We Believe: The Best Men Can Be | Gillette (Short Film)

  • Опубликовано: 14 янв 2019
  • Bullying. Harassment. Is this the best a man can get? It's only by challenging ourselves to do more, that we can get closer to our best. To say the right thing, to act the right way. We are taking action at www.thebestmencanbe.org. Join us.
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    This Gillette commercial is about our belief in the best in men. #TheBestMenCanBe #Gillette
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Комментарии • 612 631

    THE WHITE T.O. День назад

    the next gen will be "BETA MALES"(Jesse Lee Peterson)

  • IP0T
    IP0T День назад

    Can people just exist?

    • ROGAN
      ROGAN День назад

      ... People do exist! What's the problem here?

  • Misakisama12
    Misakisama12 День назад

    M a c h i t o s ofendidos.

  • Mike Coffin
    Mike Coffin День назад +2

    Dislikes stuck at 1.4mil. LMAO

  • johnny ryder
    johnny ryder День назад +2

    Fu gillete fu

  • Off Air
    Off Air День назад


  • jan Hriberšek
    jan Hriberšek День назад +2

    Wow, congratulations you just lost around 1,4 million customers including myself.

  • Frank Roth
    Frank Roth День назад +1

    Mr. James Brown sums this male v female situation up musically with his true and well respected song titled This is a Man's world. Men & Women I am directing you all to listen to this accurate description of Men & Women right now, do not delay!

    • ROGAN
      ROGAN День назад

      James Brown is probably the last place to go for relationship advice!

  • Eoin Harrison
    Eoin Harrison День назад

    I genuinely don't understand how guys are getting so worked up over this? Nothing in this video is offensive, in my opinion. Sure it doesn't have a whole lot to do with the product itself, but these guys are in no way the first company to use a commercial of this style.

    • Eoin Harrison
      Eoin Harrison День назад

      +Elphin Andy I meant more in the ambiguity rather than the politics. I didn't see racism, I didn't see sexism, and the stereotyping was meant to highlight a negative side to masculinity that is still VERY real today.

    • Elphin Andy
      Elphin Andy День назад +1

      Your opinion is in the minority. Maybe you don't understand, or don't want to. I have been on this planet probably longer than you. I have never seen a 'commercial' that depicted sexism, racism, and stereotyping on this level.

  • Frank Roth
    Frank Roth День назад

    My wife knew from the start that I was the Man and she was not nor would I tolerate any attempt by her to try and subjugate my position.

  • levi simpson
    levi simpson День назад

    1:02 is what you came for

  • Kristi Anna Isene
    Kristi Anna Isene День назад +4

    This is just the biggest flop! I‘m a woman and I got sick to the stomach by watching this! Throwing all men under the bus...why? Is pure masculinity not allowed anymore? Of all the population most of the men are decent and wonderful human beings! Enough with the exaggeration of this topic, not everything is „me too“!

  • TheMrrobustus
    TheMrrobustus День назад +2

    Way to Target your target demographic

  • spearo561
    spearo561 День назад +2

    Will never buy another product from your company again!

  • Red Pilled Cuck
    Red Pilled Cuck День назад +1

    Turn out the Jussie Smollett assault was a hoax, Gillette you should make a video telling black people to stop trying to cause a race war.

  • Juan Federico
    Juan Federico День назад

    Que grandes gillette, haciendo una campaña para que las feministas empiecen a comprar sus productos asi se afeitan de una vez por todas

  • Jessica Caudill
    Jessica Caudill День назад

    This campaign showed true strength and I am so proud to know that there are people out there that are willing to at least try to get this message out to the people.(:

    • ROGAN
      ROGAN День назад

      Ironically many of the comments hating ad this have been well thought-out. People are spelling out the reasons this ad sucks. People who like this drivel just write, "I love this" or attack people that don't, calling them "the problem"... I haven't read a single lucid or insightful comment from anyone defending this ad.

    • Elphin Andy
      Elphin Andy День назад

      The message that men are broken? That message?

  • Adam Roper
    Adam Roper День назад +5

    Male feminists are the only toxic masculinity I have ever seen. They're always devious and untrustworthy.

