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  • 8-bit drago
    8-bit drago 3 месяца назад


  • Pie King
    Pie King 3 месяца назад

    That’s true though it’s all cool and good if u want to post gameplay onto RUclip but you should have a job too so u can get more money faster when u are like bhd or jacksepticeye then u could leave ur job

  • Kizzy Henman
    Kizzy Henman 4 месяца назад

    You sound like that baby T-Rex on Jurassic Park 2 that I was screaming like f****** crazy because his dad more over his Xbox games I think

  • Joshua Huq
    Joshua Huq 4 месяца назад

    Believe it or not, these psycho videos are actually staged. They really are elaborate. I heard they're actually making a reality show based on this.

  • Cynthia D
    Cynthia D 5 месяцев назад

    When he gets a good job he might thank his dad one day

  • SKGGamer
    SKGGamer 8 месяцев назад

    3:20 he looked like he was trying to go ssj lmao!!

  • jordan schodowski
    jordan schodowski 8 месяцев назад

    i bet there naibors get alot of wake up call

  • Joe from joeys super cool food reviews
    Joe from joeys super cool food reviews 9 месяцев назад

    Love Jeffery's laugh

  • Thapiem S
    Thapiem S 11 месяцев назад

    3:26 ssj transformation is :)) XD

  • Aurora Wesker
    Aurora Wesker Год назад

    Some humor despite all of that being complete bullshit.

  • Thomas Tatum
    Thomas Tatum Год назад

    hashtag digital copies ftw

  • Wesley C
    Wesley C Год назад

    I can't stop laughing when I watched this lol

  • VintageVHSTreasures
    VintageVHSTreasures Год назад

    BlastphamousHD should react to Violette1st snd Daddyofive.

  • Wacko Magician
    Wacko Magician Год назад

    I would've whooped his ass

  • Bowser14456
    Bowser14456 Год назад

    Is it bad I could relate to this guy?

  • Steve Rasad
    Steve Rasad Год назад

    Another reason why pc gaming is better XD jk

  • Perk ThaGod
    Perk ThaGod Год назад

    Blast react to the BTS vid now😂

  • Gaming with marc
    Gaming with marc Год назад

    I'm starting to hate his dad and his son should learn how to fight

  • Maroon Horizon
    Maroon Horizon Год назад

    Lmao Down syndrome is real

  • Maroon Horizon
    Maroon Horizon Год назад


  • Maroon Horizon
    Maroon Horizon Год назад


  • Gracie kohal
    Gracie kohal Год назад

    Blastphamoushd go check out angry grandpa vs psycho dad on mcjuggernuggets channel

  • Brandon Wilkins
    Brandon Wilkins Год назад +1

    I'm the 160,000th view

  • cody the panda
    cody the panda Год назад

    yall know its fake right

  • mounia janani
    mounia janani Год назад

    Why is it funny

  • Dan K
    Dan K Год назад +4

    Where did that came from XD

  • The Black Cross
    The Black Cross Год назад +1

    3:11 he's transforming into a super saiyan

  • leg3nd_27
    leg3nd_27 Год назад

    you do know this is fake right. its all scripted

  • sandvich
    sandvich Год назад

    To be honist if i was the kid i would have kicked the dads ass so damn hard

  • Felix Jaffet
    Felix Jaffet Год назад

    I have officially lost all faith in humanity

    • ArmandsV
      ArmandsV Год назад

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    • ArmandsV
      ArmandsV Год назад

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    • shotgun 060
      shotgun 060 Год назад

      I lost faith in humanity five years ago

  • Godzilla Lord
    Godzilla Lord Год назад

    Damn now I feel bad

  • The Green Umbreon
    The Green Umbreon Год назад

    2:10 Blast your face is priceless! XD

  • kanyn young
    kanyn young Год назад

    his dad needs to die

  • Nathan Pomles
    Nathan Pomles Год назад

    Could you do a reaction to the video "why are you closed"?

  • The Cthulhu
    The Cthulhu Год назад

    What is his dad thinking? First of all, he destroyed a pile of games that's worth hundreds of dollars. If video games is his job, why destroy his source of outcome and tell him to get a job anyways? This is absolutely absurd. Look at how much money good youtubers make by playing games. Ssundee, Molt, Pat, Smosh, and look how far they went. They have hundreds upon thousands of subscribers. This dad needs therapy.

