SHAFT - Official Trailer [HD]

  • Published on Feb 7, 2019
  • More Shaft than you can handle. Only in theaters June 14!
    New Line Cinema’s action comedy “Shaft” is the next chapter in the film franchise featuring the coolest private eye on any New York City block.
    Tim Story (the “Ride Along” and “Think Like a Man” franchises) directs this all-new take on a legend, starring Oscar nominee Samuel L. Jackson (“Pulp Fiction,” “Kong: Skull Island”), Jessie T. Usher (TV’s “Survivor’s Remorse,” “Almost Christmas”), Regina Hall (“Girls Trip,” “Barbershop: The Next Cut”), Alexandra Shipp (“Straight Outta Compton,” “X-Men: Apocalypse”), Matt Lauria (TV’s “Kingdom,” “Friday Night Lights”), Titus Welliver (“Argo,” TV’s “Bosch”), Cliff “Method Man” Smith (“Keanu,” “Train Wreck”), and Richard Roundtree, the original John Shaft.
    JJ, aka John Shaft Jr. (Usher), may be a cyber security expert with a degree from MIT, but to uncover the truth behind his best friend’s untimely death, he needs an education only his dad can provide. Absent throughout JJ’s youth, the legendary locked-and-loaded John Shaft (Jackson) agrees to help his progeny navigate Harlem’s heroin-infested underbelly. And while JJ’s own FBI analyst’s badge may clash with his dad’s trademark leather duster, there’s no denying family. Besides, Shaft’s got an agenda of his own, and a score to settle that’s professional and personal.
    The film is produced by John Davis (“Game Night,” “Joy”) under his Davis Entertainment banner.
    “Shaft” is written by Kenya Barris (“Girls Trip,” TV’s “Black-ish”) & Alex Barnow (TV’s “The Goldbergs”), based upon the character John Shaft from the novel by Ernest Tidyman. Serving as executive producers are Tim Story, Ira Napoliello, Kenya Barris, Marc S. Fischer, Richard Brener and Josh Mack.
    Story’s behind-the-scenes creative team included director of photography Larry Blanford (“Ride Along,” “Tag”), production designer Wynn Thomas (“Hidden Figures”), editor Peter S. Elliot (“Ride Along 2”), and costume designer Olivia Miles (“Ride Along 2”). The music is by Christopher Lennertz (“Nobody’s Fool,” “Pitch Perfect 3”), and Dave Jorden served as music supervisor.
    New Line Cinema presents a Davis Entertainment Production, a Tim Story Film, “Shaft” is set for release on June 14, 2019. It will be distributed in North America by Warner Bros. Pictures, and internationally by Netflix.
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  • John
    John 13 hours ago

    well and truly underrated by the shitty online reviewers! i enjoyed this from start to finish.

  • Genesis
    Genesis 21 hour ago

    I so wanted to see this in the movie theaters! I would’ve been laughing 😂.

  • LiangHuBBB
    LiangHuBBB Day ago

    this movie was surprisingly good

  • nikolefilan
    nikolefilan Day ago

    so funny .

  • Lodi
    Lodi Day ago

    Surprisingly good

  • Hemet Nesingwary
    Hemet Nesingwary 3 days ago

    I'm the A-train baby!

    oh wait...

  • Sassy Sasquatch
    Sassy Sasquatch 3 days ago

    2019 and it had feminist lefty bs in it. fuck this crap.

  • Melissa Williams
    Melissa Williams 3 days ago

    This is a great movie i enjoyed it. I needed a good laugh.

  • shubham kothiyal
    shubham kothiyal 4 days ago

    fuck these black blaa blaa white blaa blaa's just a movie..thats alll

  • Daya
    Daya 6 days ago

    Who is this tits at 0:10

    7SKYBALLER 6 days ago

    Y is this flick listed as a comedy ???

  • Jk
    Jk 6 days ago

    Actually so funny. But why did it have to be stereotypical to islam portrayed rn (luckily in not easily offended)

  • Ali Ahsan
    Ali Ahsan 6 days ago

    Is this movie worth a watch?

