As Seen On TV Inventions TESTED & Recreated At Home!

  • Published on Mar 2, 2019
  • We TESTED As Seen On TV Inventions and Recreated them at Home. YOU can too!
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    We tested the Pickle Picker, SpinChill, Slaptop and even the Handy Caddy to see if they were worth the money and worth your time! We even created our own DIY versions at home.
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  • Household Hacker
    Household Hacker  3 months ago +168

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    • Axofpik
      Axofpik 15 days ago

      You dont even need a rubber band for most air tight jars, you can normally slip a knife or tea spoon up under the lip of the lid to pop the air seal and allow you to easily open any jar.

    • Fu Septian Putra
      Fu Septian Putra Month ago

      0:03 Are We Not Gonna Talk About That?

    • Void.
      Void. Month ago

      Am i the only one, who sees glitches in video?

    • Dawn Reed
      Dawn Reed Month ago


    • rin len
      rin len 2 months ago

      What if you forget your Lastpass password

  • Connor Jones
    Connor Jones 38 minutes ago

    Mechanics use a longer version of the pickle picker to get bolts and nuts that they dropped

  • ChickenS:GO
    ChickenS:GO 4 hours ago

    “L.A. Crocks” boi

  • ogs killer
    ogs killer 15 hours ago

    but it was made in 2015 ??

  • Richard Hopkins
    Richard Hopkins Day ago +3

    A rubberized mouth, power button and some batteries huh? Sounds like my kind of party.. Lol

  • Ms. Byrd
    Ms. Byrd Day ago

    You seem to just want to make fun of the products or a make statement that you don't need ANY made for TV gadgets. The last invention might actually work for an elderly person (or small female) with WEAK wrists.

  • Nerys
    Nerys 2 days ago +2

    have to say the slap top is actually pretty nice looking and looks handy. You can slap on and open the jar and eat a pickle before you finished getting the rubber band around it. and then just toss it back in the drawer. I just might get me a set of them.
    the rest I agree. though the pickle picker looks interesting. if you don't have skewers or a fondue fork and if its cheap enough. why not.
    also those felt self stick pads you used on the coffee machine? most people don't have them in the junk drawer but they "ARE" a good thing to have around. a sizable assortment can be had at dollar tree for ..... $1 :-) good to get a set and toss in the junk drawer.

  • Beanie Bear
    Beanie Bear 4 days ago +5

    6:50 just use a towel or a rag

    • Ms. Byrd
      Ms. Byrd Day ago

      Actually an elderly person would need more than a rag or rubberband (weaker wrists). They spend money and still need things too.

  • abby segmen
    abby segmen 4 days ago +3

    who notisc the "gliches" when he sayed THICC rubber bands

  • Captian Chaos the Pirate Pimp

    No slip mats (like the ones used for tablecloths, placemats etc.) work great for opening jars and bottles. Just get them at your local Dollar Tree store, cut them into 4 smaller square pieces and keep them in a drawer. That's what I use and they are super handy.

  • Shawn Melnick
    Shawn Melnick 5 days ago

    Ten bucks says everyone watching this video has the same pads in their own junk drawers

  • Cinnamon Jones
    Cinnamon Jones 5 days ago +1

    🙄The inventors of these gadgets would've been eaten alive on the show Shark Tank!🤦🏾😂😂

  • Banana Phone
    Banana Phone 5 days ago +5

    Bottle not open? Chainsaw will open... Chainsaw open many thing...

  • Bass Head Nation
    Bass Head Nation 6 days ago

    He should’ve opened the jars opened then been like oh I got it open no what do I use to grab my oh this Grabber after he uses then been like now is there something Simpler

  • iWannadie
    iWannadie 6 days ago +1

    Why don’t you put the jar to warm water lid first

  • tom Dean
    tom Dean 6 days ago

    I can't get rubber bands on my wrists because the are too THIC!

  • Michael Werbick
    Michael Werbick 7 days ago +2

    spin chill..... how about a cooler, 2" water and Ice.....AND SALT.... yes SALT it will allow water to cool below 32 and your drinks, will be colder!

