychel Soltero ( назад)
in México they put concrete on your grave

Автор Chris Williams ( назад)
dude, stop trying to be funny.

Автор Ryan Weeks ( назад)
Many caskets are actually put into a concrete liner to protect them from being destroyed by dirt, bugs, or water. So the last one wound not be useful in many situations.

Автор Chimbie97 ( назад)
Hey it's joe from sourcefed.

Автор Ella Williams ( назад)

Автор banana gaming ( назад)
I think they should have to make sure you dead like mabey they could drain your blood inject poison or electrocute you just to make sure

Автор Blaze Animation ( назад)
Can you do How to survive being burned alive

Автор Yoda ( назад)
do how to survive when your mom sees your browser history

Автор SpeedofLife111 ( назад)
That would not work in Jamaica. we use concrete so you best lay there til you actually die

Автор Selena Dizon ( назад)
Do how to survive seeing your parents having sex

Автор BLACKRABBIT CZ ( назад)
But what if i have one of those big gravestones.. in my country theyre pretty common..

Автор Hegedűs Andris ( назад)
Climb trees isn't safety, snow crushes those trees :/

Автор Leena Brandligt ( назад)
but what if your cremated alive?

Автор k caliber ( назад)
Who else was thinking about kill bill 2

Автор Jaxsen Mooney ( назад)
How to escape peeing your pants

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