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Tucker takes on Cornel West over Democratic socialism

  • Published on Jul 7, 2018
  • Has Democratic socialism ever worked? DSA honorary chair Cornel West weighs in on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.' #Tucker
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Comments • 9 718

  • Peter Peter
    Peter Peter 2 hours ago +1

    Simply Socialist governments are never successful due to consumption over production and the people are not motivated to do more.

  • shinji takeshi
    shinji takeshi 3 hours ago

    He's a clown that's most black people problem always worrying about these immigrants! Instead of worrying about your own black community in this country!

  • Chicken nuggets
    Chicken nuggets 4 hours ago

    Haha, I love his hair. Reminds me of Bob Ross. I love black people hair.

  • Xan Ax
    Xan Ax 4 hours ago

    National socialism > democratic socialism

  • iafarkingicehole yo
    iafarkingicehole yo 5 hours ago

    Hahahahahahahah this guy is hilarious. Cornel West is a funny dig?

  • Cousin Vinny
    Cousin Vinny 5 hours ago

    One's dignity is not affirmed by the policies Dr. West espouses, but by the very policies he opposes. The man is thoroughly confused, but it's understandable since he's rarely if ever worked in the real world.

  • jim hike
    jim hike 7 hours ago

    We wernt invited into this country we concored it. Now as imagrants are trying to invade us people are saying dont defend it. If indigenouse people band together in the begining defended this country we would not be here. These arent imagrants they are invaders. Imagrants have a process to get into the country that needs updating. It was set before modern electronics. We can vet people now much faster and track people through facial recognition software. DNA testing can quickly slow down child seperation and traficing. I wonder why you dont see people upset about kids seperated from parents going to jail, or homeless
    Why do we care more about helping ill leagals than our own homeless?

  • Tim Fuller
    Tim Fuller 8 hours ago

    Cornell West is still hanging out on the plantation.

  • Sam Hammond
    Sam Hammond 8 hours ago

    Cornel west seems like a good man. I may not agree with him but it seems like he has a good heart.

  • Lei Ying Lo
    Lei Ying Lo 8 hours ago

    Every one of West's arguments is idealistic poo poo when you attempt to apply it. They disregard the individual and imagine that the collective will somehow get on the same page.
    For instance, if we take his analogy of early American immigrants and say, "okay, anyone and everyone that wants to come here can indiscriminately come here." What's the first thing that happens? The only goal of the 4+ billion impoverished people of this planet would be to find a way to the shores of America. They then would overwhelm the welfare state and the opportunities of the lower class citizens of this country.
    Democratic socialism will one day be achievable when:
    1. totalitarian leaders with ethics beyond reproach (currently unimaginable) can take the reigns of the country, and
    2. Most importantly, when the INDIVIDUAL citizens of the world are generally more evolved. We're still a generally savage species... got a long way to go

  • Shadrack Playz
    Shadrack Playz 9 hours ago +1

    I may disagree with Mr west but he still takes it seriously and is calm.

  • jim blair
    jim blair 9 hours ago


  • jim blair
    jim blair 9 hours ago


  • jim blair
    jim blair 9 hours ago


  • Robin Nelson
    Robin Nelson 14 hours ago

    Mr. West is stuck in the slave era when he was never a slave. Why is he not a slave? because of capitalism.

  • Gnatz Parker
    Gnatz Parker 14 hours ago

    I think
    Democratic socialism would be the best system but things need to be added to it for it to work proper. We do need borders though and a wall to protect the borders. tucker is right on that. The only reason the flooding of people could live proper here, was because of the small amount, surprise a country only has so much to give it is not infinite.

  • MrJeremiahm22
    MrJeremiahm22 14 hours ago

    This guy is a smart dummy. Good god you could get pissed talking to this guy. His ideas are dangerous to this country and should be shut down.

  • ViciousAlienKlown
    ViciousAlienKlown 20 hours ago

    This is what the Soviets meant by "playing the long game". The government wants to replace the family and God and all they will ever be is a bloated bureaucracy.

  • Zombi Wurm
    Zombi Wurm 20 hours ago

    The vast majority of those "families" aren't actually families and instead they are just illegal aliens renting kids so they can make it into the country. I don't really care about their dignity and I want my tax dollars going towards helping true Americans better their lives. I don't want to pay to improve the lives of people who lie their way into this country treating all of us like we are here to serve them. It's not the government paying for their welfare, It's us, the American people.

