Shaquille O'Neal - All-Star Memories

Take a look at Shaq's NBA All-Star games highlights.

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Mark Willott - Chris Rock - All Star 2008
Mark Willott - ALL STAR 2010 Violin Intro for the NBA

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Автор BloodyHD! ( назад)
The graphics are so realistic

Автор Christian Rivera ( назад)
Shaq vs Jordan
1-0 Jordan took a massive L

Автор Ball is Life ( назад)
Thumbnail at 3:12

Автор Island Souljah ( назад)
Shaq is the shittiest center of all time

Автор NHNGCorpsmanHusky ( назад)
Can't see past the filter. Is there a video playing?

Автор Ryan Ortiz ( назад)
how has kevin hart never been his mini-me?

Автор louie soto ( назад)

Автор Dinara Zhabelova ( назад)
amazing DNA!

Автор Jack ( назад)
Why is this video so dim? Did you edit it with a spray can? Jesus chris I can hardly see anything

Автор Ian Mccain ( назад)
I would hate to have to hold him that dude is fucking huge

Автор 9Master_Mind3 ( назад)
Here from adotbdot

Автор Lyndon Toussaint ( назад)
funniest part is when announcer says he is doing push ups

Автор JV Moreno ( назад)
The Bully Man! ✌️

Автор 郭周朝 ( назад)
Can you DIG IT!!!!!!!

Автор Baby Purn ( назад)
You roasting Javale and funny thing is you aint that skillful either Shaq. Plenty of missed layups and dunks....and that horrible jump shot....you would have been a regular on Shaqtin a fool also!

Автор MrAmmaralirocks1 ( назад)
People at least playing defense!

Автор Meth Curry ( назад)
Shaquille O'neal for three, here goes the airball lmao

Автор Денис Мельничук ( назад)
great person!

Автор umut altıoğlu ( назад)
3:22 as bayrakları 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

Автор Francis Avoce ( назад)
Love it or hate it, if this man actually knew how to shoot free throws and was 100% disciplined in terms of doing whatever he could to stay healthy (he missed s lot of games because of his him gaining weight and it's impact on his knees), he would've been the greatest player ever.

Автор Mr T ( назад)
shaq with the pullup jumper hahaha

Автор Aidan Mackenzie ( назад)
Lol Shaq so bad at free throws that its clutch when he hits 1/2

Автор Jose Calvo ( назад)
It's funny how the commentator said Shaq was doing push-ups when it was actually chin ups

Автор Pafúncio de Alecrim ( назад)
O carisma do cara é tão grande quanto o tamanho e força!

Автор TIM TAM ( назад)
Did you guys hear the "Shaq for 3!!! And it's an air ball" 😂😂😂

Автор C.L. ( назад)
One of the greatest athlete ever lived.

Автор JasonTM _ ( назад)
Dear fellow recommend, he knows damn well he didn't fit in that accura!

Автор Pan Con Bistec ( назад)
Does Shaq ever did reverse dunks?

Автор Marvin Sallie ( назад)
That post up move he did on MJ during warm ups was serious

Автор Ricardo Montero ( назад)
Ever body go to 3:54 -3:55 and it says that he is doing push-ups

Автор Meow ( назад)
Bryant is lucky Shaq is there to putback his brick shot..

Автор Panagiotis Vasileiou ( назад)
back when all star games were competitive AND fun. shit's now turning into pro bowl kind of thing.

Автор mynamerockybalboa ( назад)
For me, best in the paint ever!

Автор Brandon Vu ( назад)
The content is amazing. Keep up the good work.

Автор TheMinerPlays MC ( назад)
My free throw as a center is 45/56

Автор Radiador Useless ( назад)
Love Shaq ✊✊✊✊

Автор Hasani Houston ( назад)
are we supposed to not be able to see??

Автор Codbullykiller 011 ( назад)
3:28 LOOK AT RAY ALLEN bruhhhhhhh

Автор El Joelo ( назад)
He made the All Star Game fun to watch

Автор André Lima ( назад)
got jordan with the fake move lol

Автор cool gamer ( назад)

Автор usman qureshi ( назад)
Who thinks shaq is a legend?

Автор Justin Morris ( назад)
3:11 shaq tried to be cool and make it with 1 hand and missed, LOL

Автор Tom Jow ( назад)
that saturation thoooooo

Автор FonchCakes ( назад)
Big goof. Love him.

