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  • Опубликовано: 7 мар 2018
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    00:00 - Proleter - Ella FitzGerald & Count Basie - On The Sunny Side of The Street
    03:29 - Swingrowers - No Strings Attached
    07:31 - Right Said Fred - Let's Face The Music And Dance
    10:28 - 11 Acorn Lane - Let's Do It
    13:36 - Varrick Frost - Tanzen Tanzen
    16:52 - Odd Chap - Midnight Sway
    21:21 - Wolfgang Lohr & Balduin feat. Zouzoulectric - Imperfection
    24:25 - BartBaker - Fred Astaire's Let's Call The Whole Thing Off
    27:45 - Parov Stelar - Ragtime Cat (ft. Lilja Bloom)
    30:40 - Swing Republic - Long Legs
    33:47 - Gani Tami - Night and Day
    37:22 - 11 Acorn Lane - Love Me Click Me
    40:36 - Gabriel Kitzman feat. Klezmer Reloaded - Shall We Dance
    44:07 - Annella - Married Man
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  • Xefox Music
    Xefox Music  5 месяцев назад +371

    I hope you guys enjoy! Which is your favourite track? I like Proleter's opening track! Be sure to join the discord to discuss music/games/anime with us all! discord.gg/wZU66q7

    • Michael Carkhuff
      Michael Carkhuff 21 день назад

      Let's Face the Music and Dance without a doubt, it's almost like Danny Elfman doing nior swing.

    • TheJames Gamer
      TheJames Gamer 27 дней назад

      Swingrowers - No Strings Attached :3

    • Cheddar Cheez
      Cheddar Cheez Месяц назад

      I friggin loved ProletR's opening!

    • Marvin Sigg
      Marvin Sigg Месяц назад

      Parov Stelar - Ragtime Cat

    • Forest Fire
      Forest Fire Месяц назад

      Much love for your vid Xefox... your pretty much the only reason i go on my laptop anymore cause this music is awesome

  • Ideki
    Ideki День назад

    Is it me or "Let's Face The Music And Dance'" sounds like David Bowie?



  • GamingEmperor
    GamingEmperor 3 дня назад

    I suck

  • Random
    Random 3 дня назад

    " Electro Swing what's that??? " That was me before I watched the video :3 I think it's my new favorite type of music.

  • it's manu
    it's manu 6 дней назад

    yes, but, the titles.

  • Fred Flavell
    Fred Flavell 7 дней назад

    incredible how its done :0

  • Zed in a nutshell
    Zed in a nutshell 11 дней назад +1


  • maurice wilson
    maurice wilson 13 дней назад

    Sing Sing Sing!

  • Sheepeh
    Sheepeh 14 дней назад

    Strong Start! My first mix of yours I ever listened to, highly enjoyed :)

  • Dr.WhipperSnapper
    Dr.WhipperSnapper 15 дней назад

    oh boi time for the crippling depression since this is do good but since this is possible everything in life is complete and udder garbage

  • jose reyes torres
    jose reyes torres 18 дней назад


  • Privat Privat
    Privat Privat 19 дней назад

    Favorit Mix i dont need to say more

  • Mason Baldwin
    Mason Baldwin 19 дней назад

    My birthday is in March, and this mix completely captures that perfect feeling! VERY well done, Xefox!

  • Nico 2639
    Nico 2639 19 дней назад


  • Jack Cottontail
    Jack Cottontail 19 дней назад


  • Michael Carkhuff
    Michael Carkhuff 21 день назад

    "Let's Face the Music and Dance" is absolutely amazing. Thanks for the video! Keep up the great compilation work!

  • wollverine games
    wollverine games 21 день назад

    where I find this image that is in the background in the video please could you tell me

  • GoD- Getting.Over.Death
    GoD- Getting.Over.Death 22 дня назад

    Wanna smash that girl with yelowish purple hair.

  • William Keegan
    William Keegan 22 дня назад

    Good music.

  • Roger Ducrin
    Roger Ducrin 23 дня назад

    Honestly, my favorite mix of all time. Best picture for it too! Love this.