  • Kyle Stevens
    Kyle Stevens 21 hour ago

    I like Cornel but he doesn't understand limited resources he only understands unlimited resources. My democrat friends always mean well but they say that they'll pay extra but when the time comes tax the rich.

  • ssjtrunks15
    ssjtrunks15 22 hours ago +1


  • Linda Newman
    Linda Newman 22 hours ago

    AOC is a nut case to say the least!

  • NinjaBeast117
    NinjaBeast117 22 hours ago

    5:45 I can’t stop laughing

  • moshfists
    moshfists Day ago +1

    When this dude talks about rehabilitating murderers and rapists, he needs to remember the story of the girl and the snake.

  • Nihilistic Nut
    Nihilistic Nut Day ago +2

    It's like saying democratic dictatorship.

  • bajovato
    bajovato Day ago

    Cornell West commits a logical fallacy by envoking the names of famous people who aren’t actually experts.
    Just because famous people advocate it doesn’t make it correct

  • Pill Cooper
    Pill Cooper Day ago

    Muh! The children! They are insane, there's no other rational thought left. Oh, my brother how far you've fallen to use such talking points.

  • glenn kane
    glenn kane Day ago

    Do you know what Socialists and Communists in the USA have in common? They are idealists who never experienced Socialism and Communism. They do not want to speak to those who personally experienced it. That would burst their bubble.

  • Michael I
    Michael I Day ago

    So tired of whinny NEEgrows wearing suits I can not afford, wanting to take what I have worked for all my life. I WILL NOT PAY FOR FREELOADERS, EVER!!!!!

  • jpkjpk11
    jpkjpk11 Day ago

    jibber-jabber. disappointed that Tucker gave this mushroom a platform.

  • Chiefkyle
    Chiefkyle Day ago

    Cornel is a sophist windbag. Well we don't really mean 'get rid of prison'. Well we don't really mean 'get rid of borders'.

  • denise salt
    denise salt Day ago

    Homestead Act of 1862. Biggest socialist experiment in US history. Over 160 MILLION acres given to 1.6 million people. Most of those people are in red states. GO FIGURE. NOW, they are opposed to socialism. Isn't that how it always works. I get mine and then I don't believe in that anymore. So Tucker, talk about Republican Socialists. Ask those 1.6 million families that benefited from THAT SOCIALIST ACT if they would give back any of the land that we now know was often stolen from Natives. I guarantee you the answer would be NO and a host of excuses why that Socialism was justified but any NEW socialism would not be.

  • denise salt
    denise salt Day ago

    This country was founded on Socialism. How much land was given to people willing to
    move to the new land. Homestead Act of 1862. Biggest socialist give away in
    this country. 160 million acres (10% of all land in US) given away to 1.6 million homesteaders. Majority of Midwest was a give away. That is why we have so many problems because
    they don’t teach real American history. We teach propaganda history.

  • Wilson Wieggel
    Wilson Wieggel Day ago

    Uses the word "comrade".
    We're done here

  • Jose Grafals
    Jose Grafals Day ago +2

    This guy doesn't get it. Back then immigrants came to this country to actually work not get for free and if it didn't work out! They would go back to their

  • Will Borzatti
    Will Borzatti Day ago +3

    Democratic socialism starts off democratic then becomes Totalitarian Communism and you have no say. Your freedom is gone.

    • glenn kane
      glenn kane Day ago +1

      Funny how the radicals say the government takes away their freedoms. The answer? Make government bigger. lol

  • Nicholas Brown
    Nicholas Brown Day ago +1

    Reeducation+Thought reform=Gulags

    • Zombi Wurm
      Zombi Wurm 20 hours ago

      Dude, they openly state that they like and agree with the concept behind the Gulags. I am convinced they don't even know what happened in those places.

  • Edward Wyman
    Edward Wyman Day ago

    Oh, so their platform equals the destruction of America. Gotcha.

  • Yeah Right
    Yeah Right 2 days ago

    West pointed it out all by himself.....democratic socialism is fundamentally flawed. It hasnt succeeded yet because it caves to outside influence....or as charlie kirk put it.... if fails because people ‘suck’. Socialism ‘works’ in a textbook and a vacuum, nowhere else.