    • Adam Roper
      Adam Roper День назад

      +Frank Roth lol

    • Frank Roth
      Frank Roth День назад +2

      You're right and the reason that they are that way is because they are more like a female.

  • Emily Pugh
    Emily Pugh День назад

    All of you getting upset cause they are saying TEACH YOUR KIDS to treat PEOPLE right. You all are reading into something that isn't there. Lol. Sad.

    • Frank Roth
      Frank Roth День назад +2

      Emily, with all due respect, your naivete is glaringly evident. This so called commercial has failed by every metric one can use to measure for effectiveness

    • Piercey Piercey
      Piercey Piercey День назад +3

      Emily, I'm sorry to say this but you really have missed the point. Try looking at some RUclip rebuttals and comments to get a better idea why people dislike this film

    • Da Boz
      Da Boz День назад +3

      oh go back to playing app games you twit.

    • BRIMAN711
      BRIMAN711 День назад +1

      Infanticide, Paternity Fraud. Is this the best a woman can get?

  • Adam Roper
    Adam Roper День назад +5

    Gillette is PROBLEMATIC.

  • ErollisiMarr
    ErollisiMarr День назад +2

    Gilette, the best a soyboy can get.

  • Shattered Molecule
    Shattered Molecule День назад

    The hate this company is receiving simply for a display of feminism is astonishing.

    • Da Boz
      Da Boz День назад

      i know...really should be more.

    • jon west
      jon west День назад +2

      Do you think there would be less hate if the genders were switched, and it was an ad generalizing women?

    • Adam Roper
      Adam Roper День назад +3

      Thankfully feminism is dead/dying in western culture.

    • Europe in the late 1340s
      Europe in the late 1340s День назад +6

      not at all, it’s for sexist stereotypes

  • diaryofareader
    diaryofareader День назад

    I seriously need someone to explain to me why everyone is throwing hate at this commercial?

    • ROGAN
      ROGAN День назад +3

      Watch 'No Joke Janice episode 13' she goes through it in detail - that's if you "seriously" need someone to explain it to you.

    • Europe in the late 1340s
      Europe in the late 1340s День назад +4

      sexist stereotyping

  • Franco Soria
    Franco Soria День назад +3

    They deleted my dislike...

  • Phillip Ramsey
    Phillip Ramsey День назад +4

    Let's make a commerical about women physically assualting men because they know they'll get away with it

  • Phillip Ramsey
    Phillip Ramsey День назад +4

    How is walking up to a girl you think is attractive wrong? Please explain to gillete how it's wrong for men to go talk to women? A women easily can say no or walk away if they dont wanna talk. Men can handle rejection pretty well compared to women who cant so they sexualize their bodies so every guy talks to them.

    • Phillip Ramsey
      Phillip Ramsey День назад +2

      +Komrad Pepenovski its obvious they dont want men to procreate at all. And this commercial is actually really racist depicting mostly white men doing all these "wrong" things

    • Komrad Pepenovski
      Komrad Pepenovski День назад +1

      I asked the same question while watching a movie review where the critic was deeply offended that the male protagonist would offer to buy his receptionist some lunch... Seems some people can't even handle goodwill gestures anymore.

  • awzp
    awzp День назад +1

    When you're a 16 billion dollar company but you generalize men

    • Roy Skodjevåg
      Roy Skodjevåg День назад +1

      Yeah..like built the company over 100 years+. Outstanding move to paint them, as bad, toxic humans..

  • ErRorSG
    ErRorSG День назад +1

    Smile sweetie

  • Phillip Ramsey
    Phillip Ramsey День назад +7

    If you see gillete products on store shelves hide them behind other products

    • William Casey
      William Casey День назад +2

      It would be wrong to hide them behind soy bean oil.

  • Selene
    Selene День назад

    This is amazing, great job
    This is what equality, the he for she, and world needs ❤️👏🏼

    • jon west
      jon west День назад +1

      What is your idea of equality?

    • Komrad Pepenovski
      Komrad Pepenovski День назад +2

      I'm looking forward to that episode on Toxic-Femininity, because I truely believe in equality!

