Object 704 - NO GOLD AMMO NEEDED - WoT Gameplay

  • Published on Sep 18, 2019
  • World of Tanks Object 704 PC Gameplay Replay. Object 704 Tier 9 Soviet tank destroyer.
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    Map: Tundra
    Damage: 10804
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Comments • 36

  • Cristian Rudi
    Cristian Rudi 28 days ago

    Hard game! Real tormented...

  • The_Crypte
    The_Crypte 28 days ago +1

    Gg for play with no ammo gold !!! 👍👌

  • Aurel L
    Aurel L 28 days ago

    No arty makes things easier

  • Shuwn Jason
    Shuwn Jason 28 days ago

    I love 704 more than 268, obj 704's ap shell has higher flying speed

    RCRDC X 28 days ago +4

    3:02 typical RNG, when you're in a position to punish a stupid play but they get away with it.
    Edit: for one shot atleast ...

  • Electro410 :v
    Electro410 :v 29 days ago +8

    That Ru made the difference between losing and winning, F for Ru 251

  • VR-71
    VR-71 Month ago

    не понятные маневры

  • VR-71
    VR-71 Month ago

    в конце затупил

  • turbo2sven
    turbo2sven Month ago

    Nices video

  • Олег Щербаков

    Ему повезло что в низину хоть кто-то приехал, обычно там нет никого...

  • Tvrtki
    Tvrtki Month ago +5

    I am so fuckinh jealous over how this people get the most idiotic enemy team ever. I always get some freaking unicums on enemy or bots on my team...

    • Tvrtki
      Tvrtki 27 days ago

      @Cristian Rudi and get defeated by bad teams inactivity

    • Cristian Rudi
      Cristian Rudi 28 days ago +1

      Yeah, yeah...,,always" we get the most idiotic team... But no one seems to understand anymore the long chain of events, leading from one situatian to another, so complicated... that we gave up long ago understanding this kind of game. Make a single adjustment in a game's key moment, and the ,,most idiotic team" looks no longer such (at all). As a matter of fact, we all are that idiotic team, with all the expertise and skills. Offen, we are! In my language there is a saying: ,,Good God, protect us from smart man's stupidity!"

    • khong guan
      khong guan Month ago


    • Axell avetyan
      Axell avetyan Month ago

      That true

  • Ви То
    Ви То Month ago +1

    дефить весь бой сохраняя здоровье и так бездарно прoeбaть все хп в итоге , хотел бы я посмотреть на его статистику , пади лучший бой в его карьере , чисто везенье

  • 林易伸
    林易伸 Month ago


  • Ranot Tigre
    Ranot Tigre Month ago +2

    3:04 pure Russian bias

  • Deathshot
    Deathshot Month ago +8

    Miss using this gun on the isu :/

  • ofca8
    ofca8 Month ago

    Oh i am here ^^

    JHIH-SIOU LI Month ago

    that's a really good player

  • David Šturman
    David Šturman Month ago +1

    What's the pen on this thing?

  • Nam Đặng
    Nam Đặng Month ago +2


  • David Woods
    David Woods Month ago

    Well played

  • Péter Sziráki
    Péter Sziráki Month ago +2

    Thats a really good player!

  • Hama Kurd
    Hama Kurd Month ago +1


  • lasvista2tech
    lasvista2tech Month ago +9

    No arty so a nice match

  • Glenn Radars | グレンレーダー

    Epicly nice.

  • Oh_ My_gawd
    Oh_ My_gawd Month ago +41


    • Art G.
      Art G. Month ago

      @CL233 Congrats buddy, well played;)

    • CL233
      CL233 Month ago +2

      thx man, thats me ;)

    • Louis
      Louis Month ago +3

      Exactly. Tired of replays with shit players having insane luck and playing full gold