Top 10 Unreleased Nintendo Switch Games!

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Voiceover by: https://www.youtube.com/SonOfAMitchShow

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Автор Angus Govier ( назад)
wait are you the guy from cod zombies

Автор Blue Tiger Gaming ( назад)
Sonic Mania? Sonic Mania? ok :(

Автор Magnesiumboom12 ( назад)
mariokart double dash is the best!

Автор I am Deyvohn ( назад)
4:11 he said 5 guys!!! You know?? like 5 guys burgers and fries. yeah.

Автор John Shaw ( назад)

Автор Alkéryn ( назад)
You forgot fucking xenoblade, the only one i realy give a shit next to this list

Автор Dead Shitpost ( назад)
Good job of stealing footage!

Автор Jake Cwiertnia ( назад)
Genuinely confused as to why he's complaining that the controllers sucked for smash Wii and Wii U considering you can use the GameCube controller for both ... 🤔

Автор Jesse Online ( назад)
"how is street fighter still a thing?"

yet jizzes over sonic...sonic is still a thing? lol

Автор axoplax ( назад)
Pokémon will not be coming out for the switch because if they did the 3ds sales would go down

Автор POL_Studio ( назад)
bruh MEH-RIO

Автор Rafael Agosto Jr. ( назад)
BOI Sonic forces deserves to be 1st

Автор DavidZachAttack ( назад)
This video is aids

Автор Cermahoil ( назад)
lol you stutter to make it 10 minutes long

Автор BillTrinen'sTongue ( назад)
You forgot Xenoblade Chronicles X

Автор timothy banks ( назад)
i will find you and kill you if you keep mispronouncing marios name

Автор Stupid Shorts ( назад)
This guy has no clue what he's doing. Seriously? Pokemon Stars? Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is number 1? Or as he calls it, Mayrio Kart 8 Deluxe.

Автор ironfistjoe ( назад)
How the hell do you hate Mario kart Wii? Just use a fucking gamecube controller, same with brawl

Автор Frost Byte ( назад)
I'm so hype for portable skyrim. Like i am about to get the switch and I have been searching and have been getting so hype for it

Автор MARlO MARlO ( назад)
Most of these games are shameless rehashes, ports of old games that no one cares about, or rehashes that you just made up that aren't even confirmed by Nintendo, lol. The Switch has no games SUCKERS! 🤣

Автор Dylan Lin ( назад)
Sonic is sega
Why is it in Nintendo

Автор Ryoku dbz, minecraft, and more!! GOKU ( назад)
I wish dragon ball xenoverse 2 was number 1

Автор Izaiah Productions ( назад)
I love ratatat!

Автор TheGamingChipmunk ( назад)
Where is arms??????

Автор lianne de groot ( назад)

Автор lianne de groot ( назад)
super smash bros comes on 21 july same as spletoon 2

Автор Edm Production ( назад)
omg mario odyssey should be first, who the f*** puts game port as first game. Sure mario kart 8 was imo my favorite mario kart game but since its yesterdays news its nothing compaired to odyssey. Also pokemon would defently way higher in list, defently top 3.

Автор Disrupt It Yourself ( назад)
I will be incredibly surprised if Smash comes out on the switch sooner than 2 years.
Fire Emblem Awakening got 92/100 on metacritic. Virtually every gaming site put it in there top 5 3DS games and IGN named it #21 on their list of the top 125 Nintendo games of all time. It was the best selling FE title in the west and sold close to 2 million copies here.
I think more people have heard of the franchise than you think.

Автор Disrupt It Yourself ( назад)
Sonic is a super popular game? Not for about 20 years. Splatoon should be top 3 or top 5 at least.

Автор 1_Sly_Cat ( назад)
You need to leave the gaming community now.

Автор coolnessgames ( назад)
Why did you add modded gameplay for Smash Bros?

Автор alex dumerve ( назад)
nba2k18 not 17

Автор Levi Stuart ( назад)
I'm excited for scrim cause I've never played, sadly. It looks like a game I would love.

Автор Levi Stuart ( назад)
Basketball? It's on literally every console. And it's on this list? Wtf.

Автор Larry Tucker ( назад)
fukk u

Автор Carlos Alonzo Garcia Granados ( назад)
What? Mario Kart 8? Number 1? Its good and all and I will buy, but come on, it is already out on the WiiU

Автор TheSeaarrow ( назад)
I cringed sooooo much in this video...

Автор Bryan Perez ( назад)
you do know you can play smash bros brawl and Mario kart Wii with a classic controller or even a GameCube controller right?

Автор hjames78 ( назад)
😣😣😣😣 it's mar-i-o not mairio you idiot!!!

Автор hjames78 ( назад)
must be young if you don't respect street fighter. guess if you weren't born or a baby when it first hit you wouldn't understand. street fighter is a great!

Автор Biscuit Bomber ( назад)
Nice Job hateing good games just because you hate the controls

Автор cizzlen07 ( назад)

Автор Medster dabeast ( назад)
wait...WTF...is that dva out of her suit at 6:27

Автор Robyn Wolph ( назад)

Автор Matthew Blackburn ( назад)
street fighter: "i dont understand why this game is still around after 20 years!"
Skyrim: "it just goes to show you how awesome this game is that its still around after 6 years!"

Автор Slimshadowfan ( назад)
What about Sonic Mania?
Maybe you forgot or just didn't think about it.
Probably because it isn't just exclusive for the Switch.
But i still think Sonic Mania should have been on the list.

Автор Smitherz LeGrande ( назад)
Metroid Prime 4??

Автор Hildred Mathews ( назад)
NBA2K17 is already out!