  • kenneth peterson
    kenneth peterson 2 days ago

    this guy is a jive a** basturd

  • kenneth peterson
    kenneth peterson 2 days ago

    sociialism is not what america is about . move to a socialist country and find out !

  • kenneth peterson
    kenneth peterson 2 days ago

    yeah its a reminder of how much the democrats are to f**k you when they get back in office!

  • Darkness Falls
    Darkness Falls 2 days ago

    We have had YEARS of documented evidence proving SOCIALISM always turn to Authoritarianism, Complete dictatorship, not FREEDOM!!

  • Jason The Freemason
    Jason The Freemason 2 days ago +2


  • Benny Rivera
    Benny Rivera 2 days ago +2

    Unbelievable that corny West here is a professor at the greatest institute in the world "" Harvard"" that just comes to show you how big of a joke is become

    • Nicholas Brown
      Nicholas Brown Day ago

      +Koby Robs celebs have to pay to get their kids into harvard - under the table - Harvard is a failed institution just like UC Berkeley. The democrat ran teachers unions - where the dues go towards electing democrats - is where the failure started KOBY ROBS.

    • Koby Robs
      Koby Robs 2 days ago

      are you too from harvard?

  • bastidface
    bastidface 2 days ago +1

    Did I hear the name AOC and the word "depth" used in the same sentence? Really?

    • Benny Rivera
      Benny Rivera 2 days ago

      Yes that's right tickle ears and slap your face

  • hak
    hak 2 days ago


  • The Lyon And the Ox
    The Lyon And the Ox 2 days ago

    Awwwwww...... now I get democratic socialism. I'll pass!

  • Kaji BenRuben
    Kaji BenRuben 3 days ago +12

    This guy is a Harvard professor? What a joke lol

    • Daniel Paoli
      Daniel Paoli 4 hours ago

      Idk of what but he looks Fred Douglas from ERB

    • Jeremy Couts
      Jeremy Couts 2 days ago +3

      and people paid to get into this place... oh wait! It was to get access to steal from us.

  • Romeo Tango
    Romeo Tango 3 days ago

    I got to be honest as a conservative I like this guy. He makes some real good points Cornel West. LOL. I never thought I would listen to a Democrat like Cornel West. LOL.

    • Jack Parker
      Jack Parker 2 days ago

      I'd recommend some of his talks with his friend, conservative philosopher Robert George.

  • Jase Walters
    Jase Walters 3 days ago +3

    AOC wants to control all three branches of congress! Remember?

  • Tookie Jackson
    Tookie Jackson 3 days ago

    i can't believe i used to respect this guy. Just full of hot air.

  • Clint Brashear
    Clint Brashear 3 days ago

    By “the powerful” he means white people. Another racist “brother”

  • Martin Peacocke
    Martin Peacocke 3 days ago

    0.17 AOC is a reminder of the depth we have in the Democratic party! Tom Perez may be the funniest man in the planet to say this! I'm still laughing 10 minutes watching this. Dept may be correct when you elect someone like A PC and think it's good. You are dragging the bottom of the barrel. Still laughing!!!!!! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! "Oh my sides!

  • Wen Di
    Wen Di 4 days ago

    Wow! Is this the results of getting high education? Let me enlighten the Professor. If you are forever filling your sons' head with that garbage, then you obviously don't love your children and you are setting them up to always expecting negativity. They will always be attracting more evil than good into their life, and of course they will blame it all on the white man. We become and we attract the things on which we habitually focus. Change your focus and that of your children.

  • Paul Lavoie
    Paul Lavoie 4 days ago

    Even though I have that ideal as a Christian that everybody can change and it very much is biblical, John 3:16 " For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten son that WHOSOEVER believeth ..." However their is a reality not everybody will believe and it is their choice, you can bring a horse to water but you can't make them drink.
    Some criminals will ultimately change in a better system but most won't because they're fine with who they are so what will we do with them the ones that won't change that can't be placed in a civilized society? Without the prisons of now a days which are way more humanitarian then Rome's prisons of old there would be no other choice then to what?

  • Logan Thomason
    Logan Thomason 4 days ago

    It’s sad to know colleges actually hire idiots like this to indoctrinate all young college students to believe their point of view. Complete brainwashing...

