Miso Soup Recipe - Japanese Cooking 101

Recipe here: http://www.japanesecooking101.com/miso-soup-recipe/
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This video will show you how to make Miso Soup at home! You don't have to go to Japanese restaurants to get Miso Soup any more.
The recipe by Noriko & Yuko of Japanese Cooking 101 (http://www.japanesecooking101.com) We only use ingredients you can easily find!

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Автор Za Lawra ( назад)
I love miso soup

Автор Ethan bballslugger24 ( назад)
Theirs also another way to make miso, it's called instant miso powder

Автор MaZEEZaM ( назад)
Thank you for this :D

Автор Steven Cung ( назад)
Awesome recipe for miso soup

Автор NAGA PRASAD ( назад)
In India Miso Is Kind of rare item to buy but after watching this video is Start Search to buy Miso . I loved the Video

Автор Yasmin Casper ( назад)
i rather eat the soup they made... i like it all the same but they never give me tofu chunks that big.

Автор Skiantoss ( назад)
white and dark miso are equally good for the soup?

Автор Ashlyn Ibuado ( назад)
How long can you keep this in the fridge?

Автор Kevin Wright ( назад)
i give an automatic thumbs down when you post a commercial I can't cancel.......

furthermore....DASHI ISNT AVAILABLE IN USA.......

I am hostile towards the tuna fishing industry...... especially the Japanese........who are rapists of the sea along with most Asian Nations........

my mother is 100% Japanese............I am Truth!........

Автор K ( назад)
No wakame?

Автор Emily Foster ( назад)
No wakame?

Автор kat lia ( назад)
I tend to over cook, how many minutes approx do i cook the miso to prevent it from overcooking.?

Автор Jyang Liska ( назад)
I've never seen tofu that fine and jello like before. It looks beautiful btw.

Автор Uncle Papa ( назад)
Mmmmm! I love Japanese food

Автор Surviving as Mom ( назад)

Автор 田中太郎 ( назад)
Tofu will be more tasty if you tear them or cut with spoon.
The rough surface will suck the soup.

Автор Jhoane Castillo ( назад)
cutting skills not good 😂

Автор christina lamar ( назад)
I'm eating right niw

Автор Beth Rubley ( назад)
Next year I might ask my dad or mom to make Miso Soup, and I really wan't to try it but I don't know if I have a Asian shop at my market.

Автор andy law ( назад)
Don't you need to add salt ?

Автор Nana 7777 ( назад)
Is Miso & Soy bean paste the same?

Автор Aquene Emil ( назад)
can you keep it in fridge after making it? how long does it keep for?

Автор joy paul ( назад)
I love Japanese foods so much but some ingredients aren't available in India :(

Автор GothicRootje ( назад)
thank you! that really helped :)

Автор john balogna ( назад)
quick question I thought Dashi also required kombu along with the bonito flakes to make. ???

Автор Anna Funny Murphy ( назад)
:0 I though miso soup is vegan. Thank you

Автор Kynlee Mashburn ( назад)
anyone know if this tastes anything like kanomis and instead of tofu can I use the little chip things they use in the kanomis soup?

Автор Oluf The Explorer ( назад)
Doesn't miso just mean water in Japanese? If so, wouldn't that mean it's just "water soup"? oO

Автор Kathi B ( назад)
can i just use regular fish stock?

Автор Samantha Beazley ( назад)
So after making this would you just store it in your fridge heating it up later when you want some more? Also how long could you store it in there for?

Автор Cory Radam ( назад)
Japan has a culture of misogynistic men at the present moment. This is the reputation but we can't confirm if it is true or not.

Автор Captain Read ( назад)
do you have to use dashi?? cuz if so I didn't know there was such a thing as fish broth (hi white girl here lol)

Автор Anton-Michael England ( назад)

Автор yege Alvarez ( назад)
wow i just made this recipe and wow its really good and easy. i love miso soup but i didn't know how to make, i thought it was hard but i was wrong..

