Video Games Cause Aggression?

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Welcome to the first edition of Psych News, where we announce new discoveries in the world of Psychology and human behavior. Todays stories include:

0:10 The effects of video games on aggression

Ever since the rise of violent media in TV, movies, and now video games, their effects on kids and society have been hotly debated. A number of studies have concluded that the effects of video games on individuals are generally negative. Generally people who play violent video games show an increase in aggression and a decrease in empathy. Though video game effects seem to be largely negative, a current study decided to further expand on the findings. Previous work done on the social effect of video games have been examined from a short term perspective. This new study examined video game effects in the long run and concluded there may be good effects of video games.

2:44 New watch tells you if you're a boring conversationalist

Scientists have finally developed a watch that can determine a conversations tone. Using audio, text transcriptions, and physiological signs this watch can determine a conversations tone with 83% accuracy. Researchers say this is most helpful for those with anxiety or aspergers because it acts like a social coach.

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Автор Kaitlyn Morgan ( назад)
Lag, glitches, hackers, and failing every time at that one level causes aggression.

Автор Laconian Drakon ( назад)
Idk about anyone else but videogames help me submerge into an evironment were i can freely let go of my anger (being an introvert). A place were i can kill as many players as i want, to then be the most calm sheep you will have ever known outside of them.

Автор Ricebauer ( назад)
As long as im not playing competetive i wont be aggressive... but those boosted monkeys in Solo Queue...

Автор Beriadan Gigas ( назад)
I think the main fear when it came to videogames causing violence came from the Columbine shootings.

Автор Austin Quinn ( назад)
if I play too much Melee I start to waveshine people

Автор Ashly Bates ( назад)
I think is it causes less agression, Because it can be a safe outlet for pinned up emotions, I feel like is more theraputic

Автор Tambry 0152 ( назад)
Video games don't kill people, people kill people.

Seriously through, violent people always existed, long before fricking Pong was a thing. Hitler, anybody?

Автор Kyle Asbury ( назад)
I've played video games my entire life and i'm not aggressive in the least lol

Автор GaxalyStardust ( назад)
video starts at 1:12

Автор Balling Like I'm Tobe ( назад)
I get absolutely pissed playing 2k17 when people blow leads and don't pass the ball.

Автор Christian Graulau ( назад)
2:11 - It's literally a Switch wtf???

Автор Queen Pepperoni ( назад)
Before my brother got his x box he was calm and cool now he's got it he's really angry, so my mum took it off him lmoa he got really upset. But after it got taken away he got a little better.

Автор Katie Oz ( назад)
I am a gamer myself, and I constantly play COD and Battlefield. But, I couldn't say my empathy levels have dropped. Because they haven't and neither has my aggression level increased.

Автор EariosRandomness ( назад)
I spend a lot of time playing games, and a lot of the ones I play have violence in them. According to the older studies, I should be a psychotic madman going around murdering people. Despite this, many people who know me would describe me as one of the calmest people they know.

Автор Arief ( назад)
recently playing cs:go, and too afraid to kill someone.

Автор Lance Peter ( назад)
But when i play Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and lop off limbs with blood all over your clothes till your own blue teammates think you're the red team, i don't feel like being aggressive and unemphatic.

Автор Latoya Wright ( назад)
I play violent games yet I'm a customer service rep. I have been a gamer all my life (Since the birth of Nintendo) Lol. Don't believe the hype guys... these stupid religious ppl are just trying to find a scapegoat for they're child's bad behavior besides they're own bad parenting.

Автор Knight Owl ( назад)
I don't need video games to get my aggression worked up. All I need for that is to go outside where there are other people.

Автор Lovely little criminal ( назад)
Plz go back to being calm

Автор Riley Peterson ( назад)
ew. mobile games.

Автор Trinity Andrew ( назад)
basically any game or app can be addictive like Subway Surfers they should be actually looking for a high school kids depending on who they are and how they act in school can make a big difference on how they will react to certain games

Автор Marjolaine Ménard ( назад)
my boyfriend always played and is the most peaceful person in the whole world!

Автор Mathis ( назад)
Anything frustrating causes aggresion, pretty simple.

Автор Spartan 117 ( назад)
No but lag and hackers do

Автор TheRoyaleKnight ( назад)
i play assassin's Creed he I don't go around gutting people and smashing their faces in with warhammers

Автор Whatevs.idk.Narwals ( назад)
Lol I think the watch would be pretty funny

Автор Chronomatrix ( назад)
I have to say, I always have a little game session before school. No violent games, too.