Автор Rock Rosario ( назад)

Автор Edwin Nieves ( назад)
with all these big men shooting threes I doubt we'll ever see someone as dominant as him ever again

Автор Jhi'Kerion Otis ( назад)
A Tank That Moved Like A Racecar

Автор Shannon Harte ( назад)
doo doo ass quality

Автор Austin Wilson ( назад)
what the hell is with that awful vignette

Автор biggie gg ( назад)
god damn shaq what size of shoes do you wear 30

Автор TheGalaxieeGamer ( назад)
his best was with kobe

Автор Cindy Hite ( назад)
Anyone feel like deandre Jordan is almost like the new shaq. Fun, funny, big, dunks,

Автор Γιαννης Μπρουμεριωτης ( назад)
one and only!!!

Автор Markers ( назад)
He did Howard so dirty!

Автор Chris Next ( назад)
Tell shaq to stop kissing people

Автор agenthoini ( назад)
only guy with so many missed shots in a highlight video :D

Автор djmocok ( назад)
My free throw rate is worse than Shaq's

Автор husky loads ( назад)
that first move against jordan in warm ups was just beautiful.

Автор Maglaboi ( назад)
SHittest edit ever

Автор Im KayB ( назад)
omg im the buggested fan of shaq

Автор Mikić - ( назад)
Everybody in school knows me as O'Neal,not because i dunk ,or i play basketball like him,but because i have his jersey so I should be happy :D

Автор Chase Budden ( назад)
I was hurt when Shaq tried to isolate😭😭😂😂

Автор brassmonkeyjew ( назад)
wtf is a dividi?

Автор Bailey Davis ( назад)
3:54 push ups? Those aren't push ups lmao they're pull-ups.

Автор LMAN 001 ( назад)
Who remembers when Blake Griffin thought he was a point guard and shot a 3 from the corner and hit the back of the backboard

Автор Its ya boi Tire ( назад)
Shaq and lebron can destroy 2017 golden state

Автор Charles Scott ( назад)
Shaw gave a shoutout to my high schools football team we are in division 2 ohio

Автор AngolanProGamer Fight ( назад)
03:32 look the reaction of the bench 😂😂😂😂😂

Автор MindaugasLegend ( назад)
damn i miss those all star games, where everyone played with thier team jersey, one team with lighter, other with darker

Автор BlueCamper2000 ( назад)
This fat guy is my favorite player

Автор Bao Nguyen ( назад)
Man why did you have to put that shitty contrasted vignette over the video? Just makes the whole thing dark as hell and harder to watch

Автор Muhammet Eyüp Yilmaz ( назад)
3:27 memo okur

Автор Dante Lyons ( назад)
how do you get double MVPs at an all star game?

Автор Alexander Striessnig ( назад)
In one match the basket break becaue Shaq hanging on him omg

Автор Ivan Muller ( назад)
The historical top 10 pívots is distributed as follows:

1-Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
2-Hakeem Olajuwon
3-Shaquille O'Neal
4-Wilt Chamberlain
5-Bill Russell
6-Moses Malone
7-David Robinson
8-Patrick Ewing
9-George Mikan
10-Bill Walton

Автор cavin chism ( назад)
where I'm from there chin ups so your the dumb fuck for calling me a dumb fuck.

Автор Marcos Santos ( назад)
Shaquille his best

Автор draders43 sample text ( назад)
Probably the 2nd most dominant player, the first being Kareem.

Автор Cancerous Gaming ( назад)
The man wants to be a point guard...

Автор Patrick Angelo ( назад)
that dreamshake 00:26

Автор YourUncleMe HD ( назад)

Автор cavin chism ( назад)
dude said he's doing push-ups those where chin ups you dumb fuck!!!

Автор JayD0g17 ( назад)
If I could see the video I'm sure it would be great

Автор JayGe-Gaming 杰哥的遊戲世界 ( назад)

Автор Human Being ( назад)

Автор Kenny Benson ( назад)

Автор Tacos W ( назад)
this guy was trash

Автор ImRunnin ForPresident ( назад)

Автор jorge navejar ( назад)
doing pushups while on the rim... "GLAD" the commentators are legit?

Автор TheAirCara ( назад)
Anyone remember Mehmet Okur

Автор MATU ( назад)
i liked the allstar games when they played in team jerseys

Автор helios doggerman ( назад)
he got shut down by rodman come on now =_=

Автор Anthony Alexandre ( назад)
R.I.P Hakeem Olajuan he got dunked on in the all star game

Автор Bankroll JayyTv ( назад)
how you get them ramdom people right there

Автор Deric Chan ( назад)
DWIGHT GOT REKKKKT. 3:44, trying to talk shit lool

Автор You Stole My Body and Ate Its Spaghetti ( назад)
0:32 every "big men's" dream

Автор LKH -323 ( назад)
Truly a legend 🔥🏀

Автор jjnelson1999 ( назад)
big man could move

Автор peter lee ( назад)

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