  • DeXter
    DeXter 23 дня назад

    The combo of classical music and electro swing is just awesome

  • Vibe
    Vibe 23 дня назад +1

    Dislike for ads

  • SpungBoob CancerPants
    SpungBoob CancerPants 25 дней назад

    Normal jazz is better... I mean, yeah millennials. Don't misunderstand me this is good too

  • XxKrfree LvrxX
    XxKrfree LvrxX 28 дней назад

    I need anotha old timey feel

  • WarXLord
    WarXLord Месяц назад

    What a great mix! I love it.

  • Lfanimegf
    Lfanimegf Месяц назад

    First song is a straight rock beat lol

  • Scale Enlie
    Scale Enlie Месяц назад

    Well, I've found my new favorite genre.

  • HerrSaturn
    HerrSaturn Месяц назад

    Why.. why.. why is this so good? Why why.. why does no one play this music in any club near me? (Frankfurt)!

  • Ryan Passek
    Ryan Passek Месяц назад

    Nice to hear a German song on there, awesome!

  • jason hardee
    jason hardee Месяц назад

    Track list?

  • jason hardee
    jason hardee Месяц назад

    Track list?

  • jason hardee
    jason hardee Месяц назад

    Track list?

  • XoxomonicaoxoX
    XoxomonicaoxoX Месяц назад

    Can't believe I've been missing out on this

  • Benjamin Hdz
    Benjamin Hdz Месяц назад

    la de ai es mi novia bro xd

  • Stardi Chazey
    Stardi Chazey Месяц назад

    Love the backround 😘

  • Kristan Mithos
    Kristan Mithos Месяц назад

    NAis! thx

  • IceCube_ SubZero
    IceCube_ SubZero Месяц назад

    heard yesterday 4 the first time an e-swing title ^^ very fascinating

  • The Mangle Plush!!!
    The Mangle Plush!!! Месяц назад

    Such a nice little genre, glad I found this.

  • ‏‏
    ‏‏ Месяц назад

    Absolutely gorgeous.

  • Louis Alzate
    Louis Alzate Месяц назад

    Electro swing is my favorite genre of music

  • nikivgaming
    nikivgaming Месяц назад


  • FARK
    FARK Месяц назад

    How is the first song called?

  • ProPork3455
    ProPork3455 Месяц назад

    Electro swing is the best music genre there is
    No exception.

    Except, if there is, link it in your reply to this.

  • NightcoreColor
    NightcoreColor Месяц назад


  • Sarcastic Matt
    Sarcastic Matt Месяц назад

    Jesus Christ that picture.

  • Joshua Wolfe
    Joshua Wolfe Месяц назад

    You should look into getting the youtube sponser channel button.

  • micoloo o
    micoloo o Месяц назад

    Nice i fing

  • FernanXGamer
    FernanXGamer Месяц назад

    3:30 some one know the name of this song? i like it

    • Jeroen Deckers
      Jeroen Deckers Месяц назад

      Swingrowers - No Strings Attached. songs are listed in the description btw

  • SCM
    SCM Месяц назад


  • King Namor 777
    King Namor 777 Месяц назад

    💖~💖 When I hear the record track playing. I'm rewinding back in time so baby please dance with me🎶

  • LaserShot X
    LaserShot X Месяц назад

    Why does it look like her tit is sagging?

  • Paul V
    Paul V Месяц назад

    Krul Tepes anyone?

  • toxic animations
    toxic animations Месяц назад

    One of them is a german song ♡~♡

  • IERServer
    IERServer Месяц назад

    One word: *Sick.*

  • DOWKEE the little gamer
    DOWKEE the little gamer Месяц назад +1

    This is epic, I just love Electro Swing music, this is some of the best music I've heard. Thank you for putting this together.

  • Zack Blade
    Zack Blade Месяц назад


  • LoLJab
    LoLJab Месяц назад

    Dayum she is THICC

  • Malksteen Millenium
    Malksteen Millenium Месяц назад

    Good music man

  • Scott Lorance
    Scott Lorance Месяц назад

    Who is this thumbnail artist?

  • mehmaid
    mehmaid Месяц назад

    Spotify playlist?

  • Toasty Tacos
    Toasty Tacos Месяц назад

    I love the sunny side of the street. honestly best song in the mix

  • Sha
    Sha Месяц назад

    Damn that's thicc

  • -ドミノ・ウカエDOMiNO UKAE
    -ドミノ・ウカエDOMiNO UKAE Месяц назад

    Sh-wing it, baby doll! :3

  • ugandan knuckles
    ugandan knuckles Месяц назад

    the second one sucks

  • Andrew Cruz
    Andrew Cruz Месяц назад +1

    It's gonna be the 20s again soon boys, time to get swingin'!