    • Piercey Piercey
      Piercey Piercey День назад +5

      If you really were concerned about equality you'd be looking forward to the female version of this film, where the toxic behaviour of some women is shown in all it's glory. Or do you think men are more 'toxic' than women and deserve to get insulted like this?

    • Fionnait Sradag
      Fionnait Sradag День назад +8

      Sexist stereotyping and misandry is the opposite of equality. Wake up.

  • Vexcarius
    Vexcarius День назад +6

    Cringy ad. Lol like every man does this. I haven't seen Dads cheering for their sons to punch each other. There are quite a number of immoral guys out there but giving us this kind of message won't convince us to use your product. It's like telling that men are so predominantly bad even though there are more guys that respect women.

  • Tammy Manuel
    Tammy Manuel День назад +6

    Next Gillette ad would be like do you have something between your thighs? if yes you're a really bad person

    • stimproid
      stimproid День назад

      Thanks! I just found my tv remote!

  • Logan Wiseman
    Logan Wiseman День назад

    This is one of the most beautiful ads to come out of this century. This was absolutely needed. BIG thanks to Gillette, because now we can scroll through the comment section and figure out who each and every misogynistic "meninist" is. If you think this video has a degrading message against men, you do not and can not understand the toxicity that has been derived from countless years of a society that believed males were superior to women.

    • Piercey Piercey
      Piercey Piercey День назад +3

      He seems extremely angry that some people don't like this film. Weird, I wonder why?

    • William Casey
      William Casey День назад +3

      Hey Fionnait , You are the best .

  • Ray Rajhid
    Ray Rajhid День назад +4

    Never again head and shoulders or Gillette, gonna look up whos behind that and boycott everything from them. Also for me the first time boycotting anything, but after that "ad"...

  • Tammy Manuel
    Tammy Manuel День назад +1

    Came back to see if this is the most disliked video yet

  • Bob Delaney
    Bob Delaney День назад +4

    Gillette, the worst a man can get!

  • your uncle pim !
    your uncle pim ! День назад +4

    Lmao dislikes still the same. RUclip waiting for likes to catch up

  • Crying Canary
    Crying Canary День назад +1

    Why are people so upset over this...? I genuinely don’t see it...

    • ROGAN
      ROGAN День назад

      ​+Crying Canary It's part of a wider and growing campaign which targets straight white men as being inherently damaged - basically, they're the only group left that it's socially acceptable to hate - For many this was the final straw. The commercial itself isn't so important, but the radical feminist ideology behind it is affecting society in a very negative way.

    • jon west
      jon west День назад +2

      It may not apply to me personally, but being male, this ad, and this growing, small minded, hypocritical, biased, generalizing viewpoint (and the competition it is making), does affect me personally... as does it affect women. This trend has been growing, and I think that this ad has crossed the line and pushed people over the edge. Do you have kids? I obviously don't know you, your life experience, or even your gender, but I'm willing to bet that this will affect you negatively at some point as well. It is the opposite of what is needed to get to a place of support and equality. +Crying Canary

    • Roy Skodjevåg
      Roy Skodjevåg День назад +6

      +Crying Canary its the first " ad" in history, that blames a bad behaviour, in one gender only...its terrible sexist, and borderline hate crime..thats why humans around the world, are disgusted, and still talking about this short film..

  • Leemanism
    Leemanism День назад +1

    This is obviously about toxic men. It's incredible so many people are getting triggered by this, when it has absolutely nothing to do with most of you. Unless most of you are toxic abusive men, then you shouldn't be offended by it. This ad isn't anti-men. It's anti-toxic-men.

    • Fionnait Sradag
      Fionnait Sradag День назад +2

      Also, your comment is generic and has been posted dozens of times already. "Dissent implies guilt". Thanks for the attempted guilt trip, but nobody is buying it.

    • Fionnait Sradag
      Fionnait Sradag День назад +1

      The real question is, why do you support sexist stereotyping?

    • Natty
      Natty День назад +2

      "Women need to hold other women accountable. Because we believe the best in women. To say the right things, to act the right ways. Some are already doing the right thing, but some is not enough."
      If a commercial had that exact quote in it, would you consider it to be anti-woman? Or just anti-toxic-women? It's pretty much explicitly stating that most men are toxic. Whether it applies to the individual man or not, making broad, sweeping, negative generalizations about an entire group of people is going to get many of them angry. It's about toxic men, but when it's also saying that most men are toxic then that's hardly a distinction.

