• Published on Jun 12, 2019
  • today in this hot ones challenge of eating recommended serving sizes for 24 hours i put hot sauce on everything i eat in this impossible food challenge.
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    WAIT A MINUTE... People still read the description?!
    well. if you are reading this... comment down below saying:
    Derek should put hot sauce on his bald spot. I bet it'll grow back.
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  • ChristiRenee93
    ChristiRenee93 Day ago

    Ah. I see someone's seen The Princess Bride.

  • YB Clips
    YB Clips Day ago

    i know im not the only one who saw the Jordan 1s in the fridge at 0:11

  • Jeanette Ramirez

    No it is bone apple tit

  • Sandshrew22
    Sandshrew22 Day ago

    I already do that to my food, no challenge needed

  • Joan Shelton
    Joan Shelton Day ago

    You're coffee at home

  • Elias Fayad
    Elias Fayad 2 days ago

    And you know that you have to putt hot sauce in the coffee

  • Anjal Tamang
    Anjal Tamang 2 days ago

    17:57 you didn’t put hot sauce on the chip

  • Faisal Faisal
    Faisal Faisal 2 days ago

    Derek should put hot sauce on his bald spot , I bet it will grow back

  • VoidPlayz
    VoidPlayz 2 days ago +1

    *Derek: "It's like going from RUclip, to like Brazzers--"*
    *Demonetization: "I'm about to end this mans whole career."*

  • FaZe ScOoBy
    FaZe ScOoBy 2 days ago

    4:04, wait a minute I though you only out hot sauce on the stuff you EAT not DRINK

  • JustAiden 9655
    JustAiden 9655 2 days ago +1

    U sound like Morty from Rick and morty

  • Matt Gamer
    Matt Gamer 2 days ago

    try putting on the hot sauce on cake

  • Dayana Vazquez
    Dayana Vazquez 3 days ago

    Did anyone notice that when he drank the water from outside it was normal water not water with hot sauce Lol he basically failed the challenge but that doesn’t matter unless he doesn’t take a $h** then that’s fine 👍

  • The Steez
    The Steez 3 days ago

    Derek’s shirt looked like a prison shirt cuz he doesn’t get to make choices and he’s locked in

  • Brandon McCray
    Brandon McCray 3 days ago

    You little BITCH

  • Yousif Elia
    Yousif Elia 3 days ago

    Yo u should do let the person in front how u get a haircut

  • TessBess12 !!!!!
    TessBess12 !!!!! 3 days ago +1

    Taking everything vegan off of your food

  • Remy Murphy
    Remy Murphy 3 days ago +1

    Did he eat the green part of the strawberry 😂

  • Andres H
    Andres H 3 days ago

    Your a bitch what it comes to hot Sauce

  • Hershey Man
    Hershey Man 3 days ago +1

    Derek should put hot sauce on his bald spot. I bet it'll grow back
    Read the description so you will understand why I said this

  • Eyeless-Jack uwu
    Eyeless-Jack uwu 3 days ago

    Derek should out hot sauce on his bald spot..maybe it'll grow back 😂😁 plz notice me daddy Derek😂😌

    • itzJaz lol
      itzJaz lol 3 days ago

      daddy?! Wow ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Mayra Ramos
    Mayra Ramos 3 days ago

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  • Hi I’m lonely
    Hi I’m lonely 3 days ago

    Why didn’t you choose not to put hot sauce on your coffee?

  • Mix it up with M&M
    Mix it up with M&M 4 days ago

    I have frozen blueberries and cherries too

  • Kiid Rockks
    Kiid Rockks 4 days ago

    He never specified how much he had to put but I guess he put a lot for content 😂😂

  • {546}Fakelove uhh
    {546}Fakelove uhh 4 days ago

    Dramatic bro it probably taste great next ten seconds I try it burns my mouth off

  • ll k
    ll k 4 days ago

    Technically you dont eat beverages so you played yourself

  • Ty
    Ty 4 days ago +4

    This is how many people looked at Derek’s bald spot


  • •AlphaYT•スペースくん ッ

    Da fuge coconut head looking a$*

  • smoggy sharky
    smoggy sharky 4 days ago

    Derek should put hot sauce on his bald spot and mabey it will grow back

  • Mr. SPEEDleen
    Mr. SPEEDleen 4 days ago

    hmmm... I did the math and this took them around 720,000,000,000 microseconds

  • FortniteGodz 123
    FortniteGodz 123 4 days ago

    doesn't drink milk but loves coffee Derek u make no sense buddy

  • Skyler Hinkle
    Skyler Hinkle 4 days ago

    Why didn't u say coffee as the one u didn't put hot sauce on

  • DC Vidz
    DC Vidz 4 days ago +7

    Derek should put hot sauce on his bald spot. I bet it'll grow back. LMAO read description

