Top 15 Upcoming Games 2017!

Some of the cool games coming out on PC / Xbox One / Playstation 4 / Nintendo Switch this year and onwards!

Full List / Times:
15. Horizon Zero Dawn 00:27 (PS4 – 28th Feb)
14. For Honor 02:14 ( PC / PS4 / Xbone – 14th Feb)
13. Spiderman 03:57 (PS4 – TBA)
12. Ghost Recon: Wildlands 04:45 (PC / PS4 / Xbone – 7th March)
11. Injustice 2 06:10 (PS4 / Xbone – 16th May)
10. Days Gone 07:22 (PS4 – TBA)
9. Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy 09:46 (PS4 – TBA)
8. Mass Effect: Andromeda 10:20 (PC / PS4 / Xbone – 21st March)
7. Detroit: Become Human 11:45 (PS4 – TBA)
6. Prey 13:51 (PC / PS4 / Xbone – 21st May)
5. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 15:02 (Nintendo Switch – 3rd March)
4. Death Stranding 16:26 (PS4 – TBA)
3. God of War 18:32 (PS4 – TBA)
2. Red Dead Redemption 2 19:48 (PS4 / Xbone – Q3/4)
1. Last of Us 2 20:40 (PS4 – TBA)
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Hope you enjoy the video!

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Автор Spyro The Dragon ( назад)
2018 Spyro remastered? (; I hope

Автор DaFireman33 ( назад)
Lol he said 'Robot Machines" .... robots r machines..and vice versa

Автор Иван Павлович ( назад)
Kingdom come Deliverance?

Автор Joshua Janse Van Rensburg ( назад)
frankie on pc bro its mostly ps4..

Автор RiseOfPrime ( назад)
someone tell me where i can find the template for the top ten countdown frankie used :(

Автор Rod 1984 ( назад)

Автор PerKarlsson ( назад)
No mount and blade bannerlord? That game will create a new era of Medieval combat games!!

Автор thegamerkidish / thisforsparta ( назад)
The zombies in days gone remind me of the zombies from War World Z

Автор Grave Russell ( назад)
The Detroit becoming human game looks amazing👏👏😱😱

Автор Itachi Uchiha ( назад)
for honor looks so real

Автор Luka T. ( назад)
:Not to much?!

Автор BulkinKI2L ( назад)
2017 maybe its time to get ps4

Автор Game world ( назад)
WTF Battlefield dont come out each year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Battlefield 5 this year u serious lol? more like next year or after next year.

Автор Arvind Ahanthem ( назад)

Автор # SOMETHINGAMER # ( назад)
Sonic Forces...

Автор The Spark ( назад)
I am a pc gamer at heart but I have to be a bit jealous at some of the PS4 titles, is there any reason at all to own an XBOX? Red Dead Redemption looks amazing though, if that is ingame footage ... holy cow!

Автор Cpt Spoons ( назад)
And im still here waiting for Mount And Blade 2 Bannerlord

Автор DarkSagan ( назад)
Very good video.

Автор kenpachi480 ( назад)
rarely like a video, but the banjo none spoken outro was fitting gloriously

Автор MultiSciGeek ( назад)
Awesome list! Thanks a lot :D

Автор Max Gaming&Tutorial ( назад)
last of us 2 hell yea

Автор ExDrT ( назад)
when andromeda was still on top lists :D

Автор Abhishek Kumar ( назад)

Автор Jack Tyson ( назад)
4 PC Games, Title's a dissapointment in that case for me :'(

Автор jesse ( назад)
about 4 of them are out and are complete shits

Автор Digby Wellington ( назад)
Andromeda, lol what a joke that turned out to be

Автор TheeGhost Shadow ( назад)

Автор shiame joseph ( назад)
i like that u provide a little bit of information for each game

Автор Yoshi Mitsu ( назад)
in movies, justice league vs spiderman homecoming... in video games, injustice 2 vs spiderman

Автор JELLY JELLO ( назад)
Hey I need your advice...I already decide what games I want buy...But I'm still curious should I buy PREY or not..its worth it? I need your opinion

Автор Adventure Time with Jake No Finn ( назад)
Bring on Spyro, Croc, Dynasty Warriors & Abe. :D

Автор Simple Kohai ( назад)

Автор Sirdouble The Doge Gaming ( назад)
No Bannerlord or Holdfast: Nations at war :(

Автор theRCguys98 ( назад)

Автор Excellence ( назад)
Star citizen? No? k

Автор Mr. Dank ( назад)
Destiny 2

Автор Brave Heart ( назад)

Автор rebel gordo ( назад)
Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord best game

Автор Amariusful ( назад)
and where are those "some cool games"? :v

Автор ProudNL99 ( назад)
This has been the only time in my life so far that i've been slightly jealous at console exclusives. Detroit: Become Human looks really appealing to me.

Автор D Jam ( назад)
they finaly made a videogame with zoids in it (horizon zero dawn)

Автор Bongodongo ( назад)
Too the people who make exclusives. I hope you get charcoal for christmas.

Автор Sorry2Baked ( назад)
bf5 is coming out?

Автор Krazorr ( назад)
Looks like im gonna have to buy a ps4 now

Автор mitch-bittens ( назад)
LoU2 isn't confirmed to come out this year at all.

