Samurai Champloo - Lofi HipHop Mix • Nujabes inspired

  • Published on Jan 18, 2017
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    1. 0:00 - Chubbster - Bushido Blues
    2. 4:01 - Microphonist - Samurai Champloo Nostalgia
    3. 6:37 - Lupin the Beatsmith - Nujabes Eternal
    4. 9:14 - Jazzinuf - Sunflower Samurai
    5. 13:37 - Killa C Beats - The old goddess
    6. 17:44 - Caleb Belkin - Lost Samurai
    7. 19:58 - Kadesh Flow - Samurai Champloo M
    8. 22:56 Rukunetsu - BattleCry pt2
    9. 25:34 - MUSICALITY - Just Forget
    10. 29:27 - Lupin the Beatsmith - Lethal Lunacy
    11. 32:46 - Lupin the Beatsmith - Champloo ending theme
    12. 35:19 - Lupin the Beatsmith - Sunset Dreams
    13. 38:54 - SparX Beats - Samurai Champloo Ending Theme
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Comments • 2 088

  • Ambition
    Ambition  2 years ago +694

    Gonna try to be more active on social media, drop a follow if you want

    • Soul Tachi
      Soul Tachi 8 months ago

      Ambition Good stuff. Loving the cultural mixes. Can you tell me we’re you got the sample starting from 17:45?

    • AbucinVel Miusic
      AbucinVel Miusic 9 months ago

      Samurai champloo

    • Adam West
      Adam West 9 months ago

      Ambition omg....😳😲

    • Christian Guerra
      Christian Guerra 11 months ago

      *that was me*

  • The Honch
    The Honch 9 hours ago

    Im gonna make it a tradition. First week of summer vacation every year (so like around June 19 for a week), Im going to watch this anime

  • Ernie Hrvacic
    Ernie Hrvacic 3 days ago

    Love the fact that Killa C starts at 13:37 Hahahaha my fav song too

  • Ares Francisconi
    Ares Francisconi 7 days ago

    Who is singing "Just forget"?

  • IndicaKnight_
    IndicaKnight_ 7 days ago

    It makes me extremely depressed that the show is over, but also very happy that I got to watch it.

  • mhmd XpR
    mhmd XpR 9 days ago

    سغل ويلا محمد سعيد يستناني العب وياه بلياردو

  • anh point
    anh point 12 days ago


  • RicePhantom
    RicePhantom 14 days ago

    I'm just not into this mix.

  • Joshua Mwape
    Joshua Mwape 18 days ago

    Name of Beat at 33:47

  • Nameless2k7
    Nameless2k7 19 days ago

    Love your mixes. Keep it up! Thanks for the music!

  • Noah Embry
    Noah Embry 21 day ago

    good tribute broham.

  • Belike Water
    Belike Water 22 days ago

    Still bumpin this. It has gotten through some troubling times.

  • Geaux_Vinny Gaming
    Geaux_Vinny Gaming 24 days ago

    But umm.....

  • Danzo F
    Danzo F 24 days ago +2

    People rate Cowboy bepop really highly when talking about the best animes of all time which is fair. Personally I thought Samurai champloo was better than Cowboy bepop.

  • turnip head
    turnip head 25 days ago +1

    Nujabes live as a soul in our hearth

  • hashraf777
    hashraf777 Month ago

    I listened to this beat tape like everyday in my last year of uni. So calming. Hope I can go to the places I had in my head when I was listening to this in the library

  • turnip head
    turnip head Month ago +1

    Lofi forewer

  • Brianna Bearden
    Brianna Bearden Month ago +1


  • Masonwabe Nkombisa
    Masonwabe Nkombisa Month ago

    Please Help i need the title of what's playing at 20:10.

    • Genju
      Genju Month ago

      Masonwabe Nkombisa kadesh flow / samurai champloo

  • Ken Stoeg
    Ken Stoeg Month ago

    This shit is tight with the Kenshi play im doing right meow.

  • ben dover
    ben dover Month ago

    You didnt give credit to the right person the first song is Saturday cartoons by geerad everyone's been stealing his work

  • Bubonict
    Bubonict Month ago +3

    Ending animes is so bitter sweet. Cowboy bebop, samurai champloo, Tokyo ghoul, ETC. WIsh I could watch them all for the first time again ):

  • Iwakura Lain
    Iwakura Lain Month ago


  • Phantaminum
    Phantaminum Month ago +3

    Hi. Im 19, i have blue hair and im weird. I have noone to talk to. I do have some friends, but i can't be really myself with them, or anyone i supose. Anyways, i love the Lofi comunity, so if you want someone to talk to, or maybe just listen to music together, here:

  • himynameisnotmark1
    himynameisnotmark1 Month ago

    This is the only Anime series I've actually been able to watch, absolutely love it. Is there anything else similar to this show?

    • B2K_ Scott
      B2K_ Scott 26 days ago

      Have you watched Cowboy Bebop? If not then you should know it's very very similar to this show: around the same episodes (26 I think?), full of action and music (samurai champloo being based around the samurai-era with hip hop and cowboy bebop is about futuristic bounty hunters with jazz music), same creator, main character is the same English voice actor for Mugen.

