Talking Business: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau - BBC News

  • Published on Nov 15, 2018
  • Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau talking to the BBC's Sharanjit Leyl on Talking Business Programme' :
    0:20 NAFTA
    2:05 Free Trade Agreement with China
    3:50 BREXIT-EU trade deal
    5:33 Khashoggi Murder
    6:33 Canada-Saudi relations
    7:34 Asia Bibi
    8:53 Nationalism and free trade
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  • Progressive Viewer
    Progressive Viewer 14 days ago

    7:34 there have been numerous cases of "honor killing" having had taken place in Canada as well. And by those very same people! How can we be assured of her safety? Both the local and federal police have proven themselves to be extremely incompetent in regards to such matters.

  • Shane Tomson
    Shane Tomson 20 days ago

    Hey Trudeau, on your way out please take Scheer with you.

  • Dzikrina Saira
    Dzikrina Saira 27 days ago

    Why are there so many ppl cursing him in this coment section? I mean, whats wrong with him? What has he done? Bcz literally I have no idea, Im not Canadian hehe

    • Progressive Viewer
      Progressive Viewer 14 days ago

      He's done nothing. It's just the opposition being the opposition.. just like Obama was constantly flogged, scrutinized, nit-picked and criticized for every little thing (ie: wearing a tan suit, fist bumping his wife etc..)

  • Kirk Wilson
    Kirk Wilson 2 months ago

    BBC needs to be shut down, it is worse then RT news now. Enough is enough.

  • Mike Freeman
    Mike Freeman 2 months ago


  • Allan Dickman
    Allan Dickman 3 months ago +1

    He can't talk business doesn't know

  • Kriegtime101
    Kriegtime101 3 months ago

    Its better than the golum PM of the UK... shes still after her precious brexit, hows that going for everyone?

  • dvferyance
    dvferyance 3 months ago

    I waiting for him to speak some French.

  • Pamela Macneil
    Pamela Macneil 3 months ago

    This is Trudeau speaking spoon fed neoliberal drivel from his corporate elite masters and now advisors. He is speaking from his memorized lessons. When he is confronted with a question not in his memorized lessons that he can't answer he lies. He is Prime Minister of Canada in name only. What he is speaking is not the truth (he doesn't know the truth), but an avoidance of the Truth. The guy is a mouthpiece for the established elite. Heis a malleable puppet who doesn't have and independent thought in his head.

  • Gypsy39
    Gypsy39 4 months ago +1

    proposes intersectional economics,
    shunned by the world 🇨🇦

  • user gg
    user gg 4 months ago

    ‘Hundreds’ of Canadians held by China raises the stakes for Trudeau’s government...Who is the next one?

  • Robert Goddard
    Robert Goddard 5 months ago


  • Kashikoi
    Kashikoi 5 months ago

    The BBC has too much influence over the population of the UK. I have relatives in England that just loved Obama and now they think Trudeau is great too. The BBC does a bad job of showing both sides of any issue; Trudeau has proven himself to be a puppet and a really stupid one at that; every now and then he forgets what he's been told to say and spouts out something really dumb. In Canada, the CBC does the same job as the BBC, fawning over Trudeau, but the people of Canada are slowly waking up. Trudeau is a trust-fund kid, ex-drama teacher with a famous name; sadly no more. He's proven himself to be entirely focused on identity politics, pandering to every special interest group but especially to women. Canada did not vote for Trudeau to declare the country to be post-nationalist and support illegal immigration; they voted for him because of his name and his promise to legalize pot.

  • Ben Olsen
    Ben Olsen 5 months ago

    Justin is a fool. IQ of a toddler.

  • Beleg Cuthalion
    Beleg Cuthalion 5 months ago

    Talking business with trudeau is like asking a plumber about marine biology

  • niezmiernie nieprzekonana

    I must say I'm slightly scared from The amount of hatred in The comment section. I get that some People might not like him. For example I don't like Trumps way of thinking but I would have never wish him death. That's just disgusting.

  • Ron OBlack
    Ron OBlack 5 months ago

    If this rich-boy twit gets elected again next year Canada's f*cked.

