The worst college basketball game was so historically awful, a ranked team scored just 24 points

  • Published on Mar 18, 2019
  • Do you ever forget where you put your keys? Or the name of a friend-of-a-friend? What about how to play a game that you've been practicing, thinking about, living and breathing for your entire life? That's what happened in February 2019, when Virginia Tech and N.C. State played each other in a game that was supposed to be basketball but rarely resembled the sport. Both teams were ranked, both teams were great shooters, and yet they combined for a game so terrible that it was a complete blowout EVEN WITH the winning side only scoring 47 points. Woof.
    Written and produced by Ryan Simmons
    Shot and edited by Joe Ali
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  • Phillip Cotton
    Phillip Cotton 7 hours ago

    N.C. State A.D. (Yow) publicly voiced her displeasure in not making the NCAA tourney. I knew after seeing highlights(or lowlights) of this game that their fate was sealed unless they won the conference championship

  • Choba Shiba
    Choba Shiba Day ago

    That's what we fall a fix

  • Oh Yeah yeah
    Oh Yeah yeah Day ago +1

    Rather watch this than the wnba

  • southbeachtalent
    southbeachtalent 3 days ago

    My dad comes to visit me in Florida a few times a year. He's knowlegable about all the pro leagues, but doesn't follow college sports at all. If there's a college game on at the bar, he'll always ask the common, "are these teams any good?" And, "which players are the best here?" Right after I watched this video I realized he was down here during this week. Thankfully we never watched this game. I really don't need to reinforce the point that he raised a dumbass! 🤣🤣

  • Douglas Murphy
    Douglas Murphy 3 days ago

    Wait a second. I thought Virginia Tech was supposed to be good at mass shootings.

  • Douglas Murphy
    Douglas Murphy 3 days ago

    I'm an NC State student and was debating on either going to this game... or staying behind to study...
    ...So glad I stayed behind

  • bobkatfan
    bobkatfan 4 days ago

    Pronounced Raw-lee

  • SuperRasputia
    SuperRasputia 7 days ago

    Crazily enough, I give these two teams credit. They didn't play exciting basketball (nowhere near it), they played logical basketball. Nothing but prime, clamp down defence.

  • lostindixie
    lostindixie 9 days ago

    It's like watching soccer.

  • Mazdak Mina
    Mazdak Mina 9 days ago

    LMAO! How bad is scoring 24 points in a basketball game? The Kansas City Chiefs scored more points in *every* game they played during that *very same* season (the '18-'19 regular season *and* playoffs)! Seriously, here are the total points they scored in all 18 games (and how many points more or less than 24 it was, + being more, - being less):

    Week 1 at Chargers....... 38 (+14)
    Week 2 at Steelers.........42 (+18)
    Week 3 vs 49ers.............38 (+14)
    Week 4 at Broncos........27 (+3)
    Week 5 vs Jaguars........30 (+6)
    Week 6 at Patriots........40 (+16)
    Week 7 vs Bengals........45 (+21)
    Week 8 vs Broncos.......30 (+6)
    Week 9 at Browns.........37 (+13)
    Week 10 vs Cardinals...26 (+2)
    Week 11 at Rams..........51 (+27, yikes!)
    Week 13 at Raiders.......40 (+16)
    Week 14 vs Ravens.......27 (+3)
    Week 15 vs Chargers....28 (+4)
    Week 16 at Seahawks...31 (+7)
    Week 17 vs Raiders.......35 (+11)

    Playoff Divisional Round vs Colts....... 31 (+7)
    AFC Championship vs Patriots............31 (+7)

    Notice there are *no* minuses! *That* is how bad the NC State offense was! They were so bad, an entire professional football team, playing against professional football defenses, was able to outscore them in *every* single game they played in an *entire* season!
    I did not know that was even possible! Like, how can you score so few points in a basketball game that a football team fails to score less than you in *all* 18 games it plays during that same season? Even most of the lowest basketball scores I've seen are *at least* >40 points, and not only could NC State not muster *that,* but couldn't even muster *15 points less* than that in an entire 40 minute game. Abysmal!