  • Brooks Hadlin
    Brooks Hadlin 4 days ago

    Larry King?

  • Keith Saunders
    Keith Saunders 5 days ago

    This guy is a total crackhead. WTF is he talking about? "Socialism never had a chance to succeed" WTF? Dude, step away from the crack pipe.

    • Mick Williams
      Mick Williams 4 days ago

      ALL decent people would agree with you totally
      Keith Saunders including me.The truth is the commies which this guy is are a very grave danger to America as the far left have always been .Indeed many on the left whos policies I disagree with absolutely disagree with his ilk .

  • Dave Leighton
    Dave Leighton 5 days ago

    Socialist/communist countries have the worst prisons in the world and those countries not only incarcerate fellons but they add into the mix "dissidents". I have lived in two of these countries and they don't work. The interesting thing is that socialists have so many more restrictions and additional rules and laws to try and make their populations compliant to socialist ideals. Socialism doesn't work and needs capitalism to fund itself. Capitalism is the oil that keeps the machinery running. Example: China would collapse in a heartbeat if the rest of the world wasn't buying their cheap products. China runs a communist state using other people's money. It's a very fragile bubble.

  • Rick Winslow
    Rick Winslow 6 days ago +3

    I had to stop the video at 2:30 minutes. Looks like Samuel J. Jackson on crack. Let's proceed....

    • Wen Di
      Wen Di 4 days ago +1

      Maybe this guy is on crack

  • Rick Winslow
    Rick Winslow 6 days ago +7

    OK ... so the New York City DSA has spoken. It want's to turn the US into Venezuela. What a great crowd of people. Keep it up and I will buy more guns.

    • Rick Winslow
      Rick Winslow Day ago +2

      +ALL KIND OF MUSIC As AOC says: "Venezuela, Facebook, and Twitter are great socialist countries". HAHAHA

      ALL KIND OF MUSIC Day ago +1

      Rick Winslow why do you think they are after the guns it’s because they know that if we see anything that they start acting like a dictatorship or see the government oppressing people they are scared because they know that the people who own guns can stand their ground start a modern revolutionary war and every one knows how socialism works look at Cuba and Venezuela and socialism is a pretty word hiding the real deal which is communism if socialism becomes a real thing they start oppressing or try to take the guns from the people another 1776 it’s gonna happens

  • Malhavik72
    Malhavik72 6 days ago

    Example of Educated worthless person....

  • Olivia Ferrelli
    Olivia Ferrelli 6 days ago

    Does this pseudo sociologist know when people emigrated to America 100, or so, years ago that were not coming here for the entitlement programs because THEY DIDN’T EXIST. They came and started businesses. Today’s border jumpers are coming for the entitlements and NOT to grow America. This is why we cannot welcome the illegal alien.

  • Johnny West
    Johnny West 7 days ago

    You CAN'T educate nor rehabilitate Low IQ left-wing parasites. The End.

  • Moe Sila
    Moe Sila 7 days ago

    Tucker did you say that these guys on your show are Professors? These people are ACTIVISTS listen to them! God gave us the law for a reason, to lead us and guide us in the right way but these guys are talking about CHAOS!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL.

  • Dread Spawn
    Dread Spawn 7 days ago

    I wonder how Tucker ended the conversation without asking about the "Human Manatee"

  • Guppy Playhouse
    Guppy Playhouse 7 days ago

    THIS GUY is a HARVARD professor? WHAT THE F***??? He's a COMPLETE MORON.

  • WGB 8210
    WGB 8210 8 days ago

    West's arguments are so bad. He speaks as though he knows nothing about history, and he just keeps talking and talking and talking, so it becomes impossible to pin him down. And if he cannot point to a single country where socialism has been a success, then the argument that socialism just hasn't been implemented correctly is so silly. Capitalism works, socialism doesn't, and Cornell is such a dishonest goofball. You can tell by the way he speaks, that he must know that his ideas could not stand up to thoughtful critical scrutiny. He's a performer and the furthest thing from a serious scholar. He operates under the assumption that ten crazy arguments are better than one crazy argument. In a typical public forum, there is not enough time to dismantle all of his silly conclusory arguments. And it takes more time and energy to knock down one of his silly arguments then it takes him to replace his defeated argument with three more silly arguments. Making silly, glib arguments is easy. Tearing them all down one after another, assuming unlimited time, would be exhausting. And I almost forgot, he is blaming the United States for the failure of socialism in Venezuela? What a nut job. I remember hearing better middle-of-the-night arguments from drunk, know-nothing, Leftist college students than what Cornel West is spewing.