  • Supr Kitn
    Supr Kitn Месяц назад +1

    I listen to this while gaming

  • Karina Alexandra Reyes Lainez
    Karina Alexandra Reyes Lainez Месяц назад

    me gusto la primera

  • llbenjonjoll
    llbenjonjoll Месяц назад

    I love how electro swing it’s music that Lemmino would use in his videos

  • Salmon Ride
    Salmon Ride Месяц назад

    Pffft, who didn't come here for the thumbnail?

  • Я любитель хуёв во рту


  • GreenSoldier
    GreenSoldier Месяц назад

    39 hours of intense study and by far the best mix of the night 2

  • Milo Delgado
    Milo Delgado Месяц назад

    can’t find that old mix i liked that had caravans palace and parov in it. it was like 4 years ago..

  • Andy Slatter
    Andy Slatter Месяц назад

    Looking for electro swing music that you can use royalty free? bit.ly/2le6VGW

  • Robert High
    Robert High Месяц назад

    Please checkout my electric swing song I have just written and put together, I'm new and want to see what people think

  • Jorik
    Jorik Месяц назад

    I came here because a friend of mine loves electro swing and I wanted to know how it sounds...
    It's good

  • EnderEdge
    EnderEdge Месяц назад

    i feel so inspired XD love the music man keep it up

  • ZufallsGeist
    ZufallsGeist Месяц назад

    Tanzen, tanzen...

  • Jacklyn Nicole Aves
    Jacklyn Nicole Aves Месяц назад

    *((( S O G O O D )))*

  • Yo no quiero Ver el mundo arder
    Yo no quiero Ver el mundo arder Месяц назад

    Just with that picture i wasted all the video imagining a story aboit spies.

    Now if you excuse me i have a movie to make.

  • Poems
    Poems Месяц назад

    Dat phat Anime Boodie and tiddies

  • Logan Walker
    Logan Walker Месяц назад

    i like her...gloves

  • BlackHusky
    BlackHusky Месяц назад

    I know Advertisement is shit but i uploaded my First song and im looking for some feedback ❤
    Thanks :)

  • chris craft
    chris craft Месяц назад

    Love the mixes, only been listen for a couple days now but awesome job!

  • Bro Crew
    Bro Crew 2 месяца назад

    this is my first time listening to electro swing and im........LOVING IT !!! [sry bout the reference]

  • The Lazy Gamer
    The Lazy Gamer 2 месяца назад

    Can someone mod this into fallout please?

  • Obersturmpioneer
    Obersturmpioneer 2 месяца назад

    God,I love these mixes!

  • Snower
    Snower 2 месяца назад

    Tanzen tanzen möcht ich die ganze Nacht. like this song. It is really catchy.

  • Lisa Misa
    Lisa Misa 2 месяца назад

    That girl is exactly me when I listen to Electro Swing.
    Also, this is a wonderful mix! I've recently been trying to get into this genre, and this mix was a perfect start. Thanks a lot!

  • Mick Bulstra
    Mick Bulstra 2 месяца назад

    LOVE this mix

  • The Amateur Pianist
    The Amateur Pianist 2 месяца назад

    13:05 to 13:20

  • Tanning Tanspotty
    Tanning Tanspotty 2 месяца назад

    I like listening when waiting for a new game to start as i would be in the lobby

  • BioShockWave
    BioShockWave 2 месяца назад

    Love this it's so chill! (Ps: Could you send me the thumbnail link please? Thanks in advance!)

  • The Amateur Pianist
    The Amateur Pianist 2 месяца назад

    new favorite genre..

  • SJ Wilson30
    SJ Wilson30 2 месяца назад

    07:31 - Right Said Fred - Let's Face The Music And Dance - PRETTY SURE THIS IS BILL NIGHY

  • KiLLeR050404
    KiLLeR050404 2 месяца назад

    Where can I find original of this art,

  • Spore Maker
    Spore Maker 2 месяца назад


  • Tunjam
    Tunjam 2 месяца назад

    The first ones the best

  • Papa Genji
    Papa Genji 2 месяца назад +1