  • matthew galer
    matthew galer 10 days ago +1

    Michigan State beat Zion

  • Al Malone
    Al Malone 10 days ago

    i never liked basketball and now i know why since that game was the first basketball game i ever saw

  • Joe Penney
    Joe Penney 11 days ago

    at least the hokies won

  • x24videos
    x24videos 13 days ago

    thanks for outing my school like that

  • Tylercobra
    Tylercobra 13 days ago

    Double Rim

  • Flapjack Films
    Flapjack Films 13 days ago

    “Rally” North Carolina 😂😂

  • RyLeigh Werner
    RyLeigh Werner 17 days ago

    Don’t even wanna think about how hard their practice was after this game😂

  • Just a random dud
    Just a random dud 17 days ago

    Looks like they inspired pba basketball

  • Tyler Gantert
    Tyler Gantert 20 days ago

    It’s very coincidental that this game took place a day before Super Bowl LIII, which was just as bad.

  • Hikari DDR
    Hikari DDR 21 day ago

    Bruh that mascot on the thumbnail looked into my soul. OwO

  • Stupid Google
    Stupid Google 21 day ago

    I was in attendance for a MAC tournament game that was almost this bad... by the end of the game, we were just roasting both teams for sucking. This takes the cake by virtue of ranked teams. 24 points, that's impressive. You couldn't even do that by trying.

  • Kyle C
    Kyle C 22 days ago

    Imagine having to be there and sit through it...waste of a day

  • Rafał Brzeziński
    Rafał Brzeziński 22 days ago

    This is like a Year 9 game of Jon Bois' NBA Doomsday.

  • Jackisaboss1208
    Jackisaboss1208 23 days ago

    Was there. Can confirm it was the worst game of all time

  • RedFox jack
    RedFox jack 23 days ago

    Did anyone else catch the super dark irony that virginia tech was first in the league when it comes to shooting

  • Locke Cole
    Locke Cole 27 days ago

    The lowest scoring rout i've ever seen!

  • 420FISHERMAN 420
    420FISHERMAN 420 27 days ago

    Miss, turnover , miss , foul, turnover , miss, miss, foul, miss , turnover, miss, miss, turnover, foul

  • IAmJustHere1
    IAmJustHere1 27 days ago

    You should do The Worst NBA All-Star Game

  • Matthew Williams
    Matthew Williams 28 days ago

    Miss Turnover, ms turn over

  • Lucas R
    Lucas R 28 days ago +1

    Better than the WNBA

  • Spencer Kelly
    Spencer Kelly 28 days ago

    Sometimes it’s just interesting to watch a train wreck unfold in front of us

  • Synbile
    Synbile Month ago

    This sounds like a WNBA game

  • Matt Kimsal
    Matt Kimsal Month ago

    Can we please stop with the hyperbolic statements? You post a video *six weeks* after the game happened and you claim it's the worst game of all time??? Just because they had a slow start doesn't make it the worst basketball game ever. This video was a waste of time.

  • Thoklas El Beast
    Thoklas El Beast Month ago

    Even handball has more scores

  • Big Mike
    Big Mike Month ago

    Is this Kip from Napoleon Dynamite?

  • ben farris
    ben farris Month ago

    Sometimes the buckets don’t fall

  • Michael Cooper
    Michael Cooper Month ago

    That was bad, but how about most boring? Here's my nomination: Dec. 20, 1983 at Riverfront Coliseum (now US Bank Arena)

    Final: Kentucky 24 Cincinnati 11 At one point, UC held the ball without taking a shot for 7-minutes and 22-seconds.

    The Wildcats led 11-7 at the half.

    UC took 12 shots in the game, UK 19. No player in the game took more than four shots from the field. Thank god for the shot clock.