Автор Aizen Sousuke ( назад)

Автор elite eazy ( назад)
2k18 not 2k17

Автор Lucas360Gaming ( назад)
If Nintendo made Mario Kart 64 Remastered, I would preorder it in less than a second

Автор Lucas360Gaming ( назад)
Wait... was that PaRappa in Smash Bros?

Автор RUBA DUKY GAMES ( назад)
No no no no!!!!!!!! Arms not Mario kart?!?!?! What is this.😵

Автор Redman Gaming ( назад)
Merio ?

Автор Peter Medlock ( назад)
Yeah me too but none the less im pumped for Mario games woohoo

Автор Luis Cruz ( назад)

Автор Be GLaD ( назад)
Please let there be a metroid game, and please let it be not other M

Автор Jorge Jaén ( назад)
but what about of Xenoblade 2....this are top game

Автор Panos Ntop ( назад)
i freaking love nintendo...i love zelda pokemon super mario super smash bros mario kart all these games but pls..just give me a mortal kombat on the switch and i ll be the happiest man alive..

Автор TheShadowFlame ( назад)
I'm I the only one that want 2d Mario so I can play with my sister .-. Since it's multiplayer

Автор QuakinBacon ( назад)
The Pokémon part. 'there's two games with minor differences blah blah blah then in a year they release that same game again' um do you even play Pokémon? They stopped doing 3rd versions 9 years ago... they do remakes... (except for b/w)

Автор brian parent ( назад)
I agree with most of the list except splatoon being at the bottom of the list

Автор Khalid Al ( назад)

Автор ItsJust APrankBro ( назад)
That e-rubble beat made me happy but sad

Автор Ddot Norris ( назад)
Anything about Mario Party!!!???

Автор FtdF8me ( назад)
that clock keep ticking like a metronome, and my thoughts keep telling me to get me home, but my balls keep telling me to let me oh, fuck all that shit just let me go (edubble Let me oh for those of you who liked the background song)

Автор Gil Rybak ( назад)
Ok I normally don't comment but I gotta
I'm blown away you have a channel with how misinformed you are on Nintendos past and present products
I don't ride the Wii U's dick but their pro controller was one analog stick placement away from being a 360 controller, literally, same wth the game pad but wider. So I don't know what you're going on about with the Wii U and it's "bad controllers" maybe if you still used the wii mote for smash (which nobody liked) you would have a bad experience. But the controllers from Wii U to switch aren't like comparing the Wii motes to normal controllers. They ARE normal controllers. Nintendo is always gonna put the A button on the far right and B button center, other then that I am really trying to see your point and how "different" the two latest mainline controller models from Nintendo are.
Please further explain your point without generalizations please.

Автор Igneos Kai ( назад)
Dragonquest, xenoblade, dragonballxenoverse, shin megami tensei, and a possible kingdom hearts are some worthy mentions

Автор Gabriel Castro ( назад)
This video title is false advertising.

Автор legostar55 ( назад)
but Fire Emblem for Nintendo Switch is just a working title

Автор legostar55 ( назад)
and there is a brand new fire emblem for Nintendo Switch with a planned release date of 2018

Автор legostar55 ( назад)
It's Called sonic forces not project sonic anymore

Автор ChickenFries64 ( назад)
Huuuuuuh i LiKE mAyLAy iTs sO gOod

Is this the genwunner of smash

Автор ChickenFries64 ( назад)
Fuck you

Автор wolf3 senpuh ( назад)
I feel uncomfortable the way he says mario

Автор Russ Nyvall ( назад)
I am triggered when he said smash wiiu was bad

Автор Bleik 903 ( назад)
this video was pretty bad

Автор JaxToons ( назад)

Автор Hamad Alathba ( назад)
Is that pat form smith plays????????

Автор Mo Boubek ( назад)
triggered that u put Splatoon 2 in number 10 and mario kart 8 deluxe in number 1

Автор speedbump 666 ( назад)
dont forget about metroid

Автор Turtlecat 109 ( назад)
Really, no Sonic mania

Автор parts parts ( назад)
how about ROCKMAN ???

Автор Zayd Aldoais ( назад)
Super May-rio

Автор SonicFan9506 ( назад)
"I'm the biggest Mario Kart fanboy ever."
It really doesn't sound like it since you pronounce Mario's name wrong.

Автор SuperMarioSammy ( назад)
Games we need

Smash bros

Mario odyssey

Animal crossing

Mario kart8 deluxe

A good donkey kong game

A good sonic game

Who agrees??

Автор Bria Cedarquist ( назад)
What about Seasons of Heaven?

Автор Swayzie Express ( назад)
good old mary-o

Автор Zaya Jackson ( назад)
Zelta? Maerio? okay?

Автор MaKav3liKm43 ( назад)

Автор Gio Logical ( назад)
How he says Mario!😂😂

Автор Mr. Grumpy ( назад)
it looks like no Mario kart 9

Автор Blazed Cinray ( назад)
They should remake paper mario

Автор gamer freak ( назад)
NBA but not FIFA....

Автор james thomas ( назад)
super Mario galaxy is the best Mario game ever still don't beat cod Zombies LOL

Автор Sasukex66x ( назад)
This guy is so stupid talking about "weird controllers" the switch pro controller and the Wii U pro controller aren't that different from each other

Автор Andrew Haymore ( назад)
First video I've ever clicked dislike on. Learn how to say Mario. Immersion completely ruined.

Автор Cas V ( назад)
I hoop dat ark coom for the netendo swith

Автор JayKnows ( назад)
The way he pronounces "Mario" is making me cringe!!!! Dude, it's "mah-re-oh"

Автор BlackRex ( назад)
Smithplays is the voice?

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