  • Craig Blake
    Craig Blake 5 months ago

    It would appear that the BBC could use a portion of the half-billion-dollar media bribe That Trudeau announced to push his soy boy agenda. They aren't garnering many views and input at the BBC. Starting to look like the CBC.

  • Craig Blake
    Craig Blake 5 months ago +1

    Justin Trudeau doesn't represent Canadians as Prime Minister of Canada, he represents Barack Obama. He pledged to destroy Canada Like Obama pledged to destroy the United States. Obama failed, so he takes credit for Trump's success. When will Trudeau start taking credit for Trump's success? Trudeau says that Canada understands the importance of trade, yet no country wants to do business with Canada, because Trudeau's policies make it impossible to trade and be viable. After 2019 you will see the Trudeau legacy go the same as the Obama's down in history as a stain on our country and history.

  • vick wang
    vick wang 5 months ago

    save baby seals

  • Edmund Singleton
    Edmund Singleton 5 months ago

    Here I go again, time to step on a few toes…Please don’t
    interpret this the wrong way, but every time I hear, BBC’s Laura Trevelyan and Rajini
    Vaidyanathan, among a few others, I can’t help but think back to what ‘BBC
    English’ is supposed to sound like…as described, in part by Wikipedia below…

    “Received Pronunciation (RP) is an accent of Standard
    English in the United Kingdom and is defined in the Concise Oxford English
    Dictionary as "the standard accent of English as spoken in the south of
    England", although it can be heard from native speakers throughout England
    and Wales. Peter Trudgill estimated in 1974 that 3 per cent of people in
    Britain were RP speakers, but this rough estimate has been questioned by the
    phonetician J. Windsor Lewis.”

    As for me, having lived all my life in America, like most
    Americans, that have a few Britich movies under our belt, we think we know what
    the “Kings English” should sound like? In short, “gimme a break”.

  • Allan Dickman
    Allan Dickman 5 months ago +2

    Why ask him about busines. He's useless

    OLEG MEDVEDOVSKI 5 months ago

    Trudeu support terrorism he gave milliones corrupt country liders.

  • Joseph Brown
    Joseph Brown 5 months ago

    Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, it seems, adheres to the principle of globalism, according to which the world is borderless, and the idea of sovereign nation-states is both reactionary and obsolete. In this borderless world, the governing body is the unelected, untransparent, unaccountable and deeply corrupt United Nations and its agencies, which possess the authority to legislate international law that is then enforced by member states.

  • Buckwheat.
    Buckwheat. 5 months ago

    I'm Canadian and Justin is an airhead SJW. The guy lives in a fantasy world. He screwed up buying a 4.5 billion dollar pipeline that won't get built. He's giving news media 600 million in taxpayers money just so he can buy their loyalty. Flies around just for his own amusement like a spoiled rockstar would. Forces the provinces to put on a carbon tax no one wants. Justin lets the borders be open to illegals which puts a burden on the taxpayer. Tax and spend is what he's about. No restraint at all with taxpayers money. Lots of platitudes he uses that mean nothing.

  • tu43
    tu43 5 months ago

    Fuck Turdeau

  • craig martin
    craig martin 5 months ago

    The BBC and channel 4 must find it difficult to stomach being challenged on their bias here and elsewhere . Whilst they can ''programme'' at you through TV unchecked.

  • Angie Natoyn
    Angie Natoyn 5 months ago

    The books will balance themselves! lolz . Worst PM in Canada's history.

  • Dale and Tammy Jackson
    Dale and Tammy Jackson 5 months ago

    He’s an idiot, a disgraceful face of Canada.

  • The Government
    The Government 5 months ago

    Justin Trudeau sexually assaulted a female reporter.

  • Ed Johnson
    Ed Johnson 6 months ago

    Attention BBC! The people of the world know that you are frauds!!! You are disgusting liberal operatives of the elite cabal masquerading as media!!! YOU ARE FRAUDULENT CRIMINALS!!!! THE DAY IS COMING SOON WHEN THE PEOPLE ARE GOING TO GET EVEN WITH YOU FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE AND CONTINUE TO DO!!!!

  • Adhithya Kallada
    Adhithya Kallada 6 months ago

    Peoplekind 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • oumou barry
    oumou barry 6 months ago

    My prime minister is great you all are jalousie of us because we have better leader .