  • Victor Mazzari
    Victor Mazzari 8 days ago

    When you’re dealing with Cornel West , you’re dealing with the devil himself 😈👹👹👺😈😈

  • pat saultz
    pat saultz 8 days ago +4

    I am awarding myself a PHD ...Cornel West is no scholar ....smh !

  • Amber Hoggard
    Amber Hoggard 8 days ago

    This dem is so lost. He makes no sense. What he's describing is chaos. Work ethics of people of all colors are not the same. So how could opportunity ever be equal because some people work hard and others don't. If I moved to any other country that I didn't come from I know I would struggle to make it. Even so I wouldn't expect people to pay for me and get a bunch of free stuff. I chose to go to another country that would have been my decision. Why should an established society of people be punished for someone else's choice. Try and take back your own country and make a difference with the people in your country you just abandoned.

  • random hero
    random hero 8 days ago +2

    Did he just say human manatee? 🤔

  • sorryociffer
    sorryociffer 8 days ago

    Sounds like he was talking about Russian gulags and N.K. and Chinese "re-education" "camps".....

  • Alexandre Oliveira Marrara

    Socialism is lunacy. Those people are destroying America from inside.

    • Alexandre Oliveira Marrara
      Alexandre Oliveira Marrara 7 days ago

      +moakley Australia is a free market state. In the future, if it's government begins to take control of the economy, we'll talk about socialism. Socialism is failure, like Venezuela.

    • moakley
      moakley 7 days ago

      Yeah just like that socialist dump Australia

  • sanford chait
    sanford chait 8 days ago

    When you boil off the fat socialism is stealing. Plain and simple.

  • Chris Nunya
    Chris Nunya 8 days ago

    I'm gonna hafta commend this dude for his opening statement....Marin Luther King was not a democrat or a republican. QUOTE The official answer is neither. King talked very infrequently about his personal politics and was not formally affiliated with either political party. Nor did he explicitly endorse any candidate. In fact, he stated, “I don’t think the Republican Party is a party full of the almighty God, nor is the Democratic Party. They both have weaknesses. And I’m not inextricably bound to either party.”

  • Chris Nunya
    Chris Nunya 8 days ago +2

    Alexandria Cortez makes me sick!

  • EZ RC
    EZ RC 9 days ago

    Mr west is lost..he embraces illegal lawless ness

  • williamhoffmann
    williamhoffmann 9 days ago

    this is why Democratic socialism is a joke.

  • Jerry Cooper
    Jerry Cooper 9 days ago

    Aw...I get it. Venezuela collapsed because of America...SMH. So sick of the victim mentality.

  • Buddy Silver
    Buddy Silver 9 days ago +7

    And Cornel West is one of the greatest poopers in America

  • Babba Zee
    Babba Zee 9 days ago +1

    I love Cornell even though we disagree on many things I think we agree about more

  • Purnendu Raut
    Purnendu Raut 9 days ago

    I guess the words to be used for making your points matter.
    Writing one thing and meaning something radically different is not passing your message properly.

  • Steeevo 01
    Steeevo 01 9 days ago

    So basically we turn the US into a big experiment. So, if I quit my job and hop on over to the US, you will feed, clothe, house, provide healthcare and an income to me and my family in the hope that I will somehow contribute to the US society ? Oooops . . . that didn't work, so now how to we fix what we encouraged to happen ? More gobbledegook from the looney left who dream of a fantasy utopia where everyone is peace and love and wants for nothing. Maybe first work out how you pay for that, and by the way, the US is already bankrupt ! Idiots

  • David Cotter
    David Cotter 10 days ago

    The very thing he is against, he is for. Give power to the state and government to oversee all of this socialism, but yet he wants everyone to be treated the same.

  • G K
    G K 10 days ago +2

    MLK Jr. was a proud Republican.

