Meeting Connor From Detroit In Real Life!

  • Published on Aug 11, 2018
  • I met Connor, The Android Sent By Cyberlife In Real Life!
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  • Edward Berryman
    Edward Berryman Hour ago


  • Edward Berryman
    Edward Berryman Hour ago

    I came here for the coat not the collab

  • Tipul Pistolar ツ
    Tipul Pistolar ツ 2 hours ago

    Jack's house:become android

  • 911 Rooster
    911 Rooster 6 hours ago

    Get Daniel to take the girl hostage and see if blue blood comes out to see if he’s REALLY Connor

  • flaminghotcold vlogs
    flaminghotcold vlogs 6 hours ago


  • Ayla Olpin
    Ayla Olpin 8 hours ago

    Bryan: hello
    Sean: *giddy* hi

  • Watchin Watchers
    Watchin Watchers 8 hours ago

    "Wholesome content" they say while winking at us

  • Mineultra
    Mineultra 11 hours ago +1

    pretty much everyone is Irish or Scottish it's all just about how irish/Scottish you are I guess (to most people are very observant of these for like competition for no reason)

  • Evelina Pusnova
    Evelina Pusnova 12 hours ago +1

    connor is literally perfect omg

  • Jamey Stupid
    Jamey Stupid 12 hours ago +2

    *2 9 S T A B W O U N D S*

  • Mrsethawesome
    Mrsethawesome 12 hours ago

    0:10 Ur welcome

  • I'm not a Iota-10
    I'm not a Iota-10 18 hours ago +1

    Bryan: -dress up jack-
    14 y.o. fangirls: *REEEEEEEEEEEEE*

  • kitty katty
    kitty katty 18 hours ago

    I am so in love with Connor..

  • Gage Allen
    Gage Allen Day ago

    All the dislikes are cyberlife.

  • HC_Productions_ IG
    HC_Productions_ IG Day ago +1

    Wow that guy would be a great video game character

  • sean bates
    sean bates Day ago +2

    Bryan *asks how much time jack has*

    Jack : Do yOu hAvE NiNeTy MiNuTeS

  • I Really Don’t Even Know

    *wonk* 🥴

  • Marissa Riffenburg

    Ok he grew up in Novi....I live in Novi, Ahhhhh

  • goko4304 LaBeau
    goko4304 LaBeau Day ago

    i want that jacket!

  • Polla Bolla
    Polla Bolla Day ago

    Who is Connor?

  • Seil Epigon
    Seil Epigon Day ago

    Bryan’s Irish accent though lol

  • spectral spectra

    *28 stab wounds*

  • spectral spectra
    spectral spectra Day ago +1

    He's playing with Connor with the controller turned off
    Noob plays

  • SpookyRoseV
    SpookyRoseV Day ago

    Millennial Connor. Soon he’ll be able to get along with Hank just fine LOL

    MCRTS Day ago

    The blue haired girl *shook pikachu*

  • Eu Ana Banana
    Eu Ana Banana Day ago +1

    3:00 so cute aa >:3

  • Artificially Screwed

    Jack is just a little fan boy I love it

  • MegaMGstudios
    MegaMGstudios Day ago

    he sounds scottish when he screams

  • The Creeper King

    “This is wholesome content” *_w i n k_*

  • The Creeper King

    He had a fucking coin and was flipping it

    NOLICZEK :3 2PAC Day ago +1

  • Galaxy Fire
    Galaxy Fire Day ago

    11:45 thumbnail your welcome

  • Dellen Edson
    Dellen Edson Day ago

    13:57 best "wow" I've ever seen in my life

  • Rodrilz
    Rodrilz Day ago

    Connor: *sees blood*
    Connor: IT’S LICKING TIME!!!!

  • Not the Real Tfue
    Not the Real Tfue 2 days ago +1

    Conner is so good at acting as Bryan.

  • MrHighLoops 89
    MrHighLoops 89 2 days ago


  • Martinez joey
    Martinez joey 2 days ago

    Bryan is a cyberlife version of Keanu Reeves

  • bloodmaker61
    bloodmaker61 2 days ago

    *smack tap x2* " wake up . Lieutenant " *hard smack* " it's me Connor "

  • Cruz de sangre
    Cruz de sangre 2 days ago

    Damn, I thought I was straight.

  • YoUr MuD
    YoUr MuD 2 days ago

    I ended up killing that bitch like 20 times at the end

  • The Raptor Lord
    The Raptor Lord 2 days ago

    28 stab wounds

  • Valyn 999
    Valyn 999 2 days ago +1

    Septiplier is dead, long live septiconnor

  • How do you change YouTube name

    The dislikes are xbox one players cause they cant play DBH
    But I have one too, but I still liked.

  • SandraTheHorrorFreak Lol


  • StaticVoid
    StaticVoid 2 days ago


  • Ziam Stylinson
    Ziam Stylinson 2 days ago

    One direction! :-)

  • Za Caucasian Musician

    *28 stab wounds*

  • Koolaid Monster
    Koolaid Monster 3 days ago

    I’m not gay but Connor is one tasty snack

  • Juanita Holloway
    Juanita Holloway 3 days ago +12

    This Video Should Be Retitled:
    *Bryan Being A Dad To Jack For 20 Minutes*

  • Yoshito Sora
    Yoshito Sora 3 days ago

    When Bryan wink, y'all I can't-

  • RosyEmber Art
    RosyEmber Art 3 days ago +1

    Jack kinda fanboying over byran for an entire video

  • Carolyn Hendra
    Carolyn Hendra 3 days ago

    ahhh this is fucking sweet

  • Carolyn Hendra
    Carolyn Hendra 3 days ago

    cutestttttt guy ever

  • Cosmic Spider
    Cosmic Spider 3 days ago

    Where can I buy that outfit??