Автор Burningtitan ( назад)
Short answer. My brother plays doom. He is the most harmless guy I know and will stop arguments before they escalate

Автор SeKToR ( назад)
Nothing like the adrenaline rush of a good match. Too bad few get that experience.

Автор jacie williams ( назад)
For quite a few kids I know (plus myself) we are more violent when we don't play violent games. In violent games we take out all our anger on the things/characters/etc. in the game and less of that anger on other people/things.

Автор Gamer Sisters ( назад)
i think the only way for it to actually make you more violent is if you played violent games as a kid! of course, that would involuntarily teach you some more violent behavior cuz kids are like sponges. but that goes for any exposure of violence, not just VGs.

Автор Minnah4 AJ ( назад)
I think they do.
Wen you loose at a video game repeatedly, maybe cause the power went out, or it was laggy, you become more aggressive. if you KEEP playing the same game and continue to loose, you might become more aggressive to real life situations. one time, i was on my tablet, and was winning my game, when suddenly, the wifi went off. i tried fixing it, and eventually smashed my tablet against the wall because it wouldn't cooperate. this has happened to me more then once, and it can carry into real life, when something doesn't go your way, it becomes a habit to have aggression towards the situation, then figure it out rationally when it doesn't work out the way you want to.
That is what I think.

Автор Yihao Wong ( назад)
Well, I have an answer as to why I'm raging so much at Geometry Dash.

Автор Regeneration ( назад)
You talk shit about VGames i dont want to hear? I gona kill ya with a knife in the kne #/pol/

Автор Preidon ( назад)
Of course they do,anyone who is addicted and plays them every day is a weak weak person

Автор K.G. Drake ( назад)
I've always joked after blasting away a bunch of zombies/ monsters/ enemies/ etc, that I feel less like hurting others. Seriously, I do feel less tense after a game, but can still feel anxious when seeing real life stuff. There are times I even have to switch the channel from CNN to something else, just to avoid getting jittery.

Автор Lyssia Ribeiro ( назад)
it's kinda funny, because I'm literally one of the most pacific person I know (like, I can't even do "violent" sports, I can't bring myself to hit someone even tho I know it's technically ok to do so) and I'm really emotional, but I love violent games.
Everytime someone says violent games makes people more agressive I think it's funny and want to laugh, because it literally sounds like a joke.
The people who usually say that kinda stuff also ignore that most violent games have consequences to your actions in some level. Aaand forget that people said the same thing about TV or that in the Middle Age there was no video games and, I mean, that was a seriously violent period.

Автор Cora ( назад)
I am a bit of a gamer but my brother practically lives of youtube and games, I also think because when you're playing video games that aren't like problem solving games you don't think you just play. My brother literally gets angry adn screams and cries over the smallest things, and I think it's because he hasn't had chances to think about things. Which stops him from maturing and realising how pathetic it is for him to be doing what he does. My whole family knows that video games are the causes, this is because he is a naturally kind and out-going kid, but after being told to get off video games he becomes extremly aggressive but when he has been banned for a week he starts to go back to his helpful nature. Also with a family friend his age was suddenly being over the top aggressive and I asked why and his sister replied with, "he's been playing video games all week".

Автор Fastblujay ( назад)
More people. Need to know this.

Автор Appocalypse ( назад)
I enjoy your videos, but the background music kinda ruins it for me. I hope you consider making videos with no constant background music!

Автор Tripper420 Gamebangboii ( назад)
She didn't really say not give enough info...

Автор Alex Johns ( назад)
people in the past said books had negative effects. here we are now and people say videogames have negative effects. if you ask me this whole argument is bs

Автор YamiGekusu ( назад)
Two words- Mario Party

Автор Leafa 0910 ( назад)
Am I the only one here who thinks that the new opening sounds like someone whipping a person's ass before stabbing and jabbing them to death with a knife?

Автор Marleen S ( назад)
Depends on who you ask.
My brother can get pretty aggressive.
I just quit the game :/

Автор 3picF4ce 101 ( назад)
Sort of hard to believe you are unbiased when you have your video sponsored by A VIDEO GAME.

Автор Ally Rose ( назад)
Omg why is best fiends sponsoring EVERY YouTube channel, it's a rubbish game anyways

Автор Lihly ( назад)
for me, gaming actually lets me get out my aggression instead of letting it out in real life (ANGRY JITTERCLICKS)

so when I don't play for ages I can get a little cranky... people say it's withdrawal symptoms (aka I'm addicted) but it's just that I haven't let out my anger yet! 😅

My game isn't 'agressive' yet the community is disgusting and eXTREMELY toxic (like extremely extremely - worryingly)

I don't think many non-gamers get that gamers sometimes go online just to let off some real world steam instead of doing it in real life...

