This Is What Competition Looks Like | RX 5600 XT Review

  • AMD's competing with Nvidia and... AMD?
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Comments • 80

  • MTB Scotland
    MTB Scotland 11 days ago

    The issue with AMD offering at comparable prices is the fact their drivers suck ass. Why would buy AMD when your games constantly crash

  • Omegalord225
    Omegalord225 26 days ago

    wow I'm surprised there are no comments on here

  • SebekGra
    SebekGra Month ago

    In my country 5600xt is for 355$ and 5700 is for 380$ and used GTX 1080 is for 305$ soo what to buy

  • August Biernbaum
    August Biernbaum Month ago

    I have that same shirt.

  • PKTV
    PKTV Month ago

    3:33 you forgot to mention FINAL CUT PRO X!!!!!!!!

  • PKTV
    PKTV Month ago

    MSI doesn't allow the performance update

  • Cid Sapient
    Cid Sapient Month ago

    i guess my main concern is i think amd likes prices high like this
    when the 400 series came out the 480 was $240 MSRP
    since it took them so long to come out with another mid range offering nvidia completely raised the prices of the mid range
    and now amd can sell their "new generation" of mid range 480 series cards at nearly 2x the price
    the 1070ti came out years ago and the 5700 barely beats it, sometimes doesnt, but costs almost $100 more

  • Bat Venio
    Bat Venio Month ago

    Wol what a cpu cooler do you have 😊 it looks quite stable 😊

  • Titan Mechanism
    Titan Mechanism Month ago

    The price difference between the 5600XT and the 5700 is as low as 20€ over here in germany. So choosing the 5600XT over the 5700 is hard, especially when you're comfortable flashing your 5700 with the XT BIOS.

    • Titan Mechanism
      Titan Mechanism Month ago

      I really don't understand why AMD just took the 5700 and left 2 VRAM chips off. The 5600XT should been closer to the 5500XT which should've been cheaper.

  • A Modaresi
    A Modaresi Month ago

    I ordered the ASUS Radeon RX 5600 XT TUF EVO OC, it will ship in about 2 weeks. Will it ship with the new vBIOS firmware?

    • German Lehmann
      German Lehmann Month ago

      Unfortunately it doesn't seem so:

  • Adrian Lindsay
    Adrian Lindsay Month ago

    I've been seeing a lot of people complaining about Nvidia and / or AMD after this whole RTX 2060 price drop / 2060 KO release and AMD's 5600 XT Bios update. All I could think was thank you to both for making each other match price / performance. I like both companies but think AMD's cards and BIOS's left a lot to be desired and NVidia was overcharging because...well they could. To see them fight a little over our dollar(s) doesn't bother me a bit. When two guys who are trying to sell you something start fighting.....don't interrupt.

  • Victor Lara
    Victor Lara 2 months ago

    I have an rx570 in an asusprime b450 mother, i was planning to substitute my 570 with 5600 xt but it looks huge in this video, i mean physically. Do i have to change motherboard or something?

  • Z Rus
    Z Rus 2 months ago +1

    Plot Twist,
    Nvidia was tested AMD gut by cut the price of RTX 2060

  • L17- Old Channel
    L17- Old Channel 2 months ago

    One question: RX 5600 XT works same in PCI Express 3.0 that 4.0?

  • CastAway_Dave
    CastAway_Dave 2 months ago

    The KO is not 299 it is 319.

  • ynottonyau74
    ynottonyau74 2 months ago

    Question from Australia; Why are you advertising Scdkey for windows activation when it's not there? I have tried.

    • ynottonyau74
      ynottonyau74 2 months ago

      That"s not using your link but general google search.

  • prudiceflc
    prudiceflc 2 months ago

    Hello, is that Windows key working for Europe, Czech republic? Thanks!

