Floyd Mayweather "Conor McGregor is not Boss if he was the fight will happen by now"

Floyd Mayweather "Conor McGregor is not a Boss if he was, the fight will happen by now"

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Автор touie yang ( назад)
If mcgregor beat his azz I would say he's worth TBE n flomos gonna cry o more excuses lmfao!

Автор trini ninja ( назад)
floyd money mayweather

Автор Ian Hendry ( назад)
Hahaahahaaha floyd hahaahaahahhaa

Автор Skyler Schlotterback ( назад)
Floyd mayweather's last knockout was in 2011. lol

Автор rip van ( назад)

Автор Charlie Parker ( назад)
UFC guys just cant keep Floyd's name out of their mouths. Shows who's boss

Автор Do Bo ( назад)
This guy would get knocked out in a few minutes if Conor and him were to actually fight or MMA. Boxing Floyd will probably win.

Автор An Dinh ( назад)
Floyd who the fuck are you to talk shit about Mc Gregor ground game. yes he always come up short but he will choke the fuck out of you. shut the fook up

Автор SC K ( назад)
Politics man !!! Won't let Floyd lose like Pacquiao fight

that was not the Pacquiao that we know that night -_-

Автор Thom Copland-malone ( назад)
wtf u guys are doing boxing fight, u do mma and let him tell u that u have no time to train. Fuckin Idiot

Автор Abraham Reyna ( назад)
i know this will never happen but what if conor somehow knocked out Floyd, the world will be in chaos.

Автор Abraham Reyna ( назад)
My respects to Floyd, in this era he was the best. Its not his fault there wasn't much talent but he beat everyone that was in front of him.

Автор Sponge Gains ( назад)
We don't give a fuck who the boss is, we don't give a fuck who has more money, and we certainly don't give a fuck who is more popular. Just fight already!

Автор Jose Rodrigo ( назад)
He's old, if you think that age isn't a factor here you're wrong, a 28 yr old vs a guy in his 40s... certainly changes things.

Автор Hywel Rees ( назад)
I liked this interview. Nice, honest and open, possibly due to the questioning style.

Автор Nick Angelos ( назад)
"do you wanna fight Connor yes or no?" well see I'm enjoying retirement you know blah blah blah pussy

Автор Feared Fox ( назад)
Floyd= Withered Legend
Conor= Rising Legend
IT has to be a boxing match, I'm personally rooting for McGregor. Not to mention if floyd loses it'll be pretty bad, and I'd find it hilarious. Good luck to both but I'm hoping Conor pulls the win

Автор cerberu999 ( назад)
Why are people surprised that the fight will be a boxing match by Floyd's rules? Floyd would get MURDERED in an MMA match, he'd get taken down in about 0.5 seconds and then choked to death. That wouldn't be fair for a boxer, would it? Conor on the other hand can box, so it's quite simple.

Автор Atom Storm ( назад)
If you can't figure out how to wear a hat without squashing your ears down, you are a dumb motherfucker.

Автор #SimpleThings ( назад)
Conner Is better and he is a boss

Автор Majestyk Dragon ( назад)
floyd rocking the lucky irish pendant... we see you floyd 😎

Автор Felipee Rincon ( назад)
WTF is Ferdinand doing there?

Автор sandro serna ( назад)
come on ppl in a boxing match floyd in mma conner will wake up ppl

Автор MultiKrillz ( назад)
If connor beat mayweather the time of boxing is over and the reign of mma is complete.

Автор Blackwing2500X ( назад)
there is no such thing as a mayweather fan here. There is just conor haters

Автор Deyvid Sanchez ( назад)
Floyd will kick his ass, we are talking about 12 rounds for conor... Conor runs out of bread so quick

Автор Deyvid Sanchez ( назад)
Floyd will kick his ass, we are talking about 12 rounds for conor... Conor runs out of bread so quick

Автор rar r ( назад)
some ppl watching this think rio is just another interviewer ^^

Автор Andrew Debasque ( назад)
Here is the issue. Conor want A side and Floyd wants A side so two massive egos battling it out may never happen tho!!

Автор king shottah ( назад)

Автор Youssef Galal ( назад)
Why the hell is Rio Ferdinand interviewing Floyd, so random hahaha

Автор James Scalzo ( назад)
Eddie Murphy gave up comedy after Floyd Mayweather beat him up and took his jacket.

Автор Castro Joseph ( назад)
anyone that thinks conor will win Floyd on boxing fight is an idoit period

Автор Nehemia Peter ( назад)
Only the weak ones that talk too much conor stop talking and gi get your ass knocked like the rest 😂😂😂 what makes you think you can beat floyed I mean this is boxing at its best no man shit 👊👊👊

Автор Sudarshan Aravamudhan ( назад)
this is all a ploy for both of them to make money...mayweather will get 150 million dollars and mcgregor will get 50 million..life settled

Автор Dave Curtis ( назад)
this fight is so ridiculous but I really want it to happen.

