The Ultimate Durian Challenge (2M Subscriber Special)

  • Published on Oct 26, 2016
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Comments • 8 029

  • Adhitya YT
    Adhitya YT 5 hours ago

    Hanya orang tolol yang membuka durian dengan cara seperti itu

  • Daus Taufik
    Daus Taufik 17 hours ago

    That durian alredy broke!

  • M S
    M S 23 hours ago

    durian la sedap bodo brekmok

  • Fendi Yt
    Fendi Yt Day ago

    Yang dari Indonesia Like!

  • Gordon Martin
    Gordon Martin 2 days ago

    Frozen durian is better

  • βig• βoss
    βig• βoss 3 days ago

    Diorg ni lebih kurng mcm aku .... X suka durian .... Tpi suke produk yg ada durian

  • Elite Gamer
    Elite Gamer 3 days ago +1

    Note: Dont drink soda or any alchoholic drinks while eating durian!!

  • ・ω・ Muhehe
    ・ω・ Muhehe 3 days ago +1

    i don't like durian
    but i like juice durian

  • Diq Tator
    Diq Tator 4 days ago

    The only thing matt couldn't fit in his mouth is durian

  • George Herry George Herry

    Come to Malaysian n you need to eat durian Musang King

  • Ardana Satria
    Ardana Satria 5 days ago

    Durian is favourite fruit in Indonesia

  • SexPool
    SexPool 5 days ago

    I enjoyed watching this video very much. I used to hate that fruit but I kept trying it every time my parents bought it. Texture is freaky but the scent and taste, you get used to it. Proud to be Cambodian.

  • selamat selamat
    selamat selamat 6 days ago

    peqak buih😆

  • Silhouette Sunrise
    Silhouette Sunrise 7 days ago

    Nek aku wes tak entekke

    ARKAN BINUKO 7 days ago

    Mantap tuh duriannya

  • Fauzan Akbar
    Fauzan Akbar 7 days ago

    some ppl of ma frens doesnt like it xD..

  • Saif Mahmud Siam
    Saif Mahmud Siam 7 days ago

    In reality, durian is damn freaking tasty.

  • Syadz04
    Syadz04 7 days ago

    I eat rice not durian

    AREMAINDONESIA 1987 7 days ago

    King of fruit Asia ! Indonesia ✋

  • Oppai Chan
    Oppai Chan 8 days ago

    Wwokwowk ngakak dah cara bukaknya

  • Zin San
    Zin San 8 days ago

    Durian is from indonesia

  • lovebender baby
    lovebender baby 8 days ago

    Honestly the durian doesnt looked fresh anymore..we usually doesnt eat that kind of durian. We eat the fresh one, which taste very very good.. even better than the durian cookie. Im a durian lover.😁

  • Mdhafi zZ
    Mdhafi zZ 9 days ago

    durian its bahasa malay ..u know😂

  • Muhamad Ridwan
    Muhamad Ridwan 9 days ago

    Ihhh geleh di utahken 6:40

  • bɑby•psycho ಥ_ಥ

    Gift me... i like this

  • Anna Molly
    Anna Molly 10 days ago

    I can do 30 durians challenge

  • Senji Gaming
    Senji Gaming 10 days ago

    I love durian
    Its like your friend who got realy bad smell but have a realy good personality

  • Xninja
    Xninja 10 days ago +1

    Hanya orang indo yg tau

  • mike schneider
    mike schneider 10 days ago

    how about a balut challenge

  • muhd amir
    muhd amir 11 days ago

    Durian fruit is really nice , but a durian candy or ice cream is fuck . Hahahaha . U must to try "durian musang king"

  • ravisha fitra
    ravisha fitra 12 days ago

    I love durians

  • MohdRamzan Fiqri
    MohdRamzan Fiqri 12 days ago

    God job

  • Azman Mustafa
    Azman Mustafa 13 days ago

    Sape Malaysia like skit

  • Izyl Oceña
    Izyl Oceña 13 days ago

    Maybe this challenge i can destroy matt

  • Johnny May Cry
    Johnny May Cry 13 days ago

    Try papaya

  • Paula Nado
    Paula Nado 14 days ago

    You try eat a balut 😅

  • It's Zach
    It's Zach 14 days ago

    What a waste

  • hisyam kabbani
    hisyam kabbani 15 days ago

    Durian is good broo

  • Mobile Legends2018
    Mobile Legends2018 16 days ago

    Durian is the best fruit in Asia..

  • bacot Anjing
    bacot Anjing 17 days ago

    +62 is very bar-bar

  • Muhammad Najmi
    Muhammad Najmi 18 days ago

    Durian from malaysia

  • Andhien Wijayanti
    Andhien Wijayanti 19 days ago

    Delicious......... Woooow


    Poor americans

  • Andie pinocchio
    Andie pinocchio 19 days ago

    Hihi buah faforit aku .
    Salam dari Indonesia .

  • Endy Setiawan
    Endy Setiawan 20 days ago +7

    Mana orang indonesiaaaa!

    Kalo banyak hmmm seger bau mem*k

  • Wonho Bubbles
    Wonho Bubbles 20 days ago +1

    Matt’s laugh was so cute when his brother said he had a leaf in his water xd

  • Rυzαмα
    Rυzαмα 21 day ago

    In asian Durian is very tasty

    CICAK KAGET 23 days ago +1

    Iam for Indonesia... Be like

    MANS NOT GOOD 23 days ago +1

    Malaysia mane?

  • Sleepy Sofia Ree
    Sleepy Sofia Ree 24 days ago

    sakitnya hati aku tengok cara dia bukak durian tu hmm

  • Appolo Gaming
    Appolo Gaming 24 days ago

    Why don't you guys like the smell of durian and the taste in my opinion is very good fruit durian

  • Ollie Cagney088
    Ollie Cagney088 24 days ago

    They eat the actual durian fruit at 6:10
    Thank me later

  • Raichant Enchanter
    Raichant Enchanter 25 days ago

    Im trigger when i see how they tried to open the durian,really nuub 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ene Justin
    Ene Justin 25 days ago

    Matt and morgan: The Durian smells terrible!
    The asians: I no need sleep i need Durian

  • Mariz Vale
    Mariz Vale 26 days ago

    You know guys that durian are my favorite

  • Dancuk Babi
    Dancuk Babi 27 days ago +1

    I'm like durian is the best

  • Sandi Syahputra
    Sandi Syahputra 28 days ago

    Durian is very nice dude

  • Leo H
    Leo H 29 days ago

    So wheres the ass smell

  • Sedrex Gaming
    Sedrex Gaming Month ago +1

    Indonesian food

  • Rahani Mustapa
    Rahani Mustapa Month ago

    is so yummmy i from malaysia