Автор Bongo Johnson ( назад)
Like you said, anything taxing or frustrating can cause an increase i aggression, not just video games.

But to further the points made, take Columbine for example, a championed case against violence in video games. After the tragedy at Columbine, the media lambasted violent media such as Grand Theft Auto, and other games these kids were known to play, but ultimately failed to mention these kids home, and social life. These kids were not happy at home, or school. If memory serves, then one kid had parents who were verbally abusive, and the other had authoritarian parents, and both of them were bullied at school. This constant stress may have been a much stronger catalyst to their choices than GTA, but does that mean GTA had nothing to do with it? I do not honestly think so. Violent Video games in the hands of already broken people may have adverse affects on their psychological state. The consistent strain and upset in these boys lives, intermixed with violent media, may have driven them to their violent decisions.

Автор Twoheaded Head ( назад)
my mom always says video games and mobile phone make me angry, but what really makes me angry is her saying that that makes me angry

Автор Clara Marques ( назад)
i used to kill peaple with the car in GTA wen i was little, and today i get sad wen i kill a bug.

Автор Mercury Frazier ( назад)
Crap ads in videos make me rage.

Автор Aditya ( назад)
i say kys and i wanna die all the time that im so light with those words

Автор Sita van Waarde ( назад)
I played battelfied alot Its a shooter ,.. i made me creatief in killing people in the game ,.. but in real live
If you Harm somebody ,. People hunt you down and you lose a lot , your freedom and so
If i have nothing to lose and i have anger in me i wold likely to kill somebody

Автор Serina chan ( назад)
no not really i play aggresion video games to but i never acsually tell peaple that not just roblox
but the lagging cuz the aggresion really..

Автор Nattsmaragd Niklasson ( назад)
This is basically a 3 minute video with a 1 minute ad before the actual video.

Автор muki muki ( назад)
LMAO, I always got angry while playing video games when I was a kid. But I always played games like "the sims" does this make me weird?

Автор Ass Hole ( назад)
i think violent games just increase tolerance for graphic imagery. As in, if i saw a dead person, i would be very disturbed, but wont throw up or freak out completely. But that doesnt mean i feel any lesser, i just know how to remain calm and handle the situation easier.

Автор tharusha fernando ( назад)
I don't like bunnies.

Автор tkzsfen ( назад)
i've been ripping enemies since the first grade and this hasn't stopped me from taking part in charity organizations for twenty years.

Автор Ben hzlr ( назад)
well here in indonesia , people who play video game are less aggresive , and people who is being religiously and not playing video game is very aggresive , can you explain me why?

Автор DkXboxer ( назад)
There was also a study by researchers (whom of which I honestly do not remember the names of) that found some war vets actually help cope with their ptsd by playing call of duty.
Another study was done with recreating the road that a veteran experienced a traumatic event with basic graphics and oculus technology.

Also to add icing to the cake, a kid made a game for his blind grandma to play.

Автор JADEY ( назад)
play Hotline Miami and Spec ops your mind is gonna fuck up big time.

Автор 01001100 01110101 01101001 ( назад)
in the game fallout 4, it's basically kill or be killed, and I enjoy killing innocent NPCs

Автор Ornlu1976 ( назад)
Shitty parents make shitty children.

Автор Blarph Blublub ( назад)
No Dark Souls does.

That Spear bastard.

Автор The Cooperative Individualist ( назад)
I've also heard studies that suggest a reversed cause/effect, where they believed violent people are more drawn to violent video games, and that's why the correlation exists.

Автор Hoe Hunter ( назад)
"This video was sponsored by Best Fiends."

Автор Cryogenic Vortex ( назад)
Correlation doesn't imply causation. Violent people tend to choose violent video games, but you wouldn't turn into a real murderer after playing GTA. Are there studies that show how normal people turn into assholes after playing video games?

Skip to 1:15 to skip promotional crap. You're welcome

Автор Azaduur Pseudonym ( назад)
ultimately uninformative.

Автор José Daniel ( назад)
everyone is drawing nintendo switch ♡♡♡

Автор mattpark909 ( назад)
1:12 for the start of the vid

Автор disisnotmymeme wherisdemanaga ( назад)
Me murdering sexy waifus in Overwatch actually calms me

Автор Jessica Stein ( назад)
No. My brother plays nothing but Halo and Black Ops. He is also the calmest, most level-headed person in our entire family. The pros of video games outweigh the cons. It is proven that surgeons who grow up playing video games have better hand eye coordination than those who did not. This doesn't just apply to surgeons either. Anyone who plays video games frequently is proven to have faster reflexes and better hand eye coordination, especially if they frequently play combat games like Black Ops. Video games are also great stress relievers and loads of fun. They require you to think quickly, and with games that are challenging, think outside of the box. I also think that they teach you that it's okay to fail, you'll get better and eventually pass the level. The only cons that I can think of is the long term sitting and decreased blinking while staring at a screen. But this is changing as well with games becoming more portable.