  • David H
    David H Month ago

    I got the boxset some time ago and made my wife watch with me. At first she was just "meh" about it all. When we got to the climax and it didn't look good for the cast....she was in tears and yelled at me "dammit I care about these characters!"

  • Spirit Wolf
    Spirit Wolf Month ago +1

    Japanese haaaaai 🙏

  • Iman Saada
    Iman Saada Month ago +2

    just the right song for studies !!! i'm gonna beat my exam tomorrow !

  • whitexxghost -
    whitexxghost - Month ago

    i miss it soooo much...

  • Alexander Davis
    Alexander Davis Month ago

    That intro is fire

  • Lindsey M.
    Lindsey M. Month ago

    I watched Samurai Champloo when I was pretty young, and even though I loved it as a kid I know now that back then I couldn't have fully appreciated it. Having just finished rewatching it, I understand it so much more and really do love it. The upside to having a terrible memory is that I get to enjoy things I love almost as if they're new to me.

    Last year I heard the lofi song using the convo between Jin and Kariya; I knew it seemed so familiar but I couldn't place it. Everytime I heard it I got frustrated, but also felt sad and nostalgic. When I got to that part in the series I cried like a little bitch, which might be stupid but oh well. I didn't realize it was from Samurai Champloo and it was an amazing surprise.

  • Angel's Desire
    Angel's Desire Month ago


  • TyphoonSwell
    TyphoonSwell Month ago

    It's been two years since I discovered this playlist and I still come back to it for some peace of mind. Much love.

  • ιтѕυĸι
    ιтѕυĸι Month ago

    I keep coming back here whenever i feel lonely

  • V3l3 T0x
    V3l3 T0x Month ago +1

    13:37 The number describes the song..

  • Javier Mctoy
    Javier Mctoy 2 months ago

    cool beats bro

  • Tyreece
    Tyreece 2 months ago +1


  • Holy Men
    Holy Men 2 months ago

    o ye ye すやぁ

  • piepiepie0101
    piepiepie0101 2 months ago

    I listen to this when I weld. helps me a lot.

  • Papai Noel
    Papai Noel 2 months ago

    15:57 😎

  • Kyudai Plays ツ
    Kyudai Plays ツ 2 months ago


  • Ruel Baliar
    Ruel Baliar 2 months ago

    Whats the song at 20:00

  • Reynold Martin
    Reynold Martin 2 months ago

    Lost Samurai s basically books of war by Doom and RZA but with more samples

  • Solace Creat
    Solace Creat 2 months ago

    The ads are strong with this one.

  • Gastro
    Gastro 2 months ago

    Maybe i could like this if it wasnt dubbed

    AAAEA 2 months ago

    i fucking adore some of these

    AAAEA 2 months ago

    holy shit this is gold

  • Claudia Montaña
    Claudia Montaña 2 months ago

    Just to let people know, "The Old goddess" samples a song from Ikue Asazaki called "Bokuri"

  • RichardEthan
    RichardEthan 2 months ago

    Whats the song that starts at 20 min?

  • Kaveras
    Kaveras 2 months ago

    Damnn, one of the mostenjoyable anime ive ever seen, alongside to bepop. OST, flow of the action, just most relaxing series of all time. Love it.

  • Laura Benitez
    Laura Benitez 2 months ago +4

    This wouldn't be a true Samurai Champloo lofi if the old lady singing songs wasn't here. LOVE IT!

  • char voal
    char voal 2 months ago +1

    Fuckin love this anime I watched it back in 6th grade it’s been 8 years now and I am still not over it. One of the best.

  • John Ferris
    John Ferris 3 months ago

    6:40 my study song.

  • morgan freeman
    morgan freeman 3 months ago

    Love the sc background

  • Jordan & Charles Reactions

    Here from sahbabii

  • Im Bluhdy
    Im Bluhdy 3 months ago

    Song @15:00 goes hard!!

  • Родион Хохлов

    как я рад что мои соотечественники не слушают эту прекрасную музыку,а продолжают слушать всякого рода тимати,а музыка просто сказка.

  • Rotten Redhead
    Rotten Redhead 3 months ago +1

    "I don't give a rat's ass about going to hell. I guess I feel like I'm already there. What I do mind is the thought of being killed by you ugly bastards. I've gone my whole life without being helped by anyone else, I'll be damned if I'm gonna let you *help* me into my grave."
    -Mugen (Samurai Champloo)

  • Vinícius Ferreira
    Vinícius Ferreira 3 months ago

    Samurai champloo

  • Christiaan Carstens
    Christiaan Carstens 3 months ago +1

    First time I heard lofi, and then this anime to go with. Dont know if its why but lofi sometimes hits deep in the feels.