Автор CaptainSkelebones ( назад)
i had miso soup for the first time today and i really liked it, it made me feel really comfortable, now i find out its a comfort food, that explains it

Автор sanjya dhakal ( назад)
Dry Kelp がほしないの? だしつかてとき ボニトナ とDry Kelp ほしだとおもいます

Автор sanjya dhakal ( назад)
As a Chef What are the most impotent thing we should have ? I mean to be a good chef What is necessary ?

Автор SuperLovebleach ( назад)
Can I just use water instead of dashi? Thanks

Автор suria hagumi ( назад)
i wonder long can miso paste lasted?? if i put it in refrigerator..

Автор Boby Stani ( назад)
Can you make the miso soup without the dashi (fish broth)?

Автор Lee Fiorentini ( назад)
no you need miso paste.

Автор Lee Fiorentini ( назад)
my Japanese wife cookes it all the time and i really love it. my first time was pretty simple.

Автор chivy so ( назад)
Can I use soybean paste instead of miso paste? Or it's the same?

Автор Connie Thatcher ( назад)
I made it. It turned out great. I put it on my blog how I made it. I like how you explain how to make it. My blog Miso soup is here. https://connieemeraldeyes.wordpress.com/2016/04/15/weekly-photo-challenge-dinnertime/

Автор Christie B ( назад)
I'm planning to make miso soup soon but I cannot stand onions. The only flavour substitute I can think of is garlic... I have seen that a lot of savoury recipes call for daikon but I cannot get them here. Any ideas?

Автор Cherie Ward ( назад)
Can you use clam broth instead?

Автор Amshula G ( назад)
I ran out of tofu last night, can I substitute it with egg?

Автор Jamar Quvious ( назад)
i wanna eat this with fried chicken

Автор liz west ( назад)
OMG.. I always thought how to make miso soup.. And wats muso..now i got to know that i have always eaten miso and lykd it haha.. Only coz i didnt no wat it was made of God .....wel d only difference is Japanese call it miso and my mommy is Arunachali tribal dey cal it agiaa..... BDW im from India

Автор Connie senk ( назад)
Looks very wonderful!! 😊

Автор Rikk Grimes ( назад)
This makes miso hungry

Автор Kingportable ( назад)
Can you buy a pre-packaged dashi stock or cube/powder?

Автор JEEROFUKU ( назад)
I prefer dashi from shiitake mushrooms ^^

Автор abhiya4ever100 ( назад)
Should the color of the soup be light because I had miso soup in a restaurant and the color was really brown and it didn't taste or smell good. I wanted to throw up T-T

Автор Megan Michelle ( назад)
I live right next to a Chinese supermarket but it so big and no one speaks English so I can never find anything

Автор Midnight7762 (210 лет назад)
Very nice!

Автор miranda li ( назад)
how long can the soup preserve? i mean, is it ok if i make it in the morning and have it for lunch?

Автор Jenkstudio ( назад)
Is there a thing I could do to reduce the fishy taste I got from the broth? (I made it using instant)

Автор Johnette Williams ( назад)
i LOVE miso soup
i make it with firm or extra firm tofu...
i think i'm going to make some next week like a big bowl

Автор Miss Joker ( назад)
thank you very much for sharing

Автор dynaglydr ( назад)
Thank you, I love miso soup. Can I save extra miso in the fridge and reheat later?

Автор Rankin ( назад)
Bonito flakes are expensive in the country that I'm living in... Can I substitute dashi with diluted bonito soy sauce?

Автор GeneralChickenPeice ( назад)
I cant seem to find dashi where I live, but we do have something called "fish stock" by a western brand called campbells. They make chicken stocks and soups and what not. Would that be the same as dashi? And even if it were different, would it still be acceptable to use instead of dashi? I cant find dashi or bonito flakes anywhere, since its pretty uncommon to get foreign foods around here.

Автор pandagirl 1003 ( назад)
We don't have the fish flakes where I live. Is there anything else I could use to make the broth?

Автор poolahpot (1246 лет назад)
How long does miso last in the fridge after it has been opened?

