Okinawa | Japan's Ultimate Getaway | What to Do

  • Published on Sep 25, 2016
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    I waited 4 years before going to Okinawa. Honestly, I'm not sure why - if I'd known about it sooner, I probably would have gone there every year. Witness Japan's best beaches, snake sake, and the most beautiful waters in the world.
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  • USS Abraham Lincoln
    USS Abraham Lincoln 2 hours ago

    3:56 Chubby British fellow harrases Nemo

  • X averius
    X averius 4 days ago

    Chris you are so white. Please use sunscreen.

  • runningkirk walk
    runningkirk walk 4 days ago


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    Hot Pinecone 5 days ago


  • Ciara Thompson
    Ciara Thompson 7 days ago

    have you never had a spam fritter from a UK chippy????? 😱

  • MYBRO industries
    MYBRO industries 7 days ago

    we have a lot of spam here in Hawaii like the musubu that Chris had in the video. It's really popular, but i don't know why. What about where you're from? Is spam popular there?

  • Murphy M
    Murphy M 10 days ago +1

    The beaches aren’t that fun when your pulling up in LVT’s.

  • Munch
    Munch 11 days ago

    Incredibly offensive video, everyone knows Kirin is the best beer.

  • Kurosakidude
    Kurosakidude 17 days ago

    Bitches have nice tits

  • Raphael Phupha
    Raphael Phupha 21 day ago

    Please don't tell me you spent all your time in Naha centre. Okinawa's charm is mostly out of that place, I didn't like Naha at all, everything is just catered for tourists. But once you go north you'll find some amazing beaches and bays, cool cafe's, ghost hotels and some really good restaurants thats offer longevity bento's made by centenarians. That's the kind of stuff you should've filmed, not some spam can at an airport konbini. Much love.

  • EroticOnion23
    EroticOnion23 21 day ago

    Free Ryukyu!

  • destroyer 686
    destroyer 686 22 days ago

    Where is the banzai charge of 80,000 Japanese troops armed with at mines attached to them

  • Jim Ferdinando
    Jim Ferdinando 28 days ago

    Chris has got a pair of tits on em eh?

  • vahleeb
    vahleeb 29 days ago

    Who's the hardcore chick next to Okano in the pub? She smells the frog earlier :p
    Can't believe I just wrote that :)))

  • Manayz
    Manayz 29 days ago

    im in the airforce and am getting sent there later this year. scared but excited to be going to a beautiful island!

  • retard Filipino retard people

    You're a cheap motherfuker

  • 1SecondHero
    1SecondHero Month ago

    wtf? is that Rachel and jun?

  • lulubleu21
    lulubleu21 Month ago

    You dont like ice cream??!!! i knew there was something wrong with you!

  • Kayla Bar
    Kayla Bar Month ago

    Just saw my favorite youtuber at 2:19 imma cry

  • Mariangel Cubero
    Mariangel Cubero Month ago

    What beach is that you visited ?

  • teagbroh643 GDC
    teagbroh643 GDC Month ago

    6:24 in this video’s defence, the first time I learned about Snake Sake, was The Simpsons

  • My small world
    My small world Month ago

    Seeing Kim Dao and Rachel and Jun all together with Chris is so cool I love it!

  • yasuke
    yasuke Month ago

    I know how that pork taste. It's very good.

  • Magnus Gilberg
    Magnus Gilberg Month ago

    «It looks like someone cut their tung of...”

  • Joshua Gonzalez
    Joshua Gonzalez Month ago

    @2:38 iori from grand blue

  • Max Smith
    Max Smith Month ago

    Remember those beaches were at one point a bloodbath and a landscape of explosions,fire and death

  • RxCGaming
    RxCGaming Month ago

    I flipped shit when I saw Rachel and jun in this video 😂

  • yasashii89
    yasashii89 2 months ago

    The yaeyama Islands have even better beaches.

  • Saki Kazumi
    Saki Kazumi 2 months ago +1

    Those poor frogs though...

  • Shadow13east
    Shadow13east 2 months ago

    That's amazing that all the best English Speaking Japan RUclip's meet up in Okinawa. I miss it a lot!
    I actually found a really cool online clothing store that's from Okinawa. They do a lot of island themed things. I think you might like them. 😊

  • Desia Xiong
    Desia Xiong 2 months ago

    This video is totally made for me: I do Okinawan style taiko drumming (Eisa) here in Madison WI, USA, I love Abroad in Japan, I love Rachel and Jun, and I love Okinawa. My taiko friends and I are traveling to Okinawa this summer to study taiko and experience Okinawan culture in all its Eisa glory!! 🥁🥁🥁

  • Gene Propes
    Gene Propes 2 months ago

    I love Okinawa

    • *looxcie*
      *looxcie* 2 months ago


  • angyalhaj
    angyalhaj 2 months ago

    We chosed to visit Ishigaki this Marc. Anyone been? Chris? any tips?

