As Seen On TV Car Gizmos TESTED!

  • Published on Dec 1, 2018
  • Are these Car Gadgets worth your money and do they work? We took some interesting "As Seen On TV" Car Gizmos and tested them to see if they are worth your time and money. Today's tests include the Air Hawk Pro cordless tire inflator, RainBrella windshield treatment, Micro Mechanic OBD2 car code reader, Windshield Wonder microfiber glass cleaner, and the infamous Egg Sitter support cushion!
    Join us as we find out if these AS SEEN ON TV products really work!
    Air Hawk Pro -
    Micro Mechanic -
    Egg Sitter -
    RainBrella -
    Windshield Wonder -
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  • Household Hacker
    Household Hacker  10 months ago +238

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    • Bryan 1029
      Bryan 1029 26 days ago

      The windshield actually catches my interest, it’s genuinely hard to wipe windshields in a cramped car you were using it incorrectly. As I used to work in a car wash I understand the struggles😂😂😂

    • Osouf Miller
      Osouf Miller 7 months ago

      Btw olive oil works just so you know used it on my moms car we lived in Vancouver island it’s tropical

    • Osouf Miller
      Osouf Miller 7 months ago

      Btw olive oil works just so you know used it on my moms car we lived in Vancouver island it’s tropical

    • Jett Sherwood
      Jett Sherwood 8 months ago

      Did you kick life?

    • Desi Slayer
      Desi Slayer 8 months ago

      How long did the rainbrella last

  • FunGamer684 FunGamer684

    When you realize you're watching ads on purpose.

  • MrLucas110 1
    MrLucas110 1 10 days ago

    I gave the egg sitter 1 star because it didn’t cook my egg 😩

  • Anthony Santos
    Anthony Santos 12 days ago

    He poop on the egg sitter

  • zachfrack 29
    zachfrack 29 14 days ago

    Or just use wipers....

  • jose perera
    jose perera 15 days ago

    Poop on 3:47

  • xdeadfortubex
    xdeadfortubex 15 days ago

    look carefully in 3:45 when he leaves the seat!

  • PremiumSoup
    PremiumSoup 16 days ago

    Anyone else see the turd

  • Matthew Willson
    Matthew Willson 16 days ago

    Spiffy spatula: I flip pancakes and clean windows.
    Me: you pivot tho?

  • kid 722224
    kid 722224 17 days ago

    Do i see drving while texting

  • someone
    someone 18 days ago

    I have the egg sitter and i like it

  • Caesar Linares
    Caesar Linares 19 days ago

    4:22 his ass is a oven

  • Californian Bean
    Californian Bean 24 days ago

    Better have wiped after the chair test

  • Kristhan Kline Yap
    Kristhan Kline Yap 28 days ago

    Lol i saw a poop at 3:48

  • MidgetBoi_Abdillah
    MidgetBoi_Abdillah 28 days ago

    Slow down at 3:47, there will be a poop there

    NEW WORLD ORDER Month ago

    6:12 is this really uncommon? To have a obd2 computer? I have one, anyone that is a fan of lifted trucks has one, I don’t see how this is so groundbreaking tbh.

  • Jan Darrel Marimla
    Jan Darrel Marimla Month ago

    That cooked get got me good

  • BTWGamer
    BTWGamer Month ago +1

    "It makes a fun and familiar sound"
    *AW MAN*

  • The Harvest Runners

    Techically it’s a turner not a spatula but

  • Jens Harbers
    Jens Harbers Month ago

    I used Rain-X on my old civic. To be honest, for the side windows and the rear windows great idea, for the front also good, but when you needed the wipers in action it leaves massive streaks.
    I recommend Rain-X, is for the side Windows a good addition and you can get it off without polishing your glass. (What some more permanent products require).

  • Deus Vult
    Deus Vult Month ago

    i saw that turd and laughed so hard

  • jamie gore
    jamie gore Month ago

    Straight from the Brooklyn zoo

  • Vergil Sparda
    Vergil Sparda Month ago


    EGGY EGG Month ago


  • Kavi4
    Kavi4 Month ago

    ELM327 would not approve of the rip of and overpriced MircoMechanic

  • Enrique Bengaura
    Enrique Bengaura Month ago

    How about the automatic control sun glasses

  • Kenneth Turner
    Kenneth Turner Month ago +1

    Love the Mythic Chest reference!!!!!