Автор HaleyDaniellee ( назад)
when i was like 7 i used to throw my controller when i couldn't beat the final boss on the original Paper Mario!

Автор Cris べにてz ( назад)
The answer is yes I just got back from playing Tetris I am angry just tense!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

Автор Kitchen Sink ( назад)
i play violent video games but i'm still way too fucking nice to people

Автор W0lfbane Shika ( назад)
To be fair: most conversations are boring. =P

Автор Austin Frazier ( назад)
Yes, they do. But only online multiplayer ones

Автор KarlXD :D ( назад)
i love their drawing ♥♥

Автор Josh Wojcik ( назад)
Dark souls 3 causes violence. In dark souls 3. I'm still doing alright, just for the naysayers, what a game by the way

Автор ~Animal Jam Fanatics~ ( назад)
If anything, violent video games have helped me calm down aggressive behavior...

Автор Reality Reflected ( назад)
Of course they cause violence! Everytime I play Garry's Mod and ride around on my dickcycle I get super aggressive with it.

Автор Jasmine Liebenberg ( назад)
I disagree,i'd almost say that a violent video game reduces violence,like when im angry and I play a violent game it actually helps me calm down,I think that a lot of people are like that.

Автор g.m. ( назад)
losing at aggressive matches is the cause
or just plain defeat

Автор RandomPerson ( назад)
This video completely forgets about the argument that there are other genres of video games entirely. And that many types of games such as simulators are in some ways educational without even trying to.

Prison Architect for example looks like a game about watching ongoing violence. The reality is that the game is about basic geometry, architecture, and money management. And ya know, a basic concern for human life unless you like being fired for having too many deaths that day. Where the violence is used in order to make the game less mundane.

Rimworld is another game that looks like it would be about killing other human beings. But you also have resource management, temperature controls, and a sophisticated medical system.

And Factorio is well Factorio. It's one of the most complex games that you will ever play. In fact, I haven't seen one game that has come close to beating Factorio in terms of sheer complexity. It's a game where the main focus is running a factory. The violence is used once again to make the game less mundane.

Or how FPS games in general boost dexterity, reflexes and hand eye coordination. And let's be honest, if anything shooting your boss in a video game gives you just enough relief in order to not shoot your boss in real life. Most people use video games as peaceful outlet for their anger or other pent up emotions.

Overall, this is one of the worst videos on this channel. It doesn't actually cover a single issue but rather avoids it entirely. And advertisement in a video in general should be frowned upon.

Автор Star Stream ( назад)
BEST FIENDS STOP SPONSORING EVERYTHING PLEASE I AM SEEING IT EVERYWHERE anyway, I love this channel and the cool facts it provides so thank you!

Автор hazel sturley ( назад)
what were the pictures they showed them?

Автор WOLF520 ( назад)
222 coment

Автор Sean Mansfield ( назад)
Just play Spec Ops: The Line and that will fix that.

Автор Elie Chan ( назад)
Video games hardly cause people's behaviour because most likely it's a way to cool off after an arguement or frustrating event happening in real life.
However, in my opinion, i find that if video games were for some reason removed and no one is to play one then i think i will make everyone violent. Because games is what they love and they protect what they love for ex: a toy you made. You protect your work because you spent time on it and with it.

Автор Casual Fire Fan ( назад)
What about Minecraft?

Автор YayasStuff ( назад)
Yeah and too much mario kart increase the likelihood of a car accident XD

Автор myb1807 gameplay ( назад)
it's all about that person personality.

Автор Andrew Godly ( назад)
Video games don't make me more aggressive. What makes me aggressive is accusations like "video games make you aggressive"

Автор Durpness Sucks ( назад)
3:26 Assburgers.

Автор M3LZAR ( назад)
Pretty funny - I did a study for my research methods class concerning aggression and violent video games. Ended up looking into a lot about the frustration-aggression theory, the point that previous research does not consider aggression simply by difficult of task or general anger from games that AREN'T violent, etc. I exposed the participants to a non-violent and violent video game clip, and a control video. They were all 5 minutes long and funny enough there was more anger expressed for the control video by the participants. Hostility, physical and verbal aggression was all pretty close to one another as far as means go.

Автор Mr. Moo ( назад)
I have Aspergers and Anxiety...

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