    • Komrad Pepenovski
      Komrad Pepenovski День назад +3

      +jon west Very true, jon. I was just being ironic but hopefully making a point. Well now it seems women can add a new privilege to their list; a complete exemption from behaving "toxic"; whatever toxic may mean outside of hazardous substances (that's open to unlimited conjecture).

    THE TRUTH День назад +7


  • Zack Buehler
    Zack Buehler День назад +4

    First it was Bethesda, then Gillette, and now its Nike. Is this becoming a competition on losing the most customers?

    • Kasey Eva
      Kasey Eva День назад +1

      Ben n Jerry's woke Anti-Tru-mp 'Pecan Resist' Flavor and commercial
      EA DICE changing history to be on "the right side of history" and calling customers uneducated for disagreeing.
      I'm sure there's more...

  • big lad Chungus
    big lad Chungus День назад +5

    Who else came back to this video just to read the comments ?

  • Takenyao123
    Takenyao123 День назад +4

    They deleted my dislike.

  • FYA
    FYA День назад +4

    absolute disgrace of an advert

  • Masterme
    Masterme День назад +2

    I have disliked this video 4 times and every time it gets removed, I sure hope the dislike sticks sooner or later

  • Danny Knight
    Danny Knight День назад +2

    Imma start buying Gillette instead of Swords ⚔️ Hate people that can’t be held accountable for their actions

    • Fionnait Sradag
      Fionnait Sradag День назад +1

      I recommend you lay off the soy if you want to be able to shave someday. :D

    • Fionnait Sradag
      Fionnait Sradag День назад +1

      Yeah....you'll probably have to get some facial hair first.

    • Barry Pearce
      Barry Pearce День назад +3

      Why don't you come back? Hate people that can't be held accountable for their actions

    • Brent Finley
      Brent Finley День назад +3

      Hey Kanye, I stopped reading after your incredibly lame "Imma"...be better

    • Sarl Cagan
      Sarl Cagan День назад +6

      Might want to wait until you reach puberty before buying razors.

  • DrCalamari
    DrCalamari День назад +2

    Huh? What's this? Who's Gilette?

    • stimproid
      stimproid День назад

      I think they make tampons.

  • Sane Woman
    Sane Woman День назад +13

    people, I don't get all the hate...

    why does gillette hate men so much?

    • William Casey
      William Casey День назад

      Right on! But it is hate speech to disagree with a feminist .

    • Rukanth
      Rukanth День назад +1

      I loled

  • Elias Knudsen
    Elias Knudsen День назад

    Why so many dislikes?

  • Austin Kocher
    Austin Kocher День назад +7

    Ironic that this message is coming from a company that charges more for a women's razor...

  • Danny Knight
    Danny Knight День назад +3

    Such whinny babies in the comment section

    • ROGAN
      ROGAN День назад

      +Danny Knight "... if someone told me to be accountable if I follow women in the street.." This is unintentionally the funniest comment I've read in this thread!

    • Adam Roper
      Adam Roper День назад

      +Danny Knight Danny 'White' Knight.

    • Barry Pearce
      Barry Pearce День назад +1

      Whinny babies? So, little horses? Most people call them Colts and Phillies.

    • Brent Finley
      Brent Finley День назад +1

      Love your ironic glass frames...come back when your testicles have descended. Meanwhile, keep cleaning Gillette's taint.

  • WhyUHere
    WhyUHere День назад +5

    Gi-lette me be another lost customer

  • Barry Pearce
    Barry Pearce День назад +3

    Wilkinson one tell me what razor to buy?

    • Roy Skodjevåg
      Roy Skodjevåg День назад +1

      I bought a Hydro 5..thats awesome..if that was ur question..

  • Amv4Fun AnimeWorld
    Amv4Fun AnimeWorld День назад +2

    A feminist murdered the producer

  • Dazz Rat
    Dazz Rat День назад +6

    This fine example of "woke" advertising actually managed to make tens of millions of people despise Gillette and Procter and Gamble on a deeply ingrained indelible level. Amazing "woke" marketing at work. Slow, pretentious hand-clap.