  • Steven Khoo
    Steven Khoo 2 months ago

    Greg.. I absolutely don't mind if you couldn't fit the comparison in this review. I appreciate all your view points and having a separate video for comparison is a better thing imo

  • tigerbalm
    tigerbalm 2 months ago

    Still $300??? WTF? I would buy it for $200. Since when are mid level gpu's $300? I'll get a PS5 instead! I know when I'm being hustled! Sites seems to be validating high prices to be "normal"...SHILLS! They claim "independent" but we don't know how much they get compensated....are we to simple believe that they are not paid? LAMO!

  • tommy Bull
    tommy Bull 2 months ago

    Competing with old cards lol 2018 gpus

  • rey ocio
    rey ocio 2 months ago

    I got the same cpu cooler as you :D :D

  • LSF Dyno
    LSF Dyno 2 months ago

    Does CD-Keys actually work?

    • LSF Dyno
      LSF Dyno 2 months ago

      @tree fiddy Sucks that youtubers are endorsing this then, I'll definitely buy through another site. I've heard g2deal(?) Is good?

    • tree fiddy
      tree fiddy 2 months ago

      I think it's a dice roll. They do have a lot of recent one star reviews with reviewers complaining about their key not working. FWIW I bought my Windows 10 Pro key off Kinguin(?) for $20 and it's worked for over a year yet so many said they were a scam

  • Robert Dunlop
    Robert Dunlop 2 months ago +1

    This card is not great value. It's not future proof at all and in a year to 18 months you'll be mad.

  • Lie Sandy
    Lie Sandy 2 months ago

    How about both for price fixing...

  • DrunkWaffle
    DrunkWaffle 2 months ago

    Basically AMD didn't want a repeat of the whole 5500xt, useless card that turned out to be. Too bad they had to be cornered to do this but great for consumers. Great entry into the mid-range market.

  • Jamey Summers
    Jamey Summers 2 months ago

    How about that? The 5(6)00xt with 6Gb of GDDR 6VRAM and 3(6) compute units up to 15(6)0 boost? Lots of 6's. The card of the devil.

  • Jamey Summers
    Jamey Summers 2 months ago +1

    Looks like the Vega 56 will become the new Rx580.

  • Samuel Rodriguez III
    Samuel Rodriguez III 2 months ago +2

    Thanks for the review Joe Goldberg

  • WalkinOSF
    WalkinOSF 2 months ago +1

    Hey, Greg. Please do a reaction video on "Restoration a damaged ACER Laptop 5 years old" by Restoration And Restore

  • ageofbogyo
    ageofbogyo 2 months ago

    Good choice of title. No idea if someone wants to play on these lvls why not bought a vega 56/ 1660 long time and enjoying it for years...
    Worth to mention 350 used to be the price of highend GPUs.... good old times..
    Imho wasting any dollar before NVidia comes out with 7nm and Big Navi is on the market is stupid.

    I want to see 5600M and 5700M where Navi really shines and power consumption improvements matter in laptops. Yet so much after CES they are still nowhere, just like no 4800H zen 2 laptops either... All this form a company who could dominate all gaming/performance laptop market using their console unified APU tech. Noone else have that strong CPU+GPU as they do.

  • fanclass0f76
    fanclass0f76 2 months ago

    What I remember seeing in other reviews is that Nvidia priced dropped the 2060 on only ONE sku. Which is not pretty much unavailable now.

  • Rob Leonard
    Rob Leonard 2 months ago +3

    AMD puts the Always Midrange in AMD

  • Me
    Me 2 months ago

    Envy fanboys still waiting for AMD's fall. Good job so far, Envy only make 65% of profit of off each card they sell. "The fanboys fuel my power - Envy".

  • Brett
    Brett 2 months ago

    Why are you partnered with a grey market site?

    • Brett
      Brett 2 months ago

      @Golden IV cause they are shady

    • Golden IV
      Golden IV 2 months ago

      Why not?

  • eilegz
    eilegz 2 months ago

    and once again competition its a great thing

  • Deon Spates
    Deon Spates 2 months ago

    Thanks Greg!

  • THCFan
    THCFan 2 months ago

    What is this card's value proposition against the GTX 1660 Super? I know, it's not the same price bracket but the GTX 1660 Super already made the 1660 Ti (the card against which the 5600 XT was originally meant to compete) obsolete from a value perspective. So how do they stack up against one another?