    • Raceboy5512YT
      Raceboy5512YT 3 days ago

      Bass Head Nation not if you wipe off the top of the drink

  • Jomaster The Second
    Jomaster The Second 7 days ago +6

    >L.A. Crocs
    Now *THIS* is why I subscribed to you all those years ago

    • Cody
      Cody 6 days ago

      I'm just hoping it was intentional... 'Cause damn....

  • Chris Roseberry
    Chris Roseberry 7 days ago

    If I have a lid that is hard to open I just use an extra length of drawer liner. Its also good for taking off tight or oily oil filters while working on your car.

  • KillerWaffle
    KillerWaffle 8 days ago +1

    The jar open thing works with a towel or even your shirt

  • sluta nej
    sluta nej 9 days ago +3

    You Said that you have been member for 10 years, lol last pass came out on october 9th 2015

  • David Molina
    David Molina 9 days ago +1


  • Zeeny
    Zeeny 10 days ago +5

    Last pass is pointless because IOS does that already

  • M Fro
    M Fro 13 days ago +1

    You just lost "The Game." Sorry, I did too.

    • Shimzini
      Shimzini 12 days ago

      no i didn't

    • Matt
      Matt 12 days ago

      M Fro fuck man, I lasted like 3 weeks ahaha 😂

  • M Fro
    M Fro 13 days ago +4

    Was he serious about "LA Crocks"?

  • Morgan B
    Morgan B 14 days ago +1

    Love yalls videos

  • Terrible Comedian
    Terrible Comedian 14 days ago +3

    Did Any One Else See The Video Glitch At 6:47

  • Fire Poseidon
    Fire Poseidon 14 days ago +5

    Your videos are good but don't put ads in the middle of your videos. Put them at the end so I can click off the video

    • Nils Brännström
      Nils Brännström 11 days ago

      @Jimmy Turner I can't entirely tell how you meant that, but I do hope you picked up on the sarcasm of my comment there. The Poseidon guy is being practically retarded.

    • Jimmy Turner
      Jimmy Turner 11 days ago

      @Nils Brännström I know people get really upset about it

    • Nils Brännström
      Nils Brännström 11 days ago

      @Jimmy Turner Did you not know, RUcliprs aren't allowed to make money off of ads and sponsors.

    • Jimmy Turner
      Jimmy Turner 14 days ago +2

      It's how he makes money.

  • King Santos
    King Santos 15 days ago +3

    Yeah the bestest drink ever “LA Crocs”

  • Eric Swansboro
    Eric Swansboro 15 days ago +2

    Who has a fondue fork lying around?

    • D Ramos
      D Ramos 12 days ago

      @Matt Mustang I do i don't use them lol

    • Matt Mustang
      Matt Mustang 14 days ago

      @Voltrox Yeah but what normal human has those lying around.

    • Voltrox
      Voltrox 15 days ago

      I have 12 at home idk why

  • Alan B
    Alan B 16 days ago +2

    Spin chill will make you look like a twat at parties lmao!

  • AREKING Gertidian
    AREKING Gertidian 16 days ago +3

    That second when you dropped the Xbox , I shouted in fear

    • Lloyd Whittaker
      Lloyd Whittaker 14 days ago

      It was an early one it was likely broke anyway

  • watsgoinonhere1
    watsgoinonhere1 16 days ago

    You know, it's much easier to open things like pickle jars if you just grab them differently. Instead of pointing your palm downwards and using all of your fingers, point your palm towards the side opposite your hand's side (like a hand shake) now grab onto the sides of the lid with everything between the tip of your ring finger, down to the base of your thumb (the rest of your thumb will only help if it's a particularly large lid). You can now twist off the lid with ease. I recommend grabbing the lid with your left hand for leverage reasons. You can also do this with bottle caps, just use your ring finger and little to nothing more. Alternative method for jars is to point your palm down/in, and grab the edges with the tip of your ring finger, and your whole thumb, while resting your pinkie on the top of the lid. Basically, your ring finger and thumb are the best with lids.

    • watsgoinonhere1
      watsgoinonhere1 2 days ago

      @Nerys Sounds like your talking about grease. It'll do that to you.