  • Jeff Lam
    Jeff Lam День назад +5

    Well I am Schick of Gillette, and I know what brand to change to

  • Dazz Rat
    Dazz Rat День назад +2

    My neighbor likes this commercial along with his wife's son and Schick.

  • Dazz Rat
    Dazz Rat День назад +7

    How not to sell razors to men 101.

  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob День назад +9

    Men make sure you do not buy P&G products. P&G does not want money tainted with your Toxic Masculinity! Make sure to Boycott the following P&G Products: Tide, Pampers, Bounce, Downy, ERA, Gain, Bounty, Charmin, Head & Shoulders, Aussie, Herbal Essences, Old Spice, Pantene, Cascade, Dawn, Febreze, Mr Clean, Swiffer, Comet, Gillette, and Braun. Note, this is not a complete list, Check P&G website for full listing.

  • Dazz Rat
    Dazz Rat День назад +8

    This is an historical example of an advertising debacle. It should be a case study in marketing textbooks, how to actively drive away your customers en masse.

  • Shay Peer
    Shay Peer День назад +1

    This is getting a lot of hate and I see why, but I think regardless of impressions, intentions were pure.

    • ROGAN
      ROGAN День назад

      Gilette thought they could reach a new market of woke millennials, so they hired a talentless feminist hack to churn this out.

    • jon west
      jon west День назад +3

      I honestly find it bizarre that some people think that this is actually gillettes voice, intention message. No offense meant. Just that if you look at marketing and advertising, especially at this scale... millions of dollars are spent on market research, forecasting, focus groups, trend analytics, before the project is even approved to start shooting. Look at media throughout history, racism, themes, style... just what was current to that time. 99% of companies make ads based on what is "trending", not their own personal beliefs or integrity. This is part of why it is so sad. Not everyone is capable of critical thinking... so they see this kind of generalization and believe it.

    • JD MILES3
      JD MILES3 День назад +2

      +Barry Pearce Let us all thank that femintard for running Gillette through the ground.

    • Drew Metalsmith
      Drew Metalsmith День назад +2

      +Barry Pearce This!

  • jon smith
    jon smith День назад +2

    Disliked again

  • Aaron Lane
    Aaron Lane День назад +2


  • Frank Roth
    Frank Roth День назад +2

    Social Media has provided a platform to express every "feeling" humans have, but the problem is is that there is very little thought going into the "feeling" driven comments.

    • ROGAN
      ROGAN День назад

      Ironically many of the comments hating this have been thought out. There are reasons and people are giving them - People who like this drivel just write, "I love this" or attack people that don't, calling them "the problem".... have read a single lucid comment from anyone defending this ad.

    • Frank Roth
      Frank Roth День назад

      +Fionnait Sradag I shall, until then, what is your thought on it ?

    • Fionnait Sradag
      Fionnait Sradag День назад

      Try watching No Joke Janice episode 13 for some deep thoughts on this ad and it's true intentions.

  • Arda Karaduman
    Arda Karaduman День назад +2

    So anyone figured out how to make a razor out of flintstone yet ? Any DIY tips ? :)

  • Frank Roth
    Frank Roth День назад +5

    There is NO SUCH THING AS TOXIC MASCULINITY IT DOESN"T EXIST!! Only feminized males and feminist believe in that fairy tale

  • Aim_For_ The_Head
    Aim_For_ The_Head День назад +4

    They bloked the dislikes. It doesn't matter now many times you try it will get removed when you exit.

  • Ben McGregor
    Ben McGregor День назад +5

    Every time I return my dislike has been removed

  • Tanim Tanvir
    Tanim Tanvir День назад +3

    Gillette the best a girl could get

  • Holmesburgable
    Holmesburgable День назад +1

    Boys WILL be boys so if a girl bullies a boy it’s ok but if a boy bullies a boy it’s ok.

  • Lavernius Tucker
    Lavernius Tucker День назад +2

    There also needs to be a finer line between horsing around and full on bullying, harassment, and endangerment.

