The Fray - How To Save A Life (Jiggers Remix)

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Добавлено: 1302 года
Длительность: 3:26
Комментарии: 15981

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Автор Sr HaxxelMC ( назад)
Laik si quedaste aquí por el uhc mundial :V

Автор Meg x ( назад)
throwback to everyone shuffling to this song in 2015

Автор CHOLA MAIS ( назад)
nuss q foda !!!

Автор Lil Sammy ( назад)
Love your channel 👌

Автор adnan habib ( назад)
thas bass was DOPE.

Автор Julka Ok ( назад)
amazing music ×-×

Автор _Ya44ick_ ( назад)
RIP Stegi = Like

Автор Dumbdudegaming 1 ( назад)
no it's 0:59

Автор Guada IDK :3 ( назад)
shuffle :)

Автор Alex Awesome ( назад)
strong with the force you are

Автор Wilson Lee ( назад)
any other otaku here?

Автор BB shooting Vlogs and BB guns ( назад)
When the beat dropped so did my grades

Автор Jian Cassey Parreno ( назад)
RIP Harambe

Автор Maine Previous Video ( назад)
how to save this? without copyright

Автор J.D. H.D ( назад)
I need this old music with the best remixes.
Can somebody send me more;)

Автор John Gerard ( назад)
a page have 560k subscribers and can get 58m views, it shows how your subscribers love your remixes.

Автор Oliver Cullmann ( назад)
geiles lied

Автор ali shahzad ( назад)

Автор Luke Watf ( назад)
original is better

Автор Julian Krettek ( назад)

Автор Victor Henrique ( назад)

Автор Balsiu. valgykla ( назад)
This song just hits me deep

Автор AllStarJordan23 ( назад)
Go subscribe to my dumb friend dr squrble plz he has like 6 subs plz subscribe to dr squrbles

Автор MOH-Hansy ( назад)
Are you fucking kidding me? This simple peace of crap gets this popular!?

Автор keytchee ( назад)
Get this on Spotify!

Автор Yandere Cotton ( назад)
I wish I could have blasted this at Hannah baker face

Автор Purple Venom ( назад)
those fucking monkeys brought me here

Автор Winplays o3o ( назад)
iTunes link?

Автор Roast God ( назад)
That thumbnail looked like the Omnitrix for a second there

Автор Lucas ( назад)

Автор Lucas ( назад)

Автор Creative Cupcake 257 ( назад)
this remix makes the song lose its emotional feel but it's still great haha

Автор Emma Graves ( назад)
when Africans get fed

Автор Steffarno ( назад)
what genre is this?

Автор SpoezyV2 ( назад)
anyone else come here from the girl shuffle dance?

Автор JAYUMAN PLAYS ( назад)
HArambe's Funeral was lit

Автор aPpl pie ( назад)
I could just imagine someone failing at trying to save someone suicidal and then going to a rave to forget about the whole ordeal.

Автор Juniper Sloane ( назад)
who would do this
this is a crying song
why do I want to dance
I cry at dances anyway
I'm going to kill myself

Автор Mcglynn Dancer1 ( назад)
this remix is amazing! !!!

Автор Alex Laverty ( назад)
How many of you came from iFunny a while ago

Автор MartinxX 7U7 ( назад)
like si bienes por exidax

Автор Alex Lishner ( назад)
wish this was just an instrumental. dont get me wrong i dont dislike the fray but the lyrics and deliverance doesn't quite fit this happy ass beat

Автор Mag Lover ( назад)
niggers remix!

Автор FreezeIOS ( назад)
████──▄──────────▀█────────█────█ Look son
███──█──────▀▀█───▀█───────█────█ a good song!!!

Автор Snaps CZ ( назад)
The Frey - How to ruin a wedding

Автор Riotx s ( назад)
best song is the playlist from you?

Автор jeff the kiler ( назад)
i love dis song 🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵

Автор Skill FIFA ( назад)
besz song

Автор Natalia Boldyreva ( назад)
hi (sorry for my English)

Автор Mała Mi ( назад)
kto od nanami chan 😂

Автор essatro playz ( назад)
I did not learn how to save a life 😢

Автор Screw You ( назад)
Trippy compilation bring me here

Автор szantiszHUN Bro ( назад)

Автор Deadpool Jr ( назад)
Harambe Made this song for himself
What a legend

Автор Goget ( назад)
quien viene del uhc mundial?

Автор Ewa Geisler ( назад)
na początku brzmi jak disco polo XDD

Автор Damian van Wattum ( назад)
Why no spotify?

Автор Ambersan22 ( назад)
Who came from Harambe's Lit Funeral

Автор Bizzare Apollo ( назад)
That beat dropped harder than my grades 1st semester

Автор Bizzare Apollo ( назад)
The video of the apes dancing?

Автор Trix Skull6380 ( назад)

Автор Ernesto Padilla ( назад)
I'm here because of this Fat man name Castro1021

Автор Baha Hergül ( назад)
Eni <3

Автор VibrantBass ( назад)
sooo who's here from the dancing gorillas?

Автор double dosed ( назад)
the last time something dropped this hard japan surrendered

Автор Wolf ( назад)
Now write Jiggers in google.

Автор Frenzy ( назад)
The beat dropped harder than my Social Studies grade..

Автор Quiquin Cello ( назад)
Like si bienes por Ekidax

Автор Amin Zeinali ( назад)
Harambes funeral was lit

Автор Bacon ( назад)

Автор Laziys ( назад)
I remember this song! "Gold old days <3"

Автор Oleksandra XD ( назад)
Kto od Nanami? -,-

Автор Cadi Roberts ( назад)
I love this song also

Автор Rrook C ( назад)

Автор DenoDinoTrexMel ( назад)
wish this music is on Spotify

Автор Furkan Çift ( назад)
w0xicten SEA

Автор Hardcore_BIzkit Bubbles ( назад)
Wake up everyday and think to myself who's life am i going to save today....oh wait! no ones!

Автор jørgen Pettersen ( назад)
Harambes funeral was lit💯

Автор D3 ( назад)
How to make a sad song lit

Автор Enikő POWA Dewla Lákista ( назад)

Автор Incoless I Rocket League ( назад)

Автор PixelHD Gameplays ( назад)

Автор Kevin UTTP ( назад)

Автор Lucija MC ( назад)
if you are on PC:
Step 1. Fullscreen
Step 2. Type 'AWESOME'
Step 3. thank me later ;)

Автор Hicham Fastlund ( назад)
"shoots were fired" R.I.P Harambe

Автор Maximus ( назад)
this should have a billion views.200,000,000

Автор adam nadir ( назад)
who else came here from ifunny ( harambes funeral )

Автор Alexander Iglesias ( назад)

Автор HDLowrider03 ( назад)

Автор DerTrojaEisbär Gaming ( назад)
Ich weiß, dass niemand hier Deutsch kann...

Aber das war sooooooo GEIL!!😄

Автор FTF Gamer ( назад)
ill be like 😣.......😞........😟.........😢...............😭

Автор DESTRINH ( назад)

Автор Enes Karamahmutoğlu ( назад)
Drink ex

Автор Albin Rapp 02 ( назад)

Автор Albin Rapp 02 ( назад)
omg this song in my bass car is ooooooooooooopppppppppppppppppppp !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор celeste mora ( назад)
is a good song y dont stopmof sing

Автор Kazumi ( назад)
The best Music ever ^^

Автор Vincent Colt ( назад)
Who else thought it said niggers remix?

Автор Wolfer 200 ( назад)
i like how the song has such a motivational rythim and everything when its supposed to be a sad song

Автор Sam Reeves ( назад)

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