  • RCking22
    RCking22 2 года назад

    if that was my dad i would have beat him up

  • the_epic_walrus
    the_epic_walrus 2 года назад

    and this is why you got digital only, also why you should not binge video games only XE

  • Blaze
    Blaze 2 года назад +3

    pause at 2:12his face is so....
    i dont have any words for it

  • Littleket
    Littleket 2 года назад

    I would of killed that man If I was him.

  • that guy
    that guy 2 года назад


  • Crazy Gaming
    Crazy Gaming 2 года назад

    this is acting it's not real

  • Scorcher Cubone
    Scorcher Cubone 2 года назад

    Noooo you could have saved saints row!!!!

  • Ethan Musick
    Ethan Musick 2 года назад

    my dad was like dis I would
    Eve killed em

  • OnyX 》
    OnyX 》 2 года назад


  • War robots Nebulous
    War robots Nebulous 2 года назад

    he killed his dad for 30k

  • heres Christian AND friends
    heres Christian AND friends 2 года назад

    that was not funny

  • Colour•Me• Blue•
    Colour•Me• Blue• 2 года назад

    1:29 Well with those rules i could get a job by eating

  • Bxmmy Leo
    Bxmmy Leo 2 года назад

    0:46 my reaction of the pile of games on the floor in the room too

  • linebacker_god_#44
    linebacker_god_#44 2 года назад

    dude that's not funny I would kill someone if they did that to all my games

    JML RULZ 2 года назад

    they are all great actors

  • Grant Burgess
    Grant Burgess 2 года назад

    3:28 yes it can happen by it doesn't hurt that bad

  • GarrettPlays
    GarrettPlays 2 года назад

    these vidoes are fake, not the reactions the video hes reacting too

    • OtakuGamer
      OtakuGamer 2 года назад

      I'm sorry. I read that comment wrong. I thought meant that every video like that. Not ones from this channel only. Sorry for the inconvenience 😅

    • Captain Pip
      Captain Pip 2 года назад

      +GarrettPlays No shit, he revealed it was fake

    • GarrettPlays
      GarrettPlays 2 года назад

      the newest video he kills his dad....... that has to be fake

    • OtakuGamer
      OtakuGamer 2 года назад +1

      Not entirely true. My dad destroyed my laptop because I wouldn't get a job. I was devastated but I got a job to get a new one.......

  • Nite_Krawlerz
    Nite_Krawlerz 2 года назад

    For some weird reason, the kid's scream is like Morty

  • Nite_Krawlerz
    Nite_Krawlerz 2 года назад

    This is why I use steam

  • Nicholas Jorgo
    Nicholas Jorgo 2 года назад

    Yeah that dad is a massive Douche Bag

  • Natsu Gragneel
    Natsu Gragneel 2 года назад

    I surprised he didn't kill his dad after that

  • binx isma
    binx isma 2 года назад

    The only thing that makes me sad about this is how much money the dad could have gotten selling them.
    I love money.
    And he wasted it.
    This video, nearly broke my heart-

  • xxemilymeowxx loves Melanie Martinez and BEEBO!

    African kids could have eat those video games

    • Natsu Gragneel
      Natsu Gragneel 2 года назад +1

      Take this

  • Adella Pride
    Adella Pride 2 года назад


  • FumiFumi
    FumiFumi 2 года назад

    do these people even love eachother?!

  • AL3X2580
    AL3X2580 2 года назад


  • Logan Pons
    Logan Pons 2 года назад

    I seriously would have killed myself if this happened to me because I have spent thousands on games and consoles

  • Kittyplier
    Kittyplier 2 года назад

    this is one reason why some dads are cruel and mean and that they shouldn't have it say on their mugs 1# DAD XD

  • PA_Panther_
    PA_Panther_ 2 года назад

    4:02 was probably the funniest part of this video

  • Tai Chi
    Tai Chi 2 года назад

    This is why you get games on the Xbox where yu download them onto yourn xbox

    • John Clapp
      John Clapp 2 года назад

      +Tai Chi yea ok

    • Said Ahmed
      Said Ahmed 2 года назад

      +Tai Chi lol

    • Tai Chi
      Tai Chi 2 года назад

      My brother is making me look stupid by commenting on videos without asking me first.