  • gektor ps
    gektor ps 2 months ago

    For a month, a new BIOS. Raised by 10 .I changed the BIOS 3 times the laptop 2012.2010 development.0 result .There is no virtualization.Acer.Expected SATA 3 .SATA 2 is.Gigabyte 2 times Athlon 435.New BIOS. 2010 comp.Expected SATA 3 .SATA 2 is.Nonsense.41-45 years. 1 billion people by 2020.A person fell in price in 7 times.7 mrld.person For a new PC every 2 years.New BIOS every month.An increase of 10. Cameras and supercomputers are profitable.It is unprofitable to save people. Fire .10 burned. PC bought at the expense of saving 10 people. the Choice is simple PC new for 1 million rubles or 10 Uzbeks.The PCs selected all.The PC is cheaper and the card.Bloggers for PC.

  • Matt Spors
    Matt Spors 2 months ago

    What GPU should i get to upgrade my system. Its a ryzen 3 2200g stock cooler(no OC) on asrock b450m pro4 mobo 2x8gb gskill ripjaws 3000mhz and evga 500w 80+ bronze psu? Look to spend no more than $250.

  • Bobby Frags
    Bobby Frags 2 months ago

    Greg, I don't see many even commenting on how late AMD is to this generation. The RTX 2060 is just over a year old. While I'm glad AMD is adding competition and is on par with a 2060, but it took AMD a year to do so. And, Ampere is out in a few months. AMD is 3/4 of a generation behind. Nvidia is lowering the cost of the 2060, which is easy to do given its been on the market for a full year.
    If AMD truly wants to compete with Nvidia, they need to be more timely to the party. AMD releasing cards just before Ampere seems short sighted.

  • SonnieSlim1
    SonnieSlim1 2 months ago

    Competition looks like last minute vbios updates that screw their partners and shitty driver updates that screw their customers?

    • SonnieSlim1
      SonnieSlim1 2 months ago

      @Greg Salazar it has since they have to rush to update their products and many of the first batch weren't updated so users will have to update them themselves and not everyone will even know about this and will get a card 10% slower. Hell some partners are choosing to not even update the vbios at all. So you got all these different 5600xts on tbe market and consumers won't know until it's in their hands if it's got the update or not
      Hell gamers Nexus even mentioned this and they sent cards home with their staff and reported tons of weird issues and bugs with the card. It's pretty widely known amd is having driver issues with their cards.

    • Greg Salazar
      Greg Salazar  2 months ago

      What are you talking about? The vBIOS updates haven't screwed over their partners. And the driver's have been fine on my end. Not sure what you're complaining about. Would you rather have this extra performance or not? Lol.

  • A Tem
    A Tem 2 months ago

    wait, this is not Science Studios anymore?

  • DoctorX17
    DoctorX17 2 months ago

    Dis is gewd
    I really like the look of the Pulse cards

    NISCHAL TIWARI 2 months ago

    I am just glad that Nvidia did not announce RTX 2060ti in response to 5600xt.

  • Open Mind
    Open Mind 2 months ago

    Don't forget Nvidia actually reduced the price of 2060 for $300 for a Day just before the ryzen 5700 launch but Amd hiked the price & nvidia kept the price of 2060 as it was .I actually bought 2060 for $300 brand new .but after few days all partners raised the price again as amd 5700 was $400

  • Steve2 Me
    Steve2 Me 2 months ago

    .06, can't wait for this.

  • AndyMutz
    AndyMutz 2 months ago

    because of its price, the 5600XT is not really competitive.. at least in Germany the 5700 starts at 5-10 bucks more.

  • NiGhtPiSH
    NiGhtPiSH 2 months ago

    Sapphire has some great cards, though they might be on the thick side and nearly block a third PCI-e slot, but they have a great build quality. My RX580 Ntiro+ is just a great card overall, completely silent in general use and reasonably quiet under full load.

    • Eulogy
      Eulogy 2 months ago +1

      They do basically block that third slot because the fan needs room to breath.

