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Автор The Walking Dead Scenes ( назад)
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Автор Peter Vahl ( назад)
Apart from the first episode I feel this season has been rather slow, to be fair it was always going to be a hard job to top that first episode

Автор rachael.has.entered ( назад)
I'm hoping thats them walking to that place filled with all the women and the shed full of guns

Автор Gayle Labxoo ( назад)
Come on! chill.. let them do their job.. all we have to do is just sit our asses down and enjoy the show.

Автор king of bricks productions ( назад)
does anyone realize that in this promo they kind of use the same music as the one in star wars rebels season 3 finale promo.

Автор Stefan Salvatore ( назад)
Gregory going killed by Jesus with knife.

Автор SYED SHAZEB ( назад)
Sundays episode was garbage..

Автор iThegamerguy ( назад)
These recent promos have been pretty badass not gonna lie.

Автор HangDeath ( назад)
Man this late season is so slow.. drama no plot driven stories, so boring and disappointing.

Автор Bill Negan ( назад)
Gregory is gonna die

Автор katsupoi24 ( назад)
I just want mattew mcconaughey s lincoln commercials to die already

Автор KWIZ DOT ( назад)
Oh cmon and just kill fuckin Negan already.

Автор Purebblood ( назад)
Maggie will not die guys

Автор Kellyn 87 ( назад)
Gregory so has to die!

Автор Alex Master ( назад)
Yoooooo Gregory is going to try killing Maggie (like in the comics)

Автор Nick Pappas ( назад)
omg i think i just saw an explosion!WOW quantum intense!

Автор nycdave7 ( назад)
"It's not your fault". got that from good will hunting

Автор Anthony Medeles ( назад)
I love this show but god dammit I want negan to die at the end of this season. We've seen the saviors come and take shit for the last 14 episodes and it's getting irritating. I appreciate the build up but Jesus Christ this is almost as bad as waiting 6 months for the show to start again. Especially if they have this slow build up just to not pay off at the end of this season...

Автор Saishuteki ( назад)
honestly, i just want eugene to die

Автор zer0 95 ( назад)
wow gee what a shock right??????? im so pumped smthing will happen in the last 2 episodes wooooww so cool, lets just forget like 11 filler episodes this season, fuck yeahhh

Автор redclark831 ( назад)
I really don't like Dwight being a carbon copy of Daryl. It really cheapens the character.

Автор Twimbo ( назад)
The second half of this season is actually turning out quite good. First 7 episodes where weak.

Автор Ale Xaw ( назад)
Show with no balls, no way they're killing a pregnant woman.
Hope the creators will watch some got and learn.. this show is just for kids and over50 losers right now

Автор Jo ( назад)
Last episode was completely useless! I'm sorry but I'm sick of this " let's talk about our feelings" bs. Where's all the action, the thrill?

Автор Meka Achilles ( назад)
sasha is one brave woman! im so sad about what happens next :((((

Автор Professor Hornmeister ( назад)
Episode 14 was easily the worst episode of the season in my opinion. Worse than Tara's bottle episode at Oceanside.

The only notable things that happened is Sasha now in the Sanctuary, and Maggie forgiving Daryl. Two scenes. TWO SCENES. Dr Carson going to the Sanctuary is important I guess but it is definitely something they could've done off-camera. Hell, they thought Rick's escape from the RV in 6x3/6x5 was good enough to leave off-camera. This episode got us nowhere and, like 95% of the episodes this season, is just killing time until next season.

AMC needs to cut the episode amount for future seasons. It'll help budget and quicken the pace (hopefully). The only show that I've seen that takes advantage of having a crazy number of episodes each season is Gotham (excluding Season 1)

FYI: Don't hit me with the "if you don't like it, don't watch it" shit. While yes, it would be a nice solution, I've spent 6+ years with this show. Quitting now would be a huge waste of time. The only show I have ever decided to quit is Scream on MTV because they've only had 2 seasons, not 7 seasons.

Автор tunderdiamant ( назад)
Enid is so going to die :'(
It's not a spoiler by the way but it's mostly certain that she will take a death that happens in this this episode or the next one...

Автор Danny Vasquez ( назад)
If they were smart they would of waited longer, days if they have too. So they can get that guarantee snipe. But no she went inside pretty much blind , not killing negan but killing her self. The rest of the crew are now in danger

Автор Shivan R ( назад)
All Out War !

Автор emperorserkan ( назад)
Who's that person carries arrow at the end of the episode 14!?

