Top 15 Upcoming Games 2017!

Some of the cool games coming out on PC / Xbox One / Playstation 4 / Nintendo Switch this year and onwards!

Full List / Times:
15. Horizon Zero Dawn 00:27 (PS4 – 28th Feb)
14. For Honor 02:14 ( PC / PS4 / Xbone – 14th Feb)
13. Spiderman 03:57 (PS4 – TBA)
12. Ghost Recon: Wildlands 04:45 (PC / PS4 / Xbone – 7th March)
11. Injustice 2 06:10 (PS4 / Xbone – 16th May)
10. Days Gone 07:22 (PS4 – TBA)
9. Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy 09:46 (PS4 – TBA)
8. Mass Effect: Andromeda 10:20 (PC / PS4 / Xbone – 21st March)
7. Detroit: Become Human 11:45 (PS4 – TBA)
6. Prey 13:51 (PC / PS4 / Xbone – 21st May)
5. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 15:02 (Nintendo Switch – 3rd March)
4. Death Stranding 16:26 (PS4 – TBA)
3. God of War 18:32 (PS4 – TBA)
2. Red Dead Redemption 2 19:48 (PS4 / Xbone – Q3/4)
1. Last of Us 2 20:40 (PS4 – TBA)
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Hope you enjoy the video!

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Автор Spyro The Dragon ( назад)
2018 Spyro remastered? (; I hope

Автор Dean444ful ( назад)
LoU2 isn't confirmed to come out this year at all.

Автор Sithres ( назад)
Cannot wait for Deaths Stranding and that one with the androids

Автор Trapperjohn1000 ( назад)
Damn. Playstation bringing that heat

Автор Filimon Embaye ( назад)
u reminded me of sciphon philter in ps1 😭😭😭😭😭😭

and where the Hell is Cuyberpunk

Автор Harry Hinds ( назад)

Автор Andy Haywood ( назад)
awesome game love playing it

Автор Blake Leming ( назад)
if you read this, the I subscribed BC I absolutely love the content, your voice is on point, and your vid has influenced me to make the decision..... I'm getting a Ps4 slim!! TY!!

Автор Bjorn De Koninck ( назад)
omg Syphon Filter i played that on the old PS :D so good game old but dam good

Автор justicetout ( назад)
Red dead redemption 2 graphic engine seems outdated compare to Horizon ZD.

Автор Rich Humphreys ( назад)
Player Unknown's Battlegrounds?

Автор NerdBoiiJoey ( назад)
Wish they would make another Area:51 game like that one on ps2 the original one

Автор Eric Gurganus ( назад)
The Last of Us 2 trailer is still giving me chills, I absolutely cannot wait.

Автор henry monteiro ( назад)
Can't wait for GOD OF WAR #favoritegame

Автор Dan Chan ( назад)
Persona 5 tho?

Автор Afloat Fob ( назад)
Sea of Thieves

Автор Adam Adam ( назад)
what about shadow of war ? :O

Автор AlienShine ( назад)
More of the same, thnx, saves me some time.

Автор Jason Nguyen ( назад)
Can't wait for RDR2.

Автор Larry Evans ( назад)
I've been saving up for a ps4, they're leaving xbone in the dust.

Автор Adam Lewis ( назад)
When is shadow of war coming out?

Автор Mister CHEF ( назад)
+FRANKIEonPC Make more of these videos, and also, please add the platform the games are coming to.

Автор Mister CHEF ( назад)
Days Gone looks really interesting

Автор Darwin Watterson ( назад)
The Last Of Us is 2018 not 2017

Автор Steve Flow ( назад)
Red Dead Redemption 2!!! Yasss!!!!

Автор MrZachQ ( назад)
no outlast 2?

Автор Pranit Choubey ( назад)
Do games review 👍

Автор Karl Bell ( назад)
how come we cant join the drug lords and just do all their meth?

Автор Ian Kimtai ( назад)
!! haven't you seen sea of thieves?

Автор AK KATKADE ( назад)

Автор Not Nice ( назад)
those ps4 games,,, fuk man ,, those should be on pc too... especially that red dead redemption 2 and death stranding.

Автор WhiteWulfe ( назад)
what about state of decay 2? crackdown 3? This list seems to favorite ps4. There are good Xbox games coming out as well. Btw I have a PC as well, just not a ps4. Just pointing out there are other good console exclusives coming out. This guy seems to favor story as well I notice though according to most of the list. I'm a mix of the 2. Story and open world. State of Decay 2 and Crackdown 3 offer a lot of open world to play with.

Автор Fathaprod ( назад)
Name of the song at 3.27 pleaseeee :(

Автор SENSEY LP ( назад)
you know what now i have ti by a ps4 ^^ XD

Автор WhatMeWorry ( назад)
wow Frankie way to miss the Snipes Passenger 57 reference

Автор MeadowArrow ( назад)
it's deep Squid not Suhi,

Автор Don Davis ( назад)
last of us trailer hmmmmmm can't wait

Автор Alien Volt ( назад)
I hope the PS4 games Horizon: Zero Dawn, Detroit: Become Human, and Days Gone eventually come to PC because I would really like to play them.

Автор The Grey ( назад)
The only 1 game am looking for in 2017 is RDR 2 .

Автор GuvernorDave ( назад)
So...top 15 overhyped triple A borefests.

Автор Kwok Kher Choo ( назад)
dayummm That Last of Us trailer thou.