  • Emotionally Challenged Eric Ciaramello Subordinate

    well i got a sapphire nitro+ rx570 coming my way and am excited to see what it really does.

  • Justin Kang
    Justin Kang 2 months ago

    Greg, are u sure that OEM Win10 Pro key is legit? It seems to be a bit cheap

  • Cerus98
    Cerus98 2 months ago

    Stop pushing that scam site for windows keys. Not only do they not have windows keys anymore, they aren’t legitimate. You’ll be lucky to get 6 months out of one before MS deactivates the key because it’s been used too many times.

  • Maltduck100
    Maltduck100 2 months ago

    wonder if u can flash a 5700xt bio on to a 5600xt

  • Jesse Valhos
    Jesse Valhos 2 months ago

    Guess I'm just gonna throw my Vega 56 in the garbage now

  • Muhammad Kharismawan
    Muhammad Kharismawan 2 months ago +1

    The funny thing is, i dont know why AMD dont just release the 5600 with the new bios out of the gate, its like the only thing NVIDIA ever do to amd release, price cuts. They should have seen it coming from a mile away.
    If they announce with the new bios there wont be 1st batch of gpu coming with outdated bios out of the gate like this.. Messy release AMD.

  • Hacker
    Hacker 2 months ago

    hi im a new sub and im just asking if you can test a 40$ AIO if so i will love to send you some links

  • LesbianWednesdays
    LesbianWednesdays 2 months ago

    i like amd and what they're going for, but it's kind of unsettling how massive the performance of their cpu's and gpu's can change just from like a bios update

  • Sleepy .Time
    Sleepy .Time 2 months ago +1

    so glad GPU prices have come back to reality

  • Battle Islands
    Battle Islands 2 months ago

    Science studio. I didn't subscribe when I saw your channel way back when you had maybe 1-2 thousand subs. Greg, you've come a long way and I'm glad you're at half a million!

  • Rudy M
    Rudy M 2 months ago

    What would be the best GPU for a Davinci Resolve user?

    • Rudy M
      Rudy M 2 months ago

      @Jahidul Islam awesome! Thank you! Currently have a 3900X, 32GB RAM, but an RX580. I'll probably upgrade sometime in the near future for Fusion usage. Everything else runs pretty well.

    • Jahidul Islam
      Jahidul Islam 2 months ago +1

      If money is not a problem, then 2080 Ti or 2080. AMD Vega 64 may be better choice on AMD side. You can also use rx5600 to rx5700xt cards. You need more VRAM to work with 4K and 8K videos. 8GB VRAM will be sufficient for 4K work most probably. Nvidia is the better choice in Linux. You need Studio version to utilize multiple GPU. AMD ryzen 7 3700x with 5600xt or rtx2060 (both 8GB VRAM) and 32GB RAM will make decent 4K editing machine. For 1080p AMD ryzen 5 3600 with 1660 Super and 16GB RAM will more than enough.

  • Junior KZ
    Junior KZ 2 months ago


  • clansome
    clansome 2 months ago

    Nah this was the VBios that they intended AIB's to ship with their more expensive variants. AMD got shafted basically. At least we know now why Nvidia kept up with the 2060 so they could have a ready source to combat this card. Expect most 2060's to fall in price to cover off against the more expensive SKUs, also think that there will be some bargains on 1660Ti's as it becomes EOL.

  • Aaron Brook
    Aaron Brook 2 months ago

    Thank you so much for keeping it real, Greg. You're giving the viewers precisely what we want and we appreciate you.

  • miyagi ryota
    miyagi ryota 2 months ago

    Wow 5600xt!

  • cardsfanbj
    cardsfanbj 2 months ago

    Or buy a used 1080 for $300

  • Neil Clarke
    Neil Clarke 2 months ago

    Doesn't matter how good the hardware is if the driver software is terrible cough AMD

    • Big Sukie
      Big Sukie 2 months ago

      Yet Nvidia went how long with shitty drivers?

  • Chemy Torres
    Chemy Torres 2 months ago

    Let's the competition starts!!!