  • Amina A
    Amina A День назад +1

    Can’t stop laughing at these triggered men in the comments lmao I Stan Gillette

    • Elphin Andy
      Elphin Andy День назад +1

      +Frank Roth oh yeah!

    • AnotherUselessNick
      AnotherUselessNick День назад +2

      +Frank Roth But what if they are gender fluid?

    • Frank Roth
      Frank Roth День назад +2

      +Barry Pearce IF you're a male you need to watch it again and again and again IF you're female you're not a secure female.

  • Paul Patten
    Paul Patten День назад +3

    Bullying, Harassment... Gillette is taking action to show how it's done. Pathetic.

  • José Araújo
    José Araújo День назад

    I don't agree with this commercial, but I think that if you actually stopped using Gillete's products just because you disagree with them, you're probably as bad as the SJW

    • AnotherUselessNick
      AnotherUselessNick День назад +3

      +José Araújo This commercial alone would be enough for me as a reason actually. At least to boycott the brand to send a message that I won't support their propaganda. Since I am now also aware of the other things mentioned, I also happen to boycott P&G in general.
      PS: I usually don't care about ads at all, but this one went that political and overboard, that I started to care about it. Not in a positive way obviously.

    • José Araújo
      José Araújo День назад

      But people stopped using Gillette for this commercial alone.
      If you’re not one of them why even bother responding?

    • Barry Pearce
      Barry Pearce День назад +5

      No. We reacted to propaganda.

    • AnotherUselessNick
      AnotherUselessNick День назад +4

      I don't like it when they use my money for defamation propaganda, forced child labor, deforestation, animal testing, etc.
      So I don't give them my money anymore.
      If you think that makes me as bad as an SJW, so be it, I don't mind if you have an opinion different to mine because it's not harmful and you don't use my money to propagate it.

  • Kayron falcão
    Kayron falcão День назад

    Vocês estão de parabéns GILLETTE. Incentivar o pacifismo e a civilidade não é sinal de fraqueza é uma atitude nobre e responsável.

  • Nick mendiola
    Nick mendiola День назад +4

    Ive always used Gillette razors,now I wanna switch to Schick

  • José Araújo
    José Araújo День назад +2

    It's funny that we used to make fun of the people who got mad over the pepsi ad, but now we are whining over this ad.
    Guys chill out it's just bad commercial.

    • Trevor
      Trevor День назад +1

      +Hugh Mungous wat?

    • Hugh Mungous
      Hugh Mungous День назад +3

      outrage culture is fun haha

  • grandpasballs
    grandpasballs День назад +2


  • Ether
    Ether День назад +5

    Men need to hold women accountable.

    • ROGAN
      ROGAN День назад

      Women need to hold themselves accountable... Many have no accountability whatsoever.

    • Ether
      Ether День назад

      +Elphin Andy they can't win against lawsuits they are getting bullied by political leverage. The person that created this junk and the person that ok'd it should face the axe but it won't stop the problem at the source.

    • Elphin Andy
      Elphin Andy День назад

      +Ether Procter and Gamble are weak. They should stand up to bullying and be better.

    • Ether
      Ether День назад

      +AnotherUselessNick it's an ad by a women in the Gillette company, I don't blame proctor and Gamble they are being forced by feminist/sjw driven legislation to pander to radicals that get into companies on quotas not merit.

    • AnotherUselessNick
      AnotherUselessNick День назад +1

      Men and women need to hold Procter & Gamble accountable.

  • V Correa
    V Correa День назад +2

    So a single comertial hurt your feelings, yehaa thats what a real man do, cry like a baby

    • V Correa
      V Correa День назад

      My point exactly, you just can ignore me and move on, but no you are here complaining

  • reggifel1
    reggifel1 День назад +4

    Yesterday i throw away my gillete fusion and go get a Shick. Thanks you for the men shaming

  • Y U NO
    Y U NO День назад +2

    1:02 .....

  • Neoh
    Neoh День назад +2

    Thank you for this beautiful source of meme !

