Step Up : High Water (Full dancing moments)

  • Published on Feb 10, 2018
  • Step Up: High Water Season 1 dancing performances are here !
    [New] This is a video taken from all the episodes of Step Up: High water
    Check out these beautiful dance compilation that I've made!
    There are all the dancers of the season 1 : Ne-Yo (Sage Odom), Naya Rivera (Collette), Lauryn Alisa McClain (Janelle), Petrice Jones (Tal), Marcus Mitchell (Dondre) Jade Chynoweth (Odalie), Carlito Olivero (Davis), Terence Greenidge (Rigo), Eric Graise (King) and Kendra Oyesanya (Poppy)
    Enjoy the video !
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Comments • 242

  • Itz Yo Gurl Shirley
    Itz Yo Gurl Shirley 18 days ago +1

    I want Janelle back in Step Up

  • Justin frank
    Justin frank 20 days ago

    what the name of the song 4:28

  • Sowjanya Kothapalli
    Sowjanya Kothapalli 2 months ago

    Can somebody upload the list of the songs in the vid?

    PRIYANKA LAHA 2 months ago

    Just love it

  • Mellisha Stokes
    Mellisha Stokes 3 months ago

    The dances when Rigo meets Sage is top tier!! Underrated too🔥 🔥

  • Malwing 1572
    Malwing 1572 4 months ago

    What's the song called that davis dances to at 5:25

  • omolade owoleke
    omolade owoleke 5 months ago

    If you want to know where all songs are search for highwater soundtrack

  • Jemma Ocansey
    Jemma Ocansey 6 months ago +1

    King's dance🔥🔥

  • طــارقـــ tark❶


  • Derly Segura
    Derly Segura 7 months ago


  • Pauline Nengasca
    Pauline Nengasca 7 months ago

    25:18 aaaaaa im crying with that scene

  • Tara Hale
    Tara Hale 7 months ago

    Can someone tell me what happened at 21:54 ?

  • Abbey Roberts
    Abbey Roberts 7 months ago +3

    Love the soundtrack gotta watch this looks ace ❤️

  • Took
    Took 7 months ago

    are you gonna post season 2

  • Click Clack
    Click Clack 7 months ago

    i want Jade

  • katera brown
    katera brown 7 months ago

    The songssss they chooseeeee!!

  • ball fro
    ball fro 7 months ago

    10:24 zit queen can't act for shit LMAO

  • ball fro
    ball fro 7 months ago

    you can tell Jadepig loves to eat... she reminds me of miss piggy.... ugly bitch needs an ass too...

  • ball fro
    ball fro 7 months ago

    jade this jade that... blah blah blah... fuck jadepig... ugly bitch got no ass

  • Rugged Samson
    Rugged Samson 8 months ago

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  • JAN C
    JAN C 8 months ago


  • 1000 subscribers with no videos challenge

    Lo I came from X factor who came from there too?

  • Pam Boggs
    Pam Boggs 8 months ago +8

    The part with the guy that had no legs great job homie keep up the good job keep yr head held high I only have one leg and I've always wanted to give up till I saw this I always love Ne-yo songs and tv shows but this is the best can't wait till March 20th. Love ya all

  • It’s. Dynn
    It’s. Dynn 8 months ago


  • Pepe Fata
    Pepe Fata 8 months ago

    Nice Movie and i love the Movie😎😎

  • Courroxxi879
    Courroxxi879 9 months ago

    I think the person who plays Tal needs to work on one thing for dance. But, I can't put my finger on it. Carlito, yes he was part Menudo from 2007-2009. We have a boyband member in this cast. I think what I would like from Carlito is too work on face expressions for any dance routine. He can do that. I just would like to see it. Now, Jade she's gets a double AA + from me. She is very spot on with everything dance. I hope they add more dance moves for Sage(Ne-Yo).

  • Yuriezeq Marrero
    Yuriezeq Marrero 9 months ago +3

    JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADEEEE TE AMOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Jade Chynoweth ´todos son buenos pero tu tienes espiritud de perfeccion!!

  • Maria Von
    Maria Von 9 months ago

    Pls what episode is 20:57

  • Miyou Nelson
    Miyou Nelson 9 months ago +12

    who's still watching in 2019???? ❤❤❤❤

  • Jason Yang
    Jason Yang 9 months ago +7

    Damn.... Santana still fine lol

  • michelle piccinich
    michelle piccinich 9 months ago

    PLEASE CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHERE CAN I WATCH THIS SHOW?? i only saw the First 4 episodes on RUclip..

    • Charnita Fance
      Charnita Fance 4 months ago

      Just like Netflix and any other steaming service, you have to pay.

  • Jerome Leon
    Jerome Leon 9 months ago +7

    Tals audition is too beautiful 😍😍😭😭😭

  • b cobham
    b cobham 9 months ago

    Does anyone know the song @358.

  • xNiisa
    xNiisa 10 months ago

    i loved this show

  • Danyelle Carneiro
    Danyelle Carneiro 10 months ago

    Muito bom essa sereis Brasil ❤🤗

  • Bethania Pièrre
    Bethania Pièrre 10 months ago


  • eskrillex63
    eskrillex63 10 months ago +3

    Song 5:21 ?

  • Prosister Da Choccy
    Prosister Da Choccy 10 months ago +1

    I love u jade love ur dancing

  • Ricky Rodriguez
    Ricky Rodriguez 10 months ago +34

    I’m in love with jade .. too fire omg 🔥

  • Bubacarr Jassey
    Bubacarr Jassey 11 months ago

    Hello! Guy the season 1 was so pretty great. Is season 2 out

  • gabriellamontes montes
    gabriellamontes montes 11 months ago

    Somebody know the name of the Song that plays in 5:21?

  • Isobelle Higgins
    Isobelle Higgins 11 months ago +40

    lowkey Netflix need to step up their game, youtube here

  • Ace Inc.
    Ace Inc. 11 months ago

    This is awesome.. however, (this has nothing to do with this video in particular) did anyone notice how during sage’s song Big it said live in the bottom right corner? But.. if you think about it the cuts would definitely not be able to be done live.. notice that? No? Just me..?

  • Guang Li
    Guang Li 11 months ago +2

    The name of the song in 26:00 please

  • billy simon
    billy simon Year ago

    When is ss 2 coming back?? 😭😭🔥💯

  • Elisangela Souza
    Elisangela Souza Year ago +1

    Amei essa série e muito bom 👏😍👏🆙

  • Bedson Jeune
    Bedson Jeune Year ago +1

    I love you jeda

  • can't mess with me

    when's the new episode coming out>??????been waiting for a long time!!!

  • Cherish Bailey
    Cherish Bailey Year ago +2

    Hth itch 👌 it'll khaki

  • coqueta hdez
    coqueta hdez Year ago

    Te perfect jade♡

    ALIEU JAMMEH Year ago

    The best of step ups or rather my best

  • tatiana ferreira
    tatiana ferreira Year ago +1

    Jade vc e maravilhosa linda

  • Ti Chan
    Ti Chan Year ago +1

    Im only here for jade now im gonna start watching thiss

  • Nastia Coco
    Nastia Coco Year ago


  • Nastia Coco
    Nastia Coco Year ago


  • Nastia Coco
    Nastia Coco Year ago


  • Nastia Coco
    Nastia Coco Year ago +2

    Song at 10:41?

  • djgamertony 5
    djgamertony 5 Year ago

    Song at 11:56?

  • Dashrath Mhatre
    Dashrath Mhatre Year ago +1

    Jade chynoweth attractive her all step

  • Alexa Skye
    Alexa Skye Year ago

    I love this show