  • mohmuj1mm
    mohmuj1mm 2 months ago +1

    No, thank the people forced into (child) slave labor, the ones who are exploited to mine the precious materials that enables this "competition."

  • TheAngryAArdvark
    TheAngryAArdvark 2 months ago

    In any competition you need to adapt or die.

  • var1328
    var1328 2 months ago

    Thanks Nvidia 💖

    • billy bob bob
      billy bob bob 2 months ago +1

      @Golden IV 5700=329 2060=319 ....2060=rip off

    • billy bob bob
      billy bob bob 2 months ago

      @Golden IV tard

    • Golden IV
      Golden IV 2 months ago

      That's AMD not nvidia

    • billy bob bob
      billy bob bob 2 months ago +2

      thanks nvidia for a 300 dollar card on paper with inferior performance and no product on shelves.

  • Mr11ESSE111
    Mr11ESSE111 2 months ago

    if AMD dont lowered price of rx 5700 they could kill sale of it with rx 5600xt too

  • Mike Foss
    Mike Foss 2 months ago

    Is it “competition,” or an anecdotal byproduct of corporations abusing consumers with marketing propaganda and bloated product line incrementalism to maximize profits?

  • Mohamed Osama
    Mohamed Osama 2 months ago

    I don't hate the name change
    I just liked "science studio"

  • Jay Flores
    Jay Flores 2 months ago

    another 5600 xt review

  • Luke Skywalker
    Luke Skywalker 2 months ago

    Hi Greg, just watched this vid. Very well done. One thing I noticed is that you have a Dark Rock Pro4 in your pc. I have the same cooler. I also have 4x8 Trident Z's. It kind of sucked that with the outside fan on the Pro 4 that you really could only see 1 memory stick. So for the heck of it I took the outside fan off the Pro 4. To my surprise the cpu temp only went up 1c at gaming load. Did not try any other benches. And the fan speeds stayed the same. I am leaving that fan off as I like the look of the system much better with the ram showing. I believe there are a couple vids on Utube showing the diff in 1 fan vs 2. Have a great day. Subbed.

  • Jacques Lamberts
    Jacques Lamberts 2 months ago

    Flashed my RX5700 pulse with an XT bios and it surely boosted the performance. Temps are good as well.

    • Eulogy
      Eulogy 2 months ago

      Probably fine at stock 5700XT settings, too. Main advantage of buying the branded card seems to be more leeway for undervolting or overclocking.

  • taymr
    taymr 2 months ago

    For the encoder alone and easy software/drivers. The 2060 wins. If you don’t care about that and want a card that will last, 5600 xt hands down.

    • taymr
      taymr 2 months ago +1

      @Yizus Crist im from an esport perspective. I really couldnt care about ray tracing or whatever. I turn off adaptive sync, all other nonsense to reduce input lag and get high fps.

    • Yizus Crist
      Yizus Crist 2 months ago

      The next GPU generation (influenced by new consoles) seems like is going to include Ray tracing.
      I would wait a for next generation, the RTX 2060 doesn't have a lot of power to run Ray tracing decently and the 5600 xt doesn't have a technology to work with Ray tracing.

  • Shelby Steiner
    Shelby Steiner 2 months ago +7

    I'm beginning to see why I like both your videos, as well as GN. You always give. The short and sweet info, and I can get the granular infodump from GN. Others are good, but I feel like there's too much wheelspinning on their stuff sometimes.

  • Rhayr Harry
    Rhayr Harry 2 months ago

    AMD should have increased ddr6 of the rx 5600 xt to 8gb.

    • thesilviu silviu
      thesilviu silviu 2 months ago

      What for? The amount of vram is overrated, once above 6gb all that matters is the effective speed. Pci-e 4.0 is good enough for texture streaming.

  • DanMan
    DanMan 2 months ago +3

    I would highly recommend 2kilckphilips video on navi he makes some amazing content, he has his own take on why amd prices their gpus the way they do.

  • Hicham Gouchida
    Hicham Gouchida 2 months ago

    Cool give me one please 😭