How To: Build a 75/90 Gallon Aquarium Stand

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  • Check out my 125 and let me know what you think.
    If you want to take it even farther.
    I know I didn't do the best job describing how to do each step, so if you have any questions feel free to message me. This is my take on an aquarium stand. It's for my Lake Malawi African Cichlids. Once the stand is completely finished, I'll upload another video of it.

    4- 48" long
    4-28" long
    8-21" long
    12- 15" long
    1- 1/2x18''x4' plywood
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  • Quenton McKay
    Quenton McKay 7 месяцев назад

    I just dont like how short it stands. Now i have to figure out how to make it 5 or 6 inches taller

  • Chaudhry Alligood
    Chaudhry Alligood 8 месяцев назад

    I am sure you can still buy handbook with all info you need on woodprix. Just google it.

    DEETEEOHBEE 9 месяцев назад

    lol i'm 4:35 in an this keeps looking jankier and jankier. forget the screws just keep putting more tape on it.

  • Shaquan Hardy
    Shaquan Hardy Год назад +1

    just finished making the same one. This is very strong.

    • EddieGroulx
      EddieGroulx 9 месяцев назад

      Shaquan Hardy so the amount it calls for is the finished product and not the projected project right? cause I see he took out pieces at the end.

  • Muhabbet kuşu Bursa
    Muhabbet kuşu Bursa Год назад

    How many

  • Shaquan Hardy
    Shaquan Hardy Год назад

    I know this is pretty old. but I would lik to know if there is a way I can add doors to this and maybe a shelf and if u have a write up for it. Thanks a Million.

  • slammajamma
    slammajamma 2 года назад

    great job thanks. I used 4x4's for the legs though.

  • Faith Verdusco
    Faith Verdusco 2 года назад +6

    **ATTENTION**My husband and I built this exact stand today. Following the measurements in the description. Sadly, it is now a $50 workbench. great sturdy build, but you need to add an inch to width and height. Because the black trim around the tank add a 1/4 inch to the size of the tank. Using the measurements below (following the video instructions) will allow you this same sturdy build, with no over hang. Good luck!
    4-28" (or 6, read below)
    1/2"x16"x49" plywood.
    (When we rebuild tomorrow, we are also going to put two additional boards (one front and one in back) in the center to avoid dipping in the middle. If you do this as well you need a total of 6, 28" boards)

    • khalidman23
      khalidman23 Год назад

      +Sailed Dread yup anyone who knows about inner and out thickness of tanks would have compensated for this but he did a good build in design principles just measurements are off , just adjust the inner cross pieces to 15.5, and the side rails to 49

  • Ddigzdirt
    Ddigzdirt 2 года назад

    Well done, and thank you

  • blazin068
    blazin068 3 года назад +8

    Lmao @3: 09 he says, I have to get more screws, cuz if I run out I wont have enough!!

  • Elizabeth Can't Tell
    Elizabeth Can't Tell 3 года назад

    Looks great! I'm going to use your plans but without the supports in the middle - I want the tank to go in the opening below so my kitties can sit and watch the fishies swim without jumping on it. Then I can use the top for knick-knacks!

  • Joshua Sachs
    Joshua Sachs 3 года назад

    How did you attach the plywood on the top? Nails? Screws? Glue?

    • Mythrays1
      Mythrays1 Год назад

      get the plastic wood filler at home depot it's good and dries fast.

    • Mythrays1
      Mythrays1 Год назад

      pre-drill holes, then use screws. make sure to impact the screws down a hair past the surface, then use wood putty on top of all screws. Sand the wood putty after it dries then paint.

  • Big Fat Tony's
    Big Fat Tony's 3 года назад

    excellent design.  The weight of the tank is supported by the structural members (the wood).  I have seen many designs that support the weight of the tank with the screws.  I'm going with your ideas.

  • Ziabis Oh
    Ziabis Oh 3 года назад

    Love the supports. That is what i am going to do. My friend says I don't need all that but hey i want to be sure. Better safe then sorry... Awesome build...

  • Micah Morton
    Micah Morton 3 года назад

    No center support? With a 48.5" long tank, do you worry about the top bowing? Perhaps a diagonal 1/6 X underneath the top board to help distribute the lateral load to the legs?

  • Jerome Cooper
    Jerome Cooper 3 года назад

    Great info but please use a tripod. Its making me seasick!