    • Nerys
      Nerys 2 days ago

      sometimes you just can't get a god damned grip. there is "something" on your hand/skin and there is just no traction. if I got the sink wash my hands with soap dry thoroughly works fine again. no idea what it was but something was on the skin and made it more "slippery" can't feel it but you notice when you try to open a jar. very annoying :-)

  • Song for xx
    Song for xx 17 days ago +1

    LOL, La Croix is NOT from Las Angeles. It's home town is in La Crosse, Wisconsin. French for The Cross.

    • Andrew M
      Andrew M 15 days ago +1

      memberwhen what do you mean

    • memberwhen
      memberwhen 15 days ago +1

      @Andrew M No.

    • Andrew M
      Andrew M 16 days ago +6


  • bug finder
    bug finder 17 days ago +2

    that spin chiller crap is just going to shake up your soda and make it go flat quicker. its a bad idea

  • Althea Alcantara
    Althea Alcantara 17 days ago +2

    L A crocs
    My comment

  • Cigar
    Cigar 17 days ago +4

    Cheaper version of a pickle picker: Use a fork.

  • EvilPaine
    EvilPaine 18 days ago +2

    Have you tried wrapping your soda can in a paper towel and then putting it under water and then sticking in the freezer, it works the same way

  • James Mitchell
    James Mitchell 18 days ago +2

    I only watch these because of the hosts sarcastic comments lol I'd love to see him on QVC

  • Sets
    Sets 18 days ago +2

    4:42 Wasn't that thing in Total Recall? (the original)

  • samsung 21126
    samsung 21126 19 days ago +1

    But if you forget the password to lass pass nvm

  • Youngguy
    Youngguy 19 days ago

    Grab a fork tap the lid of the pickle jar and twist.

  • Scare Crow2
    Scare Crow2 20 days ago +2

    5:07 you could probably give that to a 3 year old and he will be entertained for like minimum 15 mins
    Max 200 yesrs

  • John Sweeney
    John Sweeney 20 days ago +2

    I love the pickle picker. I use it for my glass eye 👁. Slippery little suckers

  • Morgan W
    Morgan W 20 days ago +2

    L.A. Crocs is my favorite drink.

  • pancakeninja27
    pancakeninja27 21 day ago +1

    But guys I need to bop it!

  • Shino
    Shino 21 day ago +4

    5:35 if you don’t want to damage/puncture the food, then use chopsticks instead

  • JustCallMeRandom
    JustCallMeRandom 23 days ago +8

    Oh my god, XD, L.A. crocks??????? HAHAHAHAHHAH

  • Robert Bullard
    Robert Bullard 23 days ago +1

    Instead of a rubber band.. try a dish towel.

  • xDakem
    xDakem 24 days ago +3

    If you use Salt+Ice+water you can lower a lot faster the temperature

  • NolanProductions
    NolanProductions 24 days ago +4

    It’s pronounced lu Croy not la crocks

  • Drew Winchester
    Drew Winchester 25 days ago +4

    Why in the hall would you have to hide your password from roommates? Why would you even write your password down on paper?????

    • Am Mack
      Am Mack 24 days ago

      @Drew Winchester don't ask dumb questions child XD :)

    • Drew Winchester
      Drew Winchester 25 days ago

      Am Mack I know that..

    • Am Mack
      Am Mack 25 days ago +1

      It's a skit

  • Canyon Haines
    Canyon Haines 26 days ago +3

    La crocs 1:09

  • Bonnie Amey
    Bonnie Amey 26 days ago +2

    I have more problems opening up those plastic guards that the manufacturers cover lids with, than I do with the lids. I end up cutting that stuff off with a sharp knife. Now that would be a great invention.

  • Bonnie Amey
    Bonnie Amey 26 days ago +1

    I think the Spin Chill probably keeps you from getting a solid block of ice. It is probably more about the texture. (I don't know)

    • Bonnie Amey
      Bonnie Amey 26 days ago

      It's kind of the way you make ice-cream. The spin is important.

  • Anthony Ivanov
    Anthony Ivanov 26 days ago +1

    DOES THE SPINCHILL make you look cool at a party?
    If you're in the 90s then NO it won't make you look cool.
    ... It would look moronic in 2019 as well....

  • DangerWrap
    DangerWrap 27 days ago +2

    Just chopsticks for the pikle picker.