  • michael evangelista
    michael evangelista 6 months ago

    Whole world and Canada survey results states that Justin Trudeau is the Worst & Ignorant prime Minster in history of the world.
    Maybe just need 20 more years to improve

  • A B C
    A B C 6 months ago

    What a clown. I'm surprised he didn't put on a dress for this interview

  • Allan W
    Allan W 6 months ago here is his eloquent speech about trade. You want to see a real Prime Minister?

  • kikistar125
    kikistar125 6 months ago

    what a moron

  • Mike smith
    Mike smith 6 months ago

    Justin Trudeau just got caught by Tom quiggin for funding terrorism through Islamic relief Canada

  • Mike smith
    Mike smith 6 months ago

    Canada's economy is propped up on borrowed money and bonds.

  • Mike smith
    Mike smith 6 months ago

    Right now Canada's economy is tanking and we're losing thousands of jobs every month

  • Mike smith
    Mike smith 6 months ago

    I live in Canada and Justin Trudeau is destroying our economy a Canadian barrel of oil now cost $14.

  • Salt Of The Earth 69
    Salt Of The Earth 69 6 months ago

    Good old vagina boy..keep on batting your eye's there pretty boy. The majority of Canada has caught on to your narcissistic ways, you'll be unemployed soon!

  • Brian Greene
    Brian Greene 6 months ago

  • Tom Kelly
    Tom Kelly 6 months ago

    Has BBC interviewed our Canadian thought leader, Jordan Peterson?
    I would be interested to see the difference between this interview and that one.
    Somehow I think BBC is going far easier on Trudeau then they would on JP if they even let JP in the building

  • Richard T
    Richard T 6 months ago +1

    Any man that crosses his legs has no balls or very tiny balls.

  • Sasan Tom
    Sasan Tom 6 months ago

    Just a good human being

  • Beeble Brox
    Beeble Brox 6 months ago

    😍😍 Canada you're a soooo lucky to have this handsome, intelligent guy. And watching her try to stay serious is hilarious :P

  • frog fur
    frog fur 6 months ago

    Turdeau is the WORST PM in Canadian history! A phony, a STUPID phony!

  • Burndout Rage
    Burndout Rage 6 months ago

    What a lyer waste of camera footage but would they have Hitler on in the second world war like this on the tele

  • Burndout Rage
    Burndout Rage 6 months ago +1

    Who put this dumb piece of shit on TV get rid of them

  • D. F.
    D. F. 6 months ago

    The man who destroyed Canada.

  • Cottage Country Bruce.
    Cottage Country Bruce. 6 months ago

    this guy is the worst PM Canada has ever had, and we can`t wait to vote him out!! he`s a complete moron!!!

  • Muhammad Aftab Alam
    Muhammad Aftab Alam 6 months ago +2

    Hey critics, he is better than the baby trump, who can get angry even by questions of journalists, at least he knows how to interact, by the way, he has been democratically elected

  • Brett Thomas
    Brett Thomas 6 months ago

    The word "business" is a bad word in Canada. Growing the economy is the progressive word now. What every that means?? We are engaged in Mali and why?? Most corrupt country in Africa. Trudeau's talking points again.

  • Huikwan Cheung
    Huikwan Cheung 6 months ago +1

    Trudeau is the worst PM in Canadian history. He’s such a drama queen. He acts so quickly on twitter after an alleged against a Muslim girl’s hijab by an Asian Canadian with scissors, which was proved not to be true afterwards. Meanwhile, after a Canadian girl was murdered by a Muslim refugee he let in after merely three months of that man’s entry, this stupid head hasn’t said a word.

  • Flaxlinwill
    Flaxlinwill 6 months ago

    This is the biggest pussy boy you could ever meet.

  • Expara Bravo
    Expara Bravo 6 months ago +1

    Trudeau sets low personal standards
    and then consistently fails to achieve them.

  • Bora
    Bora 6 months ago

    Never noticed there are so many Trump supporters than i expexted til reading comments here

  • Biz
    Biz 6 months ago +1

    The dumbest Prime Minister in Canadian history , could even land a full time job as a drama teacher, and will probably live off daddy's wealth as he did all his life. What a Moron!!