  • Tadpole Jackson
    Tadpole Jackson 3 months ago

    This is Beautiful

  • Holy Swamp
    Holy Swamp 3 months ago

    very nice,good mix

  • 何建霖
    何建霖 3 months ago


  • B0rder55
    B0rder55 3 months ago

    Thank you for this! Thumbs up from me!

  • Angel PDI
    Angel PDI 3 months ago +1

    Millennials be like: "So.....Naruto wasn't the only anime out there? :/ "
    Me: [leaving Earth...]

  • esira moon
    esira moon 3 months ago

    I started this anime and it's already my favourite anime I love it so much, I don't want to finish it i want the journey to continue forever and forever.

  • Daniel Tena-Valladares
    Daniel Tena-Valladares 3 months ago +1

    19:58 until the next song... oh myyy gzzzzz 🔥

  • aberu chan
    aberu chan 3 months ago +2

    R.I.P nujabes.
    The feeling when your broke and depressed while listening.

  • Navin Kvinda Elpitiya
    Navin Kvinda Elpitiya 3 months ago


  • mistere
    mistere 4 months ago +1

    17:44 who fr produced it bc so many producers produced this same beat like omegah red, Rob VIktum, and now Caleb Belkin. so like who actually produced it

  • maprwza
    maprwza 4 months ago

    I spit my heart out for you
    I rip my heart out for you
    Your the reason that I'm changing
    Real rap against the racist
    I burn a rage for all these faces
    Light it up in all places
    Feeling hell
    Got the mandem shaking
    Never paigon round these ladies
    I know the truth
    I give it to you naked
    Tell me how you bringing back slavery
    Got my ex girl bringing back slavery
    Do this then we can make a baby
    I will never cheat
    On a kind that's hatred
    Hidden leaf
    Got the mandem caking
    eye for a fool
    If he's ever mistaken
    Passa aggressive over text mesages
    That I ain't made it
    So just bring me back don't hold the gun
    You can
    Raise your sword
    It's just begun

  • Mic Wop
    Mic Wop 4 months ago

    December 2018 we still rocking

  • Luana Frontini
    Luana Frontini 4 months ago

    I was so sad when i ended the anime

  • Supreme Doppo
    Supreme Doppo 4 months ago +1

    yo ive never watched this but that opening was soooo cold had me feeling like watching it whats it called???

  • Brant Stanley
    Brant Stanley 4 months ago

    Back again to relax and decompress with this. Nothing but positive vibes. ✌✌ great track👍👍

  • Angela L
    Angela L 4 months ago +2

    RIP nujabes. May you be producing bop ass tunes in heaven.

  • Rick Vitagliano
    Rick Vitagliano 4 months ago

    this is the greatest 43 mins of my life, thank you i love it!!!

  • Susan Oliveira
    Susan Oliveira 4 months ago

    Boa batida.

  • ShadeyKamikaze
    ShadeyKamikaze 4 months ago

    38:54 =🥶🔥

  • Midnight Samurai
    Midnight Samurai 4 months ago

    One of the greatest things I've ever seen with one of the best soundtracks I've ever heard

  • Kyle Reece
    Kyle Reece 4 months ago

    Dank you for the chill vibes

  • N’Otoh
    N’Otoh 4 months ago

    It's a tie between this and Cowboy Bebop for #1 imo

  • Nicholas Billingsley
    Nicholas Billingsley 4 months ago

    Love this always nice to listen to and relax with

  • Cristian Tafolla
    Cristian Tafolla 4 months ago

    I study to this all the time

  • sci yer7
    sci yer7 4 months ago

    This is ridiculous

  • RevotheRuler 62
    RevotheRuler 62 5 months ago +1


  • Gabriel Gonçalves
    Gabriel Gonçalves 5 months ago

    Jinsang - Let Go

  • Ace Seiei
    Ace Seiei 5 months ago

    The beginning such nosologic vibes

  • P L A Y E R X X V I I .


  • Rey de Oliviera
    Rey de Oliviera 5 months ago

    Oh my GOD!! Righy from the first track alone, this is beautiful ish right here!!!!

  • D o j o beats
    D o j o beats 5 months ago
    lets sub this

  • LeMaitre DuWeb
    LeMaitre DuWeb 5 months ago

    Samouraï Champloo

  • Ace Seiei
    Ace Seiei 5 months ago

    Lupin the beatsmith you fucking genius 🤓🤘🤘

  • kazimirpwn
    kazimirpwn 5 months ago

    If you're gonna make another japanise-style mix, i have some rare but good track from non-popular russian bitmaker, ask me if u're interested

  • kazimirpwn
    kazimirpwn 5 months ago

    ебовый микс хуль

  • Isaac Enis
    Isaac Enis 5 months ago

    trash ass dubbed samples watch the sub dummy

  • uzumaki gamer
    uzumaki gamer 5 months ago

    not a lofi it is luffy

  • Gremlin
    Gremlin 5 months ago

    Holy crap I listened to this playlist many times but I just noticed 17:44 is a remix of my country's famous singer's song!!! I had to replay it again and again to see if it's really her!!

  • Nicezombie24
    Nicezombie24 5 months ago

    +35% studying speed