Автор Sanadar X1Z ( назад)
Death Stranding is coming for PC too.

Автор Adolf Hitler ( назад)
Special ops, not special forces, in America there's a difference.

Автор KingKobra666 ( назад)
the game that i'm looking forward to is quake champions.

Автор William Clatone ( назад)
There won't be a prequel to Red Dead Redemption because the first game in the series was actually Red Dead Revolver, so Red Dead Redemption is actually Red Dead Redemption 2 but they're calling it that so they don't piss of everyone who never played the first game

Автор KillerShootin 69 ( назад)
The new last of us is gonna be us playing as a lesbian watch...

Автор KillerShootin 69 ( назад)
In days gone our main guy can carry 800 rounds lol wow...

Автор J1MAK ( назад)
ps4 going to come in handy this year :D! dam, I get emotional on that last of us 2 trailer

Автор Ralphieee ( назад)
Am i the only one that thinks the new God Of War is a kick in the nuts to the fans?

Автор Richie Stanley ( назад)
I'm sure last year you had No man's sky at number one...... And we all know how that turned out :P

Автор Bigtwinkydlc 127 ( назад)

Автор Amazon ( назад)

Автор The Witch ( назад)
Pc gamers are so mad!

Автор I'm Not A Banana ( назад)
8:05 "Splinter Cell before Splinter Cell"... Wow man, that's pretty deep!

Автор AnimePvP ( назад)
You missed nier automata XD

Автор Skipper ( назад)
Saurian also

Автор Gabriel Anghel ( назад)
half of those exlusives come in 2018-2019

Автор ryedj707 ( назад)
Persona 5?

Автор ISHWAR TWARI ( назад)
Finally a good list of games!👍

Автор kiero1236 ( назад)
I recognize that window frame. =P

Автор Ken Bentzen ( назад)
and number 1 is: Shadow of War

Автор Julz Ratima ( назад)
rachet and clank remastered

Автор DEAD Shot286 ( назад)
Remake spawn!!!!!! Or a new cares new a spawn fix

Автор F16Spyros ( назад)

Автор Nima Jamalian ( назад)
2017 is going to be grate for PS4

Автор man joker ( назад)
lol lol 🐸
7 games TBA

Автор MSN10911 visca ( назад)
20:43 the feeelllss❤❤❤❤

Автор MSN10911 visca ( назад)
17:52 damn the graphics

Автор MSN10911 visca ( назад)
6:46 ooo im in love

Автор Aarnav Crusoe ( назад)
last of us was the best!!!, now its time for last of us 2!!😍😍😀

Автор Beast God ( назад)
death stranding-and bloodborne only ones that temp me but probably still wont buy a console

Автор Haman Alosaime ( назад)
where is Destiny 2

Автор Lucas Beer ( назад)
Days Gone would give me mad anxiety

Автор Marek Ferenc ( назад)
OMG MUSH HAVE CRASH!!! I have been waiting for this for sooo many years

Автор Ivan Šimić ( назад)
You forgot South Park The Fractured But Whole!

Автор Gene Mckinney ( назад)
Crash Bandicoot... I have spoken.

Автор Vaibhav Joshi ( назад)
the villain of death stranding is just same as the villain of doctor strange

Автор the stuipid gammer ( назад)
WHAT Red dead 2 should be NO 1

Автор Simme Rocky ( назад)
the zelda game is based on real events, because every time i take a nap my 5 year old paints on the walls.

Автор Sam Keller ( назад)
well i guess i gotta get a ps4 at some point now

Автор Wookieeo ( назад)
Maybe i'm just going off games but I'm not interested in any of these.

Автор Millz87 ( назад)
Hmmm who else thinks that Joel is dead in the last of us 2 and he is more of a monologue.

Автор Keith Larson ( назад)
Uh, MAC?

Автор Meme Products ( назад)
Why no Friday the 13th the game?

Автор Ignas Žaidžia 12e ( назад)
go in me chanel and wach video every day ignas žaidžia pleas sub my

Автор LE VI ( назад)
number 4 is awesome

Автор Cary Otto ( назад)
Last of us 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Firz Zen ( назад)
My Bae(PC) will have many holidays and daybreak this year,but don't worry I will still play a couples of games.For my other Bea(PS4 pro),he will have to do a hard work and many jobs for me to play games.

*Threw my Xbox one and lock it in the basement*
Me:now stay there until you are worth,you worthless piece of sh*t.

Автор Konrad J ( назад)
funny hey used the guy from walking dead _ daryl

Автор playsi meisi ( назад)
where is Star Citizen???

Автор The_Furn ( назад)
RDR2 is my #1

Автор Юрій Іванов ( назад)
BannerLord? Kingdom come Deliverence? no, dont hear....

Автор YushYushY ( назад)
its always frank i go to for upcoming games for each years wow

Автор Michal Valta ( назад)
But who cares about the children platforms...?

Автор Meowsiph Stalin ( назад)
If red dead redemption doesn't come out on PC I'm actually going to kill myself.

Автор Ibrahim Rafi ( назад)
One of my absolute Favorited games! If anyone wants to play with me Rawr XD psn= BERSERKER__HD

Автор Da Vin Kim ( назад)
18:10 that dude looks identical to Mads Mikkelsen

Автор FreZZi ( назад)
why didn't you put in Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

Автор Sick Luke Sick Luke ( назад)
Zelda deserves lot more than 5th place, but i admit this year games are pretty interesting

Автор Dragon Ark ( назад)
Shadow of war

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