Hey guys!
    So happy that today's video is going to be a challenge with my boyfriend. Today's video is called " CANDY CANE CHALLENGE WITH MY BOYFRIEND! " We did this boyfriend challenge last year around the holiday time and thought it would be great since it's been a year since we have done this! So for today's Long distance relationship boyfriend challenge we decided to do the candy cane kissing challenge! This video is just like the chapstick challenge / the chapstick kissing challenge but we are just going to use candy canes in place of the chapsticks! I flew out to Arizona to be with my boyfriend, Brandon, last week and we're able to film this video since we do a long distance relationship / online dating which makes it hard for us to film videos. GOOD NEWS! We have more videos coming to you guys within the next few weeks since he will be flying to Ohio for our 2 YEARS! Can't believe we have been doing a long distance relationship for the past 2 years. It just makes it so much more special. I hope you enjoy today's video!
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  • Nick Horton
    Nick Horton  3 months ago +226

    I HOPE YOU ENJOYED TODAY'S VIDEO WITH BABE!! Don't forget to LIKE and SUB! We love you :)

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    • aboihtei hrahsel
      aboihtei hrahsel 2 months ago +1

      I love you too

    • April muanlal
      April muanlal 2 months ago +1

      Let me tell you the truth I am so jealous n jealous

    • Kooke ARME
      Kooke ARME 3 months ago +2

      Oh you are so cute and I Love this think’s

    • love to love
      love to love 3 months ago +3

      Thank u for protecting nick last year when the tic toc dude tried to touch nick and u and his friend form back home in the hotel room that night thank u so much

  • Hunter Engel
    Hunter Engel 11 days ago +1

    Nick it’s me Hunter Nick my mom is SUNNY

  • Can you not Thx Love ya

    I love you guys ❤️❤️😍😍🙃

  • Hannah Serwaah Owusu
    Hannah Serwaah Owusu 27 days ago

    You guys are so so cute... 😍😍😍😍😍love you ❤❤❤

  • Rosario Schipani
    Rosario Schipani Month ago

    I really love your video!! A kiss form italy guys 🇮🇹

  • Hungergamesnerd
    Hungergamesnerd Month ago

    5:32 to 5:55 I died 😂

  • นิสา รัตนศิริ


  • Syeda Alfiya Alfiya

    Man how fast you speak

  • Jaysen Holloway (STUDENT)

    I hope Brandon wins but nick did a great job

  • Amed Ali
    Amed Ali 2 months ago +1

    ابجي طين😭😭❤

  • Everton Hamiltom
    Everton Hamiltom 2 months ago +1

    In Jamaica that's not right and we don't call gay gay we call them battybwoy

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  • Sansan Dangmei
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  • 〖Roozen〗『NR 〖Roozen〗『NR


  • Anıl Handro
    Anıl Handro 2 months ago

    Turkish Airlines ?¿

  • Renato santos
    Renato santos 2 months ago +1

    Coloquei séries completa Doramas legendado por favor 😃 😃!!!!!!

  • Vena Deet
    Vena Deet 2 months ago +6

    that guy on the left is talking too fast
    but I understand him
    I’m just Russian, and
    I can never say that
    We are f**king beautiful ❤️🤍❤️

  • music time
    music time 2 months ago

    So cute

  • Oliwia Piotrowska
    Oliwia Piotrowska 2 months ago

    Best couple😍

  • April muanlal
    April muanlal 2 months ago

    I hope are the commentator are gay 😂

  • Frederick THomas
    Frederick THomas 2 months ago


  • It’s Me
    It’s Me 2 months ago

    yall cute cute

  • Денис Варшавский

    Хуї єбані нах

  • Tonya Lodge
    Tonya Lodge 2 months ago +2

    Всмысле?! А субтитры? :/ ъуъ

  • 120 05
    120 05 2 months ago +73

    Жаль , что нет русских субтитров. Но это всё равно прекрасно❤

  • 100 'lvl
    100 'lvl 2 months ago +2

    Вау, вы такие милые😊🍓, можете пожалуйста создавать русские субтитры?

  • b r
    b r 2 months ago

    what song plays in the background?

  • 야오이
    야오이 2 months ago +5

    Ничего не понятно, но очень мило)

  • รtยקเ๔ ๏๓єوค

    ещё одна причина выучить инглиш.

    • maybe baby
      maybe baby 2 months ago

      аххахахаха да

  • Park jimin
    Park jimin 2 months ago

    Русские есть ?

  • Улыбнись и обосрись

    cuties )))))😻😻😻💔

  • Sura Ginger
    Sura Ginger 2 months ago

    the whole video is just brandon eyef*cking us and nick

  • Darya G.
    Darya G. 2 months ago

    turkish airlines sleeping strip? 😂

  • Claude Maniac
    Claude Maniac 2 months ago

    I wonder their dad sees this🤭🤭🤭🤭

    • Pucky71
      Pucky71 2 months ago

      Wonderful couple! You can see how much they are in love and how familiar they are.
      I would like to see a video where the fathers, mothers or Brandon's brother say what they think of Nick and Brandon and their relationship. If I were the father, I would be so glad that my boy has someone who loves him.

