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  • daersoulkeeper
    daersoulkeeper Минуту назад

    Google Search "We have been lied to about the nature of our reality" For the truth hidden from 99.99% of the world!

  • Flood YT
    Flood YT 2 минуты назад

    robbo doggo

  • Александр Новоазовск
    Александр Новоазовск 3 минуты назад

    нам пиздец

  • Türk Kral
    Türk Kral 13 минут назад

    Ebenizi sikeyim üretmeyin bunları korkuyom

  • Saraliiine
    Saraliiine 14 минут назад

    Coming soon

    *coming soon?*

  • Eric Graffam
    Eric Graffam 14 минут назад

    Boston Dynamics is 100% funded by DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency... What have they created that they are not showing us?

  • Павел Корышев
    Павел Корышев 15 минут назад +1


  • haajee1
    haajee1 23 минуты назад

    Sounds like there comes a couple of accu drills...

  • Сергей Богданов
    Сергей Богданов 23 минуты назад

    Wait the SUlike-uav rabbit-hunter from the ussr.

  • I dont like long usernames
    I dont like long usernames 25 минут назад


  • DarkBoy DxB
    DarkBoy DxB 31 минуту назад +1

    Spent years making a robot
    For a 25 second video

  • Gabriella Tordai
    Gabriella Tordai 50 минут назад

    Ez egy kutya? Nemsokára kezdődik a gépek lázadása?

  • WOLV
    WOLV 58 минут назад

    HL2 Hunters

  • PyroNinja713
    PyroNinja713 Час назад

    The style of this robot really makes me think Half-Life.

  • J. B.
    J. B. Час назад

    LOL this comment section... AI is not going to ever really take over. It's not really possible. Considering we could just cut the power. You can build a hand held EMP cheap and just walk up to one of these bots and drop it like a sack of potatoes. There is a great vid on youtube done by a professor that explains how it isn't really possible. If you're curious their are also DIY vids on hand held EMP's

  • infinite3joy
    infinite3joy Час назад

    Can it pick up a newspaper?

  • Sándor Farkas
    Sándor Farkas Час назад

    It's a combine hunter from Half-Life!

  • vaidile zuikis
    vaidile zuikis Час назад

    Oh hell no

  • Zavulom Baddramma
    Zavulom Baddramma Час назад


  • Creative BaparShapar
    Creative BaparShapar Час назад

    wow so cool

  • Bemlok
    Bemlok Час назад

    aawnn, look at this little cute assassin

  • Cant Be Bothered
    Cant Be Bothered Час назад +1

    It's so fucking adorable

  • Mystery - Amv and More
    Mystery - Amv and More Час назад


  • Nathan_Sur_YouTube nathan
    Nathan_Sur_YouTube nathan Час назад


  • N3xtGenFusion
    N3xtGenFusion Час назад

    This is scary imagine something like this chasing you

  • Елена Добровольская

    Такой милый)))

  • Ирина Ирина
    Ирина Ирина Час назад

    Такой смешной :D Прыг-скок, прыг-скок :D

  • Jr Beans
    Jr Beans 2 часа назад

    Is anyone else legit terrified of this.

  • David Aquino
    David Aquino 2 часа назад

    Nico nico nii xd

  • Lachlan Blackstock
    Lachlan Blackstock 2 часа назад


  • audiovoxdk1
    audiovoxdk1 2 часа назад


  • Krlsi Verbickay
    Krlsi Verbickay 2 часа назад

    Здесь есть русские ?

  • Krzysztof Wojdak
    Krzysztof Wojdak 2 часа назад

    Horizon come true..

  • Cofo72
    Cofo72 2 часа назад

    Remote jammer anyone?

  • Etzel Tojima
    Etzel Tojima 2 часа назад

    ....surfboard/skateboard anyone?

  • Just for Fun
    Just for Fun 2 часа назад

    These people do AWESOME work with robots, I strongly believe that in 5 years we are gonna have our minds blown up with the cool new humanoids.

  • collegeman1988
    collegeman1988 2 часа назад

    My dog gets excited and barks when I show her this video.

  • CrashPCcz
    CrashPCcz 2 часа назад

    Convincing! Little work on the stand/walk/run transitions, and it is really life like.

  • Eratiik
    Eratiik 2 часа назад

    Make it fight a pit bull.

  • Eratiik
    Eratiik 2 часа назад

    I'm not gonna lie, if I saw that running towards me at night, I'd probably beat the shit out of it for fear of it shooting a laser at me. It's like a fucked up headless dog....

    I mean it is cool but it's still somewhat fucked up to me too.

  • Haydar Özden ULAŞOĞLU
    Haydar Özden ULAŞOĞLU 2 часа назад

    You little demogorgon!

  • Elio Salomon
    Elio Salomon 2 часа назад

    Nice u made a really good work. I like this new visual aspect ;)

  • Drus Man
    Drus Man 3 часа назад

    Я походу ебанулся

  • Mac Arows
    Mac Arows 3 часа назад

    Movement seems pretty natural, now they need to solve noise iussue, it seems noisy like hell!

  • Chowdhury Shaheb
    Chowdhury Shaheb 3 часа назад

    This thing is creepy as fu**

  • Nice Creeper
    Nice Creeper 3 часа назад

    People subscribe to my channel please me no one looks

  • Joshua Sabatino
    Joshua Sabatino 3 часа назад

    How do I get one?

  • Esoteric Soldier
    Esoteric Soldier 3 часа назад

    the future of war

  • u123456
    u123456 3 часа назад

    Вот щас реально не смешно...