  • FBI can't catch me
    FBI can't catch me День назад +4

    bye bye Gillette, one more brand was brain washed by SJWs

  • J C
    J C День назад +5

    Seeing a lot of heavily discounted Gillette goods in UK right now.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    • Doc Holliday
      Doc Holliday День назад +3

      Amazon had 8 pact of Fusion razors for nearly half price, still went for some more Wilkinson Sword Quattos, Gillette can give them away if they like am not using them anymore.

    • nwickz
      nwickz День назад +2

      Yep I can vouch for that

  • Forza Martini
    Forza Martini День назад +2

    Wow i got so woke by this ad, thanks gillette commercial for opening my eyes. I really needed a shaving product company to moraly guide me. Once again thanks gillette...

  • The Cold and the Jet
    The Cold and the Jet День назад +3

    NUGA 4 LIFE...

  • Stephen Scott
    Stephen Scott День назад +4

    Gillette, I really, really, really, really hope this stunt of yours BANKRUPTS you.

  • J C
    J C День назад +4

    Given all these negative comments, it's taking a loooong time to reach 1.5 million dislikes. Funny, huh?

  • Red Pilled Cuck
    Red Pilled Cuck День назад

    New Gillette video came out search "Gillette Prequel"

  • James Walker
    James Walker День назад +4

    huh, look at that, just lost another customer....

  • Mark Quinn
    Mark Quinn День назад +2

    I won't be buying anything with Gillette on it. Anyway maybe shaving is a hair crime and we shouldn't shave.

  • ehtiram abdullayev
    ehtiram abdullayev День назад +2

    Not only my dislike on this one but my other likes on other videos are gone

  • Mac the Knife
    Mac the Knife День назад +5

    Went to Costco today with my yearly refund coupon. Bought laundry detergent, dish soap, razors, and toothpaste-- making sure that none of it was Procter and Gamble.

  • Mark Quinn
    Mark Quinn День назад +3

    America may soon have no military watching that. 'You want me to join the army Dad and keep the West free of oppression? Not me Dad i want to play with my dolls and then i'm going to my safe space to listen to a woman talk about child birth. Anyway i'm sure Iran, China and Russia love us really'.

  • Igot Woke
    Igot Woke День назад +2

    Gillette also lied about where they manufacture their products.

  • William Simmons
    William Simmons День назад +1

    Start a new Thumbs down. IF you dislike the Gillette ad, click thumbs up on this comment.

    • AnotherUselessNick
      AnotherUselessNick День назад

      Thumbs-downs on comments have been hidden for years now. So no point in doing that tbh :p

  • Phillip Martin
    Phillip Martin День назад +5

    Took my dislike and comment down... Boycott p&g

    • J C
      J C День назад +1

      Here's the list, let's take them down:
      Aussie Hair Care
      Head & Shoulders Shampoo
      Herbal Essences Hair Care
      Olay Face & Skin Care
      SK-II Luxury Skin Care
      Pantene Hair Care
      Pampers Baby and toddler nappies, pants and wipes
      Always Feminine Care Pads
      Always Discreet Light, sensitive bladder protection
      Tampax Feminine Care Tampons
      Ariel Laundry Products
      Bold 2 in 1 Laundry Products
      Daz Laundry Products
      Fairy Non Bio Laundry Products
      Lenor Fabric Conditioner
      Lenor Unstoppables In-wash scent boosters
      Ambi Pur Odour Eliminators
      Fairy Dish Care
      Febreze Odour Eliminators
      Viakal Kitchen and Bathroom Surface Care
      Clearblue Pregnancy & Ovulation Tests
      Fixodent Denture Adhesives
      Old Spice Hair & Skin Care
      Oral-B Toothbrushes & Dental Floss
      Vicks Cough, Cold & Flu Relief
      Braun Personal Grooming
      Gillette Razors & Skin Care
      Venus Razors & Shaving Gels
      Old Spice Hair & Skin Care

  • Jaime Hernandez
    Jaime Hernandez День назад +3

    The dislike should be higher but got deleted. Should have been 2milllion.

  • stimproid
    stimproid День назад +6

    Thanks Gillette.
    I learned from your example. I'm now working to be less toxic. Before I would have fought back when confronted by a bully. Now I know that behavior like that would be toxic. So instead I will now just walk away.... Bye Gillette.