    • Liam McDougall
      Liam McDougall 8 days ago

      Dave Rubin talking points are forbidden I'm afraid

    • Liam McDougall
      Liam McDougall 8 days ago

      He literally called himself a "Christian socialist"

  • porterVFX
    porterVFX 10 days ago

    Glasses is definitely wearing a clip-on tie.

    DAVID BADGLEY 10 days ago +12

    I can't believe I once wanted Dr. West to run for president. He's a hypocrite as a Christian and, from what I've since discovered, a big zero as a scholar. He's a sophisticated race hustler and, at his core, a Marxist. He speaks of "human decency" and gives the same tired, idiot's excuse for socialism's failure. It's not real socialism and other people (the USA) are always shitting on their parade AND the dog ate my homework. Always with the familial "brother" & "sister" and the air of a pastor. He's the most self-aggrandizing intellectual in the nation and littering the airwaves with his holier than thou faux Christian compassion and rhetoric. What in the hell was I thinking?

    • majorjockitch
      majorjockitch 4 days ago +1

      "Human decency" is the wall socialists hide behind while they get thheir trap ready. Really most are bleating loudly in hopes of being the few elites.

  • Leon Kitagawa
    Leon Kitagawa 10 days ago

    It works in Europe!

    • Disco John
      Disco John 4 days ago

      No it works in Scandinavia, and they arent socialist. In fact they came out asking people to STOP calling them socialist

  • J. Crenshaw
    J. Crenshaw 10 days ago

    Yep. It's coming, soon. Thank your student loan scam. Student loans will have democratic socialism here 15 years early. Ripped off generations of people for trying to better themselves. Smart. Once bankruptcy protections were removed, that was a wrap, for "borrowers." They are gonna vote socialists. Every job will be union, and the top rates will be over 70%. Whahh. but, but, capitalism. . . . Capitalism will be looked on in history like feudalism: A thing of the past. No more hedge funds.

  • Big Ugly
    Big Ugly 10 days ago

    Because Jeffrey Dahmer could have been better..... Come on now....

  • Rocky Bonnell
    Rocky Bonnell 10 days ago

    The most pathetic thing is how Conservative types on here either A) Don't understand what Democratic Socialism actually is or B) outrageously lie about it and pretend its communism and pretend its Venezuela. (Like the US brutal sanctions have nothing to do with whats happening there)

    • sparky nuts
      sparky nuts 10 days ago

      All socialism is evil. Redistribution of wealth by vote is wrong no matter how you spin it. "Democratic " socialism is still socialism. THEFT

  • Rocky Bonnell
    Rocky Bonnell 10 days ago

    Tucker gets owned by Prof. West. Tucker's "stupid I don't understand face" is funny then you just want to punch him.

  • james gagliardi
    james gagliardi 10 days ago

    black folks...rethink who you feel best represents the "black point of view". this jamoke makes trump serm like a genius.
    he is a high falootin' fool. thinks using big words makes him a "smart brother".
    i was black i'd be, like, oh lawd, why don't this fool sit down and shut up.

  • cliff von ting
    cliff von ting 11 days ago

    The new and improved Marxism the oppressed vs the oppressor put everyone in a group identity then pit them against each other. It's the Elites that want Collectivism because the STATE is in total charge of your life. Take a look at CHINA'S SOCIAL CREDIT SCORE SYSTEM its coming, Orwellian, Totalitarian. WAKE UP PEOPLE theres no Utopia. West is a perfect example of what's been happening in Academia, "Socialist Re-engineering Camps" West never answers actual structural changes just emotions and feeling through the lens of the oppressed vs the oppressor.

  • Boobumoofu
    Boobumoofu 11 days ago

    It really feels like both sides are deliberately misunderstanding each other and assuming the worst intentions. Cable news and social media news is an absolute road to nowhere for discussing issues like these. We need detailed discussions not snippets and sound bytes from pundits. Stop watching 24 hour news it’s all lies.

  • Holly Miller
    Holly Miller 11 days ago +1

    I love that Tucker Carlson brings these people on his show to PROVE how crazy and wrong they are and how much they believethe lies they are spreading

    • dogwood123100
      dogwood123100 11 days ago +1


  • TheMan TheLegend
    TheMan TheLegend 11 days ago

    100 years ago the population of this earth was 1/7th what it is now.

  • TheMan TheLegend
    TheMan TheLegend 11 days ago +2

    They're like jazz musicians, they never play thebright note.