  • Abdalrahman Akoob
    Abdalrahman Akoob 7 days ago

    So, this is shaft babysitting his kid!!
    They absoletely ruined the character

  • maxine daniel
    maxine daniel 9 days ago

    This should have been a series i would definitely watch it.

  • bdp fucc up
    bdp fucc up 9 days ago

    There’s nothing more awful than watching American/Canadian actors try and pronounce Arabic words wrong lol @ zagaat or MUZLIM COME ON AMERICAN FILM MAKERS FFS IF UR GONNA DO A MOVIE FEATURING MUSLIMS PLEASE GET YOUR ACTORS TO PRONOUNCE THE WORDS CORRECTLY IM CRINGING WATCHING THIS MOVIE ATM!!!!

  • Trey Cumberbatch
    Trey Cumberbatch 10 days ago

    Can anyone tell me the name of the song that's playing when JJ walks into the police station at the end of the movie? It starts when he kisses Sasha in the hospital 😭

  • Ante Krtalić
    Ante Krtalić 10 days ago

    Nick Fury after Endgame

  • Edward Ward Jr
    Edward Ward Jr 10 days ago +1

    Busta Rhymes would hv made this movie next level

  • hot cheetos
    hot cheetos 11 days ago

    "it's your duty to please that booty" definitely something i would tell my son when he's finally ready

  • Deruzzi
    Deruzzi 11 days ago

    If sjw hates it, it’s good

  • Sébastien Lacroix
    Sébastien Lacroix 11 days ago

    Whenever Sam Jackson yells ‘cause he’s pissed, I keep hearing “woman, where is my supersuit??” 😂😂

  • Gameboit
    Gameboit 12 days ago

    Which song was playing on Fm in movie car scene ?..
    lyrics look like
    give it to me ..

  • brucenatelee
    brucenatelee 12 days ago

    Dominique MrsGIJane Williams (@mrsgijane) was the one with the titty scene at the beginning of the trailer. Army vet as well.

  • crysis4real
    crysis4real 14 days ago +1

    Great movie and great cast 9 of 10 me ;-) A must watch !

  • X1rtz CS
    X1rtz CS 15 days ago

    Junior is Marcus from wd2

  • DumplingDelivery
    DumplingDelivery 16 days ago


  • side2 Side
    side2 Side 16 days ago

    It is quite A GOOD movie but HELL you need to work on that mosque scene... it was going fine until the muslim girl said "we started dating when he got clean" dating???? WTF was that LOOOOL.... and another guy was holding a box saying "Zakat" LOL that's not charity... dude work on the facts to complete this movie rather than doing this shit LOOL

  • Kevin Washington
    Kevin Washington 17 days ago

    I'm going to see this right now

  • Ferdinand Hadi Wirawan

    Where's Rasaan?

  • Robert Turner
    Robert Turner 17 days ago

    Let's make Shaft a white woman for the next Shaft movie the way they want to screw up James Bond by making 007 a black woman.

  • Bhagat Singh Rajpoot
    Bhagat Singh Rajpoot 18 days ago +1

    Awesome movie 🎥👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊

  • Rem
    Rem 18 days ago +1

    Tf is A Train doin here

  • Deadpool
    Deadpool 19 days ago

    i watch on netflix really good movie lol :D

  • Panta Rhei
    Panta Rhei 20 days ago

    Honestly, this movie is just a waste of time. I'm sorry Miss Jackson!

  • Manish Reza
    Manish Reza 20 days ago

    So that motherfucker cracked his nuts in 6years old ? daym

  • Leon Fink
    Leon Fink 20 days ago

    What is the song at the start

  • Work Eat Travel
    Work Eat Travel 21 day ago

    Kudos to the writers and SJ coz it seemed just so natural and funny, the character is really just made for him. A must watch.

  • King Scorpio 76
    King Scorpio 76 21 day ago

    Waaaay better then the first one, HILARIOUS movie!!!

  • KalinDarkSigner Channel

    I loved this film

  • Dries du Preez
    Dries du Preez 21 day ago

    I really enjoyed this. Probably one of the most enjoyable films I recently watched. No bullshit political overtones, no political correctness/SJW programming. Just plain fun with enough throwbacks to the original Shaft films and the 2000 one. Need more films like this.