    • Revampedharpy09
      Revampedharpy09 2 года назад

      then they just destroy the xbox instead.

  • pablothegamer420
    pablothegamer420 2 года назад

    I would of beat the living shit out of any family member who does shit like this

  • Matt Gordon
    Matt Gordon 2 года назад


  • Matt Gordon
    Matt Gordon 2 года назад

    ok sorry

  • SerpyDerpy
    SerpyDerpy 2 года назад

    turn captions on beginning

  • Ashurin Gann
    Ashurin Gann 2 года назад +1

    Omg! 0.0 He should have just said that would get a job and stuff.

  • NeetBeep
    NeetBeep 2 года назад

    these videos make me literally DIE XD

  • valun xd
    valun xd 2 года назад

    jajajaja lol he screams like if the world was ending for him

    that's what happens when you don't want to go get a job and only want to play video games😂😂😂😎😎

  • Amanda Westfall
    Amanda Westfall 2 года назад


  • Dakota Berry
    Dakota Berry 2 года назад

    omg over fucking video games are you fucking kidding me

  • The-reality-warper
    The-reality-warper 2 года назад

    And that my good friends, is how you ruin your kid's life. (and possible career...)

  • Anthony Bowers
    Anthony Bowers 2 года назад

    these people are dicks to each other

  • Comic God
    Comic God 2 года назад

    if he went any harder on that last scream he would have turned into a super saiyan.

  • Terminator2000 Zapp
    Terminator2000 Zapp 2 года назад

    Blast react to phycho dad wood chips wii u

  • Rhyen Giles
    Rhyen Giles 2 года назад

    blast I hate you for laughing

  • Science 2020
    Science 2020 2 года назад

    I would take about $2,800 from the dad and buy back all the games.

  • Parker Cox
    Parker Cox 2 года назад

    These vids on McJuggernuggets channel is fake :/

  • Evylin
    Evylin 2 года назад


  • Eddy Sama
    Eddy Sama 2 года назад

    Omg that is not funny I would literally do suicide because they did that

  • Kos212
    Kos212 2 года назад

    react to phsycho brother stomps glasses and prisoner of war
    pleaseeeeee like your vids

  • Hayden Mcintosh
    Hayden Mcintosh 2 года назад


  • omar kthr
    omar kthr 2 года назад

    its probably acting upon acting

  • Stanley Oppong
    Stanley Oppong 2 года назад

    what the f*ck is happening even blastphamous might agree

  • RequiEm_ Smith
    RequiEm_ Smith 2 года назад

    if he payed for the games he proably cod of called the police

  • Jamie Vlogger96
    Jamie Vlogger96 2 года назад

    Watch the best of air bag pranks of 2013

  • Darren Hoang
    Darren Hoang 2 года назад


  • Skunk Sniper
    Skunk Sniper 2 года назад

    I cried when I saw this video I feel so bad

  • Axton Dragunov
    Axton Dragunov 2 года назад

    this is why all my games are on steam

  • Ellie Fenn
    Ellie Fenn 2 года назад

    He finds it funny!!!!!!!

  • Matt Gordon
    Matt Gordon 2 года назад +1

    call 911 on that dad

  • Fives the Arc trooper Star Wars Epic HD

    I laughed to death

  • Diego Rodriguez
    Diego Rodriguez 2 года назад


  • LaNv Parump Nevada
    LaNv Parump Nevada 2 года назад

    If i was him i would go nuts, my family wouldn't destoy them just take them away, but i would probleble become a sicopathic murder jk but i bet he thinks of that

    • LaNv Parump Nevada
      LaNv Parump Nevada 2 года назад

      +LaNv Parump Nevada Jk i love my fam and would never do that

  • Kistl 555
    Kistl 555 2 года назад

    Wait though, you are living in your FATHER'S house and you talk to him like that. Um, yeah you needed to have your shit ran over.

  • jana demel
    jana demel 2 года назад

    this family is screwed up

  • Mitch Alby
    Mitch Alby 2 года назад +1

    it sounds like a tea kettle is whistling