1687WHP MONSTER Supra BRUTAL Dyno Runs

  • Published on Apr 27, 2017
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    As promised here is the video of the Monster Nitrous Supra that I filmed going over 200 mph at the PR 1/2 Mile, this time ripping it at the Dyno with some brutal runs while doing the last minute preparations before the event.
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Comments • 1 522

  • Martin Meschede
    Martin Meschede 2 days ago

    Wenn das die Greta sieht!

  • Manufalket
    Manufalket 2 days ago

    Bolider ✌️

  • Stefanos Lampidis
    Stefanos Lampidis 2 days ago

    🔰 🈷🈶🈶㊗㊙🈂💨

  • Connor Lavens
    Connor Lavens 2 days ago

    I would take a Bugatti over this supra...

    I could sell it then buy 15 of these

  • Addi Kizt
    Addi Kizt 3 days ago

    Edaaaannnn Lek 😲

  • portugal yes
    portugal yes 3 days ago

    Well this looks better that a bugatti and its faster than one :)

  • Sans
    Sans 3 days ago

    In what part of Puerto Rico is this supra😂 i need to see it now

  • tx m
    tx m 4 days ago

    When boost comes on its so fasttt

  • Pro 2009
    Pro 2009 4 days ago

    Kanenas ellinas

  • Jay C
    Jay C 4 days ago

    That m*********** is a beast.

  • jilo kizito
    jilo kizito 5 days ago

    With all these power, where will you be going to? Let it fly!

  • ferhat baygara
    ferhat baygara 7 days ago

    mükemmel bir iş. yapanlarin ellerine emeklerine sağlık

  • mark peet
    mark peet 8 days ago +2

    I think this is totally brilliant. I am though, a bit curious to how long it will last before something goes pop. I hope it doesn't. Good luck. Fantastic.

  • JinX
    JinX 9 days ago


  • Jonaz Nostal
    Jonaz Nostal 11 days ago


  • El hombre de maiz
    El hombre de maiz 12 days ago

    1687 hp???!!!!! That is not a car its a fokin helicopter motor in wheels

  • Adi Yuwana
    Adi Yuwana 12 days ago

    Bugati chiron 1500 hp

  • Sommo Kitame
    Sommo Kitame 13 days ago +1

    Rtt pour les rétines américaine

  • J w
    J w 13 days ago


  • Meykel Debian
    Meykel Debian 14 days ago +1

    Timeless machine

  • BlownSkillet
    BlownSkillet 14 days ago

    Watch the big mans chest, as he's breathing so hard, right before full throttle...not sure he wanted to be there!

  • Des M
    Des M 17 days ago

    Nos is stupid why do you use nos

  • Phil Dalton
    Phil Dalton 17 days ago +1

    2JZ a fabulous engine, well built, durable, strong all round, and its specs were under rated (gentlemans agreement in Japan that it could only have 300hp, but possibly has about 33% more power, maybe higher)

  • Kaspar martinkus
    Kaspar martinkus 18 days ago

    Best part 3:15

  • absolut vodka
    absolut vodka 20 days ago

    Toyota supra is my dream car

  • Cody
    Cody 21 day ago +1

    That's almost 2,000 horsepower at the fucking crank

  • Un mec sur YouTube
    Un mec sur YouTube 24 days ago


  • Vo Viet Khang
    Vo Viet Khang 24 days ago

    This is what people called Lambo killer😂

  • ER Rodz
    ER Rodz 27 days ago

    3:37 se activó el nitro!

    CARL JOHNSON 28 days ago

    lamborghini has left the chat

  • Poly Hexamethyl
    Poly Hexamethyl 29 days ago +3

    1:43 Amazing they can cram so much "stuff" into the engine compartment!

    • Unlike U
      Unlike U 6 days ago +1

      Working on that thing must be an absolute nightmare.

  • Tash Don6ixxx
    Tash Don6ixxx Month ago

    Need to make more video 😀😀😀

  • xd Procyprus
    xd Procyprus Month ago

    15k subs and 45k likes Come on guys subscribe to this man

  • Nick djesus
    Nick djesus Month ago

    Is in puerto rico

  • El KchetonPR
    El KchetonPR Month ago

    Dito cb toelmundo c esta vacilando a junior🤣🤣

  • Josue H. Rojas
    Josue H. Rojas Month ago

    Puerto Rican Power

  • Artur Artur
    Artur Artur Month ago


  • Thomas Wiman
    Thomas Wiman Month ago

    Very cool

  • Jacob H
    Jacob H Month ago

    3:38.. happy face to scared face to mad face in under 1 second

  • Michael Niesta
    Michael Niesta Month ago


  • Ace Jacob
    Ace Jacob Month ago

    You know it's over when the fat guy gets shaken up!

    Sincerely, No disrespect to you big sir!

  • YEET john
    YEET john Month ago +1

    This car can beat the Kawasaki h2r , isn't?

  • ThresholdShift Productions

    They hit the NOS and those two sitting in the back shat themselves

  • Dozer 806
    Dozer 806 Month ago

    3:34 This must be what it feels like when astronaughts launch in a space shuttle!

  • Random dude
    Random dude Month ago

    I guess he ran out of money for the breaks...I would not drive around in a MONSTER Supra without MONSTER breaks... lol

  • yuval sharon
    yuval sharon Month ago

    1687 to the wheels ? Damn.

  • M1MER
    M1MER Month ago

    Полюбасу она больше тянет чем 1687HP

  • Nathan
    Nathan Month ago

    Those guys in the back look terrified lol.

  • Dani altair Danger
    Dani altair Danger Month ago

    i can't believe

  • News that matter
    News that matter Month ago +1

    With all the aftermarket parts, Is this even a supra at this point?

  • Mirza Faheem Khan
    Mirza Faheem Khan Month ago

    Lov it

  • Random Gameplay
    Random Gameplay Month ago

    Supras need to be stopped they to crazy

  • Random Gameplay
    Random Gameplay Month ago

    Now picture doing the same mods on that Supra to a Ferrari or lamborghini probably going to be over 1700hp if you do that

  • 자동차의 모든 것[ Car & Man ]

    I'm enjoying watching your good video.
    I support you in Korea.

  • Richard E
    Richard E Month ago

    LMAO was literally doing a burnout on the dyno

  • Prins Baliant
    Prins Baliant Month ago

    1687. ΗΠ που τους έχει τα. Αεροσκάφη έχουν πολλούς περισσότερους

  • fre d
    fre d Month ago

    That is way too much boost, i guess no one cares about blowing the engine,,

  • A Boring Guy
    A Boring Guy Month ago

    This...this is good

  • Andres Y. Quiñones

    P.R. 💪🖤