  • UsenameTakenWasTaken
    UsenameTakenWasTaken 3 часа назад

    It's... so cute!

  • Jhon Demiur
    Jhon Demiur 3 часа назад

    So cute

  • Cmii B
    Cmii B 3 часа назад +1

    *_I swear there’s gotta be a meme out of this_*

  • ЗАГАДКА ДЛЯ всех
    ЗАГАДКА ДЛЯ всех 3 часа назад


  • viisteist
    viisteist 4 часа назад +1

    i have made all the necessary preparations. bring em' on!

  • Official ManGo
    Official ManGo 4 часа назад

    Can i PreOrder one?

  • idris abdi
    idris abdi 4 часа назад

    Make horses

  • Gameplayer Poland
    Gameplayer Poland 4 часа назад

    *the only thing that is stronger than a metal gear*

  • Chris Twist
    Chris Twist 4 часа назад

    Time to get my fucking hockey stick

  • 65bug519
    65bug519 4 часа назад +3

    you take it for a walk and it stops and sniffs every single power outlet

  • Chris Surawy
    Chris Surawy 4 часа назад

    ED 209 in yellow and not armed yet.  Gun coming soon!

  • aguaviva
    aguaviva 4 часа назад

    What is this robot's battery life? Neato batteries are only guaranteed for 6 months :/

  • Наебниза дидываивале

    ссать побежал...

  • Mr. lolsome
    Mr. lolsome 4 часа назад

    I aant one

  • EcgameGyor
    EcgameGyor 4 часа назад +1

    what a good boy

  • LifeUnder TheMicroscope
    LifeUnder TheMicroscope 4 часа назад

    You monkey brains are keeping us in a slow rollout of technologies with this nonsense. Can you learn vortex math and open a book from the people who handed us the modern technical age. They had a lot to say about the incorrect understanding of modern electrical theory and engineering. They handed you a gift and had much more to say than is being handed out to us as we are made to work for a lifetime until we die.

  • Dead Elvis
    Dead Elvis 4 часа назад

    lol :D

  • Sean Butterfield
    Sean Butterfield 4 часа назад

    Look at him go

  • easternarchitecture
    easternarchitecture 4 часа назад

    yaas destroy our race zaddy

  • Wszystko dla pieniędzy
    Wszystko dla pieniędzy 4 часа назад


  • Sam-N7 Nevada
    Sam-N7 Nevada 4 часа назад

    It's a male , noticed his cubic type balls ? 😂😆

  • Саша Василенко
    Саша Василенко 5 часов назад

    Кибер слон куда интереснее!

  • Deep Deed
    Deep Deed 5 часов назад


  • Xardas BoT
    Xardas BoT 5 часов назад +1

    is this half - life 3 trailer?

  • Hakun Matat
    Hakun Matat 5 часов назад

    мама купи =((((

  • ileryon 3000
    ileryon 3000 5 часов назад

    looks like fucking CGI holy crap

  • aname
    aname 5 часов назад

    Fill that shit with a shotgun shells

  • couchpoet1
    couchpoet1 5 часов назад

    What application is this intended for? I’m sure you won’t answer because you’re not a company for consumers, only military.

  • Yee Yee
    Yee Yee 5 часов назад +4

    But would it be considered bestiality to fuck this dog?
    It may look like a dog and bark and shout as i fuck it but you have to under stand that it is only programed to do such thing.

  • Юра
    Юра 5 часов назад +1


  • Lemons Rage
    Lemons Rage 5 часов назад

    Put a maschine Gun on top of that thing and good you go.
    "Eh they will never do that"
    The military will . They even put bombs on bats, why shouldn't they attach a lmg on a robot...

  • itidea
    itidea 5 часов назад

  • Bruce C
    Bruce C 5 часов назад

    That is the coolest thing ever. I want one. The dog is out of a job.

  • gabitzaGabbo
    gabitzaGabbo 5 часов назад

    that sound... beats any SciFi doomsday thriller

  • Playa Unknown
    Playa Unknown 5 часов назад

    boston "skynet" dynamics

  • dave gopro
    dave gopro 5 часов назад

    have a look at my roadtrip from this year :)

  • Mr_Palle_dk
    Mr_Palle_dk 5 часов назад

    Holy shit

  • Киномеханик
    Киномеханик 5 часов назад

    Страшная фигня

  • Electricb7
    Electricb7 5 часов назад

    Man if you dont get this scary Half Life shit out of here. We gonna die.

  • Nova
    Nova 5 часов назад

    Were all ded

  • 海豚小粉红
    海豚小粉红 5 часов назад

    Sony Aibo(´;ω;`)

  • Murray Austin
    Murray Austin 5 часов назад


  • Whitenacho
    Whitenacho 5 часов назад

    What is it used for?

    MAIL NICK 5 часов назад


  • Shangri La
    Shangri La 5 часов назад

    Grosser hammer und spitz in die hand nehm und die sheiss mashine kaputt hauen würd xD

  • Paul Maxwell
    Paul Maxwell 5 часов назад


  • Denio
    Denio 5 часов назад


  • enes  Cakir
    enes Cakir 5 часов назад

    I want a robot pet cat

  • bobokitty123
    bobokitty123 5 часов назад

    Too cute~~~!! I want to pet it.

  • Ark ZHUANG
    Ark ZHUANG 5 часов назад

    OMG I want to join you.

  • Roni 17
    Roni 17 5 часов назад

    but what its for