    KIMNY VERDIDA 2 months ago +5

    i just felt that I'm lonely 🤦‍♂️

  • ff ff
    ff ff 3 months ago

    here would be russian subtitles, but u look great

    • ff ff
      ff ff 3 months ago

      yeeees I from russia 😃😃😃👍🏿

  • Sean Shimamoto
    Sean Shimamoto 3 months ago

    Yeah, y’all are at 4,800 likes already! 😁👍🏽

  • mainow mosahary
    mainow mosahary 3 months ago

    Both of u look awswm stay happy together forever

  • Himalaya Mariana
    Himalaya Mariana 3 months ago +2

    Wait. They're not twins?

  • PARK Jimin
    PARK Jimin 3 months ago

    5 seconds in and I feel attacked already

  • Kennedy Farrow
    Kennedy Farrow 3 months ago +2

    OK I loved this video it was so adorable you guys are so freaking cute it makes me so freaking jealous love both of you💕💕

  • Roman Dementní
    Roman Dementní 3 months ago

    You are cute😍😍

  • うりえくき
    うりえくき 3 months ago

    Brandon is so hot! 🔥

  • Rizal Gunawan
    Rizal Gunawan 3 months ago

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  • Codered 16
    Codered 16 3 months ago +1

    This is why I need a boyfriend 😭

  • Taylor
    Taylor 3 months ago

    Do you guys following each other on social

  • Taylor
    Taylor 3 months ago +1

    Nick just did pineapple at the begging of his video lol

  • Khadija Shee
    Khadija Shee 3 months ago +96

    "One more suck"
    That's it, that's the comment

  • Shashank Thapa
    Shashank Thapa 3 months ago +2

    We all need someone to suck us the way brandon does that candy cane.😂

  • Is yo boy Roman
    Is yo boy Roman 3 months ago

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    Goutam Upadhyaya 3 months ago

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    Connor_the_fag 3 months ago +2

    This video really just spat in my face and called me lonely 🥺🥺🥺

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    Kyle Miguel 3 months ago

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    Maik Builes 3 months ago

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    So sweet ☺️☺️☺️

  • Will Bergara
    Will Bergara 3 months ago +2

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  • Ding Sasam Rebucas
    Ding Sasam Rebucas 3 months ago

    I just loved watching you guys. You guys are truly awesome and cute together. I’m so jealous f*ck!

  • James King
    James King 3 months ago

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  • Rima j
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  • Gabriella Agatha
    Gabriella Agatha 3 months ago +1

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  • Lisa Creel
    Lisa Creel 3 months ago

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  • Desiree Pierce
    Desiree Pierce 3 months ago

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  • Kanaya Therakhi
    Kanaya Therakhi 3 months ago

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  • Andrew Trần
    Andrew Trần 3 months ago +5

    Do not know why Western gay couples are cute at all. I'm jealous lol. Hope you guys can stay together forever.

    • Jake
      Jake 26 days ago

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  • yep yep
    yep yep 3 months ago

    Nicks gonna win

  • Jennie Kim
    Jennie Kim 3 months ago

    Nick you are so lucky i want brandon to be my boyfriend .. so handsome

  • Trevor Day
    Trevor Day 3 months ago +1

    Merry Christmas. Nick Horton & Brandon szczupaj. Meeting y’all was the most wonderful thing that has happened to me. Y’all give me Euphoria, Gratitude, Admiration, Enthusiasm, Happiness, Satisfaction, Amusement. Y’all are an amazing person & An amazing human bean. May all y’all dreams and wishes are fulfilled. I wish you heartfelt wishes & blessings towards y’all way. I pray that you receive more than you have hoped for and asked for. I am thankful for giving me the unique opportunity to be able to wish y’all a heartfelt wishes & blessing towards y’all way and I pray that You will continue to bestow blessings of health and joy, successes in your life. have an amazing Christmas with your family, friends, And everyone that you love dearly. I am wishing y’all many more blessings towards y’all ways.

  • Sleeping Beauty Pierre
    Sleeping Beauty Pierre 3 months ago +5

    4:08 wow

    LIFE WITH JESIKA VLOGS 3 months ago +3

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    Dave Camacho 3 months ago

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    the holy grail 3 months ago +8

    “Horto” means weed in Greek.

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    Kelly Tully 3 months ago

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  • Jono Bent
    Jono Bent 3 months ago +2

    Brandon will win I reckon, you two are soooooooooooooooo cute!! Love you both all the way from Australia!! ❤️❤️❤️

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    Pastel Slytherin 3 months ago +3

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    M Johnson 3 months ago

    You guys are sooooo cute and I really like the part between 5:30 and 6 minutes. You two are soooo awesome. How can someone be in the closet when they could be enjoying something like this. And you deserve all 10 candy canes!!!!!

    BEAUTY STORM 3 months ago

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  • Brian
    Brian 3 months ago

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    Sachin Nethaji 3 months ago

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    Keerstin Lindbom 3 months ago

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