  • Slit Bodmod
    Slit Bodmod Month ago

    I went to this game.💀😂

  • ErizotDread
    ErizotDread Month ago

    I'm not usually one to go racial....but there are WAY too many white guys taking shots in that game. lol

  • Buk Lau
    Buk Lau Month ago

    Still more exciting than the WNBA honestly

  • TotallyHorsed
    TotallyHorsed Month ago

    Big props for dropping the Platonic Ideal in there

  • Chriscark12323
    Chriscark12323 Month ago

    At least we won

  • LoyalThunderFan
    LoyalThunderFan Month ago

    You do realize that ncaa women’s basketball actually score lower than this

    • SB Nation
      SB Nation  Month ago

      Why bother spending time trying to put down women's basketball with something that's untrue?

  • Sacto1654
    Sacto1654 Month ago

    Now this is terrible. This is arguably less points on average than many games that the late UNC coach Dean Smith had using the _Four Corners_ defense in the pre-shot clock days of college basketball.

  • Canine University 101


  • Daniel Howell
    Daniel Howell Month ago

    I love you, SB Nation, but this is a sausage fest. Can we get a little more Best, Worst and Collapse for women's sport, please?

  • Abzey Yezba
    Abzey Yezba Month ago

    Am i the only one who sees how giant that dudes nostrils are. Just bottom right of center at 4:28

  • Patrick Parker
    Patrick Parker Month ago

    It’s “Raw-Leigh”, not “Rally”😂

  • TechnoSinister
    TechnoSinister Month ago

    Damn the ACC is sad

  • Flounder VFW
    Flounder VFW Month ago

    @0:38 .... Rally North Carolina? ..... You're not from around here are you.

  • RJ Pacovsky
    RJ Pacovsky Month ago

    LOL i remember seeing the score as it happened like wtf

  • trollient
    trollient Month ago

    Can't pronounce city, couldn't watch any more.

  • Adam Miller
    Adam Miller Month ago

    As a Hokie I’m fine that we won the worst game in NCAA history.

  • Alexander Hillmer-McGee

    Please do a video of the Illinois-Penn State mens college basketball game from 2009. Final score was 39-33.

  • Theparkster15
    Theparkster15 Month ago

    And for your information don’t be insulting Markell Johnson when for one you know can’t do any better and it’s harder than it looks and for two he happens to be one of the greatest and most underestimated players in college basketball oh and don’t forget about oh I don’t know the whole team?!

  • Theparkster15
    Theparkster15 Month ago

    This makes me angry because I like this team and they are way better then you think and they were simply tired and they were actually playing a close game

  • Jeffrey Price
    Jeffrey Price Month ago

    You get a thumbs down for Rally, NC.

  • Sean Munn
    Sean Munn Month ago

    4:27 Mine's the girl middle row slightly to the right; who has yawned so hard it looks like she's detached her jaw

  • philbert tay
    philbert tay Month ago

    Pretty sure had a punt on ht over 71.5 points.even at ft that would have lost.

  • Cam M
    Cam M Month ago

    cow college setting records over here hahahahahaha

  • Thomas Weatherford
    Thomas Weatherford Month ago

    Seen girls high school games with higher scores.

  • Erica Marr
    Erica Marr Month ago

    You guys need to do a video on the Alabama vs Minnesota game where the whole bench got ejected, and only three players remained after injury and fouls.

  • FBl
    FBl Month ago

    Yea but UTEP does this every game,
    It’s just that they score those points instead

  • Jonathan Gay
    Jonathan Gay Month ago

    I was here and and this game just made me cringe

  • Jeff Drummond
    Jeff Drummond Month ago

    “Rally,” (sic) North Carolina.

  • Justin Nardine
    Justin Nardine Month ago

    There have been soccer games with more shooting!

  • Automated_Response85

    Needless to say, that the "unders" (team totals, first half, full game) were pretty safe for this game...

  • Jonathan Ortiz
    Jonathan Ortiz Month ago

    You should do The Worst NFL Draft Pick

  • mightybedbugs
    mightybedbugs Month ago

    It looks like both teams we're trying to shave points, and did a good job of it. It was a matter of which player(s) owed their bookie more money. Apparently, NC State owed more. But with that low of a score, everyone who bet that both teams would hit the "over" on total points and score XXX amount of points lost their bet. Seems like it was rigged 1990s Sun Devil Style.