  • david david
    david david 6 months ago

    What a disgusting Prime Minister....stupid to the pussy sissy socks Trudope and Left wing BBC showing love......God help Canada....

  • Alex McDowell
    Alex McDowell 6 months ago +1

    He's a traitor and should be shot in his head..a Remington 700 will do it

  • Chilled Sea
    Chilled Sea 6 months ago +2

    Such a soy buhhhhh

  • Matt MacCallum
    Matt MacCallum 6 months ago

    Our country is doing well....hah yeah right! And that’s bullshit that he’s fighting for human rights, give us Canadians our freedom of speech back!

  • johnh23z
    johnh23z 6 months ago +1

    He is gone for good next year.

  • penelopepurr
    penelopepurr 6 months ago

    Dear BBC,
    Hi from Canada. We notice you like to interview people such as our country's "leader". We would like you to know that we have several people here that are way more important and significant to us than him, though. We would like to invite you to interview some of them at your leisure. They include several clowns that do kids parties, we have seals that are more interesting, we have some hockey players, as well as some asylum inmates who could represent us better. We would also like you to interview any of our new ISIS friends, whom Trudeau has invited here to "rehabilitate" and for us to support. Additionally we have many soldiers who would love to speak with you about their human rights and how they have been put on a back burner, so we can help our aforementioned ISIS friends instead, who pour over our border to our RCMP who act as their valets.
    May we suggest a series of knock-knock jokes in future, instead of this dolt. He is an embarrassment to us. He really doesn't represent most of us, but I suppose we are quite open minded for having the second mentally retarded leader, so we do have that on our side. We figured, if the USA can have Bush, we can do it too. We are inclusive here. We didn't think he would cause so much damage and makes Bush appear like a real scholar.
    Anyhow, please interview a real leader in future, maybe Trump? At least, if you must interview this (man? we aren't sure) please put a warning at the start, explaining that the following is a joke and must not be taken seriously.
    Thank you for your time,

  • John Forbes
    John Forbes 6 months ago


    3STAR MUR 6 months ago

    Lots of FGM and hadith

    3STAR MUR 6 months ago

    Leftist Gub shills in comments is fanatical

  • Joe Kovacs
    Joe Kovacs 6 months ago

    He is a big spender punk,taxpayers burden with his pal Morenau together stolen veterans and retired people pension raise

  • desi derata
    desi derata 6 months ago

    The best that Canadians can do is to not vote the Liberals in the next election.

  • crpnskie
    crpnskie 6 months ago +1

    Is that a horn growing out the right side of his head. He is the devil's spawn. Demon seed.

  • Bosco Hemi
    Bosco Hemi 6 months ago +1

    Trudeau the worst PM in Canada's history!

  • Roja Kompany
    Roja Kompany 6 months ago

    this is a second time Prime minister Trudeau having had the host of same reporter in Singapore ! She talks different accent but she is quite aware and it is great to listen to her carefully arranged questions.

  • Maya David
    Maya David 6 months ago

    According to Canada's criminal code he's about to commit high treason against the Canadian people:

  • Yvon Desrosiers
    Yvon Desrosiers 6 months ago +2

    Talking business with Trudeau? This Dragqueen is only a drama teacher.
    Trump is a business man
    45 years with success in business
    Trudeau is a useless man
    45 years to live with his father's money and name !!

    • arjaygee
      arjaygee 6 months ago

      +Yvon Desrosiers Je pensais que Trump était le seul chef d'état narcissique en Amérique du Nord.

    • Yvon Desrosiers
      Yvon Desrosiers 6 months ago

      +arjaygee if Trudeau was serious, he would not discuss business. He wants only to manipulate people to feed one of his mental problems : narcissism

    • arjaygee
      arjaygee 6 months ago

      Trump successful in business? His companies have filed for bankruptcy six times, and he is well on his way to bankrupting the US. And daddy isn't around to bail him out anymore.