  • Mason Williams
    Mason Williams 28 days ago +1

    Well it shouldn't be that hard to hack last pass and have access to all users passwords.

    • Mason Williams
      Mason Williams 27 days ago


    • Hat _
      Hat _ 27 days ago

      I mean google does it, I don't get why you even need this tbh.

  • Magical Doge
    Magical Doge 29 days ago +4

    5:31 can’t you literally is a fork

    • Bonnie Amey
      Bonnie Amey 26 days ago

      Forks won't fit in some bottles.

    • SpartaGames
      SpartaGames 26 days ago

      @Magical Doge there are 3 dots to the right of your comment. click that and click edit

    • Magical Doge
      Magical Doge 29 days ago


  • EABA EndAllBeAll
    EABA EndAllBeAll 29 days ago +2

    I hope you butchered that soda name on purpose. It is a French name

  • iRaccoon
    iRaccoon Month ago +14

    L-A Crocs?

  • b00tl3g tut0r1al5
    b00tl3g tut0r1al5 Month ago +7

    What if you forgot your password to lastpass

    • b00tl3g tut0r1al5
      b00tl3g tut0r1al5 7 days ago

      What if you lose your password to your second acc

    • Jordyn Cooper
      Jordyn Cooper 21 day ago

      It puts your pass word in for you I think

    • CringeGuy 87
      CringeGuy 87 26 days ago

      You have to make another account with your first account's password

  • Joan Mezzacappa
    Joan Mezzacappa Month ago +5

    the temperature of the glass you poured it into distorted the results...should have taken the temp of the La Croix directly from the can

    • Dr Draws
      Dr Draws 25 days ago

      Plus let it spin for 2 minutes and it would be ice cold, dudes all negative!

  • Willy Lau
    Willy Lau Month ago +5

    Just slap a rubber glove onto the lid for extra grip

  • fi34
    fi34 Month ago +5

    Want to know a life hack from my Asian grandma for opening jars?
    - Take a metal spoon or anything that as hard as it, gentle knock around the top edge then open it and feel the feel of making everyone open their eyes.

    • Jordyn Cooper
      Jordyn Cooper 21 day ago

      Ya I do it that way all the time

    • Bonnie Amey
      Bonnie Amey 26 days ago

      I still do it that way. You just tap it enough to break the seal.

  • TheLeadZombie
    TheLeadZombie Month ago +5

    my heart shattered watching that 360 and wii fall

  • Meat Party
    Meat Party Month ago +4

    @ everyone correcting the way he pronounced La Croix: ya'll got r/woooosh

  • Markdel Mntemayor
    Markdel Mntemayor Month ago +7

    “La Crox?” Isn’t it pronounced. “Lah Croy”

  • koleen clark
    koleen clark Month ago +5

    *who is here watchingthe video but not actually buying it*

  • Golemito Zuero
    Golemito Zuero Month ago +6


  • PiAndInfinite PiAndInfinite

    How could you have been a member of last pass for 10 years when it’s been around for only 4 years?

    • Justin R.
      Justin R. Month ago +2

      Last pass existed before LogMeIn bought it in 2015 so it's _kind of_ possible.

  • brian clay
    brian clay Month ago +1

    We are supposed to trust your judgement and you cant count to 4?

  • Sweet Ui
    Sweet Ui Month ago +2

    For opening a coke can, sprite can (ect.) just use a spoon.

    • Blake Clark
      Blake Clark Month ago

      Too complicated. Push on the center of the can on top of the opposite end of the tab and it lifts the end you cant grab works everytime and all you needs is 2 hands.

  • JimmyTube
    JimmyTube Month ago +2

    If you dont have a pickle picker use a chocpstick stewer and the metal thing whatever

  • Tobias
    Tobias Month ago +5

    The 'pickle picker' is a very old idea. I remember them from when I was a kid, I'm now 65.

  • bright93
    bright93 Month ago +9

    L A Crocks - lol - never watched Ab Fab - Edina says it correctly on many episodes - while pointing to the words across her top in gold colored metallic lettering - tears sweetie!

