Step Up: High Water | Dance Tutorial | Transposing Movement

  • Published on Jan 31, 2018
  • Eric Graise aka "King" from Step Up: High Water and his dance partner Rebekah Patterson from Four Radius Dance Company teach the technique we see in episode 9, transposition. Transposition is an idea that a dance move from one dancer can be transposed to fit another dancer's body with a different body type.
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  • Glen Bartholomew
    Glen Bartholomew 18 days ago

    Even though you taught us the movements and we knew where the surprise moments were, they were still magical. Wonderful!

  • Mau Ann
    Mau Ann 4 months ago

    I thought in tv only wow ur amazing ur an inspiration to everybody

  • Irina Schildorfer
    Irina Schildorfer 4 months ago

    Just cool! ☺👍👌👏

  • Roopkatha B.
    Roopkatha B. 6 months ago

    man what is this song

  • Abhilasha Koda
    Abhilasha Koda 7 months ago

    Do really abusive in real??

  • Austin Mann
    Austin Mann 7 months ago

    "Transposition" makes me shudder as a music student..

  • Lanetta Taylor
    Lanetta Taylor 7 months ago

    Hes amazing!!!

  • Charles Loftin
    Charles Loftin 9 months ago +2

    Thought he was like that just for series..

  • Officially Christal
    Officially Christal 9 months ago +3

    he has such a good vibe and a positive energy i love that

  • sylvia Briggs
    sylvia Briggs Year ago


  • Waheeda Farouk
    Waheeda Farouk Year ago

    mothers i actually thought she was gonna squish him to the ground

  • Metamorphosis -'TGCMD'

    so inspiring sharing on my facebook post

  • Lucy
    Lucy Year ago +1

    He is so cute!

  • matt smith
    matt smith Year ago

    yay Rebekah!!!

  • bm631
    bm631 Year ago +7

    One of Atlanta's hardest working artists. WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU ERIC!

  • Isatu Kargbo
    Isatu Kargbo Year ago

    So amazing love u all guys

  • Gaeun Johanna
    Gaeun Johanna Year ago


  • Akua Christiana
    Akua Christiana Year ago

    Wow so amazing

  • Kalina Scott
    Kalina Scott Year ago

    So beautiful 😍

  • Marc J Music
    Marc J Music Year ago +4

    MANNNN!!!!! My secret wish is to dance like these ridiculously talented people! Dont tell anyone guys! Lol

  • Full Radius Dance
    Full Radius Dance Year ago +1

    The name of the dance company is Full Radius Dance, not Four Radius.

  • Stefanie Smith
    Stefanie Smith Year ago +4

    I love this guys. Excellent. Makes me wanna give it try.

  • Lovisa Gran
    Lovisa Gran Year ago

    love it!

  • Hameh krubally
    Hameh krubally Year ago +1

    Amazing and inspiring ❤️❤️❤️

  • CoolCatChimChim
    CoolCatChimChim Year ago +1

    Yasss amazing

  • Mecca Gardner
    Mecca Gardner Year ago +5

    Always inspire that's what the language of dance does thanks for showcasing your talent and abilities with a tutorial and also playing the role of King

  • BGRsupporter
    BGRsupporter Year ago +1

    Jokes aside, are his legs really like that or that's just effects?

    • Stéphane Wacongne
      Stéphane Wacongne Year ago

      They are like that and he's a really good dancer, taking full advantage of his body specificities ;-)

    • Aliyah
      Aliyah Year ago +4

      BGRsupporter It's really like that. He was missing bones if I recall and had to get them both amputated, when he was 1 years old.

  • Antonine brou-godard

    Beautiful and amazing 😍😍😍

  • Mavina I
    Mavina I Year ago +1


    • maria cano
      maria cano Year ago

      Mavina I Robin dumb mother which on the speaker apartment

  • Carolina Arias Cediel


  • Rifalope Shadrack Kyalo

    Great courage made me think

  • Goddess anna Williams

    Wow beautiful

  • Madelin Torres Carrasquillo

    GREAT JOB! Very inspirational for sure!!

  • Rebekah Pleasant
    Rebekah Pleasant Year ago +3

    Instagram: Rebekah_pleasantpatterson

  • Habiba Mohammed
    Habiba Mohammed Year ago +1


  • Destiny Sky
    Destiny Sky Year ago +3

    That was amazing and inspiring ❤️

  • Ender Plays
    Ender Plays Year ago +75

    Yo respect to this man, has part no legs and can be able to dance and have perfection. Y'all did amazing 💯

  • Hannna Hannna
    Hannna Hannna Year ago +17

    I wish youtube would post the rest of the episodes cause I'm dying for more

    • Hannna Hannna
      Hannna Hannna Year ago

      Nae Nae omg thank you so much I appreciate it

    • Auzhanae
      Auzhanae Year ago +2

      Hannna Hannna it's a website I use called & if you type in Step Up it'll be on there along with all the movies

  • Jazmine Quintana
    Jazmine Quintana Year ago +3

    This is so awesome. What’s the name of the song?

    • Rebekah Pleasant
      Rebekah Pleasant Year ago +1

      Jazmine Quintana “words I’ll never say” the Albums is on Spotify

  • Jayden Reyna
    Jayden Reyna Year ago +6

    Why is there only 4 comments

  • Asinate Fonua
    Asinate Fonua Year ago +17

    Aw this is beautiful!!!! I love it 💕💕

  • Victoria Gordon
    Victoria Gordon Year ago +62

    Beautiful and extremely inspiring, thanks for this tutorial.

  • Player Hater
    Player Hater Year ago +1