Автор Sithres ( назад)
Cannot wait for Deaths Stranding and that one with the androids

Автор Trapperjohn1000 ( назад)
Damn. Playstation bringing that heat

Автор Filimon Embaye ( назад)
u reminded me of sciphon philter in ps1 😭😭😭😭😭😭

and where the Hell is Cuyberpunk

Автор Harry Hinds ( назад)

Автор Andy Haywood ( назад)
awesome game love playing it

Автор Blake Leming ( назад)
if you read this, the I subscribed BC I absolutely love the content, your voice is on point, and your vid has influenced me to make the decision..... I'm getting a Ps4 slim!! TY!!

Автор Bjorn De Koninck ( назад)
omg Syphon Filter i played that on the old PS :D so good game old but dam good

Автор justicetout ( назад)
Red dead redemption 2 graphic engine seems outdated compare to Horizon ZD.

Автор Rich Humphreys ( назад)
Player Unknown's Battlegrounds?

Автор NerdBoiiJoey ( назад)
Wish they would make another Area:51 game like that one on ps2 the original one

Автор Eric Gurganus ( назад)
The Last of Us 2 trailer is still giving me chills, I absolutely cannot wait.

Автор henry monteiro ( назад)
Can't wait for GOD OF WAR #favoritegame

Автор Dan Chan ( назад)
Persona 5 tho?

Автор Afloat Fob ( назад)
Sea of Thieves

Автор Adam Adam ( назад)
what about shadow of war ? :O

Автор AlienShine ( назад)
More of the same, thnx, saves me some time.

Автор Jason Nguyen ( назад)
Can't wait for RDR2.

Автор Larry Evans ( назад)
I've been saving up for a ps4, they're leaving xbone in the dust.

Автор Adam Lewis ( назад)
When is shadow of war coming out?

Автор Mister CHEF ( назад)
+FRANKIEonPC Make more of these videos, and also, please add the platform the games are coming to.

Автор Mister CHEF ( назад)
Days Gone looks really interesting

Автор Darwin Watterson ( назад)
The Last Of Us is 2018 not 2017

Автор Steve Flow ( назад)
Red Dead Redemption 2!!! Yasss!!!!

Автор MrZachQ ( назад)
no outlast 2?

Автор Pranit Choubey ( назад)
Do games review 👍

Автор Karl Bell ( назад)
how come we cant join the drug lords and just do all their meth?

Автор Ian Kimtai ( назад)
!! haven't you seen sea of thieves?

Автор AK KATKADE ( назад)

Автор Not Nice ( назад)
those ps4 games,,, fuk man ,, those should be on pc too... especially that red dead redemption 2 and death stranding.

Автор WhiteWulfe ( назад)
what about state of decay 2? crackdown 3? This list seems to favorite ps4. There are good Xbox games coming out as well. Btw I have a PC as well, just not a ps4. Just pointing out there are other good console exclusives coming out. This guy seems to favor story as well I notice though according to most of the list. I'm a mix of the 2. Story and open world. State of Decay 2 and Crackdown 3 offer a lot of open world to play with.

Автор Fathaprod ( назад)
Name of the song at 3.27 pleaseeee :(

Автор SENSEY LP ( назад)
you know what now i have ti by a ps4 ^^ XD

Автор WhatMeWorry ( назад)
wow Frankie way to miss the Snipes Passenger 57 reference

Автор MeadowArrow ( назад)
it's deep Squid not Suhi,

Автор Don Davis ( назад)
last of us trailer hmmmmmm can't wait

Автор Alien Volt ( назад)
I hope the PS4 games Horizon: Zero Dawn, Detroit: Become Human, and Days Gone eventually come to PC because I would really like to play them.

Автор The Grey ( назад)
The only 1 game am looking for in 2017 is RDR 2 .

Автор GuvernorDave ( назад)
So...top 15 overhyped triple A borefests.

Автор Kwok Kher Choo ( назад)
dayummm That Last of Us trailer thou.

Автор Sanadar X1Z ( назад)
Death Stranding is coming for PC too.

Автор Adolf Hitler ( назад)
Special ops, not special forces, in America there's a difference.

Автор KingKobra666 ( назад)
the game that i'm looking forward to is quake champions.

Автор William Clatone ( назад)
There won't be a prequel to Red Dead Redemption because the first game in the series was actually Red Dead Revolver, so Red Dead Redemption is actually Red Dead Redemption 2 but they're calling it that so they don't piss of everyone who never played the first game

Автор KillerShootin 69 ( назад)
The new last of us is gonna be us playing as a lesbian watch...

Автор KillerShootin 69 ( назад)
In days gone our main guy can carry 800 rounds lol wow...

Автор J1MAKCS ( назад)
ps4 going to come in handy this year :D! dam, I get emotional on that last of us 2 trailer

Автор Ralphieee ( назад)
Am i the only one that thinks the new God Of War is a kick in the nuts to the fans?

Автор Richie Stanley ( назад)
I'm sure last year you had No man's sky at number one...... And we all know how that turned out :P

Автор Bigtwinkydlc 127 ( назад)

Автор Amazon ( назад)

Автор The Witch ( назад)
Pc gamers are so mad!

Автор AnimePvP ( назад)
You missed nier automata XD

Автор Skipper ( назад)
Saurian also

Автор Gabriel Anghel ( назад)
half of those exlusives come in 2018-2019

Автор ryedj707 ( назад)
Persona 5?

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