  • Ali Boroumand
    Ali Boroumand 6 months ago

    Still better then Stephen Harper. How people forget

  • michael jackson
    michael jackson 6 months ago

    King of cucks

  • Benjamin Istvan Cseko
    Benjamin Istvan Cseko 6 months ago +1

    I don't have a problem with his and Macron's bisexuality. I'm just trying to decide which one is the most dangerous globalist idiot.

  • noah knox
    noah knox 6 months ago +1

    Soy boy

  • Mi B
    Mi B 6 months ago +1

    Where is the stories about the grooming gangs BBC?

  • the rooster
    the rooster 6 months ago

    Justin Trudeau is a globalist nation destroyer. Exactly what the world wants exterminated. Keep your nation and your heritage. The world was better that way REMEMBER.

  • The Crusader
    The Crusader 6 months ago

    Globalist little weasel 😂

  • Reagan Pup
    Reagan Pup 6 months ago

    Fascists really get triggered over Trudeau.

  • Larry Robinosn
    Larry Robinosn 6 months ago


  • Heidi Mueller
    Heidi Mueller 6 months ago

    Why is Trudeau always trolled so hard on youttube? He’s a decent man doing a good job and supported by most Canadians. You’d never know it on here. Makes we wonder if there is a concerted effort to destroy him.

    • Some John Doe
      Some John Doe 6 months ago

      He is not supported by real Canadians, only neo fake Canadian support him. There, fixed it for you.

  • Matt Continisio
    Matt Continisio 6 months ago

    On the bright side, he is gone next year

  • misses wicked
    misses wicked 6 months ago +1

    Why is Justin Trudeau spending millions of dollars in buying properties all over Canada he really needs more than sixty homes why does he keep buying brand new homes all over Canada is this his sick way of saying that he's going to start putting illegal Muslim immigrants and refugees and brand new homes this shit needs to stop cuz so far satistics have shown that Justin Trudeau was purchased 35 brand new houses across Canada what is the purpose of that

  • Freeman Freedom fighter

    Great man for great country

  • misses wicked
    misses wicked 6 months ago +1

    Buy 20/20 Justin Trudeau's bringing in 300,000 more legall child rapists murderers drug dealers human traffickers gang members he's letting them in the front door with the free welfare check hashtag come to Canada Justin Trudeau your friend it's okay if you hurt children it's okay if you hurt women and children you can come into Canada it doesn't matter if you rape kill or torture Justin Trudeau's your friend hashtag welcome to Canada hashtag Justin Trudeau's your best friend come to Canada he needs your vote hashtag.. Justin Trudeau is putting Canadians in Canadian children in danger welcome to Canada rapists and Killers Justin Trudeau's your friend Justin Trudeau needs your vote hashtag ..

  • misses wicked
    misses wicked 6 months ago +2

    Didn't Justin Trudeau say that he was going to be held accountable for any crimes that his Muslims immigrants and refugees commit well how come he's not taking a stand and apologize for the things that he's already done no instead Justin Trudeau hold an assembly about Canada's racism Canada has never been so racist and tell Justin Trudeau became p.m. the minute Justin Trudeau became prime minister and started favoring all these illegal people coming here hurting our children we are now the second most racist country in this entire world because of Justin Trudeau Kennedy used to be the most level-headed welcoming country beautiful not now people this is Muslim country now thanks to Justin Trudeau this is no longer beautiful country you want to come visit it is a God damn war zone because of Justin Jihad our children are being brutally raped and murdered and he still letting more of them in 520 23 hundred thousand will be let in per year thanks to Justin Trudeau by 2020 for 500,000 per year 500,000 per year.. and you people think that Justin Trudeau has Canada's best interest at hand I think he better step down now cuz he's making a complete fool of himself and no one's buying his bullshit anymore Justin Trudeau make like a tree and leaf..