Автор Cristian Halmagean ( назад)
Rio Ferdinand looks like a pastor with the Holy Bible on his lap in a talkshow about repentance of an astray sheep like Mayweather.

Автор Todd Santucci ( назад)
Connor is a true fighter in all aspects. boxing with pillows on your hands is not fighting... its a dying sport. never liked it much anyways. hockey has better "boxing fights" and those are with bare knuckles. Boxing with pillows on your hands might not be Connors first choice of fighting but he can adapt quickly to the cumbersome style and will ultimately beat floyd. dont reply to my comment. dont care what anyone thinks... i know im right.

Автор Francisco López ( назад)
McGregor wants to fight a 40 year old retired boxer... McGregor should gain some weight and fight Welter weight or light heavy weight mma fighters and stop picking on a 40 year old retired boxer

Автор Phillip Leal ( назад)
shut up nigga

Автор Phillip Leal ( назад)
let's go conner

Автор Jae Strong ( назад)
this fight is cool and all but i would prefer to see Connor defend the belt but that's just me

Автор P Mo ( назад)
If this fight doesn't happen somebody will fucking die.

Автор F. Zane ( назад)
So how many fools are going to pay for this 'fight' and then bitch and moan about how boring it was just like they did with Floyd and Manny fight. You all should know by now Floyd isnt going to do anything different, just run around the ring pot shoting McGregor in the name of "boxing". Anyone with a lick of sense will not even bother, so don't be one of those guys.

Автор Patrik Blazevic ( назад)
Floyd will beat tha fuck of Conor ass

Автор CR7hg ( назад)
It was a simple business move from Conor.. just another one ... who gets
paid the most in fighting world? just check the numbers of Manny vs
Money fight.. Conor knows that and he wants those millions too. He has
the name, trash talk and everything that could drag people interest to
it. PPV would be fucking awesome, but fight would be a cheap show.

Автор raty rat ( назад)
Juvante Davis.. Sounds like a better fight for Connor.. Apparently he the one at the moment in boxing.. And Connor the one at the moment in Ufc.. So best of the best should go toe to toe.

Автор Biggie Smalls ( назад)
Is that rio ferdinand??

Автор Biggie Smalls ( назад)
why the FUCK is rio ferdinand interviewing floyd mayweather ???????? why the fuck

Автор Nick ( назад)
Floyd looks like a DBZ character

Автор fryjef ( назад)
it will be a shit, floyd wants in a ring, because he will run the whole in the match but if it happen in. the octagon floyd will die

Автор balboa ( назад)
Floyd Mayweather: BLA BLA BLA

Автор Caterine Bartlett ( назад)
lmao why the fuck is rio ferdinand interviewing him?

Автор Clown Prince ( назад)
connet will fuck you up niggafaggot

Автор sharkey ( назад)
conner cant go 12 rounds.hell be done befor the 6th round.

Автор The Observer ( назад)
The British Bum, This Dude is a Money hungry British Bum

Автор Shaq ( назад)
Rio Ferdinand's interviewing Floyd didn't expect this 😂😂😂

Автор Dean Soings ( назад)
no your not enjoying the retired life, you have constantly been in the media. yet another bullshit lie.

Автор Dean Soings ( назад)
no rules and conor would beat his ass.

Автор Chris LikesPBR ( назад)
I see the same look on Mayweather's face that I seen on everyone Conner Knocked out. No way a 40 yr old man beats Conner. Just no way. The wall is real and regression is fast. It's a game of milliseconds and inches matter. Conor is bigger, faster, and younger.

Автор Michael llewellyn ( назад)
Connor will slap the Lepricorn outta this muppet

Автор P Mo ( назад)
They're both saying the same thing. "I'm ready to fight he's taking too long he doesn't want it" somebody's fucking lying here. If you both wanted it so bad this shit would be rolling by now

Автор Douglas Gonsalves ( назад)
I would take Conor with 4oz MMA gloves.But I bet Floyd will make him use 10 oz gloves.If you think The Floyd pac fight was boring this fight will be worst.

Автор Meg Magar ( назад)
See Floyd is scared he is gay he just escape all the time

Автор iioo187 ( назад)
we wanna see this fight soo bad !

Автор Justin L ( назад)
you dont want to miss nuthin when floyd fights? comical. I think some people still havent awaken yet since the last time he fought

Автор Anonymous ( назад)
Floyd will beat and steal this leprechaun's lucky charms.

Автор DaladendDarrowmere ( назад)
He failed to mention Iron Mike Tyson, (holyfield cheated)

Автор Osvaldo Ramirez ( назад)
the only weird thing about this interview is that why finderland is inter viewing floyd

Автор Mr.Tungstene Guillaume ( назад)
This is one of the best mayweather interview ive seen. And its been a longtime I have seen mayweather pissed off like that. You can see at the beggining something before made him mad. Conor is a fool. I can understand floyd being piss hearing a guy using your name out there and saying stupid shit. Point is floyd is 40 and he is a legend. He would love to fight but he knows he is 40 and really dont see the used of fighting a nowhere beside the money. Floyd dont even need the money but he love to fight and he his a winner and when someone put you to the test like that with disrespect it must be hard accepting its useless to fight.