Автор Rayed92 ( назад)
This old man gotta go

Автор PolishMaper 16 ( назад)
they try to make it look like maggie dies in this ep and even try to convince by the end of the promo when enid comes walking,looking worried
but no maggie wont die this ep and not for a long time
but please tell me What are they trying to do in this ep? (rick and the group)

Автор The Truth ( назад)
I thought episode 15 was the last episode?

Автор 7Jamal8 ( назад)
So peep bombolone de Spanish Alana awaisu Katzu cero

Автор 7Jamal8 ( назад)
This show is so boring I'm from Mexico and live in USA i also speak Spanish :)

Автор Piccolo ( назад)
Where the f is carl?

Автор Gerardo Hassan Toledo Morales ( назад)

Автор Alexander Dolgov ( назад)

Автор Gabriela Pinto ( назад)

Автор deeelalah07 ( назад)
I swear if they end this season without the all out war

Автор James Ferraris ( назад)
ah come on!!! the same music they used in the *STAR WARS REBELS SEASON FINALE PROMO ZERO HOUR*

Автор Artis Foster ( назад)
Fucking Gregory!
I hope they hang that coward.

Автор gpaul ( назад)
0:30 comic book big scene

Bye bye Enid

Not a spoiler, im just guessing

Автор Alonso Caballero ( назад)
Pero que me dices compañero!!?

Автор MONKEY D LUFFY ( назад)
What happened to the people who speak english? I mean like come on lol it is most popular language in the world after all lol

Автор Frourós ( назад)

Автор Brotherhood of Welders ( назад)
gracias por nada, tome se dislike mi buen señor

Автор Xavier Zee ( назад)
the show compared to the comic just doesn't weigh anymore... im started to get so bored of this convoluted story they made thats so off track from the comic

Автор See- 3pio ( назад)
Sasha ain't coming out of the Sanctuary alive :(

Автор Nautilus Kisaragi ( назад)
Finally, sum action.

Автор MissKushwood O ( назад)
I think Carol is going to save Maggie from bitch ass Gregory

Автор Celina Moyano ( назад)
El próximo capítulo promete, promete bastante..

Автор Lizett Robledo Villaldo ( назад)
Mira mijo no sé tus razones por las que no lo subiste en mi país pero estoy muy triste porque yo yo me lo iba a ver :(

Автор Eisenbieger1986 ( назад)
is it just me or anyone else was dissapointed from 7X14 ?? I mean it happened nothing. The content slow down sucks hard.

Автор BerixGames 191 ( назад)

Автор Belen J.H ( назад)
😱😱😱😱 OMG!!!!

Автор mblaqminoz ( назад)

Автор Ger Delgado ( назад)
No me toques a Maggie

Автор RedNation ( назад)
I swear to God if Maggie dies

Автор Guilherme Souza ( назад)

Автор Leandro Lima ( назад)
aaaaaa esse velho fdp não pode matar a Maggie não pqp velho fdp

Автор Sra Rata :3 ( назад)
Cuando empieze (Osea dentro de unos minutos) Y cuando termine.. No podes subirlo? Siempre tenés que poner lo que pasa. Nos spoileas in vez de subirlo él capitulo y después las escenas.

Автор kimberly Adan ( назад)
ok so tara gonna take them to the ocean side on in the next episode

Автор HitmGames 97 ( назад)
se ve que va a estar muy bueno el capitulo 15 :D

Автор ByWinslow_ 03 ( назад)
gregory shit

Автор Juan Rec Hernandez Modesto ( назад)
WOWWW se está poniendo genial

Автор Shane From School ( назад)
i think they're going to oceanside since tara is leading

Автор EL ELAIN ( назад)
hoy 2 episodios!!!! ?

Автор Matheus Barbosa ( назад)
Habrá dos Ep? ¿Que día?

Автор Mauro Rivas ( назад)
me de suscribo de este canal culiao yo pensé que subían los episodios pero no😒😒🙅😠

Автор Misha Sid ( назад)
no vi no el 14 que ya ponen el trailer del 15 😑

Автор TWD Walkers ( назад)

Автор UnTalPro 343 ( назад)

Автор Mauro Rivas ( назад)
puta culiao suban el episodio 14 por que ponen adelantos a todos las vale Berga el adelanto

Автор Gerardo Garcia ( назад)
hola akeora sube el capitulo

Автор Topo 22 ( назад)
Tara llevando a los demas a esa comunidad 😲😲

Автор Christian Cisneros ( назад)
segundo :'v

Автор Brayan Canchari ( назад)

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