  • Joseph LaVorgna
    Joseph LaVorgna 4 года назад

    i was wondering the total hight of the stand was? i am building it this weekend, i cant wait. Im using tiger wood to face the front and 2 sides

  • BigAlsTanks
    BigAlsTanks  4 года назад

    Shouldn't have to but if you want to be extra cautious it wouldn't hurt at all.

  • Reef Raf
    Reef Raf 4 года назад

    Great vid mate! im using this design to build a stand for an in-wall 75gallon reef tank but it has to be 4 feet tall do i need to use extra reinforcement?

  • BigAlsTanks
    BigAlsTanks  4 года назад

    I think 3 1/4"

  • garrisonent1
    garrisonent1 4 года назад

    What size screws did you use? in the discription it didnt give the screw size. thanks

  • River Shark
    River Shark 4 года назад

    Looks good! I'm planning on building a double tank stand for my 90 and 55 gallon aquariums. Videos like this give me some good ideas.

  • LetsPlayFaded
    LetsPlayFaded 4 года назад

    what size screws did you use?

  • Cichphreak
    Cichphreak 4 года назад

    What kind of tank did you put on this stand? Glass or acrylic? Did you add anything else on the top to make the base larger than exactly 48"x18"? Because like I said, 75 gallon glass tanks have a black base that makes it over 48"x18" which will cause overhang on a surface that is exactly 48". You don't want a tank to overhang.

  • BigAlsTanks
    BigAlsTanks  4 года назад

    A 75 fits on there perfectly.

  • Cichphreak
    Cichphreak 4 года назад

    You might have problems with these dimensions unless you have a tank base that is exactly 48". Most glass tanks have a black support base on them that adds 3/8" to the length and width of the tank measurements. I would suggest adding 1" to both the 48" and the 15" measurements so you have about 1/4" gap for wiggle room around the base of the tank. This will allow you to add on additional pieces such as a more decorative outer shell of the stand.

    TNSxDYNASTYx 4 года назад

    He put 4 feet rather than 48 inches.

  • jackel2126
    jackel2126 4 года назад

    lol...ok i found it thanks alot...nice video

  • Deano
    Deano 4 года назад

    Nice stand, its a tank :). Its scary how flimsy some store bought stands are.

  • BigAlsTanks
    BigAlsTanks  4 года назад

    All in the description.

  • jackel2126
    jackel2126 4 года назад

    so wat were that size of the cuts used for the stand and the size for the plywood

  • BigAlsTanks
    BigAlsTanks  4 года назад


  • alrightythan1
    alrightythan1 4 года назад


  • alrightythan1
    alrightythan1 4 года назад

    I just made my own stand similar to this design but I made mine before seeing this video mines for a 90 gallon stand

  • BigAlsTanks
    BigAlsTanks  4 года назад

    This would also work for that. Or just take 5 or 6 inches off the width.

  • jamil manning
    jamil manning 5 лет назад

    Shouldn't the ply be cut @ 48"x18"?
    by the way great vid!!!

  • lucas seney
    lucas seney 5 лет назад

    what about a 55

  • MrHoney2U
    MrHoney2U 5 лет назад

    yea that will work

  • BigAlsTanks
    BigAlsTanks  5 лет назад

    Thanks aquaman.

  • BigAlsTanks
    BigAlsTanks  5 лет назад

    Thank You.

  • BigAlsTanks
    BigAlsTanks  5 лет назад

    I think I'm just going to sand it down and paint it black and add a clear coat. I think it should look pretty nice the way it is. Worst case scenario I go buy a couple more pieces and cover it up.

  • MrHoney2U
    MrHoney2U 5 лет назад +1

    looks good. are you gonna cover the whole thing in plywood? Glad to see you beefed up the legs. If you add just one middle supprot you can add doors. I done pretty much the same thing before. really easy and fairly cheap. Good vid

  • noE7six0
    noE7six0 5 лет назад

    Nice stand

  • BigAlsTanks
    BigAlsTanks  5 лет назад

    You bet, glad I could help. Thanks for the feedback. Good luck with your build.

  • balcerolibre5
    balcerolibre5 5 лет назад

    thanks for the vid, im going to build a stand just like that one. but im making it with a 75g on top and a 55g on the bottom.