  • BA A
    BA A 2 months ago

    Crazy to think that beautiful beach was once littered with rotting GIs. The tides were red. The island looked like the surface of the moon. And Japanese soldiers were being turned into Hibachi inside tunnels where there was no escape.

  • Darren King
    Darren King 2 months ago

    I wonder if it wld be cheaper to fly to okinawa from thr uk or go mainland thn use japanese budget to gt to or close to okinawa care to input buddy?

  • Meme juice
    Meme juice 2 months ago

    2:09 Too much piss mate 🇬🇧

  • EonsCombineStudios
    EonsCombineStudios 2 months ago


  • Just Fine
    Just Fine 2 months ago

    Jun is so boring..!

  • Off The Interstate
    Off The Interstate 3 months ago

    The secret is in the benimo

  • Everett Turley
    Everett Turley 3 months ago

    Ironic isn't it, the very same blue water and nice beach were red only a little more than 70 years ago

    • Everett Turley
      Everett Turley 2 months ago

      +Jonathan Williams true, then the rock mountains and jungles perhaps

  • Kristian Basile
    Kristian Basile 3 months ago

    For good ice cream come to Italy. There are a few exceptions but for the most ice cream everywhere else is crap.

  • Porter Colville
    Porter Colville 3 months ago

    Omg I love spam misubi ( that spam thing you had at the airport), I’ve never been to japan but I’ve had it many times in Hawaii, it’s so good

  • leyenda61
    leyenda61 3 months ago +1

    Do American civilians ever vacation to Okinawa, or is touring the island pretty much only a thing American military do for R&R? Thx

    • Jeff Spaulding
      Jeff Spaulding Month ago

      +leyenda61No problem. Japan is great, I hope you have a good vacation there.

    • leyenda61
      leyenda61 2 months ago

      +Jeff Spaulding This is so helpful. I really appreciate it, especially all the details you shared.

    • Jeff Spaulding
      Jeff Spaulding 2 months ago +1

      +leyenda61 Well, I didn't see it as a tourist and didn't really do a lot of the "tourist"-like things when I was there, so I can't really attest to that side of it. I know there's some really cool stuff (underground Japanese naval bunkers, castles, beaches, some weird spiral tower thingie I saw out the window while going down the turnpike...). I was there from 1999-2001, so things have probably changed a bit.
      Okinawans are more likely to speak English than folks up in the main island. Signs are very often written in both English and Japanese. The locals are used to there being tons of Americans wandering around, and the vast majority of them are friendly and helpful. I recommend carrying Yen, but a lot of places take US currency as well (but watch out for the exchange rate - oftentimes they'll just round 100 Yen to $1).
      There was a public bus service, but you probably need a car. People tend to drive anywhere that's not within walking distance in Okinawa. Traffic tends to be heavy so it takes a while to get anywhere, unless you're driving early in the morning. Highway speed is 60 KPH (around 37.5 MPH), except on the turnpike where it's 80KPH (48 MPH). Traffic signs are in both Japanese and English, so it's not a problem finding your way - at least along the major roads. Finding a particular house in the mazelike residential areas might be a challenge.
      Just a note: in Japan, cars often have a button that retracts the side mirrors. Learn where that button is. It is your friend.
      On the southeast side of Kadena Air Base, there's a street leading to Kadena Gate #2 that caters to Americans. Anyone down there should be able to tell you where "Gate 2" street is. It's kind of like one big party zone on weekends with live music in the bars, although it's geared more toward the young military crowd. Not recommended for families at night (it's safe, but it can get a bit skeezy) and don't be there after curfew if there's a possibility the military police might confuse you for a servicemember (curfew only applies to military, but they've heard the "I'm only a tourist" excuse before).
      If Orion (the local brewery) is holding a festival, definitely go. Orion beer festivals are tons of fun. They do it a couple times a year, but you might get lucky.
      Beaches in Okinawa are kinda "meh" compared to Hawaii, but there are some good ones. I've heard that Okinawa is a diver's paradise, but I'm not a diver so I can't really attest to that. I know it's a cool place to snorkel though.
      I remember we went up near Cape Zanpa, and there was a place you could park next to the road and climb over a ridge and down into a cave. The cave opened into the ocean, so you'd put on your snorkeling gear in the cave and swim out into the ocean from there. It was really a cool experience.
      Okinawa is in typhoon alley. It's not a problem if you're already there (Okinawans build for typhoons and generally just shrug them off and go about their business), but it can cause flight delays. Just keep the possibility in mind.
      Anyway, Okinawa is beautiful away from the populated areas, and it's a great place to be stationed. I have no idea what it's like for tourists, since most regular tourists in Okinawa are Japanese. If you have a hard time finding tourist information for Okinawa, try going to the websites for the various military bases there - they all should have information on things to see while you're there. Here's the one for Kadena: (note that there are links in the text that don't show up as blue for some reason)
      I don't think I'd recommend it if you've only got two weeks to see Japan and want to see Tokyo and Kyoto. If you've been to Hawaii, I'd definitely skip Okinawa.