  • Kelinthenoob
    Kelinthenoob 5 days ago

    derek going to b bald

  • Mizorda
    Mizorda 5 days ago

    Put pickles on everything

  • Brooke Brennan
    Brooke Brennan 5 days ago

    Let a cashier decide what you eat for 24 hours

  • Keshet Friedman
    Keshet Friedman 5 days ago

    Pouring coffee on everything you eat for 24 hours

  • CloudlyRabbit
    CloudlyRabbit 5 days ago

    Did anyone noticed what i did? :O

    When he did drink the almond milk he didnt put sauce in it!

  • Cheesy god ツ
    Cheesy god ツ 5 days ago +2

    This is how much Derek shows his bald spot in his videos

  • Satsuki TheAnimeLover

    You don’t EAT liquids right?
    Or DO you?

  • Satsuki TheAnimeLover

    So does that mean you, CAN, drink?...

  • bmx_beastt on FN
    bmx_beastt on FN 5 days ago

    Shoes in his refrigerator??? Lol

  • J Gamination
    J Gamination 6 days ago +1

    That bold spot is growing...it'll soon take over 😂

  • Kaylah Gonzalez
    Kaylah Gonzalez 6 days ago +3

    Derek NEEDS to make full videos with Jazz Paul!!!

  • Roosevelt Welcome
    Roosevelt Welcome 6 days ago

    Why do you over due the drinks

  • Roosevelt Welcome
    Roosevelt Welcome 6 days ago

    Why did you put so much hot sauce in the coffee

  • aGoodFriend Plays Games

    Derek Get to Pick what He eats For 24 Hours
    Like So he notice. Plz?????

  • Exodus Striker
    Exodus Striker 6 days ago +1

    Is anybody going to talk about how Derek just ate a strawberry with the stem in it at 16:50 ?

  • Leah Nedercorn
    Leah Nedercorn 6 days ago

    You should do 24 hours eating sushi

  • Leah Nedercorn
    Leah Nedercorn 6 days ago

    I LOVE the hog ones show

  • ayah abderrahim
    ayah abderrahim 6 days ago

    hay Derek you said that your going to Japan ha

  • Itz GalaXy
    Itz GalaXy 7 days ago

    Very confused why he ate the strawberry with the leaves still on😂

  • Kanye West
    Kanye West 7 days ago

    Why does Derek have a shoe in his refrigerator?

  • meme4 life1
    meme4 life1 7 days ago

    Derek you forgot to take hot sause on a d#ck jk

  • Mackenzie Lewis
    Mackenzie Lewis 7 days ago

    Do the ABC food challenge!!!

  • Isabel Uribe
    Isabel Uribe 7 days ago

    And to extra

  • Isabel Uribe
    Isabel Uribe 7 days ago

    When he was drinking the almond mike at the gym that was so fake 😂😂 there was nothing in there

  • Lacrosse Boss
    Lacrosse Boss 7 days ago

    You never put hot sauce in your hose water

  • Itz just Haydn
    Itz just Haydn 7 days ago

    @ 6:50 you can see hos hand shake

  • MVP_ jet-39-
    MVP_ jet-39- 7 days ago

    Lol he put the hot salsa on his burrito

  • Amethyst 1032245
    Amethyst 1032245 7 days ago

    He didn’t put hot sauce on the tap water

  • Lexi Sanders
    Lexi Sanders 8 days ago +1

    Is anyone gonna notice that he ate the whole strawberry with the green part💀😂

    • LittleAngel AJ
      LittleAngel AJ 7 days ago +1

      Lexi Sanders i was just gonna say that😭😭

  • xxxadamxxx rainbow six

    Derek's next video puting honey mustard on everything for a day

  • Wsed
    Wsed 8 days ago +3

    Derek should put hot sauce on his bald spot. I bet it'll grow back.


  • Rafey Hassan
    Rafey Hassan 8 days ago

    Derek the idiot If there is milk in smoothy then if you added à hot sauce it means you didn't listen to your life line

  • MiguelPlayz
    MiguelPlayz 8 days ago

    10:41 Why is there just a random gaming chair in the corner

  • Mikeythephantrash is eww

    I do this challenge every Day, *Hi I'm Michael James Taylor and I have a problem.*

  • Archie Mathews
    Archie Mathews 8 days ago +1

    Get anthoer bald spot plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Finbob 3000
    Finbob 3000 9 days ago +1

    12:08 he eats treadmills everyone