  • Gravity Falls
    Gravity Falls Month ago +5

    Looking at that Wii reminds me my mine
    And that reminds me of the Wii shop channel
    Rip Wii shop channel 2006-2019

  • Brog Lang
    Brog Lang Month ago +2

    You might wanna keep working on your homemade ideas lol

  • Ezra Gem
    Ezra Gem Month ago +8

    L.A crox? It’s pronounced la croy

  • TAK gamer
    TAK gamer Month ago +1

    Uh oh I only got AAA Batteries... WHY CAN’T ALL BATTERIES BE THE SAME!

  • BeanBagger
    BeanBagger Month ago +6

    L.a. crocs. Lol it’s pronounced la croy

  • Tom Hardware
    Tom Hardware Month ago +1

    Pickle pincher. Looks like a good tool for lesbians

  • Than os
    Than os Month ago +3

    The spin chill chills the carbonated drink by spinning it.......yeah.....I don't think that will go well...

  • FranklinClinton1
    FranklinClinton1 Month ago +1

    Is it possible to tell the Temp in Celsius? That was Nice for all og your video because im in Europe (Germany) Thanks:)

    • Mister Winkybluff
      Mister Winkybluff Month ago

      @Plorin Yeah. I did.

    • Plorin
      Plorin Month ago

      Mister Winkybluff This dude really said memorize the conversions.

    • Mister Winkybluff
      Mister Winkybluff Month ago

      @Plorin Because they don’t frickin need to. They’re obviously American and use the imperial system. Why is it their responsibility to use metric? Especially when you can easily look it up in 2 seconds or just memorize the conversions??

    • Plorin
      Plorin Month ago

      Mister Winkybluff Well why can’t the channel just do it?

    • Mister Winkybluff
      Mister Winkybluff Month ago

      @Plorin The OP obviously

  • Cameron Brown
    Cameron Brown Month ago +5

    Slap bracelets were amazing. How dare you.

  • Radley G
    Radley G Month ago +10

    L.A. Crocs 😂

  • BeatzDezigns
    BeatzDezigns Month ago +6

    Should've left the soda in the can lol. The glass probably warmed the soda up some

  • vigen the gamer
    vigen the gamer Month ago +5

    1, its La Croix (La Croy) not L.A. Crocks
    2: it's not the finest, it kinda tastes like someone is sitting with you thinking REALLY hard about fruit, it needs flavoring.

    • Mister Winkybluff
      Mister Winkybluff Month ago

      @vigen the gamer Dude shut up. Accept your fail and move on

    • DvDwatcher
      DvDwatcher Month ago

      vigen the gamer I recommend that you make the words italics. If you use italics on the whole sentence, i think people think you were being sarcastic.

    • de_lor_ium
      de_lor_ium Month ago +1

      the way you said it made you sound serious lmao

    • vigen the gamer
      vigen the gamer Month ago

      Also I'm proud that I was wooosh'd

    • vigen the gamer
      vigen the gamer Month ago

      @Revolting Swan did you both REALLY think I was serious? REALLY?

  • Jarred Wise
    Jarred Wise Month ago +6

    Or use a fucking fork? No one else but the Wise’s doing that?

  • Sanic pre
    Sanic pre Month ago +6

    use fucking metric

  • Lupul Alb
    Lupul Alb Month ago

    As seen on tv uselessness ...

  • Eva Geiskopf
    Eva Geiskopf Month ago +10

    I love me some *L.A Crocs*

  • 8-BitTommy
    8-BitTommy Month ago +1

    But I like the slap bracelet!!! 😜

  • Logan Putman
    Logan Putman Month ago

    This repurposed acne scrubber is put to the test as a instant cooler. I prefer to wait for my frosty beverage in a proper refrigerator.

  • Skwonk The Goose
    Skwonk The Goose Month ago +7

    L.A. Crocs was a joke people, some of you are really dense

  • Genma Saotome
    Genma Saotome Month ago +5

    Adding salt to the ice bath makes it even better.

  • Dogerulez1
    Dogerulez1 Month ago

    Its said like crow

  • Trix aRiaz
    Trix aRiaz Month ago +2

    We use to pickles spear fish with the forks

  • Speederblue
    Speederblue Month ago +1

    oof i say it like la croi

  • Benadryl Cabbagepatch
    Benadryl Cabbagepatch Month ago +9

    R.I.P Xbox 360 and wii