Автор Raquel Cabistan ( назад)
thank you for taking the mystery out of it. my daughter loves Miso soup. what type of seaweed do you recommend?

Автор Maureen Mizuno ( назад)
A suggestion when making the dashi, I usually first put a a 1 1/2 inch square of konbu dried seaweed in the water and boil for 3 to 5 minutes before putting in the bonito flakes, I find it adds depth to the flavor of the dashi.

Автор Beverly Margolis ( назад)
I love miso soup. It is heart friendly and the flavor is to die for. My family thinks I'm nuts but they now love sushi so maybe there is hope for them. Thank you for the video,

Автор Yuki Harisaki ( назад)
i love meso XD

Автор AcE 98 ( назад)
I'm addicted to that Japanese soup 😱

Автор Canii peopleperson ( назад)
thank you so much for the recipe hun!! my family is going to love this tonight. hopefully the hubby thinks I did alright lol.

Автор Arries David ( назад)
Your theme, it really makes me happy. Would you allow me to use it as my ring tone?

Автор Antonio Del Rio ( назад)
miso soup is absolutely delicious, made it in culinary school for the first time and it not only tasted great but fills you up.

Автор トースターで目玉焼き ( назад)
How to make is I understand.

Автор Michabel Polki ( назад)
/atleasts ผู้ชาย ที่พูด ชิบหาย คือทุกอย่างอยู่ที่คุณ.

Автор Katarzyna Hoinka ( назад)
Please, write me, what is it on 1:52 on your video? I don't understand everything you talk. I would like to know, how you easy do a dashi? But, I don't know what you put to the pot on boil it with water.

Автор Rew ( назад)
making it tonight !!! Thanks for the video. ;-)

Автор sayda lopez ( назад)
I like the interesting

Автор guppymer ( назад)
luv this reminds me of my time in Japan so long ago...

Автор Motaki666 ( назад)
Forgive me if this is a silly question, but what is tofu and what does it taste like? Thanks :)

Автор georgemitchel23 ( назад)
I love miso soup but I didn't know it has fish broth... I don't like fish, so it's weird that I liked it at wasabi place, is there a way to do without fish broth? Or I just have to live with it haha

Автор director1111 ( назад)
How many days survives a Miso soup in the fridge? The idea is to prepare Miso soup for a couple of days in advance as I want to have it for breakfast, so I only have to heat it up again.

Автор tomie kapper ( назад)
I'm literally going to go and spend all my money at this amazing Asian market near my house now!! <(^-^)>

Автор Ron Richo ( назад)
That really does look good.

Автор snowmchristv ( назад)
Thank you!!!!!

Автор Wilson Tanabe Barbosa ( назад)

Автор Oihane ( назад)
I have dashi paste, can that be used instead of dashi and miso paste???

Автор Leonard Tatum ( назад)
that is cool , thanks

Автор MZJ ( назад)
can i use chicken stock insted?

Автор octapusxft ( назад)
I managed to successfully do that one. The next step will be miso ramen! (fi I ever manage to find all the ingredients)

Автор TheFettuck ( назад)
Is it also possible to add Udon to this kind of soup?

Автор DecaSpace ( назад)
+JapaneseCooking101  This video was very simple yet very clear! Best I 've seen for Miso! Does anyone recommend using Marukome's paste?

Автор ITS GONE ( назад)
I love miso soup

Автор XxScArEcRoWxX1 ( назад)
i tried the cheap annie chuns udon miso soup from walmart.. now im ready for the real thing

Автор sorakairi1993 ( назад)
Certainly looks easy, I should make it sometime.

Автор ominu ( назад)
Does it have to have tofu? Or can it be something else? If so, what else?

Автор Grace Gray ( назад)
i love miso  soup i will try this hope i can find all the ingredients 

Автор SlasherBloodScreamHorrorFilms1980 ( назад)
I love Japanese Miso Soup Recipe!!! <3 <3 :)

Автор Emmanuelle Girard ( назад)
I love soup at breakfast

Автор maikor3 ( назад)
after trying miso soup from a japanese restaurant i just have to learn how to make it so i can eat it everyday lol

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