• Published on Feb 26, 2018
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Comments • 291

  • Viraj Bansal
    Viraj Bansal 3 months ago

    bro the best part of the video was when he winked it had me dead

  • John Carlo Espera
    John Carlo Espera 8 months ago

    ZackTTG > Sole Brothers

    • Virg Malone
      Virg Malone 2 months ago

      John Carlo Espera sadly he does not do much performance reviews

  • Firad Aslanov
    Firad Aslanov 8 months ago

    Hello how we clean kobe protro 1?

  • Ethan Larick
    Ethan Larick Year ago

    Y'all know I hoop in Nike Air Mags

  • Bryan Molina
    Bryan Molina Year ago

    I'm playing in the James harden volume 1

  • Wyatt Leatherman
    Wyatt Leatherman Year ago

    Bri is bae❤️❤️

  • Mindy Aguliar
    Mindy Aguliar Year ago

    Unfortunately since the Kobe 2s I associate Kobe shoes with ugly AF but its nice to see his shoes look pretty legit nowadays. It sucks because Kobe was Kobe is my all time favorite player and when I was in high school I wanted to rep Kobe but i couldn't, not with shoes anyway.

  • ERA FR
    ERA FR Year ago

    Hyperdunk 2016 low

  • Josh
    Josh Year ago

    Do i get ur girl if i shave bc thats what it looks like ur telling me

    JAHRONMON Year ago +1

    Appreciate you using my clip homie! (1:35).

  • David2 White
    David2 White Year ago

    im using the retro air jordan 1's

  • Saulius Skolevičius

    I'm playing now in Lebron XII low remix

  • Dax Austerman
    Dax Austerman Year ago

    Kobe’s and PG’s

  • John Paul de Guzman

    How's the fit? True to size?

  • Magic Dij
    Magic Dij Year ago


  • bo ros
    bo ros Year ago

    what about the cushion is it good? Better focus on your performance review

    KINGDEMASIO Year ago

    Ima go ahead and subscribe now been ghosting watching for months

  • matt greene
    matt greene Year ago

    You lost me at the little break. Smh

  • Klay Vader
    Klay Vader Year ago +1

    I’m playing in the Kobe 11 rn

  • YuhTub
    YuhTub Year ago +1

    KD 10's

  • YEEZY 69
    YEEZY 69 Year ago +2

    Ahhhh the sponsoring video is lit 😂😂😂

  • Jason Yang
    Jason Yang Year ago

    Damn I thought ur black friend was the
    shortest guy when he was on the sofa

  • Tyler Friesen
    Tyler Friesen Year ago


  • nellek970
    nellek970 Year ago

    Damnnnnn..... She fine...

  • nellek970
    nellek970 Year ago +1

    I need these in a size 14...

  • Andrew Kaufmann
    Andrew Kaufmann Year ago


  • Rob Shin
    Rob Shin Year ago

    If only Jordan adopted the same mentality and released performance Jordan 10, 11, 12, etc. The JB retros are garbage.

    • Rob Shin
      Rob Shin Year ago

      Lately I've been hooping in Jordan 29 low, 31 low, KD 9, Dame 3.Rare Metal Lightning. You?

  • Duc Tam Nguyen
    Duc Tam Nguyen Year ago

    Wow how is this even called a performance review... 😱

  • cosashlars
    cosashlars Year ago

    Kobe 11

  • No Re2pect
    No Re2pect Year ago

    Lebron 15 Ashes

  • eL BangBang
    eL BangBang Year ago

    Skit was funny af 😂

  • Tristen Devenish
    Tristen Devenish Year ago

    I’m wearing kyrie 3’s and 4’s

  • nazier carr
    nazier carr Year ago


  • William Marshall
    William Marshall Year ago

    I play in KD 9 elites

  • Derek Engelhaupt
    Derek Engelhaupt Year ago

    do a vid on the dame 4's

  • JD FLO
    JD FLO Year ago

    That sponsor lmao

  • C The Beast
    C The Beast Year ago

    I’m playing in the Nike’s ADs (Anthony Davis)

  • David Kulig
    David Kulig Year ago

    Jordan 31 Westbrook

  • Louis Jones
    Louis Jones Year ago

    Kd 10’s golden state edition

  • Aiden Suh
    Aiden Suh Year ago

    Patent Leather? 7:04? Huh?

  • Will Crane
    Will Crane Year ago

    I'm playin in the KD 10's

  • Isaac King
    Isaac King Year ago

    Zack need to be in all ads from now on until he retires he should be making millions

  • julius nikolas
    julius nikolas Year ago

    The 1st cp3s

  • The Tummy Ache
    The Tummy Ache Year ago

    How’s the fit tho?

  • NY Mikey
    NY Mikey Year ago


  • NoZoChill
    NoZoChill Year ago

    Love kyrie? Get kyries. Love kobe? Get kobes. Love Bruce lee? Train like him. Love both? Get Kyrie 3 Mamba mentality Bruce Lee

  • Fernandosmallz
    Fernandosmallz Year ago

    Was this really a giant ad

  • Dylan p
    Dylan p Year ago

    Rn I'm playing in the PG1

  • Luke Coyne
    Luke Coyne Year ago


    PRNICK_ Year ago

    I play in retro 10s or kobe a.d nxt

  • Ian Anderson
    Ian Anderson Year ago

    One wipe Charlie for your shit

  • Mikky
    Mikky Year ago

    that dollar shave clubs though😂😂😂

  • Conor Lally
    Conor Lally Year ago

    kobe 11 bhm

  • Elyzja Johnson
    Elyzja Johnson Year ago

    I wear the pg1

  • Qballing101 god
    Qballing101 god Year ago

    Kyrie 4

  • James anderson
    James anderson Year ago

    Pg1s or the Kobe Ads mid

  • ikroop hundal
    ikroop hundal Year ago

    pg 1

  • Aaron Derbes
    Aaron Derbes Year ago

    Half the video was the sponsor but at least it was funny

  • Landon Fisher
    Landon Fisher Year ago