• Published on Jun 16, 2019
  • CHEAPEST MOM IN THE WORLD! People can be cheapskates, they go dumpster diving and are very CHEAP! Are you? I'm SSSniperWolf! You can call me Lia, Sniper Wolf, whatever! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! I upload videos every single day! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack
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  • SSSniperWolf
    SSSniperWolf  Month ago +13185

    Yo mama so cheap she ______________

    • Ashley Joe
      Ashley Joe 6 days ago +1

      Steals from the dollar store

    • Ivan Lemus
      Ivan Lemus 25 days ago

      A spawn from hell

    • llama is in love
      llama is in love 25 days ago

      She says im ten instead of 13 so i can get a free meal DX

    • Georgie
      Georgie 25 days ago

      Eats grass

    • Lily Paul-Morris
      Lily Paul-Morris 25 days ago

      Yo mama so cheap she would be better off living in a dumpster.

  • suany harrell
    suany harrell 2 minutes ago

    My titi danced at free so did i and oh im a kid

  • Sofia J
    Sofia J 26 minutes ago

    Ok nvm its isn’t from the back it did the black hair and the choker lol😂😂

  • zoe swanson
    zoe swanson 44 minutes ago

    I shower when I want for how long I want 😅😅🤦‍♀️

  • Kourtney Sanchez
    Kourtney Sanchez Hour ago

    I seen the second stories poor friend lol

  • Mona Lopez
    Mona Lopez Hour ago

    I live in Denver ,Colorado and yes we do have a dollar store

  • naila jacques
    naila jacques Hour ago

    So this mom doesn’t know about dollar tree or Family dollar 🙄

  • fortnight' streamer 1145

    I have a shower every day for 15to10 minutes EVERY DAY I SAY even on school holidays and I have 2 Brothers

  • Josiah Pizarro
    Josiah Pizarro Hour ago

    Play Smash ultimate please

  • tip cache
    tip cache Hour ago

    U should react to bts and blackpink

  • kaylei lopez
    kaylei lopez 2 hours ago

    I swear I thought my mom was cheap. Smh this girl crazy

  • Lidia Gonzalez
    Lidia Gonzalez 2 hours ago

    This is so cheap that it's so unbelievibly Ginny XD😂😆

  • Nabilah Ishaq
    Nabilah Ishaq 2 hours ago

    Growing up my parents had really bad times, butt they always gives us the best.

  • Maribel Gomez
    Maribel Gomez 2 hours ago

    Love your videos 😍

    BTS X BLACKPINK 2 hours ago

    My mom cut off tv cause it was to much now I only watch youtube

    BTS X BLACKPINK 3 hours ago

    Can’t they just shower at the GYM

  • Kylie Murphy
    Kylie Murphy 3 hours ago +1

    "FrEe iS tOo eXsPeNsIvE"

  • Gta5 life
    Gta5 life 3 hours ago

    Mom was that u

  • Muna Love
    Muna Love 4 hours ago +1

    I shower once a week i don't have hygiene issues.

  • Abigail Palo
    Abigail Palo 5 hours ago

    Lia:What if it's that time of month?
    Me: .......WOW

  • Angel Zuniga
    Angel Zuniga 6 hours ago

    I can't but I'll like

  • LureneVR
    LureneVR 7 hours ago

    Shame poor girl

  • Ella Adlung
    Ella Adlung 8 hours ago

    Bro two showers a week that is *CRAZY*

  • Ella Adlung
    Ella Adlung 8 hours ago

    This is jokes 😂😂
    Made my day

  • Ryan Madden
    Ryan Madden 9 hours ago +1

    Can I hump your butt please

  • Mr. Nobody
    Mr. Nobody 11 hours ago

    Are you guys so innocent ? This family is being cheap for the camera, duh !!!

  • Alana Kaczka
    Alana Kaczka 12 hours ago

    There's are dollar trees in the state of Colorado

  • Alana Kaczka
    Alana Kaczka 12 hours ago

    I live in aurora Colorado

  • MISSY Richards
    MISSY Richards 13 hours ago

    that lady cleans her floor with tea bag water
    but learly that water could sticky on the floor ause
    u never know if she reuses her sugar,and the sugars in her tea
    but tea is not supposed to be used for cleaning


  • Shelly
    Shelly 13 hours ago +4

    “Instead of her daughters 👀 sneaking out, they 👀sneak to the shower.”

    Bro Im dead 😂😂😂

  • Leonie Meadlarkin
    Leonie Meadlarkin 13 hours ago

    Bish in Australia we shower for 6 mins max usually 4 minutes and it’s fine like what

  • Wylie Wolter
    Wylie Wolter 14 hours ago

    I’m so glad my mom ain’t that cheap.