  • Smartphone Gamer
    Smartphone Gamer 3 days ago


  • TiffyCupqueke 11lol
    TiffyCupqueke 11lol 3 days ago +4

    when jack did the finger thing with a coin an earthqueck happend it was very i mean not that bad but everything moved oof (in my house)

  • none101 10101
    none101 10101 4 days ago

    I think that they should make a DLC and make jack his partner please do that

  • Kunisake
    Kunisake 4 days ago

    He sounds just like Sean!

  • Weasel's Review's , Diving And Gaming

    Bryan: "Hello Sean, my name is Connor"
    Saun: *Faints*
    Bryan: "Wake up Sean. My name is Connor, I am the Android sent by CyberLife"

  • stubbed toe
    stubbed toe 4 days ago

    okay the more i look at bryan the more i fall in love with him is that-

  • Doge_the_Almighty
    Doge_the_Almighty 4 days ago

    Holy. Fucking. Shit. OoO

    That is so fucking badass. :-)
    This made my night and it will make my back-breaking day tomorrow worth it because I watched this video.

    Yay. :)

  • andyenid2
    andyenid2 4 days ago +1

    Who else is watching this while playing detroit

  • Setr4
    Setr4 4 days ago

    Game was so good

  • Assumption Account
    Assumption Account 4 days ago

    Why is it that connor sounds more irish than sean

  • shigari sama
    shigari sama 4 days ago +1

    damn, this is like the fourth time i whach this video, i love this collab too much

  • Sara Rogers
    Sara Rogers 4 days ago +3

    Brian from road: HI SEAN MY NAME IS CONNOR
    Sean: OMG YAS

  • Mothra Kaiju
    Mothra Kaiju 4 days ago

    I want him to act as a robot the whole time.

  • Austinator 13
    Austinator 13 4 days ago +3

    My name is seán. I’m the RUclipr sent by the internet

  • Brett Grzyb
    Brett Grzyb 4 days ago

    I've practiced on being an Android and I think I've got it down

  • Scratchyrelic 84
    Scratchyrelic 84 4 days ago

    28 stabwounds

  • Arthur Morgan 2019
    Arthur Morgan 2019 5 days ago

    This channel tho

  • L U C I F E R
    L U C I F E R 5 days ago

    When Bryan and Amalia were getting Sean ready, it reminded me when my siblings were getting me ready for prom in freshman year in highschool 😂😂

  • HunterZolomon21
    HunterZolomon21 5 days ago

    He looks more of a Connor than a Bryan

  • prince uwu
    prince uwu 5 days ago

    When Bryan winked at the camera AaAaAaHhhhhhgghk my heart uwu

  • Justin PageSlayer
    Justin PageSlayer 5 days ago

    “My name is Connor, I vape.”

  • Justin PageSlayer
    Justin PageSlayer 5 days ago

    “You’re doing great, just care less.” “I CANT DO THAT BRIAN!!!”

  • Sam says to perish
    Sam says to perish 5 days ago

    Sean: "This is wholesome content"
    Bryan: "This is wholesome content"
    Bryan: *winks*
    Me: *let out an unholy scream*

  • IStoleVideos
    IStoleVideos 5 days ago

    jerico: become scared

  • red48car McDab
    red48car McDab 5 days ago


  • strawbxrry
    strawbxrry 5 days ago

    *T W E N T Y E I G H T S T A B W O U N D S*

  • Mya Ormond
    Mya Ormond 5 days ago

    Lieutenant Anderson

  • Cat and Dog Gaming
    Cat and Dog Gaming 5 days ago

    It’s scary how much he sounds like jack in the beginning

  • Right Guy
    Right Guy 5 days ago

    OMG! Connor sounds exactly like Jack in the beginning!

  • Mika Meow
    Mika Meow 5 days ago +4

    "*coin goes flying*"
    "...My name is Connor-"
    Me:"*bursts into laughter*"
    "This is such wholesome content!"
    "This is such wholesome content! *wink*"
    "What if Chad's gonna be there?"
    "Chad's not gonna be there because Chad's with someone else now"
    beautiful family

  • dejavon Richardson
    dejavon Richardson 5 days ago

    this is getting good

  • Alyssa Tusset
    Alyssa Tusset 5 days ago

    3:00 that wink tho

  • Minsa 24
    Minsa 24 5 days ago

    Now I *_really_* want that jacket

  • Electrify
    Electrify 5 days ago


  • Jymeer Reynolds
    Jymeer Reynolds 5 days ago

    I want that jacketttttttt I’m getting that when school start it’s going to be litttttt

  • Blue Toad
    Blue Toad 5 days ago

    That intro tho

  • Goblin Bashar
    Goblin Bashar 5 days ago

    I live in Detroit!

  • BeckyPlays
    BeckyPlays 5 days ago

    *Me, who has just started playing D:BH and is obsessed with Connor*
    This video: Allow me to introduce myself

  • JustAnotherAndroid
    JustAnotherAndroid 5 days ago

    amelia being uncomfortable for 19 minutes and 58 seconds sTRAIGHT

  • The Creators Mini Movies


  • Meme Renew
    Meme Renew 5 days ago

    Keanu reaves from another dimension

  • yeetus thatfeetus
    yeetus thatfeetus 5 days ago

    rk900: *am i a joke to you?*

  • Manny Riche
    Manny Riche 5 days ago

    When he start dressing jack omg

  • Gaile Dempsey
    Gaile Dempsey 6 days ago

    My name is Connor to

  • Biju Thomas
    Biju Thomas 6 days ago

    I want Bryan to go out in public as connor

  • Peachy. Cub
    Peachy. Cub 6 days ago

    Jack is the real connor here