    • leyenda61
      leyenda61 2 months ago +1

      +Jeff Spaulding I appreciate your input. I'm going on a 2 week vacation to Japan. I figure it might be cool to not just do Tokyo & Kyoto, but to do Okinawa too. It's always fascinated me since the fictional representation in Karate Kid 2.

    • Jeff Spaulding
      Jeff Spaulding 2 months ago +1

      I don't remember seeing American tourists there, although to be honest I didn't really spend much time around Naha. I don't really know why Americans would want to vacation in Okinawa, given that it's cheaper to go to Hawaii and there's no need to get a passport or deal with the language barrier (granted, there's not much of a language barrier in Okinawa).
      Besides, walking around Waikiki you start to wonder if there are any Japanese people left in Japan, because they all seem to be vacationing in Hawaii.
      The U.S. military is concentrated in Okinawa because it's a good staging point for any sort of action going on in eastern Asia. There are thousands of service members stationed there at any one time. It makes sense that you'd want to sightsee a bit and get to know the culture of the country you're stationed in.
      If I hadn't been stationed there, I don't think I'd even know Okinawa existed outside of WWII references.

  • Okinawa Hai
    Okinawa Hai 3 months ago

    Hey, would you be interested in sharing some videos? We have a few followers on FB and would love to share.

  • Vlad Dubinsky
    Vlad Dubinsky 3 months ago

    Japan???? It's occupied by americans !

  • Nicole Young
    Nicole Young 3 months ago

    LMFAO!!! The bits about SPAM... that's poor folk food in the states! Also something we (people I know) eat in the south, usually fried and with eggs. I giggled at how popular it is in Japan, but it seems like if me and my hubs and kid get to move there, it'll be like a piece of home getting to eat that

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha 3 months ago

    Why is Rachel and jun at the beach

  • bonosbones
    bonosbones 4 months ago

    Nice! 👍👍

  • thủy quân lục chiến hoa kỳ

    Battle okinawa

  • Max Ly
    Max Ly 4 months ago

    Surpriselingly Chris has the agility of a polar bear under water.

  • BadSlipper Kip
    BadSlipper Kip 4 months ago

    Wow Lol It looks Like cancer And aids 😂😂😂

  • Cole Coppess
    Cole Coppess 4 months ago

    I love how another channel of the same kind of content is just dropped in the video without anyone saying anything.

  • feixbix
    feixbix 4 months ago

    Best beer in Japan in my opinion: Yebisu

  • A Need For Revolution
    A Need For Revolution 4 months ago

    You have not seen Greece's beaches, have ya mate?

  • 八神イチロー
    八神イチロー 4 months ago

    probably you could do a video on Japan Beers next Chris

  • foomp
    foomp 4 months ago

    A recommendation with eating spam for anyone who either doesn't like thicker cuts or hesitant (but willing) to try it: thinly slice it and fry it in a pan. Think thin like bacon or chips. Comes out crispy, essentially like a spam bacon. It's my favorite way of eating the stuff for the last 30yrs.

  • i t
    i t 4 months ago

    I smiled at Metscha at the drowning hub and odorless money frog! Whether it's the best! !

  • Dan Zena
    Dan Zena 4 months ago

    So many of my Japanese friends escape to Hawaii.....Don't get me wrong, Hawaii is AMAZING and the culture is quite different, so its definitely worth checking out. At the same time, Japan has so many WONDERFUL beaches that the Japanese can escape too if they're looking for beaches.