  • RileyLife
    RileyLife 15 hours ago

    Yes there are SEVERAL dollar stores in denver, I have been there, she just stupid

  • Gacha Cookie
    Gacha Cookie 15 hours ago +1

    I’m so weirded out

  • Royal_AsianPotato
    Royal_AsianPotato 15 hours ago

    I went to dis camp and only had 5 m showers and the cabins sucks it had bugs a girl in my team found a beetle on her bed

  • Kayleigh Doolittle
    Kayleigh Doolittle 15 hours ago

    Is m so glad that my grandma is not cheep I live with my grandma

  • Serbay Family Adventure

    *girls mom* soo your friends gonna pay me right?!?!

    *girl* Yah like DUH *smiles*

  • Laura Perez
    Laura Perez 16 hours ago

    Yoga mats are like $3 - $5 and good quality at some stores, you just gotta be smart not exactly cheap lmao

  • Netflix and sadness
    Netflix and sadness 16 hours ago

    Well at least with these cheap parents are refusing all their item and causing less trash while with plastic bottles they refuse them and with normal people they throw it's out and then an animal eats the plastic and dies I'm not trying to be mean but I'm just saying there is something positive about being cheap

  • When Your Pizza Rolls Are Done

    The milk carton thing is pretty smart for the plants, like I would do that. It's pretty cute too

  • LHBK[9999]
    LHBK[9999] 18 hours ago

    Denver's lady is lowkey putting all her "saving " toward her excessive TEA HABBIT 🤣

  • Coffee Chic
    Coffee Chic 18 hours ago +1

    She wants to be cheap yet she is filming with probably a good camera so umm...?

  • Norma Ramirez
    Norma Ramirez 19 hours ago

    Wow and I thought my mom was cheap. Bc she only buys me channel

  • Katherine Eskine
    Katherine Eskine 19 hours ago

    the bubble wrap there still goanna make her pay

  • Queen B
    Queen B 20 hours ago

    I thought my mother was a little cheap for things this is like a whole maniac level of cheap 😱 probably making there kids sick 😷👎

  • Ava Meislitzer
    Ava Meislitzer 20 hours ago

    My mom isn’t this strict is. She get’s mad when I don’t shower and it’s so funny

  • deathlove gachalife
    deathlove gachalife 20 hours ago

    The last mom kinda pissed me off


  • Mariam D.
    Mariam D. 21 hour ago

    me:i hate pizza i'm not going to eat pizza
    mom:pizza is ready!!
    me:ohhh i love pizza lets eat thanks mom

  • Diana Trujillo
    Diana Trujillo 21 hour ago

    You are so sweet

  • amber
    amber 21 hour ago

    tbh id rather have 4 five minute showers than 2 ten minute showers
    just go super sonic speed mode when washing your hair

  • amber
    amber 21 hour ago

    this makes me think my life isn’t so bad lol

  • kyro youssef
    kyro youssef 21 hour ago

    i feel like im the only person who stays in the shower for over an hour lmao

  • Liam S
    Liam S 21 hour ago +1

    3:35 WAIT Really? You can use a SPONGE?!?!

  • RoyaleHighForever
    RoyaleHighForever 22 hours ago +1

    “It’s 2am in the morning and I could get ramen 🍜” I’m eating ramen right now

  • Keely Ford-Blackwell
    Keely Ford-Blackwell 22 hours ago

    If I'm on my period I have to shower everyday. On another note, old period blood REEKS.

  • Sol Prates
    Sol Prates 23 hours ago

    Reusing zip lock bags is not only saving money but the environment

  • Yulissa Vega
    Yulissa Vega Day ago

    I live in denver colorado

  • Aleena iqbal
    Aleena iqbal Day ago

    What are they saving all this money for anyway

  • Lara Jovanovic
    Lara Jovanovic Day ago +2

    Her mom is asking will her friend pay?
    My mom is fighting becouse she want to pay for our friends

  • Gaming Smasher
    Gaming Smasher Day ago

    Im not cheap at all cuz we live an average life not rich but our house is beautiful again we not rich I shower when ever I want

  • XxTheUnknownxX
    XxTheUnknownxX Day ago

    Is it weird that I’m pooping while watching this lol 😂

  • Emily Berch
    Emily Berch Day ago


  • yoongi bts foreva :3

    Dammn this video was realesed jun 16 and i watching it July 16😭😂

  • Kitten Smittens
    Kitten Smittens Day ago

    *Mr Krabs wants to know your location*

  • alex king
    alex king Day ago

    I take one every 2 bays

  • Skylar Antoniades

    I have to take a shower every day and know that I see this im fine with it

  • Jack Conigliaro
    Jack Conigliaro Day ago

    The second lady literally lives like 30 minutes away from me 😭😭 I can feel large essence of cheap from here

  • Moria
    Moria Day ago

    You are such a judgemental person! And wasteful

  • Moon Cat18
    Moon Cat18 Day ago

    My brother recently went to Las Vegas and he showed me a video of these really crazy crack heads and the we’re like touching everyone and he was so uncomfortable lol 😝

  • celinda jimenez
    celinda jimenez Day ago

    lol i live in vegas and its boring but i am going to hawaii!!