  • FoxSnow86
    FoxSnow86 Month ago

    Can people in America not enjoy a game unless it is full of goals? It’s like watching a great 0-0 draw in a football/soccer. They can sometimes be the best games to watch, full of tension

  • teto85
    teto85 Month ago

    You owe me 9 minutes and 16 seconds of my life back for watching that video. :)

  • Phillip Forsberg
    Phillip Forsberg Month ago

    What's the music that starts at 5:15?

  • Sneakers Magoo
    Sneakers Magoo 2 months ago

    As an NC native and even more a Raleighite how you butcher the name? Like come on I know you’ve heard of the damn city before

  • Aozotra
    Aozotra 2 months ago

    was this rigged?

  • Mike Underwood
    Mike Underwood 2 months ago

    In 1973, Tennessee beat Temple 11-6. Pre-shot clock, but still very bad

  • Ben Foust
    Ben Foust 2 months ago

    Someone who says Raleigh like that, has no respect for it.

  • thesacrisant
    thesacrisant 2 months ago

    Handball score...

  • trill 1
    trill 1 2 months ago

    even tho i'm a UNC fan, i live in Raleigh and this is STILL embarrassing

    • trill 1
      trill 1 2 months ago

      and i watched a little bit of that game too lol

  • SavageGreywolf
    SavageGreywolf 2 months ago

    "and the home crowd cheers simply because they finally saw a basketball thing happen" halp

  • Allstar Gaming
    Allstar Gaming 2 months ago

    Lmaooo” Rally”

  • Allstar Gaming
    Allstar Gaming 2 months ago

    Well we always knew state was only good at football so good in fact they like to play it during basketball games!

  • Antel Drobat
    Antel Drobat 2 months ago

    its the law of averages. sooner or later something like this is going to happen.

  • Hans Hoerdemann
    Hans Hoerdemann 2 months ago

    BUT, what about the student athletes's grades? I bet they're really good.

  • Joe Kleber
    Joe Kleber 2 months ago

    The guy yawning up 3/4 to the left of the guy he picked in video

  • Andrew Priest
    Andrew Priest 2 months ago

    this man said “rally” North Carolina bro I’m weak

    NASCAR_WANNABE 72 2 months ago

    All collage basketball games are bad.

  • Maggie Merlino
    Maggie Merlino 2 months ago

    i’ve seen football scores higher

  • Dan Mount
    Dan Mount 2 months ago +1

    The worst Stanley Cup final, the worst FA Cup final, the worst NHL playoff game had series. The worst Champions League final, the worst Wrestlemania main event.

  • Shawn Jones
    Shawn Jones 2 months ago


  • Nhek Zero
    Nhek Zero 2 months ago

    The rims played the best defense all night. Shot after shot being blocked.

  • Ghostpepper42 IBG
    Ghostpepper42 IBG 2 months ago +1

    Michigan power house

  • Ghostpepper42 IBG
    Ghostpepper42 IBG 2 months ago

    Michigan power house

  • I don’t have any
    I don’t have any 2 months ago

    Something more darker and sinister......

    It’s college basketball

  • jcsullivan 1502
    jcsullivan 1502 2 months ago

    at least your team didn’t blow a 23 point lead against duke 🙄

  • Daniel Schultz
    Daniel Schultz 2 months ago

    Virginia Tech didnt even shoot that badly, 37% for the game which sure is bad but it was the number of turnovers that did it for them

  • ztails external
    ztails external 2 months ago

    Are you sure these are two ACC teams, two of the best scorers in that conference, both ranked in the top 25, and both 5 or under losses?

  • Ravi boy123
    Ravi boy123 2 months ago

    My 11u basketball team had a score of 70-28. These two teams couldn’t beat my 11u basketball team.

  • gaming outworldspeed
    gaming outworldspeed 2 months ago

    Had the Under.

  • Camden Whaley
    Camden Whaley 2 months ago

    Nc state great don’t disrespect my team

  • Lessa Marty
    Lessa Marty 2 months ago

    wow men suck at basketball.