  • conradbaker
    conradbaker 5 months ago

    isnt 2000 yen too expensive for a frog purse?.in my country they should only cost 4-5 USD

  • Justin Tyme
    Justin Tyme 5 months ago

    this guy is educating , funny & smart but why say eating dead flesh tastes good??? more of you being normal and nice please and less of you acting like you need to fit in . don't show meat on screen just show some respect to the poor animals you're eating

  • ML V
    ML V 5 months ago

    you scared the shit out of all those fish

  • daniel walker guerrero
    daniel walker guerrero 5 months ago

    Yo . Surprisingly just a little South of England . Real beaches exist like that . It's called the fucking Mediterranean sea

  • lord escanor
    lord escanor 5 months ago

    i really like your vlogs haha

  • b3makinn
    b3makinn 5 months ago

    Title Update: David Brent in Okinawa

  • B. Reece
    B. Reece 5 months ago

    The only way to enjoy a Spam musubi is hot and fresh, not in some convenience store.

  • spicecrop
    spicecrop 5 months ago

    Love that redhead "no no Hot and Wet beach". SOLD!

  • Jon O'Brien
    Jon O'Brien 5 months ago

    how many days would you recommend to stay in okinawa?

  • Max Que
    Max Que 5 months ago

    Who was that girl with Rachel?? I'm in love

  • Helena M
    Helena M 5 months ago

    I want to travel trough Japan so bad

  • jillz613
    jillz613 6 months ago

    Spam musubi are amazing! They're so delicious and I wish more people would try spam musubi (or spam in general because when fried and when eaten with rice, it's so delicious)

  • wingedambassador
    wingedambassador 6 months ago

    Hi Kasia Miecinski from #FiftyNaPol :)

  • Barry Lloyd
    Barry Lloyd 6 months ago

    "Odorless Frog Purses" another great band name.

  • Marine Arty 0844
    Marine Arty 0844 6 months ago

    Okinawa is the worst, most awful place on Earth. Only few will understand.

  • CLANKERT 112
    CLANKERT 112 6 months ago

    is it me or is he getting more fat

  • mai m
    mai m 6 months ago

    This was a terrible travel experience

  • Sum Dum Fuk
    Sum Dum Fuk 6 months ago

    To think that’s the same ground the 5th fleet and 1st 2nd and 6th marines fought on. The place looks beautiful

  • Collin Skone
    Collin Skone 6 months ago

    So Okinawa is pretty much Hawaii right down to the spam everything.

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  • azzaisme
    azzaisme 6 months ago

    The best thing I've ever tasted was 3 weeks ago in narita
    It was a smoothie thing made from strawberry and cassia or something like that

  • Audi Herrera
    Audi Herrera 6 months ago

    That girl Rachel is so f sexy

  • 350 FPS
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  • AegisRick
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    I looked at that spam wrap and nearly cried. Tears of jealousy that we don't have that kind of shit here.

  • Onigiri
    Onigiri 6 months ago

    Poor frogs. This is actually desecration of corpses.

  • Sadie !
    Sadie ! 6 months ago

    Is this where the American army base is

  • Ravena Ambros
    Ravena Ambros 6 months ago

    Can anyone tell me what the name of the beach is around 4 min ? I’ll be going there in October

  • Michael Ryan
    Michael Ryan 7 months ago

    Fun fact: the "thumbs up" gesture, when used underwater, usually means you want/need to surface.

  • SELG88
    SELG88 7 months ago

    Okinawa the same place features in karate kid? 😎

  • C.J Armstrong
    C.J Armstrong 7 months ago

    That red head is slamming

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  • Lalalalala!
    Lalalalala! 7 months ago

    2:20 Rachel! I gasped when I saw her! I wasn't expecting to see her
    2:37 and Jun!

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  • Johnny Andrew
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    I know the video is old and all, but who tf doesn't like ice cream????

  • Erika The Great
    Erika The Great 7 months ago

    we're they scuba diving at 15 ft. depth...what a waste.

  • Igaluit
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    You swim like a seal.

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    Rachel and June!!!

  • læzy lozer 2600
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    But can you buy a fake supreme shirt for 5 dollars US? can you get a ENTIRE DINNER (fried rice, chicken, 3 wonton niggas, vegatals, etc stir fry) for 6 dollars ? Okinawa=less polluted, more expensive Malaysia Polluted, Allot less expensive (Malaka,penang, singapore, in food courts) Okinawa is probably better overall tho...

  • læzy lozer 2600
    læzy lozer 2600 7 months ago

    Chris had better be happy I suffered through a ad for a shit disney movie m8 enjoy 5 more cents

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    Spam = hooray Minnesota!!

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    But watch out for the US marines

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    I missed ALL my friends FROM OKINAWA JAPAN, i HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO ALL, THE folks,SOOO hospitable, friendly, kind honesty TIMES in okinawa Japan, WAS really worth it,THE island of OKINAWA JAPAN IS SOOO extremely BEAUTIFUL!!