  • Kamille
    Kamille 22 days ago

    Movie was awesome...who else loved it when Shaft called Maya a ghetto rose?! 😂😂😂😂 Dwl loved their chemistry

  • STP 09
    STP 09 22 days ago

    Samuel is my man again...

  • Rodolfo Perz Domi
    Rodolfo Perz Domi 22 days ago

    Vi la mitad de la pelicula en la computadora, mejor voy a verla en una pantalla de 65" y escucharla en sonido envolvente, realmente vale la pena.

  • rexx garvin
    rexx garvin 22 days ago

    No.....They made it a cartoon! The movie came and went! Sam is great,but he should not played Shaft! And the young man who played Shaft Jr...…..No

  • meme machine
    meme machine 22 days ago

    So you are the one called shaft

  • Ahmed Bilal
    Ahmed Bilal 23 days ago +1

    This movie was really good😃😃

  • Charles Manno
    Charles Manno 23 days ago

    First one was a drama, this one is a comedy?

  • Male Isac
    Male Isac 23 days ago

    This was Shaft Family affair!😂

  • Male Isac
    Male Isac 23 days ago

    Regina Hall is hilarious 😂😂😂

  • Male Isac
    Male Isac 23 days ago

    Was funny movie! I was getting gay vibes from Shaft Junior !😜
    No homo thou🙈

  • Michael
    Michael 24 days ago

    SJW hate it. I'm going to probably watch it now.

  • Jay Bourne
    Jay Bourne 24 days ago

    first time i haven't seen samuel yelling

  • Black Diamond
    Black Diamond 24 days ago

    Regina Hall is hereeee!!!!! i can't take her seriously for she will always be Brenda Meeks to me. :) (in Scary Movie)

  • 7620313
    7620313 24 days ago

    If SJWs hate it, it must be great

  • Matthew Hughes
    Matthew Hughes 24 days ago

    They all look the same.

  • Paolo Pabalinas
    Paolo Pabalinas 24 days ago

    I LOVED THIS FILM!! The obvious racist, SJW, and etc jokes, but really... IT'S A FUN MOVIE!

  • Kamstamizer
    Kamstamizer 25 days ago

    Best part was when Sasha decided not to run in to help because it was so "dumb bish stuff" had me deddd 🤣

  • Patriotic Warrior
    Patriotic Warrior 25 days ago

    Black the movie

  • MrGeOxXx 10
    MrGeOxXx 10 26 days ago

    Three black guys wearing toxidos, this is my kind of shit.. xD

  • eug3nius
    eug3nius 26 days ago

    Warner Bros, you need to be more inclusive! Really disappointed the lead role wasn't given to a small blonde woman with blue eyes and long flowing hair.

  • Raquel Tenazas
    Raquel Tenazas 26 days ago

    ‘saw this last nite with my son and ... it sure made my day

  • SeT IcoN
    SeT IcoN 27 days ago

    Where The M Word ?

  • argyris alyfantis
    argyris alyfantis 27 days ago


  • Joseph Meets Travel
    Joseph Meets Travel 28 days ago

    One of the funniest movies of the year!! I’m happy it’s on Netflix!! Great cast! Great everything!

  • Olivia Powell
    Olivia Powell 28 days ago

    Michael Sierra for shaft 2020

  • Eean Karem
    Eean Karem 28 days ago

    Its so werid to see Samuel Jackson without the eye patch... lol

  • jeanettesdaughter
    jeanettesdaughter 29 days ago


  • Riley Bell
    Riley Bell 29 days ago

    Gender jokes? This is gonna be good :popcorn:

  • Danny M
    Danny M 29 days ago

    The last movie was better.

  • kissing TV
    kissing TV Month ago

    I think i just watched the whole movie

  • Emong Timothy
    Emong Timothy Month ago

    SHAFT => Director Fury on summer vacation( so this is where this here director been hiding ALL along)🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • RedLightning
    RedLightning Month ago


  • Calvijn Axel
    Calvijn Axel Month ago

    Please let me know the song when junior kiss sasha

  • H B
    H B Month ago

    A really good movie. 2 problems with it. Poor trailer and poor marketing team.