  • Lil Tim110
    Lil Tim110 Month ago

    The shit on the chair at 3:47

  • Qinghui Ou
    Qinghui Ou Month ago

    i think a mechanic will say yes to that obd ring box haha

  • Qinghui Ou
    Qinghui Ou Month ago

    lol blinker fluid

  • clevelandcbi
    clevelandcbi Month ago +1

    Air Hawk is garbage. Period. Read actual reviews. Would take 30+ minutes on a very low tire. Not kidding.

  • pv sivakumar
    pv sivakumar Month ago

    Toothpaste will be better then rainbella

  • dragonl0l
    dragonl0l Month ago

    3:47 did anyone else realise the shit on the seat when he rose up

  • Ismael Nestor
    Ismael Nestor 2 months ago

    Putting wax on the windshield is better than the rainbrella, and should cost you about 10 bucks or less

  • Sailor Studios
    Sailor Studios 2 months ago

    You thought you wouldnt shit on us😂

  • Alex Wright
    Alex Wright 2 months ago

    I use the egg sitter on my toilet. Very comfortable when im taking s dump and it makes my extra large shits into small french fry shaped pieces so no more clogging the toilet!

  • Salted Potato
    Salted Potato 2 months ago

    3:48 wow. That's the perfect shaped piece of poo

  • Alton C
    Alton C 2 months ago

    For the rain brella use some hydraphobic coding

  • Walter Sobchak
    Walter Sobchak 2 months ago

    That was a bit of a harsh review of the windshield wonder ! It's meant to reach that tight area between the dash board of a car & the windshield, not some random piece of glass out of a 1950s caravan ! Your spiffy spatula just isn't gonna reach or change angle !

  • CuzicaN 10
    CuzicaN 10 2 months ago

    This is the weirdest shit I swear

  • trevor dennis
    trevor dennis 2 months ago

    Don't let this video disctract you from the fact that Hector is gonna be running 3 Honda Civics with spoon engines. And ontop of that, he just came into Harry's, and ordered 3 T66 turbos with Nos.

  • Martijn 888
    Martijn 888 2 months ago

    3:47 What the Flip is that a poo?!

  • dan anamations
    dan anamations 2 months ago

    thats why there's windshield wipers

  • CrazyBoiz Video
    CrazyBoiz Video 2 months ago

    Why did i see poop at 3:44

  • Douglas Weems
    Douglas Weems 2 months ago

    I wonder where the egg went

  • No Excuses
    No Excuses 2 months ago +1

    Hey that type of patio chairs actually pretty damned comfortable guy

  • TTV_ No330ah
    TTV_ No330ah 2 months ago


  • Whisper Venom
    Whisper Venom 2 months ago

    Howtobasic confirmed

  • Liam Reynolds
    Liam Reynolds 2 months ago

    3:48, turd

  • K Z
    K Z 2 months ago

    two bad thing is air hawk and obd2 bluetooth they dont every work
    air hawk be good thing for small thing like float for swimming or ball else doesnt work on my truck tire n car tire it useless have i try it but only be max 10psi for 40mini i like???? it suppose to be up 45 or 50 psi but didnt do jobs like should it
    obd2 doesnt work at all i try everything nothing was success n i have try 8 different phone still nothing work it just failures pieces of junk so dont wasted your money on it i adjusted you buy one from ifixit white obd2 Bluetooth it work just like it is n show everything n connted to Bluetooth no issues "with every different phone"

  • Peashooter’s Lets plays

    Egg sitter Would have been more funny if the egg turned into a baby chick

  • Brandon Walters
    Brandon Walters 2 months ago

    Been using rainX for years. I like it. The wipes don’t work as well as just buying a bottle and using some paper towels or microfiber towel.

  • jon stolpe
    jon stolpe 2 months ago

    I have the windshield cleaner and I LOVE it......try it out on an INSTALLED windshield.....the thing works awesome.

  • Ez Swann
    Ez Swann 3 months ago

    You get a like.... for your comment on the college days haha

  • Rene Cesar
    Rene Cesar 3 months ago

    You guys are definitely better then Amazon Reviews Thank You

  • XL Zesty
    XL Zesty 3 months ago

    3:48 we all saw that right

  • Just Chance
    Just Chance 3 months ago

    3:48 I saw that 😂😂😂

  • trashy_ On_iphone
    trashy_ On_iphone 3 months ago

    3:47 you just had to 😂😂

  • TheKoryD
    TheKoryD 3 months ago

    The windshield wonder is made to get deep down between the dash and windshield. I've tried making one but the original worked better. It got all the way down to the crack

  • jon chaplin
    jon chaplin 3 months ago