  • misses wicked
    misses wicked 6 months ago +4

    Justin Trudeau is no longer doing background checks on these people he's letting in tuberculosis HIV the plague every disease that we've never even heard of Justin Trudeau's not checking anybody he's just letting them in the front door there was a Muslim kid on Facebook that said he is Allah an hiv-positive he works at McDonald's and he will make Canadians pay by cutting himself and serving as food the Justin Trudeau have an assembly about that hell no cuz it's one of his Muslim buddies they're allowed to do what they want and where there's no laws for religion you gave a religion their own law we are no longer Canada the land of the free so I guess we should change our Canadian name cuz we are no longer the land of the free we are now the land of M103 thanks to Justin Trudeau favoring illegal pigs housing them giving the money whatever they want on Canadians expense Justin Trudeau doesn't take $500,000 out of his pocket but he'll take it out of the pockets of a single mother just to get to his illegal biddies.. say her name Justin Trudeau say her name the little girl that was brutally raped and slaughtered because of your illegal Muslim immigrants and refugees giving them the Golden Glove on Canadians.. expense.. say her name Justin Trudeau..

  • misses wicked
    misses wicked 6 months ago +1

    Canada is no longer the land of the free it's the land of M 103 Canada Canadians don't go to Muslim land and want their own laws but apparently illegal child rapist child-murderers drug dealers human traffickers apparently if they claim their Refugee Justin Trudeau buys it and he lets them in and gives them $5,000 a month along with $50,000 for a welcoming gift

  • misses wicked
    misses wicked 6 months ago

    Say her name Justin Trudeau say her name say her name Trudeau say her name and immigrant little girl lies about getting her Jihad cut and used to have an assembly on hate speech and an Asian girl lost her life to one of your immigrant Muslim Refugee buddies and you can't even say her name you're disgusting second shit Justin Trudeau I don't even know how you can look in the mirror in the morning and accept yourself or what you're doing I hope everybody reads this because getting the truth out there as better Justin Trudeau already stated that Muslims immigrants and refugees belong in Canada more than Canadians.. Justin Trudeau needs to go now I'm Cree Nation native and I don't want Justin Trudeau in Canada anymore I have more basic rights than the Muslims immigrants of refugees that you're bringing in I'm full-blooded native Canadian.. go suck one Justin Jihad..

  • misses wicked
    misses wicked 6 months ago +1

    Traitor traitor traitor traitor traitor traitor anybody that is disgusting that lets in immigrants Muslims are refugees without doing background checks letting them into our country to hurt us and our children and he stands there on Parliament smiling his disgusting face off I don't think so the government you really need to wake up cuz he makes Society mad enough Society won't be fighting each other Society of a knocking at the government's door and nobody Banning together to do it people are getting so mad I would Justin Trudeau's doing and the government allowing it to happen people are starting to lose faith in the government system so what do you think the Natural Instinct for a human being is to do protect yourself .. I don't think anybody understands that if you were to stop paying taxes stop doing what you're doing stop everything and just stay home and not do anything every single person not going to work not doing nothing just sitting in their home and making a stand there is too many people in society the government doesn't even have enough Army Personnel to come out of wall that big the government is deliberately making us hate each other because if we were ever to band together against the government that's what they're worried about that's why they're doing this that's why they're making us filled with hate..

  • john hansberry
    john hansberry 6 months ago +1

    Shouldn't be be dressed in his clown suit for this interview???...just to be consistent with his usual cosplay.

  • Jim Hkailmo
    Jim Hkailmo 6 months ago

    UN puppet boy strikes again

  • Joshua Shutter
    Joshua Shutter 6 months ago

    It’s nice to see a leader that actually has a brain and is smart and sensible who also understands the world is growing closer together instead of believing that the world is against them (trump and Brexit)

  • Wtornado
    Wtornado 6 months ago +1

    You reporter got the ending right .Trudeau and the Liberals have screwed up so many things that they are out next year.

  • Wtornado
    Wtornado 6 months ago

    Rainbows and lollipops Trudeau and his liberals save the world extreme leftist attitude .
    You want crazy look at Trudeau's "CARBON TAX " he is trying to shove down our throats.
    Find the logic in this.
    Collect the carbon tax with all the administration fees for gouverment and companies that will charge people for the added cost so you pay more in the end.
    Now here is the clincher Trudeau gives back 90% of the tax revenue you collected back to the people.
    You see what we are stuck with in Canada as a Gouverment and you Brits are worried about Brexit?

    • Autumn A
      Autumn A 6 months ago

      Wtornado trudeau is living the dream on his family’s name and money, he can take his carbon tax and stick it

  • O O
    O O 6 months ago +1

    CBC, CNN, and BBC all the same lying networks