Автор 56NatioN ( назад)
I heard this shyt when Holyfeild beat Tyson TWICE... oh oh oh Tyson would beat him in a street fight... typical red neck mutha fucking Know Nothing about Boxing Response! nuff said

Автор Ozzy Bonilla ( назад)
Lmfao Floyd would dominate his ass in boxing

Автор monster mode ( назад)
floyd is a legend yall are just haters

Автор Zac Hyder ( назад)
The reach is going to kill floyd

Автор Aleksandar Kan ( назад)
Lots of respect to Mayweather
Show em !!

Автор Fud Facker ( назад)
Malteaser with eyeballs 👀

Автор L.GH. Djoetma ( назад)
Am I racist for thinking that guy really looks like Rio Ferdinand? For people who don't know, Ferdinand is a former football player (soccer) for Manchester United amongst others.

Автор Christopher figg ( назад)
Floyds not a fighter he retired you bunch of spastics

Автор markez butler ( назад)
i bet Mayweather punk ass is gonna try to make conor go on a weight cut so he wont be 100 percent when he fights man that old blackbean fuckin ugly ass mutherfucker

Автор markez butler ( назад)
who the fuck want to jump around in the ring using on arms man that shit ass that not extreme fighting that shit is just plan old ass😂it aint no rules in fighting man i hope conor get disclaffied and kicks him in the face,then take him to the ground and beat his fuckin face in 😂😂😂

Автор markez butler ( назад)
hate that nigga man he think he sweet i guarantee that he wont no 49 and 0 in the ufc 😂 he get his little ass beat first fight conor should have said a mma match instead of that weak ass boxing and shit niggas jumping around in a fucking ring looking like kangaroos im sleep😂bitch do all the running in the ufc or better yet bellator this nigga aint shit😂

Автор markez butler ( назад)
bro nobody like that old school boxing shit man got dam😑mma where at let see him talk all that shit in the octagon he will be in there with some fucking brutes 😂man they will make him there bitch and manhandle his little ass man😂

Автор william rustles ( назад)
that ferragamo on Floyd clean asf😂

Автор sammy romero ( назад)
I really hope Conor beats the living shit out of this guy.

Автор Barry Scot ( назад)
Floyd mate u r a poff do a street fight not boxing or mma

Автор Euan Mccuish ( назад)
connor will make him look like an imposter

Автор Don't Worry about it ( назад)
He's running out of money

Автор Cyb3r Ghost Chanel ( назад)
Mayweather you just scared bro

Автор Earth Angel ( назад)
Mcgregor is a Little troll with a big mouth.

Автор Earth Angel ( назад)
can't wait to see you do the damn thing.

Автор Devin Williams ( назад)
All u idiots that keep saying Floyd won't fight Conor in the cage. Floyd is not a trained mma fighter. He's a boxer. Of course he's not gonna fight in the cage. Boxing is a totally different sport and Floyd is the best. U can't deny 49-0. Conor is a good boxer but he's gonna get schooled when he fights Mayweather. There's a reason Floyds nickname is money. I'd bet on 49-0 to beat 0-0 any day.

Автор Andrew Santiago ( назад)
All these Floyd cock suckers saying Conor started the talks Floyd came out admitted he started the rumors of a super fight get your facts right retards

Автор Sunstriderko ( назад)
Floyd is just a douche. He talks like he is the best ever, but he dont see that Conor is the one going into boxing ring fighting with boxing rules. So he has to adapt to a lot of things while Floyd sits on his ass doing interviews everywhere and talking about his 49-0. If he had to step into octagon he would get destroyed like a little kid. Just be patient let Conor prepare a bit

Автор logan shay ( назад)
No matter who you thinks going to win. Floyd just keeps telling the same story about A side B side? Conor is changing his whole fighting style to come at you? He knows he's the B side and he's still confident.

Автор Johnny Marston ( назад)
Victory to Floyd!

Автор MonkeyNuts ( назад)
il fight both of them for £50

Автор Aoss c ( назад)
In a standard survival fight Connor would win hands down. No doubt Floyd is good but I think the 49-0 is some bias and some luck.

Автор Adam Arce ( назад)
so tired of all this A side B side non sense fight people

Автор Emmet 2017 ( назад)
What all use dopes talking about its a boxing match not a ufc fight let's all stick to what it is who's jumping through hoops Conor is. Trying to get to floyds level. He's not on his level you can clearly see all the ring lickers for conor it the comment section. Personally I don't like either of them but I do appreciate what they bring to boxing and UFC clearly, conor has skills in boxing that's the reason he's asking floyd for a fight if it was the other way around it wouldn't happen because Floyd hasn't got a clue in the ufc completely mismatch if that was to happen but it wouldn't so let's leave that there.

Автор Mike Cronan ( назад)
People need to stop calling boxers fighters. Fighters are MMA athletes. Boxers don't fight. They box.

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